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So sick (of love songs)

S/o to barb_the BAD for writing last chapters sex scene. enjoy!!!

Chapter 37

It was 6:15am, Nicki hadn't slept all night. Her pillow was soaked with her tears. She sat up in Amber's bed and looked at her surroundings. Amber and Cassie were at the bottom of the bed. True friends; they stayed up all night petting their distraught friend. When she got to the hotel room the night before, she shut the door and slid down it to the floor. She put her hand eyes and cried aloud. Amber was the first to notice Nicki and soon after called Cassie to help get Nicki off the floor. Once they did, they took her to the sofa and got her a box tissue. Then Nicki explained to her friend why she was crying while she cried. Cassie cried with her and Amber was ready to cut someone. The two girls just did not know why someone that Nicki loved so much could hurt her so bad. All ended up in Amber’s bed. Nicki said she couldn't sleep in her room and Cassie felt left out so they all slept in one bed. Nicki cried silent tears in to her pillow while the girls slept. She laid back down on the bed and looked at the time, she decided to get ready ever though she didn't want to. The pain between her like hurt like a cunt. She decided to soak herself in the bath tub. Nicki closed her eyes for a second only to reopen them and find her body in a pool of blood. She almost screamed, but she didn't. Nicki cried at the bloody reminder that she lost her innocence the night before. She got in the shower and got ready. Once she was done, she woke Cassie and Amber and bought he luggage to the suites door.
Cassie came out the shower in Nicki's ensuite room. She noticed Nicki staring out of space at the wall across the room. Then her tears started to fall and Cassie did her friendly duty and hugged her pink marshmallow.
"Nicki it will be okay." Cassie cooed. Nicki just continued to stare at the wall in silence with tears running down her cheeks. Her body was sore from the sex and from the way she tried to scrub his scent off her. She tried and tried but he was still on her. "Nicki it will be okay." Cassie repeated.

Everyone was waiting for the girls at the airport. Drake had found an earlier flight. "Where are they?" Jelani groaned impatiently. As he said that the girls made it to the airport. "Finally" he sighed as the girls approached the group. Jay noticed Nicki couldn't walk properly. "Hahaha you look like death." He commented on his baby sister's appearance. Nicki honestly didn’t give two flying fucks about what Jelani had said.

"Nicki are you okay?" Trina asked. Nicki nodded but tears fell out so she lowered her head.

"Come on you guys we got half an hour to get checked in and board our plane." Jelani let everyone walk in front of him and Nicki. "Onika?" He said in a low tone. She didn't answer nor look up. "Onika." No response again. "Nika, wanna tell me something" she just sniffed.

"No" she managed to say.

"Onika you had sex didn't you." He raised his voice at her. She didn't answer him. "Didn't you" He shouted and people started to stare.

"Jay, drop it." She started to walk off but the pain between her legs held her back.

"Onika don't walk away from me" he yelled

"Jay shh please." Nicki put her finger on his lips. Jelani looked at his troubled sister.

"Nika did he force you?" He lowered his voice as they walked behind the group.

"What? No" She shook her head.

"What's wrong? Where is he and why have you been crying?"

She bit her lip. "Um, he has been cheating on me."

Jelani was dumbfounded, he was confused. "The same Drake that loved you more than life? The type of love you only see in his eyes?"

"I guess he just played us all." She sniffed once again as she checked in.

"When I see him, I'm gonna kill him. I promise you that!"

"Jelani promise me you won't do anything. Please I love him please don't hurt him."

"So it's okay for him to hurt my baby sister but I can't hurt him? Whatever man." Jelani walked on to the plane.

"Jay just drop it please." She followed behind him. They took they seats on the plane. She sat next to Cassie and just slept on the plane.


Nicki woke up in her room at 8:16pm; she took a shower then put some pyjamas on. She made her way to the living room and greeted her dad.

"Hi princess, how you feeling?" Mr Maraj asked.

"Umm a bit better actually."

"Your brother already said you didn't sleep much last night." The mention of 'last night' made Nicki a little dizzy.

"Um yeah, sorry Dad I think I need to lie down for a bit."

"Okay princess, but don't forget this Friday we are off to Trinidad to see your Grandmother and Christmas"

"Yes dad." She kissed his cheek and went back to her room.

Nicki cried so much, it was bound to make her sick. Her mother came back from bible study to find Onika was still in her room. She could her Nika crying from the bottom of the stairs. Robert was passed out on the couch. Carol asked Caiah to wake his father up while she checked on Nicki.

"Oh Nika," Carol just hugged her darling daughter.

"Mom," She sobbed loudly. "He hurt me so bad, he really did, mom"

"Oh Nika," Carol cried with her daughter.

"Mom, I gave him everything I had". Everything!" She sobbed. Nicki was hysterical crying. "Mom my heart hurts, it really does."

"I know Nika, I know." Nicki cried on her mother's chest as Carol rocked her gently to sleep.

Thursday Night

Every night Nicki would cry herself to sleep. It was the only way she could sleep these days. Nicki was completely excited to see her grandmother and cousins this Christmas. That was the best gift her parents could ever give her. However she was still sad. She couldn't shake these feelings she had towards Drake. The love she had for him is something she just couldn't control. It just hurt to love him. She cried into her pillow. Praying for the day when she will forget him.
Just as she finally was going to drifted off to sleep. She received a text from Drake.

<< Please stop crying you’re too pretty for that.
<<I'm sorry, I really am. I love you

She cried herself to sleep once again. Just seen those words made her knees weak and her heart melt


Nicki took in the sweet air of Trinidad. She loved Trinidad, every time she comes back to Trinidad; it's the most peaceful feeling on earth. When her family made it back to her grandma's house, Nicki felt the tears escape her eyes as her favourite cousins called her name.
"Onika?" They yelled in their Trini accents.

"Cheyenne? Anna? Dianne?" Nicki cried. "I missed you guys" The four girls hugged. Nicki admired how beautiful her older cousins were.

"Onika we missed you" Anna said wiping her tears.

"Seeing you guys once a year is not enough. I miss you so much." Once a year the whole of Nicki's family will go to her grandmother’s house for Christmas. You dare not miss this holiday at her Grandma's house because you will be scolded for it. Nicki sat in the living room greeting the rest of her cousins. "Where's grandma?"

