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Key to My Heart

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Chapter 5

Nicki POV

Okay so its Saturday and I am getting ready for my date with Drake. He said we are going to a movie; Scr4em I think and the dinner. I don't know what to wear so I asked Cassie and Em to come over. (Plus my mom kept bugging me about meeting my new friends) It was 4o'clock my date with Drake was in 4 hours and I still need to do my hair, where are these girl?

During the week Drake and I have gotten to know each other more. He has a good heart. He is just so sweet. I really like him. While I am waiting for these late ass girls, I was with my dad who was talking. I have just been tuning him out. Back to listening to his old ass.

"I want to talk to this boy, before he takes my only daughter out on a date!"

"Ugh dad must you shout, I am right in front of you," This man wanna blast my ear drums ugh.

"Girl don't 'ugh' me"

"k" I rolled my eyes,

"Don't roll your eyes either"

"Hi mother dearest, where's Caiah"

"Outside in the back garden, swimming and your in a great mood." she said as cut up the strawberries

"Well Drake puts me in a good mood," I said with a big smile on my face which she saw.

"Aww that is soo sweet, but don't be doing nothing you just met him" She said as she popped on strawberry in her mouth "Micaiah come and take your strawberries before I finish them." she yelled pocking her head out the glass door in the kitchen that lead to the back yard. Which was really good because that way mummy can see Caiah swimming while she is cooking.

"Mummy you know I am smarter than that, and you know your my bestfriend you will be the first one to know if I lost my virginity."

"I know, so when are your friends coming?" The door bell rang as she finish her sentence.

"Now I guess" I opened the door to Em hold a McDonald's milkshake in her hand and Cassie parking her car next to mine. "And what time do you call this"

"4:30" she said looking at her watch.

"Your an hour late! I am having a Mofo crisis and your out getting McDonald's" I said dead serious because this date was important to me well it most be because I am a fashionsta and I don't know what to wear.That is so bad Drake make me nervous. I'm a bad bitch so I have to look good! I let her and Cassie in.

"Girl don't be mad we're sorry" They whined and pouted. "Forgive us" Cassie half smiled

"I have to, I need y'all help" They cheesed me

I took them to the living room to greet my father. LOOL Cassie said I have my dads eyes, oh please I look nothing like that man. I swear my mom is too over the top. She made so much snacks for these girls like they are staying over night. She tries too hard.

"Hello Ms Maraj nice to meet you," Amber said giving my mother a hug.

" It's Mama M and it's nice to finally meet you too."

" Hello how are you Mama M?" Cassie asked

"I am fine baby, so who is Amber?"

"That is me!" Em stated stepping forwards

"I have heard great things about and how smart you are." Em smiled "Keep up the go work maybe Onika can learn something for you."Mama M side eyed Nicki

"Thank you"

"So you must be Cassie, can you sing me a little something?"Cassie sang Mariah Carey We Belong Together. " Omgssh your voice is soosweet yet soo powerful."

"Thank you, Mama M you are soo beautiful!"

Ok I really need to get ready and Em and Cassie are sitting down talkingto my mother like I have time for this. "Okay Cassie, Amber let's go"I pulled them by they hands to my room.

"Wooooah talk about pink!" Cassie exclaim flopping herself on my California King Bed.

I went over to my stereo and push play Mariah Carey 'It's Like That' came on. " My Jam" I step to beat and walked into my walk in Closet with Amber while Cassie who was no help at this moment as she was still on mybed.

"So where is lover boy taking you tonight?" Cassie shouted from my room. I glared at her painting her nails with my nail polish. -_- Damn girl can't ask to use it.

"Cinema and then to a restaurant" Em and I was looking at all my clothes. She suggested soo many different tops and dresses and skirts and pants but I just wasn't feeling any of them. Cassie finally came in with her toes in the air because they were wet. She walked pass me and Em, to the shoe section. She didn't say a word.

She brought out my Black boot with a gold chain as laces. Then she went to my pants section and brought out my black skinny jeans, she got out of my blue t-shirt and my hot pink leather jacket. She then gave it to me pushing me in the bathroom, tell me to try it on, not giving me a chance to tell her if I like it or

not. I can out out of the bathroom Cassie toe nail where dry and my pink stereo was playing 'Big Booty Judy' by Chris Brown.

Cassie didn't let me look in the mirror, she did my hair and Em did my make up. I swear it Cassie or Amber mess up my hair and face, they ain't gonna leave this room until I Fuck them up. I glanced at the watch Cassie strapped on my wrist, it was 7pm on the dot. I am going to die. These girls better hurry up, Cassie was putting my Tiffany's bracelet on my left wrist and my silver ring to match. Amber was look through my jewellery box, and start giggling."What's so funny" She held up my barbie and my pink Friday necklaces."What, every Friday I wear pink ever since the sixth grade, soo my parent bought me that for Christmas two years ago, As for my barbie necklace my old school LaGuardia High School bought that for me as my leaving present, because everyone called me Barbie" I miss my old school so much, I want to cry, but if I do Em would run me over for messing up her masterpiece.