"In her room, she is getting better slowly but at least she is getting better." Cheyenne informed her cousin.

"Okay, I'm gonna go talk to grandma for a bit."

"Okay Onika, all the girls are going to the mall when you come back." Her mother said, Nicki nodded and went to her grandmother's room. She knocked on the door.

"Come in." Her grandma had the thickest accent in the house. Nicki walked in to see, her grandma. She was beautiful old women with the longest her. When Nicki was younger she used to brush her grandmothers hair as they talked. "Onika, da is you?" she smiled beautifully.

"Grandma," Nicki smiled, letting one tear fall. She hugged her and they both took in each others scents. "I missed you so much." A few seconds passed before Nicki let go. She grabbed a brush off her grandmother's dresser and sat on her bed. Her grandma laid right on her grandbaby's thighs. Nicki started brushing her hair.

"Onika, you lookin thicker than ever." Her grandmother chuckled.

Nicki furrowed her brows at her grandma. "Grandma, that's not funny."

"Nika, mi know you growin into a woman, now. Mi also know you bein doin the nasty. Mi see it in mi dream."

Nicki grasped as brush her hair. "Grandma!"

"Mi nah lie." Nicki stopped and looked at her. "Gyal, mi know the truth." Nicki smirked and looked away. "Yes you look away." Nicki chuckled lightly, how awkward was that moment? "You and Anna."


"You nah hear word?" Her grandma playfully rolled her eyes. "Both of you gotta bun in the over."

"WHAT??" Nicki stopped brushing her Grandma's hair.

"You hear mi,"

"No, grandma where did you hear that??"

"Did mi say mi hear it? Mi say me dreamt it." Nicki was quiet, this truly scared he because whenever her grandma dreamt something small factions of it would be true. "Wah happen Hoss?"

"Um…" Nicki took a deep breath. "We broke up."


"He's been cheating on me." Nicki's stomach turned as she said that.

"Oh Nika,"

"It's fine." Nicki didn't even notice her tears falling.

"Onika, don't cry over boy dem." Nicki bit the inside of her cheek. "Your family love you Nika. Cherish these moments because next time you see me, mi could be in a box, Life is way too short."

"Grandma don't say that. Please..." Nicki sat the brush down and hugged her grandmother tightly. "I love you okay? Don't talk like that!"

"I love you too baby," Nicki wish she could stay with her forever. "Onika I want to sleep now."

"Okay Grandma." Nicki put the brush back on the dress. She wiped her tears and fluffed he grandma’s pillows. "Sweet dreams." She kissed her crazy grandmothers forehead and closed the door quietly behind her.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Birthday Sex

Chapter 36 

Drake POV

It was 3 pm, I had something important to tell Nicki but I couldn't remember it at all. I had the worst headache in the world at that moment. I searched high and low for my phone but I had no luck in finding it. I looked everywhere in the living room area of our suite, it had to be here since I didn't go to my room. I was determined to find it for some reason, something told me it was really important I find it, I tried but my headache interfered, so I gave up.

After having a shower and getting dressed I took aspirin to help with the headache, I waited for the aspirin to numb the pain and went to Nicki's suite. She opened the door, "Hi baby, what happened to you last night? I told you to come over." She pouted, I pecked her lips.

"I know but after I left the club..." I thought hard. "Everything else is a blur"

"Ok well I see you got to your hotel room okay" She said noticing my fresh new clothes. She grabbed my hand and led me in the suite. I closed the door behind me.

"What did you need me for anyway?" I asked.

"Nothing" She was looking up but she was avoiding eye contact with me.

"Nicki, what was it?" I laughed, she looked so innocent. She stepped front until our noses were touching, which was possible because of her pink platform pumps.

"I wanted... Umm you know... Umm I wanted to finally." She bit her lip, and then spoke. "Do it" She confessed

"Do what?" I chuckled, still confused.

"Have sex, you idiot" She walked into the living room area of the suite. I swear I almost died; my girlfriend is ready to have sex with me right now? I love Nicki so much. I wish she was my first but I know she will be the only other girl I will have sex with from this onwards. She just looked frustrated; I knew I had to make it up to her.

"Nicki, sorry I wasn't there, last night. But i promise to make it up to you today." She stared at me blankly. So I whisked her in the air off the sofa, causing her to giggle, preciously. I took her to her bed room as she kissed my lips with her arms around my neck. Our tongues danced around and around, mimicking each other's movements. I felt her smile once my teeth grazed her bottom lip. She then pulled away with a subtle chuckle. I smiled down at her as she laid back on the bed. Nicki was a portrait beneath me. Her beautiful locks, curled tight just for me, covered most of the pillow her head lay on. Her eyes were like crystals staring up at me, and her lips, slightly parted, were stained pink. My eyes followed her hands as they travelled down her body. I licked my lips watching her unbutton her jeans.

"You wanna take off your shirt?" She asked me, breaking me from my trance. I smiled, remembering my purpose.

"Oh, yea." I removed my shirt then helped her out of her pants. She shed her white tube top and soon our clothing littered the floor.

I kissed her lips while my fingers found her pearl. She hissed feeling my soft touch.

Nicki POV

Drake's lips left mine as he began kissing my neck, sweetly. I was getting wetter with every second his fingers glided between my lips. The more tension that built within me, the more I wanted him inside.

"Put it in." I managed to whisper as he teased my skin with his tongue. I spread my legs a little wider and scooted further down to meet him. This was really about to happen... I bit my lip as I felt him entering me.

"Ohhh!" I yelled out, in a voice unfamiliar to my own.


"Ow, ow!"

He stopped as I looked at him, worry etching itself across his face. "We don't have to–"

"No. Keep going. I want to." I told him.

He exhaled and began entering me again.

Drake's POV

I was barely two inches in when I felt her nails digging into my skin. I could feel her tensing up the deeper I tried to go.

"Relax." I whispered to her. She finally eased up, allowing me to plunge deeper. I then heard a faint gasp escape her lips. Slowly, I began to move out then in, then out again; she was so tight. I kissed her neck as I continued to thrust into her. Soon, our bodies were hot and beading with sweat.

"You okay?"

"Yes..." She breathed. "Oh, God.... Aubrey.... I love you so much."

Lifting my head from the crevice of her neck, I looked at her.

"I love you." She repeated.

She looked so sweet, so innocent. I wiped away her tears as they fell from her eyes. I fixed my lips to respond, but something inside me was making me feel... guilty? I didn't understand.

"Aubrey?" She moaned, breaking my trance once more.

"I love you too, Onika." I kissed her lips while pulling the sheets over us both.


Nicki loved the smell of sex, but she loved the smell of her Johnson's Coca butter cream more. She got up in some much pain but she could handle it and took a shower with Drake, which is where the fun continued. Nicki got dress in here juicy couture black tracksuit and Drake just wore his clothes. He decided to help Nicki packed because they would be leaving the next morning.

"We're back" Amber yelled then she went into Nicki's room. "Oh Hey Drake" She said with a smile across her face, she could smell the sex in the air.


"Hey girl, it's about time y'all came back, tell me everything!"Nicki squealed sitting Indian style on the carpet flooring.

"Ok I am just going to go now" Drake said but Cassie, Amber and Nicki talking and screaming, they didn't pay him any attention.

Drake left to go back to his room. He decided to start packing and that is when he came across his phone. His phone refreshed his memory. He could remember something's from the night before. As soon as he went through his phone, he started to remember and hated what he remembered and hated himself. He knew one thing, that he needed to tell Nicki.

Nicki POV

I finished packing my things after Cassie and Amber left my room. I'm so happy everyone's relationship is so GREAT! I told them about Drake and I and how I lost my virginity card. Amber was so proud of me and Cassie was just happy I did it with a man I love. I think Drake is definitely the one for me. There is a reason our paths crossed.

The girls were in their room packing. Our flight is at 10:30 tomorrow morning. We decide after we pack that we are going to have a girls night you know, movies, eat junk food. Imma work it off late.

Once I finished packing I laid out my clothes for the next morning. I almost forgot that I need to call Trina tell her congratulation again, I know she is beyond excited. Hell, so am I.


"Tell Trina I said thank you for the best birthday ever! What time should we meet you guys tomorrow?"

"She said you’re welcome sweet pea. Um… 8am. Make sure to tell the boys."

"Hell no, you tell them," I giggled. “Oh, Jelani did you tell mom yet?"

"She's the one that gave me the idea to propose." He laughed

"Oh??" I cocked my head at her phone like he could see her. "And no one informed me?"

"Because you would've told her. Yall are mad tight I couldn't tell you."

"Jay, I don't have a big mouth." I pouted.

"Sure, I will talk to you tomorrow, good night" he said and hung up in my face. I just stood there mouth open.
"He did not." I chuckle lightly. He is for sure getting it tomorrow. As soon as I hung up, Drake called me.

"Hey Babe, Great Timing"

"Oh hey, Nicki we need to talk, "

He sounds serious but nervous "What about?"

"I will tell you when I see you; meet me in the park we went to yesterday, okay?"

"Okay Drake what's wrong, you're
scaring me."

"Just meet me there in 30 minutes"

"Okay." I took a deep breath then hung up. I don't understand what's going on.


Nicki let the girls know she was leaving and she shouldn't be more than an hour. She put on her sneakers and made her way down to the park. It was so dark but thankful the street lights were on. However it was a little chilli so Nicki feel it was nessacary to zip her tracksuit all the way up and walk with her hands in her pockets. As she walked closer to their spot in the park she wondered more. What was this meeting about? Her question was about be answered. As soon as Nicki caught a glimpse of Drake's muscularly exterior, she ran and jumped into his arms, wrapping her legs around his waist. She grabbed his face with both hands and kissed him. But soon pulled away, something was a bit off with the kiss. She got down from him whilst staring at him like he had two heads. "Babe, what's wrong?" She asked with a confused pout. When he hung his head, she just waved it off as she walked searching for a conversation. "Oh my gosh, babe did I tell you?" She asked holding his hand. Drake head still looking at the floor. "Trey came to my hotel room last night." The mention of 'last night' made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. He looked at her. "Yeah, he was telling me to leave you. I was like why would I leave the MAN of MY dreams for the boy of my nightmares?" Nicki chuckled. "Drake he is so pathetic, I don't think y'all should be friends anymore. To be honest he ain't a friend." Nicki rambled on about how much of a friend he isn't.

"I don't deserve you." Drake whispered.

Nicki stopped dead in her track. "What?"

"I don't deserve you." He said a little loud. He had tears in his eyes.

"Babe, what are you talking about?" She asked as she wiped his tears.

"Nicki I'm sorry," He said repeatedly as he fell to his knees. Nicki was so confused but it made her heartache to see Drake in such a state. All she could do was hug him. "Nicki I did I bad thing." He sobbed.

"Drake, you're scaring me please stand up."

Drake stood up as she wished and held both her hands. He looked at the promise ring he gave her, then he looked at the necklace her gave her. He looked at her face and saw the earring he got her on their first date. He hung his head in shame. "Nicki,"

"Drake, you're scaring me." She could feel something wasn't right.

"Nicki I cheated." He said almost immediately after Nicki spoke.

Nicki feel her tears surfacing. "What?" She quick pulled her hands away from him.

"Nicki I'm so sorry I was drunk…"

"What?" Her tears blurred her vision.

"I didn't know what I was doing and I promise it will never happen again."

"Wait, wait, wait, Aubrey. What did you do?"

"Nicki I'm sorry."

"WHAT DID YOU DO?" She screamed, scaring all the nocturnal animals in the park.

"I cheated." He whispered. The back of Nicki's hand made a hard connection with Drakes cheek.

Nicki cried hysterical. "With who?"

"I'm so sorry." Drake cried.

"Just tell me who."

"With Jaz,"

Nicki felt dizzy. Like she couldn't stand any longer.

"Last night, she texted me and I was drunk."

Nicki chuckled. "Drunken actions sober thoughts. You knew exactly what you were doing."

"No and Yes, I did that's why I stopped before it went too far." He reached for her face but she slapped his hand away.

"Don't you dare touch me!" Her gasped at her own thoughts. "You're just like Trey; you couldn't wait for me so you got the cookie from somewhere else."

"Nicki that not true."

"What is TRUE, Aubrey? Because I don't know anymore. Did you truly love me? Did you truly care for me? Was I truly yours?"

"Nicki you're my truth, my love and my light."