"Are the diamonds real?"

" Every thing in this house is real, My family don't do fake"Amber put the Pink Friday necklace on me.

Amber and Cassie stood in front of me, Cassie ripped off my towel and all my hair dropped on the floor, Omg the Cassie cut my hair."done!!!" they smiled so hard and high fived each other.

I wanted to look in the mirror so I stood up and they push me back into my chair. I laughed and Cassie took a picture of my end result. THEY MASTERPIECE.

I am angry bitch cut my hair and straighten it and I hate putting heat to my hair. This dumb ass don't ask she just does as she please. Ugh if they dumb asses don't let me look in this God Damn mirror Imma hurts someone."Can I look now?" I said a little Frustrated and I think they felt this energy I was giving off.


I walked over to my pink mirror and let me tell you now that I had jump on Cassie and hug and kiss her. So I did just that this girl is amazing. My hair is banging and my outfit is dope. They basically gave me a LA make-over. "Cassie I freaking love you" Meanwhile 'I'm Coming Out' by Diana Ross was playing in the background.

" I know you do! Now Get Off of Me" she screamed as I straddle her on my bed

" You know you like this," loool I swear I act like a lesbian to much

"Hey guys! Don't leave me out I wanna Minaj" me and Cassie looked at Amber then each other and laughed so hard. I fall off the bed. I got up and look in the mirror, Bad Bitch Checking myself making sure I looked straight.

Amber and Cassie went down stairs to go and get my parents to wait at the bottom of the stair. I put my phone, keys, lipgloss, emergency money and bubble gum in my bag. Turn off the lights in my room and my bathroom and turnoff my stereo. I was about to walk down, when drake text me saying that he is at my door, he is early it's just 7: 30 oh well!! I heard my mother open the door. I walk down the stairs slowly like as if I was wearing a big prom dress lol. Drake mouth was wide open. So was my dads. " Your hair!" My mum shouted with a smile on the face. I finally got down to the bottom and my mum was touching my freshly cut bangs. She then turned around and smiled at Cassie and Amber. They giggled and went to the kitchen to eat the snacks my mother made early. Drake and my dads mouth was still open. "Robert stop catching fly" I laughed as drake also closed he mouth.

My daddy hugged me " You look beautiful baby girl"

" Thanks Daddy" I then hugged Drake and he whisper 'sexy' in my ear and when I let go I was blushing so hard.

"Nice to meet you Mr and Mrs Maraj, I am Drake" Drake said shaking my dad's hand and hugging my mother.

" Nice to meet you too, Come take a seat in my office" Ugh! my dad thinks he is cool, calling the front living room his 'office'

Me and my mother went to the kitchen to see Cassie and Amber taking picture with Caiah. My brother is a lady's man loool. He's got game at the age of 5. They ever took a picture of them kissing his cheeks lmao! Me and my mother laughed. " Come on Caiah time to tidy up"

" No!!" Then my mom gave him the look. LOOL He kissed Amber and Cassie on the cheek and said deuces, putting his two fingers in the air before running to his toys. We all share a laugh.

It was 7:45 and I was getting impatient. I tiptoed to the living room/MyDads 'office' so I could hear what they was talking about. They was talking about L A Lakers. I stood in the door way with my arm crossed on my chest, cleared my throat.

"Oh yeah y'all have a date I forgot" my dad said in between laughs

Drake took my hand and I took him to the kitchen and we said our goodbyes to my mother. Cassie and Em was leaving to soo they said goodbyes to my mom too. I hugged my dad and Drake shook his hand. And my parent walk us to the door" Have Fun but not too much fun" I smiled. I hugged Cassie and thanked her and did the same to Amber. Drake opened the door to his car for me.

Ok My lovely's my hand is hurting soo I am going todo a part 2 to this chapter okay?

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Chapter 4

Nicki  POV

"Mummy I am home!" I saw Micaiah running towards me. " Caiah how are you did you go with mummy to work today?" he nodded
Micaiah is my 4 year old brother, I was 14 when he was born. When I saw him, his eyes was soo big and soo bright,  he was the size of my arm. I cried when I saw him. He is just the cutest little thing. He is my baby I love him. I call him lamb chop.
I carried him in to the kitchen. I half hugged my mother as she was cooking and I was holdin Caiah.
"How was your first day" she asked
"Make any friends?"
"Yes two Amber Rose she is the student body president and Cassie is a singer, dancer and actress and today I got to see her preform!"
"So I am guess you like the school then "
"Hell no I miss my old school, I just think this school is a lot more interesting then I thought it would be" she laughed at me because she knew I was lying I actually did like LSH a lot. But hey she doesn't have to know that.