"That's so funny how I believed everything you say, but now I don't believe shit." Nicki gasped at her own thoughts once again. "You were…Oh My God!" Nicki was having a panic attack. "Oh my God." Drake told her to sit down. "Oh My God." Nicki sat down and tried to calm herself. When she did she continued her sentence. "You took my innocence" She looked down at herself. "After you was with her the night before." Nicki couldn't even look at him. "You make me sick."

"I'm so sorry. I would have told you before we did what we did. But I didn't remember and I lost my phone. As soon as I found my phone I KNEW I had to tell you."

"How could you Aubrey? How could you hurt me this bad?" She didn't even look at him. She was still staring at her sore body in tears.

"Nicki I'm sorry." Drake got on his knees in front of her and held her face in his hands. He didn't care that she didn't want him touching her. He couldn't lose his love. "Look at me." She did. "I love you and I promise I will never as long as I live hurt you. I love you Onika." He kissed her lips passionately. Nicki let out a soft whimper as he kissed her. He laid her down on the grass. Still in a passionate kiss. She laid her right arm on her forehead as he parted her legs.

"Aubrey please" She was broken-hearted and weak. He continued to kiss her.

"Nicki I love you." She hesitated but softly kissed him back. He slid down her pants and did the same for him. Then he pushed his love slowly into her. It hurt but not as much as the first time. Drake was slow and gentle.

"Ow..." She rested her other hand on his torso.

He stroked in and out of her as he circle her clit with his thumb till she came and he came soon after in her. He rested his head on her shoulder. He listened to her soft whimpers.


"Aubrey, I can't." She sobbed.

"Nicki please..." He begged

"I can't, I can't do this. You hurt me, you hurt me bad." She whimpered.

"I'm sorry, I love you please." She pushed him off her and pulled up her pants.

"Aubrey, I can't do this with you, we can't be us." Nicki took off her ring. She placed the ring in his hand. "This wasn't meant to be." Nicki ran off crying.

Drake couldn't believe that this was the last place he held her, kissed her and made love to her. There was no more fighting for her. She had made up her mind, even after he showed her his heart.


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Letcha Go

Author's Notes: Sorry guys I should have posted this last night but I fell asleep... :P For the next chapter I forgot to write a very VERY important scene so I will have to post it later on this week... Maybe tomorrow...

Chapter 35

Drakes POV

I knocked on HER door, I hope she is ready for me. "I see you got my text." She said with lust in her eyes.

"Yeah, what am I doing here?"

"I want you… I need you… I gotta have you... I love you" she said in a sexy tone whilst she revealing a black bra and thong which was under her red silk robe.

"I love you... too" My words slurred but once I said that our lip crashed together and we walked in her room. She unbuttoned my shirt and my pants pulling them down with my boxers. She got on her knees and sucked on my dick, until I came in her mouth, but she just swallowed that shit. I picked her and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I carried her to the bed and slide down her thong. Then I licked her out. She moaned several times I could tell she liked it. She started to jerk away and I pulled her back. But something was not right. Then I came to my senses and stopped before things got out of hand.

"Look, I'm drunk, I don't know what I am saying or doing Jaz, you know I have a girlfriend what are you thinking?"I slurred my words.

"What am I thinking? I am thinking I still love you techinquely we never broke up so I am still your girlfriend." She said putting her thong back on.

"You fucking moved away! We are over"

"But you love me you, just said you did." She cried.

I took a deep breath. "I love you and always will but this can never work you have to go back to London soon... Plus I love you but I am IN love with Nicki, like I really love Nicki. I know we didn't end, but I have a new beginning, can't you just be happy for me." Jasmine wrapped herself up in her robe that was once on the floor. She sat next to me at the end of the bed.

"I am happy for you but where does that leave me" I looked at her and she was about to cry but was trying so hard not to. I know her too well.

"I don't know but I do know that you have you whole life ahead of you, your just 17, and you’re beautiful, and I know any guy would be lucky to have you as they're girlfriend." A tear fell from her eyes. I love Jasmine so much but not as much as I love Nicki. I mean Jaz was my first love. But I know she gets it now, I knew she understood where we lie.

"Thank you Aubrey, I love you,"

I wiped her tear off her cheek and hugged her "I love you too" I wore my clothes.

"Nicki is a lucky girl!" she smiled

"I am a lucky guy" That just fucked up his relationship. I jumped in the air and stood up as straight as I could; giving the fact that I was drunk, it wasn't very straight.

"Bye Aubrey"

"Bye Jasmine, remember to call me before you leave to go back to the UK." I walked over to her tripping over air.

"Are you okay?" I kissed her cheek and left. I wasn't in the right mind to answer the question. All I heard was her chuckle before she closed her hotel door. I have to tell Nicki because our relationship is about trust and I'm not letting what happened last time happen again. I have to tell her. I looked at my phone 4:05. I will tell her in the morning. She is probably knocked out.


Drake went to his room. He couldn't see in his room because Cameron and Amber were in there. Safaree had Cassie in his room so Drake just passed out on the sofa. Little did he know that Nicki was wide awake waiting for him, and she wasn't alone...

Nicki was all dress up in sexy lingerie, pink cosset and a pretty little thong, a White silk robe and white pumps. She sat in the living room area of the suite. Amber and Cassie were nowhere to be seen. Nicki was waiting for what seen like forever for Drake. She impatiently looked at her phone. It was 4:20am There was a knocked at Nicki hotel room. She went to go open it, she was so excited to see her baby plus she was excited to give him her everything. That excitement soon turned in anger, when Tremaine Neverson was at her door.

"The Fuck you want Trey" Nicki started to wrap herself up in her robe, frustration hit her like lightening.

"You" He stepped a little closer to her.

"Well you can't have me, now if you will excuse me I have something to do" she tried to close the door but he pushed it back towards her.

"Don't you miss what we had?"

"Well I do miss your kiss, your touch, the way you lick your lips" He licked his lips and leaned front. Nicki pushed him. Onika may have been under the alcohol influence but she wasn't stupid. "But I want more Trey, I want someone who doesn't cheat on me, who loves me and that person is NOT YOU!"

"Nicki I am so sorry."

"Ugh! Trey I don't wanna hear that shit, you’re not sorry, and I bet you don't even love me"

Trey got on his knees and hugged waist “Nicki I did love you, I do love you"

"Trey no you didn't and you don’t" she rolled her eyes and tried to push him off her waist.

"Nicki I wouldn’t have taken a plane here if I didn't love you, I know you love me too, we were together for year, love doesn't just die like that. Just Dump Drake"

Nicki pulled away as far as she could and slapped Trey soo hard that everyone on her hotel floor could feel it. How dare he tell her what to do, after the shit he did. "Don't you ever tell me shit like that! I Love him, you are half of the man he is. HE would NEVER cheat on me. When you were in my life, you should've treated me right." She shouted in his face, still in the door way of her hotel suite. "Nigga up out my fucking room" She struggled to get out of his tight grip; but when she did, she slammed the door in he is face.

'The fuck!' is all Nicki thought as she heard Trey banging on her door. Nicki went to sleep with a big headache and it will get worst because of the alcohol. Just her night. Trey had to spoil her birthday party weekend! Plus Drake was nowhere to be seen.



Drake POV

It was 3 pm, I had something important to tell Nicki but I can't remember it at all. I have the worst headache in the world at that moment. Where the hell was my phone. Ugh!! I searched the whole suite for the phone, but his headache interfered, so I gave up.

After having a shower and getting dressed I took aspirin to help with the headache, I waited for the aspirin to numb the pain then went to Nicki's suite. She opened the door, "Hi baby, what happened to you last night? I told you to come over." She pouted, I pecked her lips.

"I know but after I left the club..." I thought hard. "Everything else is a blur"

"Ok well I see you got to your hotel room okay" She said noticing my fresh new clothes. She grabbed my hand and lead me in the suite. I closed the door behind me.

"What did you need me for anyway?" I asked.

"Nothing" She was looking up but she was avoiding eye contact with me.

"Nicki, what was it?" I laughed, she looked so innocent. She stepped front until our noses were touching, which was possible because of her pink platform pumps.

"I wanted... Umm you know... Umm I wanted to finally." She bit her lip, then spoke. "Do it" She confessed

"Do what?" I chuckled, still confused.

"Have sex, you idiot" She walked into the living room area of the suite. I swear I almost died, my girlfriend is ready to have sex with me, I love Nicki so much. I wish she was my first but I know she will be the only other girl I will have sex with from this day onwards. She just looked frustrated, I knew I had to make it up to her.

"Nicki, sorry I'm wasn't there, last night. But I promise to make it up to you today." She stared at me blankly. So I whisked, bridal style, her off the sofa, causing her to giggle, preciously. I took her to her bed room as she kissed my lips with her arms around my neck.

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Back and Forth

Author's Notes: This chapter and the next two chapter I wrote around the same time as the 15th chapter... sooo um I forgot the point of telling you that.. anywho enjoy
Chapter 34

After the three couples ate at their hotel’s restaurant, they retired back to their suite to get a head start on some sleep. They all made sure they set their alarms for 8:15pm so they could start getting ready.

Nicki and Trina birthday had already started, the teen made their way to the club at 9:45pm. Trina hired a photographer to take picture for the whole night. The teens posed for the camera once they arrived.

30minutes later, the party started for the teens, Nicki was grinding on Drake after getting a couple of drinks. Trina and Jelani weren't there yet. The DJ was playing Love In This Club, Amber and Cameron were all booed up in the VIP area she was straddling him, and they were passionately kissing. Cassie and SB were on the dance floor together, Cassie had her arms around Safaree's neck. His hands were on her petit figure. They were the only couple not drinking. Shad and Omarion actually found a couple of attractive girls that found them attractive too. Surprisingly. Rihanna had just arrived to the club and decided to go to the DJ's booth to make an announcement. The DJ cut the music and received a moan from the crowd.
"Sorry everyone, but it’s my Best Friends birthday party," The crowd screamed once they notice it was the young 18 year old singer.


"Happy Birthday crazy! Come up here" Nicki smiled so hard and let go of Drake's hand to go to Rihanna. Rihanna hugged Nicki and gave her, her present. Everyone cheered and then DJ took the mic.

"This one is for you Nicki," Nicki went to go find Drake as the DJ played Bed by J holiday.

The night went on, Trina and Jelani finally made it out of their hotel room. Then the party really got started, the drinking (Yes they were under age), the dancing, the cutting of the birthday cakes, the speeches. Nicki was so happy she had the best future sister in law in the world. Trina planned this whole party by herself! Nicki just thought that was amazing. She really did appreciate everything Trina has done for her.

Jelani walked up to the DJ's booth and grabbed the mic.
"Can I have everybody’s attention please," He started and the music stopped and everyone stood still. “I just want to say a few words" Nicki looked at Trina and she looked confused which wasn't the first time. "Happy Birthday to My pink loving Sister, Nicki"

Nicki Shouted "Pink, all day every day HOES!!!” pulling hair her out to the side, showing off her pink streaks.

Everyone laughed! “and Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Girlfriend, Trina I love you!" She mouthed the words back. “I love you so much you are my world, my everything, I can't think of a better person to spend the rest my life with, will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?"

Trina was in pure and utter shock. Usually she suspects things like this, to be honest Jelani wasn't good at hiding thing from her but to her surprise he did it. She figured that’s why he has been so distant. Then Jelani walked up to her with a shoulder set diamond engagement ring. Trina just blasted out with a yes. The crowd cheered and Nicki ran and hugged them both as Trina put her ring on. Nicki was even more excited, than the couple.

While Nicki was with her brother, Drakes pants were vibrating, he got a text from Jasmine.

>>Can we talk? I am in room 206 at the River Park hotel.

That was the same hotel they all were staying. For some bizarre reason drake was contemplating on whether he should go or not, only because last time he spoke to her, he was quite harsh. He looked up from his phone and quickly put on a smile before putting his phone away as Nicki coming his way. She handed him a cocktail drink called Bahama Mama . Then they sat down with Safaree, Cassie, Amber and Cameron in the VIP area. Drake pulled Nicki on to his lap and sucked on her neck. He whispered in her ear 'I love you'. Nicki stood up and straddled Drake and put her forehead against his and she put her arms around his neck.

"I love you too" then she kissed him so passionately, he sucked on her bottom lip and slip his tongue in her mouth. It was like they were the only two people in the room. Drake manhood was up in the air. Nicki pulled away and smiled lustfully.