I put my little brother because someone was texting or calling my phone. I took my bag up to my room and check my phone. Em texted me asking what happened with me and drake she saw us walking together after school. This girl is soo dawm NOSEY! I told her that I would tell her tomorrow just because I can't be bother to texts her. So I'm lying on my belly with my legs in the air on my california king bed  right now thinking about, yes you guessed it, Drake,while I am listening to my barbie boom box ( my pink iPod). Got my iPod on shuttle, it  is playing 'Let Me Love You' by Mario.  As I sang the second verse nodding my head ago to the beat. There was a knock on my bedroom door and I know it wasn't Caiah because it was a hard knock and it wasn't my mummy because the woman doesn't knock she just walks right in-__- My dad is at work until 6:30. "who is it?" the door opened "Jelani!!!!" I screamed and leaped from my bed and hugged him "What are you doin here, OMGssh, I missed you. Why didn't you come home for the summer!" I punched him.
"Because I knew you was going to do that" he said rubbing his arm "that actually really hurt"

"Whatever, no but serious where were you this summer. You was supposed to help us move here." I said as we walked over to my pink sofa by the window in my room. I sat on the pink beanbag and he sat on the sofa.
"everything is Pink in your room" he was avoiding my question
"Firstly you know I can't live without pink stuff, oh yeah do you like my hair permanent dye" I show him my pink streaks "And secondly answer my question"

"I was busy" my face dropped
"Doing what"
"You will find out later tonight" He smiled to himself. This was so weird of Jelani to do. He was all funny looking and shit looking like a goofball. Either he just won the lottery or he has got a girlfriend. I was side eyeing him.
"Nah ah you tell me now boy," I ran over to when he was sitting "dish the dirty" he laughed at me. This boy better tell me something! I gave him the evils. He put his hands up in defence. Ha yes that always worked when we was kids. He was only 3 years older than me but we was pretty close. Then he went to college in Chicago. I miss him all the time but now he is here.
"Okay Okay I will tell you just stop with the mean stare." I couldn't stop myself from laughing. " I met a girl at college on we moved in an apartment together, I love her a lot. I have been seeing her for 3years now-"

I was going to scream but then he said  he has been seeing her for 3 years and he didn't tell me " 3 years! And this is the first  time I am hearing about this girl."I was upset that he didn't tell me, I'm supposed to be his sister.

" I am sorry Nic."
"it's whatevers, So what her name?"
"Katrina but you can call her Trina." he said smiling. Ever since the beginning of the conversation about Trina he hasn't stop smiling.LOOL. He is such a girl.

" So am I going to meet this Trina person thats got my older brother smiling harder that a little girl." he laughed

"Nicki since when were you this funny and Yes you do, tonight."
"Cool" I got up to go get my note pad. And sat down at my desk.
"What are you doing?" Jelani walked over to the other side of my room to my desk
"Writing Questions for Trina"
Jelani face dropped "why?"
"Because I need to know if she is right for you. As your sister its my job to make sure your future wife is right for you."

"Don't ask too many question!"
"I will can as many I can think of"
"Me you and Trina are going to dinner so wear something nice"
" Bro I always look nice." he laughed and I punched him in the belly. Then he ran downstairs to tell my mum LOOL. Baby. He is 21 and he asks like a 10 year old.

Drakes POV

Just home from school I didn't bother to see if my mom was home because I know she was at work till 9pm today. Just me and my dog Lucky at home now. Lucky is a Dalmatian. I decide to get something to eat and feed Lucky. When I had finished eating I went to my room, to get my notepad so I could go downstairs to the basement to my studio to record my song that I had been working on since last week. Its called Lust for Life. My best friend in the whole world 40 came over to help. I started to rap. I love this song.
After I was finished recording. I went to the kitchen with 40. " How was school man?" he asked
I smiled because I thought of Nicki " It was iight"
"why you smiling"
"No reason"
"okay, but you have the same smile on your face from when you told me about Jasmine, is there a girl you like bro?"

How does he know " yeah man, her name is Nicki and
Man when I say she is hot I mean HOT!!!"

"Aw man your sprung! "

" Whatever man, let go watch Spongebob!"
We watched  Spongebob squarepants marathon until 40 mama called saying the he had to be home for dinner. It's 8 o' clock and my mom is going to be home in an hour. Because I am in such a great mood today for some reason, I am gonna make her dinner. When she got home she thanked me and we sat at the dinner table and ate.

"Boy, why you smiling so much?"
"Why is everyone asking me that, no reason."
"Nah ah something is up." she said side eyeing me " You got a girlfriend"
"She is not my girlfriend"
"when do I get to meet her?"
"I will meet her when she is your girlfriend"
"Then I am never making her my girlfriend."
"Seriously Aubrey, I want to meet her"
"Why not?" she signed "Aubrey it has been a long time since you have had a girlfriend, I am just glad your moving on from Jasmine. Can you blame me for wanting to see the girl that is make my son smile soo hard"
"but ma your embarrassing" her face went upside down lol. "Mummy I'm just playing I will ask her to come to the house on Monday because I am taking her out on Saturday Okay?"


*skip to the dinner with Trina Jelani and Nicki*

Nicki POV

Okay so I am liking Trina she is just an amazing girl. I have to say my brother did well. She is soo pretty and smart with a big booty. Like me LOOL. I really like her. She talks to me like I have known her for years.

"girl when is your birthday?" Trina asked
"december 8th"
"Oh word? mine is the 3rd, you wanna come to Miami with me for your Birthday, So we can find you a man." Omg this girl! My eye widened when she said that. Jelani fake cough and she playfully hit him. "Boy what is wrong witchu she is 17 and young and free let her have fun." I giggled.

"why is everyone hitting me today."
"Aw baby I am sorry you want me to kiss it better?" he nodded " where does it hurt?" Jelani pointed to his lips and she gave him a short but sweet kiss. Now usually I would be cussing in my head because I hate see people kiss in public. But I just thought that they look super cute.

"So Nicki what do you say you wanna come Miami with me ?" I nodded.
Trina and I was talk the whole night we  forgot Jelani was there.
"I love you barbie necklace is soo cute"
"Thank you" I smiled
It was now 10 pm, I had just finished eat my cesear salad. Jelani took me home because i have to go school the next morning. Trina and I exchanged phone number she was everything I was looking for and more my brother did well I don't mind it she ends up being my sister-in-law.
As I hopped into bed I got a text message from Drake :D
As I saw his name I smiled, the text said: 'I was thinking about you today I can't wait to see you in the morning, Sweet dreams Beautiful xoxo'

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Long Way 2 Go

Chapter 3

Nicki POV

*the bell rings*

People pushed by us. I had to tell drake that I don't roll like that. I am not the girl. And if he thinks I am a hoe then I don't need to talk to him.

" Um Drake, I am not that girl. I have morals and rules, you can't just kiss me like that. I mean it's my first day at this school. I just met you. I don't even kiss a boy on the first date....!" he interrupted me

"Nicki I am soo sorry, I didnt want to make u feel like your a hoe because I know your not. I just couldn't help myself"

" It's ok because I like it" I smiled. He smiled back at me and pulled me into a hug. He then put his arm around my shoulder and we walk to the assembly hall for the Show Case/ Welcome back Assembly.

Of course I sat next to Drake and Some random person called Zara she was a hottie! The principle said welcome to everyone and said a joke that was not funny at all but I still laughed because it wasn't funny. He introduce Amber as 'The Student Body President'. I cheered and screamed for her. I was in the second row soo she saw me and winked at me.

Amber started "Hello everyone, I hope you all have an peaceful Summer. This year! Seniors this is your year make the most of it. Don't hold back ( Pauz) Be the best you can be. Get to the college of your dreams by working hard! And to everybody else have fun and live life to the fullest! Wooohoooooooo!" she said throwing her Que card in the air behind her. The crowd went wild lol

Okay so I am guessing Em got pick to be president because she is smart and everyone loves her craziness!

"Amber thank you for that wild speech" the principle said side eyeing her.(LOOL) " Next up we have the Drama Crew showing you a play that they have been working on all summer, about freshman's, Soo enjoy!"

During the play me and Drake was talking about what subjects and what special talents he has.

" I do drama, singing and rapping" he whispered in my ear. "what lesson did you get in to?"

" Singing and Drama, I was going to take Rap but I don't think I am good enough." I said looking down

He put his hand under my chin forcing me to look at him " I am sure that you're good enough" I blushed

"So you take drama how come your not in this boring play?" I asked giggling, people behind me told me to 'shhh' and I gave them a stank look.

He giggled at my face " Because I read the script and it was shit as hell" he laughed, then people behind us 'Shh'ed' him. Drake turned around to argue but then the crowd started clapping because the play had finish.
Now it's time for our SINGERS! Once the principle said that I remember that my girl Cassie is going to be singing I can't wait to hear her! "The first person that is going to sing is....... Omarion" I jumped because the person behind me screamed in my ear!-_- I guess he must be good.