Nicki POV

It was like 3am. Cassie and Safaree left together, they are really in to each other and I am happy for them, they're perfect for each other. As for Em and Cam they left at 2ish, we all know what they are going to do. Trina and my brother, well they left at 2 too. So it's just Drake and I left in the VIP area. I looked over the balcony and saw Omari and Shad trying to spit game and acting a damn fool, I laughed and shook my head. I was surprised the girls were into them. Riri left because in the morning she had a meeting in the morning.

As y'all already know Drake was the first guy that I said 'I love you' to. I just wanna shout it to the heavens. I think I maybe a bit tipsy but hey who cares, I am getting some tonight. I'm so ready to give Drake my all. He already has the title of my first love and now he is going to have the title of my first everything, except kiss.

I searched for my phone in my clutch and texted him 'Meet me in room 205 at the River Park Hotel love you babe' I giggled at my text, obviously he already knew where I'm staying. Ah man, I'm so tipsy... I shook my head and left the club to get ready for my boo.

Drakes POV

I looked down from the balcony, of the VIP area and saw Nicki leaving, WTF?? My pants started to vibrate again. Nicki texted me. I wonder want she wants. Imagine if she is ready? I hope she is because I am in the mood. I really think I am tipsy; I must be because I can't even control myself. Jaz said that she needed to talk to me, hold up, how the fuck did she know I was here? What do I do go to Nicki's room or Jaz's room?


Trina and Nicki


Lost without you

Chapter 33

The teens hit Miami, wearing a little next to nothing because of the heat. Trina and Jelani decided to split the girls from the boys for the whole trip. Cameron, Drake and Safaree shared a hotel room. Shad and Omarion shared one suite. And all 3girls shared a suite. Whilst Trina and Jelani shared a one bedroom suite.

Trina had decided to take Amber, Cassie and Nicki to get their hair done for the party that night.

"So Trina, you most really love my brother to put up with his ugly ass." Nicki said starting a new topic, whilst under the hair dryer.

"I do, I can't sleep without him there. Like he keeps me sane. He completes my heart. Without him I am nothing." Trina was sat opposite Nicki with rollers in her hair.

"Really?" Nicki questioned her heart.

"Yes!" Trina said almost immediately. "I love him"

"Aww" Cassie cooed.

"That so cute. That how I feel about Drake, “Nicki paused and thought about the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.”So if he was to purpose right now what would you say?"

"Yes, for sure. Like we've spoke about marriage. But he didn't seem into the idea of it. But I don’t care I just wanna be with him. With or without a ring."

"Aww" Both Nicki and Cassie cooed.

"So Nika how's you and white boy?"

"More perfect than you could ever imagine."

Trina knew Nicki would never tell her a lie and just by the look on Nicki's face as she answered, Trina knew Nicki was in the same predicament as her. LOVE.

Amber came back from Cold Stone with ice cream for the girls. She had already finished her hair; all she needed was a light trim. The girls thanked Amber and continued the conversation their men.

Meanwhile the boys were working up a sweat at the hotel gym. “So Drake you must really like my sister, huh?" Jelani asked as the boy have a 5minutes water break.

As if Drake wasn't sweating, just being at the gym but Jelani scared the shit out of him. "No, I love her," Drake answered with a great deal of confidence.

Jelani raised his brow as he wiped beads of sweat off his face with a towel. "What you know about love, boy"

"I know when it comes to your sister I will do anything and everything for her. She is my other half, it like she is a piece of me."

"You had sex with her?" Jelani asked in a yelling type of whisper.

"What, no!" Drake said in defence while Shad and Omarion laughed. Jelani looked hard in to Drake eyes trying to see if he was lying. When he looked hard enough, he sat back.

"You better not be lying." Jelani got up from the floor.

"I'm not,"

"Okay, don't be so uptight I like you, you’re a good boyfriend, plus Nika talks about you all day."

Drake smiled, "She does?" Jelani shrugged

"Yeah," He laughed followed by a threat. "You ever break her heart I will break you face. You got that."

"I won't ever..."

Jelani interrupted him. "Good" This was the last word said before the boys went back to their workout.


"Hello Mom,"

"Hello Lani, why are you whispering?"

"Just in case Trina get back and hears me."

"Oh okay, Lani what's wrong baby?" Being his mother she could always tell when something was wrong.

"Mom what if the ring doesn't fit. Or worst she hates the ring." Jelani had never been so nervous in his life. Mama Carol just chuckled historically on the other line. "Yo, ma this ain't funny."

"I'm sorry baby, but do you hear yourself?" Carol Island accent was so hard to understand through her laughing.

"Mom, stop I'm serious!" Jelani said with frustration.

"Okay Okay." Carol composed herself and cleared her throat. "Baby, she loves you she doesn't care much for the ring she just what's to be your wife. You need to remember that."

Jelani took a deep breath. "You're right ma."

"I'm always right but listen I need to call you Father and Onika, I only have 45minutes left before my phone session is up."

"Okay" he whispered.

"Tell me how it goes tomorrow?"

"I will. Love you, bye" Jelani hung up and turned around when he heard Trina.

"Who the fuck do you love? Why the fuck you whispering? Huh Lani?" Trina said as she shut the door of the suite.

"Listen, I want to sleep before tonight." He stated, avoiding her questions and walking towards the bedroom.

"No Jelani, who is she?" Trina shouted. He stopped dead in his track.

"Why you acting like a crazy bitch?"

"Oh, I'm a crazy bitch now Lani?"

"No, I said your acting like one."

"Oh so you can answer questions, can you answer my first two now?" She rolled her eyes.

"I was talking to my mom."

"Hmm let me see your phone."

"You know what? Here," He threw his phone to her and she caught it. "I'm going to bed" he walked into the bedroom.

Trina sighed; she didn't need to check his phone because she always knew when he was lying. Three years with the same person is no joke you find out a lot. She was just confused on why they were so distant. After 5minutes of pouting on the sofa, she went in to the room and left his phone on the dresser. He was lying on his side of the bed. Trina kissed his neck and hugged him.



"I'm sorry." She pecked his lips. "I love you."

"I love you too." Jelani said with his eyes closed. "I don't blame you; I know I've been quite distant for weeks." Trina sighed; he passionately kissed her the cuddled together until they were knocked out.