A short little man came on stage. His hair was long in cornrows. He look like a liddo lamb chop, I just want to eat him up. Lol, he was soo cute

He started to sing

Fussin' an? fightin', we back at it again
I know that it's my fault but you don't understand
I got memories, this is crazy
You ain't nothin' like the girl I used to know
Good with ma, good with pa, cool with all my friends
I should try to decide, wanna let you in
That means memories and it's crazy
You ain't nothin' like the girl I used to know
Girl, I really wanna work this out 'cause I'm tired of fightin'
And I really hope you still want me the way I want you I said,
I really wanna work this out, yo girl,
I'm tryin' It's no excuse, no excuse
But I got this ice box where my heart used to be
But I got this ice box where my heart used to be
I'm so cold, I'm so cold,
I'm so cold, I'm so cold
I'm so cold, I'm so cold,
I'm so cold
But I got this ice box where my heart used to be
Said I got this ice box where my heart used to be
I'm so cold, I'm so cold, I'm so cold,
I'm so cold I'm so cold, I'm so cold,
I'm so cold
Why can't I get it right?
Just can't let it go I opened up, she let me down,
I won't feel that no more I got memories, this is crazy
She ain't nothin' like the girl I used to know
Don't mean to take it out on you, baby, but I can't help it
'Cause my heart is in the same ol' condition that baby left it
And I, I apologize for makin' you cry
Look me in my eye and promise you won't do me the same
Girl, I really wanna work this out 'cause
I'm tired of fightin'
And I really hope you still want me the way
I want you I said, I really wanna work this out, yo girl,
I'm tryin' It's no excuse, no excuse
But I got this ice box where my heart used to be
I got this ice box where my heart used to be
I'm so cold, I'm so cold, I'm so cold,
I'm so cold I'm so cold, I'm so cold,
I'm so cold I got this ice box
where my heart used to be
I got this ice box where my heart used to be
I'm so cold, I'm so cold, I'm so cold,
I'm so cold I'm so cold, I'm so cold,
I'm so cold

Then mid way through the song he started dancing, omgsh let me just say my mouth was wide open that how good he was.

I don't wanna be stuck up in this cold, cold world
Don't wanna mess this up, better keep your eye on me, girl
Don't wanna mess this up, better keep your eye on me, girl
Don't wanna mess this up, better keep your eye on me, girl
I don't wanna be stuck up in this cold, cold world
Don't wanna mess this up, better keep your eye on me, girl
Don't wanna mess this up, better keep your eye on me, girl
Don't wanna mess this up, better keep your eye on me, girl

He finish the song, but the beat was still going. "Ayo make some noise for my girl Casssssie!" he shouted into the mic. The DJ remixed Omarion song with Cassie song. Omarion handed the mic to Cassie.

Cassie was wearing a black leather jacket, a cute green top that showed her belly, light blue jeans and rocking heels.

I love it when they try to get intimate
Even thoguh they know I really ain't into it (You're not into it?)
I'm not into it
I already know they game and I've been through it
See I buy my own bags, my boots, my jeans Wear La Rok with my Rebel
Yell underneath
You wanna step to me?
Said you gotta' long way 2 go (Rock wit me now)

Claim that you're so hott and you say you got skills in the bedroom
You try to flirt when you're so not
Had a chance you still never come through
You say you wanna come see me
Cuz' you know you're girlfriend wanna be me (uh)
I'ma tell you why you can't
Said you gotta long way 2 go
Say you wanna love me ?

Wanna love me?
Wanna touch me? Think twice cuz' you gotta long way 2 go
Don't know how to act You betta' fall back
It's like that cuz you gotta long way 2 go It's not that deep
Take it easy You wanna please me?
Got a long way 2 go I'ma bad girl
You wanna get close?
Ease up cuz you gotta a long way

She had dancers who were all really pretty, and dudes who where trying to get with her. LOOL It was soo good.

I love it when they try to gat scandalous
Even though they know they really can't handle it ( They can't handle it?)
They can't handle it
Try and take me out to dinner
I cancel it
If you really wanna know me first of all
You should never try to get to personal
Cuz' I meant it when I said
That you gotta long way to go

Claim that you're so hott and you say yo got skills in the bedroom
You try to flirt when you're so not
Had a chance you still never come through
You say you wanna come see me
Cuz' you know you're girlfriend wanna be me (uh)
I'ma tell you why you can't
Said you gotta long way 2 go
Say you wanna love me ?

At this point she was dancing and singing

Wanna love me? Wanna touch me?
Think twice 'cause you got a long way 2 go
Don't know how to act, better fall back
It's like that 'cause you got a long way 2 go

It's not that deep, take it easy
You wanna please me? Got a long way 2 go
I'ma bad girl, you wanna get close?
Ease up 'cause you got a long way

You claim that you're so hot
And you say you got skills in the bedroom
You try to flirt when you're so not
Had a chance you still never come through

You say you wanna come see me
'Cause you know your girlfriend wanna be me
Said you got a long way 2 go
Say you wanna love me?

Wanna love me? Wanna touch me?
Think twice 'cause you got a long way 2 go
Don't know how to act, better fall back
It's like that 'cause you got a long way 2 go

It's not that deep, take it easy
You wanna please me? Got a long way 2 go
I'ma bad girl, you wanna get close?
Ease up 'cause you got a long way

Wanna love me? Wanna touch me?
Think twice 'cause you got a long way 2 go
Don't know how to act, better fall back
It's like that 'cause you got a long way 2 go

It's not that deep, take it easy
You wanna please me? Got a long way 2 go
Said you got a long way 2 go

Rock wit me now
You got a long way 2 go
Better fall back
Said you got a long way 2 go
I jumped up and cheered for my girl she did her thing.

After assembly I told the girl that they were amazing and I would talk to them tomorrow. They took my number and I took theirs. I am walking to my car now, today was actually and great first day, this school is growing on me, I can't let my parents think that I like it here they are goin to say" I told you." my thoughts were broken by Drake calling my name.

"Yes can I help you" I laughed

"Yes you can" he smiled "are u free on saturday?"

" No I am expensive" I don't think he go the joke but oh well

" No serious you got a long way too go before I say yes" I said minmicking one of Cassie lyrics

"Stop playing"

"okay I am free, why"

"I want to take you out to dinner, Do you want to go out with me?"

"Okay, sure" It couldn't hurt, a mean I do need to make need friends.

"And maybe I can get a proper kiss" I got in my car " Woah... slow down boy, you got a long way too go" I winked as we laughed and say our goodbyes and I shut my door and drove home.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

I Get Lonely Too

Chapter 2

Drake POV

Omgssh!! I can't believe that she agreed to having lunch with me alone. I hope she knows that I wanna talk to her alone. I hope she ain't a hoe, like the rest of the girls at school. I am just sick and tired of be played by these dumb ass bitches.

I am sitting here in the library alone, like usually. I decided since I have a free period before lunch, that I would do some studying. Call me a nerd but I want be a head of the class. So I took a little break from studying to check my emails. Let me tell you its been a minute since I have done so. I had 1360 unread mail. i deleted the mail from facebook. Scrolling down to see if the was something interested. I felt my heart stop beating for a second, as i saw the name 'Jasmine Clark', my girlfriend or ex-girlfriend, I am not sure what she is to me, because we didn't officially break up. Basically Jazz and I were the perfect couple. Then her Dad got a promotion and the company transferred her whole family to London. When she left we didn't break up but I didn't say that I would wait for her. So I guess I shouldn't feel guilty because I like Nicki. Plus I haven't seen Jasmine since January.

The email said 'I can't stand it here I miss LA, I miss my friends and most importantly I miss you. I get so lonely. I love you boo. I hope to see you soon :D.' I replied 'I miss you too, I get lonely too, I just want one more day with you.'

I know what you're thinking but I am over Jazz that is why I didn't say 'i love you' back. But I do miss her thou.We got so much history. Anyways enough of her, I gotta get back to studying.

Nicki POV

I walked into the lunch hall laughing at Em and her crazy self. She won't quit asking me question about Drake. I would answer them if I knew the answer to them. When I didn't answer her, she got frustrate and made a face, I couldn't help but laugh. But I did tell her that Drake and I are going to have my lunch together, so we can get to know each other better. I lined up for my lunch, then look around to find him. Once I saw Drake, I asked Amber to check that I looked OK. "Yeah girl, you look good from head to toe and your boobies too!" she said touching my boobs. This girl has issues. I turned around to walk to Drake. But my legs won't moving. Amber slapped my butt "Go"

I adjusted myself, picked up my lunch and walked over to Drake.

"Um Hi stranger'" He turned around with a big goofy smile on his face.

"Hey, I ain't going to stranger for too long" I laughed his face was too funny! "Whats with you and laughing randomly"

I told you your face" I couldn't stop laughing.

"And I told you the only thing wrong with it, is that our lips ain't touching" At point I stopped laughing,gave him a blank stare and rolled my eyes playfully. This nigga took a full bottle of cockiness this morning. I sat down to him eating my salad.

It was silent for the longest.... I mean how awkward is that. Thank God he broke the silence I was about to leave because I have finished eating.



"I just want get to know you and take my time to show you that I am a great guy, underneath all this cockiness. And you are very beautiful on the outside but I wanna know just how beautiful you are on the inside"

All I think was awwwww! "I wanna get to know you too Drake, now let start off with your Name!!!" I giggled

"Ummm.... well my name is Aubrey, Yes I know it a girls' name" he said looking down.

"I love your name, it's cute as you" he smiled so couldn't help but do the same.

"So, where you from?" he asked me

" New York, you?"