Amber, Cassie and Nicki were in Amber and Cassie's room talking about the party that night. Nicki was so excited about that night, she wouldn't stop talking. It was 3:12pm when they heard a sound coming from the living room area of their suite.
Cassie gasped, "What was that?" Nicki and Cassie ran to Amber.

"It was probably the wind" Amber said, confidently.

"That wasn't the wind" Nicki hid behind Cassie.

"Oh my gosh, stop you guys. You know what I'll look." As Amber got up from the bed, the door swung up. Amber jumped and ran behind Nicki.

"The wind huh?" Nicki mocked Amber smirking, but she frightened for her life.

Seconds later, the boys ran in the room and grabbed their very mad girlfriend.

"Aubrey, put me down." She never used his first name in front of people, he knew she was mad, but he just laughed and carried her over his shoulders.

"Cameron, that wasn't funny" Amber slapped his chest, Cameron held the same spot she slapped, it stung.

"Ow, girl your hand is too sharp." He said with one hand on her waist.

Cassie on the other hand wanted to laugh but kept a straight face. "You mad at me too?"


"Haha, good" He kissed the side of her temple.

"When we look back on this y'all are gonna laugh." Cassie said to the girls.

"No we're not!" Nicki and Amber said simultaneously.

"Well we don't give a fuck" Safaree said with the most ignorance ever. Nicki squinted at him, whilst Amber glared. "We did this for a reason. Boys do what you came to do." Drake ran out the room with Nicki still on his shoulder.

"Amber, come on" Cameron pulled her hand towards the door.

"No." She was not the slightest bit happy with his little stunt. Cameron laughed and lifted he hand as a way of surrendering. He grabbed her waist pulling her close to him and kissed her with lustful passion and love. Once he pulled away he told her to follow him.

Amber blushed and giggled. "Okay Cammy."

Cassie and Safaree made their way to wherever Faree was taking her too. Each of the boys had something planned for their girlfriends; they all agreed to meet at the hotel restaurant at 5:30pm.

Cassie and Safaree

They walked hand in hand on the pavement. The two wore matching white Jordan's, matching khaki three quarter lengths, a white tee and matching Aviators.

"Y'all ain't shit for that stunt." Cassie laughed so hard.

"It was funny though."

"Not at the time, it wasn't." Safaree walked Cassie in Michael Kors. "Faree you want something in here?" She walked over to the purses in the store while Safaree made his way over to the Jewellery counter.

"Not sure yet, I might do."

"Hello sir, how may I help you?" The female behind the jewellery counter asked.

"Yeah, can I see those two" Safaree pointed to the 24 carat gold matching him and her watches. The lady helped him put it on.

"These are rare watches Michael Kors only made 3 sets."

"Really?" Safaree said examining the watch. The lady nodded. "This watch is mad icey, yo!"

The lady giggled. "I'm sure your girlfriend will love it."

"Me too." He turned around and called for Cassie to come over to him.

"Yes, babe?"

"You like it?" He asked showing her the watch.

"Faree, I love it's real simple to your normal stuff."

"I know." He thought for a second. "I'll take them"

"Them?" Cassie was confused, but Safaree ignored her and paid for the watches.

The women asked if they were going to wear it now and Safaree said yes. Cassie on the other hand was confused. "Babe you know I love you,"

"Yes Safaree I know," She said proudly.

He smiled, "Close your eyes." She gave him a ‘what are you up to look’ then complied. He gently moved his hand down her right arm, till he reached her hand then he intertwine they fingers. He lifted her hand and put the watch on her. She quickly opened her eyes once she felt something cold on her wrist.

"Oh my gosh Safaree." She looked at him in disbelief. She sighed. That wasn't the response Safaree was looking for.

"What's wrong?" His smile turned upside down. "You don't like it?"

"No no no, I love it. But Faree, I don't love you because of the things you buy me. I'm in love with you because everything you do, you include me. That's love." Cassie was so overwhelmed.

"You love me?"

"Of course, I love you. I've just been scared to say it out loud."

"Well what can I say?" He paused. "I'm lost without you. I love you."

"I love you more."

"Not possible."

"Shuddup and a kiss me." Safaree kissed Cassie as she commanded and made their way out the store.

Nicki and Drake

Drake carried Nicki into the elevator and set her down once the downs closed. Nicki had the cutest pout on her face, which caused one dimple to show. Drake looked at her like she was the newest toy in the toy store. He was fascinated by her beauty. Then he decided to be weird and stick his index finger in her dimple.

"What the hell are you doing?" He ignored her and kept his finger there until the hit the lobby. Then he grabbed and hand ran through the lobby to the park across the road. "Drake can you slow down." She exclaimed. He didn't listen to her at all. Once he got to the green area of the park. He fell on the grass causing her to fall on top of him. She laughed and rested her head on his chest.

"You still mad at me?"

"Yes!" He felt her smile as she answered.

"Well, I guess I have to make it up to you then."

"I guess you do."

"I know exactly how to make it up to you."

"Oh???" He flipped them over; so he was on top and she was on the bottom. He wiggled his bushy brows.

"I'm." He kissed he forehead. "So" He pecked her lips softly. "Sorry." He kissed he chest where her heart is. Nicki giggled.

"You're forgiven." She lifted her head up and kissed him, passionately. Drake pulled away and stood up. Nicki sat up, wondering what he was about to do.

Drake bowed before her and asked, "Can I have this dance?" Nicki was confused but she still played along.

"You may." She took his have and he helped her up. She put her hand on his shoulder and the other in his hand. He put one of his hands on her waist. Then they danced merely around that's area; dancing to the noise of the children playing in the far corner of the park. They danced until the both fell back on to the grass. Nicki chuckled. "You're so random something." She panted slowly.

"I do what I do cause I love you."

"What??" She chuckled. There was a good 5minutes of comfortable silence.

Drake scooted closer to Nicki and held her tightly, protectively and safely in her arms. He kissed her neck and took in her scent. "How does it feel? To know that I love you baby"

Nicki looked at him. "Cocky much?" He chuckled. "Seriously, Aubrey, you are the greatest blessing in my life. I'm so happy you love me. So it means the world to me." A smile beamed across Drake's face. "What about you?" Drake sat up with Nicki. "How does it feel? To know that I love you baby?"