"Oh that explains the accent, I am from Canada"

"CANADA its cold there I hate being cold!"

"Don't worry when we are boyfriend and girlfriend and we visit, I will keep you warm." I raised my eyebrows at him. We can't have a nice conversation without the cockiness, great.

"Oh really and who said i wanna be you girlfriend?"

"Everyone Does" Ugh what a dick!

"OK so go get yourself a girlfriend then" with that said I walk away. YES I overreacted, i know, don't stare at me like that.-__- Not that I was angry it's just that his cockiness was to much. He said he want to get to know me and show me another side to him other than the cockiness. But that is all I see. No don't get me wrong I love cocky dudes but you have to know when to be serious. Just then I felt someone grab my hand.

I turned around to see a confused Drake.

"Can I speak to you in the hallway" I don't see why we couldn't talk here. Maybe it's because he could sense people whispering and staring at us, so I guess we could get out of here. I nodded. I followed him to the hallway.

I could feel everyone eyes suffocating me with they dirty looks and glares.

"Yes?" I said with a lot of attitude.

"So what happened back there, I was just playing"

"Yeah I know but, I thought I was supposed to be getting to know you. I feel all the cockiness ain't the real you, and I like you, I'm just not here for that cocky shit" He stepped closer to me.So we were face to face.

"You like me?" I nodded, he paused, this was a mistake telling him, I feel so stupid, he problem thinks I am a hoe, saying 'I like you' to someone on my first day of school. Um I'm just going to go now. I turned around about to run away. But then he spoke.

"I like you too" he said with his deep voice, which was a big turn on. I turned back around to face him. He kissed me!!!!!

Wait What! no this goes against all my rules we are not ever together talk less of dating. It's My first day. Nooo!! But his lips are so soft thou. I can't do this. His lips may be soft but I need to respect myself. I pulled away.

"Um... Drake .. I'm ... sorry but..." I couldn't speak. It was like the word were stuck in my throat

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Something New: Part Two

Drake and Nicki walked in to they English class with the teacher, Ms James, right behind them. The bell rang again. Drake walked to his seat letting go of Nicki's hand. She stood there contemplating on where she should sit. Her thoughts were interrupted by a women about the same height as Nicki, she had chestnut long curly hair down hair back. She was so pretty. 'Hello can I help you?' Ms James asked with her soft voice, it was so cute. She didn't look like a teacher, she was quiet young like 24, 25. Nicki nodded her head. 'Oh, I am so sorry, you must be the new girl,' She walk behind her desk, put on her reading glasses. She read something on the computer 'Onika? right?' 'Well, I prefer Nicki, but it's up to you.' Nicki informed her. 'Very well then Nicki' Ms James smiled at her 'Class we have a new student. This is Nicki Maraj, make her feel at home.' The whole class looked at Nicki like she was a piece of meat and they hadn't eaten food in 2 years. 'Hey Nicki' 'Hey Cutie' 'Look at that ass!!!' 'Whadda do dude' everyone roared at Nicki. Drake could see it in her eyes that she was scared. 'Okay Class settled down, Nicki can you sit at the desk in between Amber and Cassie, please' The two girls put the hands up and motioned for Nicki come over.

Nicki's POV

'But i want to sit next to Drake' i thought to myself. I pouted walking to where she told me to sit. 'Now Drake is on the other side of room not fair! I hate this school again.' :( Someone broke me out of my thoughts.

"Hi Nicki, I'm Amber Rose." A really pretty girl said to me. She had the nicest lips that could turn any gay boy straight and any girl into a lesbian including me (lool i jk or do i ^__^) And her hair..... I LOVE IT. "Hey! nice to meet you I love your hair." she thanked me and smiled.

"Hi Girl. The Name is Cassie" she said laughing. So I laughed to but didn't know why i was laughing and could be bothered to ask. Why are all these boys staring at me when their should be chasing this pretty little Filipino/African American.

"Okay class, It's Senior Year we can't mess about, this year we need to achieve the top grades and I am going to need you to cooperate with me," As Ms James went on, Amber, Cassie and I talked for the whole period and I got to know them and they got to me. It turns out Amber doesn't sing, act, dance or rap. She got into the School because she is super smart. Like In every single subject! That is why she is Student Body President. Which is amazing. Cassie is a singer, dancer and actress. We talked about the Show Case/Welcome Back to School Assembly. Cassie had to preform and Amber had to say her speech in front of the whole school. She asked me to help rehearse between classes.Since I didn't have Singing or Acting today I was going to be in every single class Amber was in, which was great. Throughout the whole lesson I could sense Drake looking in my direction. I think I caught his eye a couple of time. I think he is sooo cute.

*bell rings*

"Hey Nicki! wait up" Drake shouted as I was about to leave linking arms with Cassie and 'Em' (i gave Amber a nickname). I said bye to Cassie since she had Science and I told Em that i will meet her at Maths.

"What you got now?" he asked


"Oh shot i got History " i laughed at him. He licked his lips and bent he head down to my face."Whats so funny?"

I giggled " Your face!"

"What wrong with it expect from the fact that your lips are not touching mine" he said smiling

I pushed him playfully "You soo Cocky" i rolled my eyes

"Anyways Nicki, You wanna eat lunch with me today?" he asked all shy and shit. I through he looked adorable

"ummm... No" i laughed at the way he face when upside down. He came closer and i back up in the lockers. He held my waist. I stopped laughing and smiled "I'm just playing of course i will, plus i want to get to know better soo that can find out your other name."

"And you will very soon" he licked his lips and tried to kiss me, i moved my head to the side and he kissed my cheek.

I smiled "got to run. I don't want to be late."

I reach class just on time. My Maths teacher did the same thing as Ms James and introduce me to the class. I could tell that Ms McMiller was going to be my favourite teacher, she is so cool. I sat next to Em and she was giving me the look. You know.. The look when someone knows something, Yeah that one. "What!" i raised my right eyebrow. "Girl don't, what, me.. What did Drake want" she said giggling. i rolled my eyes This Girl is too much "Nothing Really, he wants me to have lunch with him" She covered her mouth to keep her for screaming her eyes popped out of they sockets (lool) I was scared!.. "You have a boyfriend on the first day of school!" she yelled. Everyone turned they head soo fast. Lmfaoo she said Sorry to Ms McMiller and sunk down in her seat. I can't. "Em You crazy" i whispered to her. I smiled to myself.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Something New: Part One

Nicki POV:

Okay, so here I am. New House. New Car. New School. Just great! A school full of actors, singers, dancers and rappers I can tell that this school is going to have a lot of drama...

Lake Side High School, the school of performing arts. Here I am sitting in my new Range Rover my parents got me because they were trying to get me to stop complaining and looking miserable, they knew I didn't want to move, despite their best efforts to keep me sweet, it didn't work. I tried to tell them that I can't move away from my best friend of 11 years, Rhianna, who I call Breanna because I was at the time that we met obsessed with ‘B’ names.

Okay, so I need to get out of this car people are staring at me, here I was staring into space, I don’t want people thinking I’m weird on the first day. Anyways, let me get back to what I was saying before, what was I saying before? Oh yes LSH! I hate it already and all I have done is walk to the front entrance.

I am new, I get it, you can stop staring at me! It’s not Christmas I’m not a shiny new thing! This why I hate moving. LSH is supposed to be the best High School in the Country. I was expecting the high school to be like Fame or High School Musical with people singing and dancing. It’s just a regular high school so far, no random performances.

As I walked through the school, I found myself side-eyeing all the girl who rolled their eyes at me. I didn’t ask to come here, so chill out. Finally, after taking some long ass walk to the office, I got my schedule for my classes with a map of the school and a circle showing where my locker is, so that was my first stop. I have been at this school for 30 minutes and I got them all stares and glares, whispering and boys calling me ‘pretty mama’ and ish.

The bell rings and everyone is acting a damn fool,  rushing and pushing. If I didn't say before I HATE THIS SCHOOL. You know what I complain way too much I should be happy I have nice things and happy my parents can afford bigger homes and... BAAM A guy with a cello knocked my 5’2 self into a very tall person. A tall guy. A tall cute guy. “What the fuck is your problem!?!” I heard him say. His cute self better not be talking to me. “Are you okay?” Is he talking to me? ... 

Alright Nic, now is your time to talk, “Umm yeah thanks I am good.” I finally managed to say. 

“You’re new, right?” he said with a big beautiful smile on his face. I couldn't help but smile back. “Yeah I'm Nicki or Onika but I prefer Nicki, and you are?” 

“The middle name is Drake.” I was so confused. 

“Do you not have a first name?” I giggled a little, still puzzled. 

“I do have a first but I don’t use it,” I looked at him curiously. “No, I'm not telling it. I want to get to know you first.” My eyes widened, I was in full shock! I can’t believe he said that licking his lips. 

While we are talking our eyes were having a completely different conversation. “First of all, you’re a cornball.” I laughed “Second, I have to get to class, but it was nice meeting you,” I bite down on my bottom lip. “Drake” I emphasised his name and walked away. He gently grabbed my hand and pulled me close to him, to stop me.

He asked, “What class you got now?' I couldn't breathe. He licked his lips, smiled and stepped back, he knew. I smiled back, his smile was contagious. 

“English” I showed him my schedule, I could feel the energy of all the girls' eyes on us. 

“Oh you with me, come on.” He guided me to class, we walk hand in hand to class. This school is starting to grow on me.