"More than words can describe. The fact that you even gave me the chance to be your boyfriend is just, beyond me. I love you. I promise to never hurt you."

Amber and Cameron

They decide to get matching tattoos.
Amber always tells him whenever Cam confesses his love for her. ‘Tat my name on you so I know it's real.’ But it was just a joke because every time she said that she will soon after confess her love for him and he'd mock her and say the same thing. So they're actually showing each other that it’s real.

Amber got 'I love you Cam' on her heart whilst Cameron got 'I love you Amber'



Lola’s POV
Nicki and her friends need to be a little more careful, shouting out information like that in a restaurant. I have a plan to finally get my man back. I laughed evilly to myself as I finished my lunch with my cousins.
“Yes, girl we gotta show up and shut that party down.”
“Nah, Keri, Lesson one don’t ever do your own dirty work. I got a better idea. I need you to get in to contact with Jaz again word on the street is she is back LA.” Keri interrupted me.
“Wait this bitch still thinks Drake wants her.”
“Mmmhmm” I nodded as well like Keri could see me through the phone.
“Oh Lordt...” Keri chuckled disgustingly, ugh once I get Drake back I'm ditching people like her.
“Anyway, just tell Jaz about his whereabouts this weekend. Hopefully her psychotic mind works from there.”
“Alright, imma do it now!”
“Okay bye” I hung up I was getting tired of Keri’s annoying voice. I walked in to my den and decide to play pool with my little brother, Jordan. Half way through the game I got a text from Keri and smiled.

>> Operation get Drake is a-go

Trey’s POV

“Hi mom, what's up?” I walked in to the kitchen, exhausted from the basketball game I play every day we my friend from school. I sat on the breakfast table stool.
“Nothing baby, how was your day?” she asked as she stirred the pasta sauce.
“Same old stuff, just another day. Where is everyone?”
“Well Safaree is packing for tomorrow and his father is on his way home.”
“Packing? Where’s he going?”
“To Miami, for Nicki’s birthday.”
“Oh... I'm gonna go get ready for dinner.” I kissed my mother’s forehead and went upstairs to shower.
Everything I do, say and think is somehow links back to Nicki. I need her back. At least I will try one more time to try and get her back but if it doesn’t work, then I guess it’s time to move on. I mean she has to take me back; I'm going all the way yo Miami for her. To prove my love. Fuck it she is worth it! 

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Right by my side

You was once here, My best friend for life… So I thought. Morning classes, evening sessions. Waking up to your hazel eyes and pink plump lips. 

It all comes down to this, 
I miss your morning kiss. 

In the beginning, we were friendly, soo friendly to the point where we talked for hours, he pecked my lips when I need him too. I know I call him my brother, that us being together was insect. But the way he looked at me I knew at the back of my mind, I could honestly say... I loved him

I won't lie,
I'm feeling it. 

But when I didnt tell him, I guess he got tired of the constant heartbreak. Bored of giving me attention. So he moved on. I should've told him. My fault. 

You don't know,
And I'm missing it.
I'm so dumb, 
I must admit.

Seeing you with her made me angry, jealous, heartbroken. So I had to tell you. I know it was the wrong time, it being his engagement party and my boyfriend being there but I had to tell him. Tell him I loved him. 

So much,
To hold it in

The way he looked at, as if he was his whole life for me to say that. I smiled he smiled back. The only thing I was praying was that he regret it.

I can say you know more than this,
I just hope you heart hears me now. 
Gotta let you know 
How I'm feelin
You own my heart

My brother was mad and hurt, but he and I both knew that our 'relationship' was temporary.

He's just renting. 

I then snapped back to reality when his smile faded and he didn't want to hear it. I had to make him listen. 

Don't turn away, 
Pay attention, 
I'm pouring out my heart oh boy. 

Before I made a complete fool out of my self,  I left. Obviously he was happy, for weeks I did nothing but cry. 

I'm not living life, 
I'm not living right,
If your not by my side. 

I cant eat 
I can't sleep 
What I need is you right by my side

When he came knocking at my door on the day of his wedding. I didn't want to let him in. He broke me to the point where I was numb. Left me for two weeks to cry over the feelings he put in my head. Feelings I thought was a myth. But when I told him, he said nothing for two weeks. All he did was Postpone his wedding. 

"Drake, what…" Cut off by his lips. I felt it once again, the spark! Everything in the past year flash through my head. The mornings, to the evenings, to the fun dates we had. I pulled away. 

"Drake your getting married in a couple hours"

"I know, " he paused and smiled at me. "To the wrong women"

I was so close to tears, not because of his words but because every time I see him, I love him just an ounce more. "Aubrey your playing with my heart. I don't like that. Why did you make me love you, if…" my voice was stuck in my throat as the tears fell. 

He wiped the tear one by one. On the door step of my house, he in a white wife beater and white and black basketball short. Me in boy-shorts and cream oversize tee. 

I told him not to touch me, so he kissed me. 

"You can't fight love away." he whispered against my lips. 

"It took you two weeks to figure that out. I don't love you no more Aubrey. You made me look like a fool." I said looking past him but not at him. 

He grabbed my face, "Look in my eye say that."

I cried, "You know..." I paused whilst in tears. "I hate that I love you."

"Nicki, I love you so much" 

"But… riri," 

He cut me off. "We are over, she knows I love you. You own my heart, Nic." He pulled me close to him. This time there was no suprise kiss. He needed me and I needed him, right by my side.

This is what happens when you bored in your hotel room!!! 
#PoundtheAlarm #NiggasinDubai

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@TMAngel_  and I have decided to team up just for the summer to create this beautiful DRICKI story

Monday, 11 June 2012

How do I know?

Chapter 32

This week had been one of the busiest weeks of Nicki's life. Okay so will all know her birthday last Friday was poppington, she received beautiful gifts from Jelani and Trina.

Nicki was out with Amber and Cassie after school, it was the day before they jet off to Miami. Nicki had invited, Cassie, Safaree, Amber, Cameron, Shad, Omari, Riri and of course Drake.

The girls were having a lunch together at Rosa Bella.

"Tomorrow is gonna be Fucktastic," Nicki chuckled, "Nicki how are you not excited?

"I am..." She said, Amber and Cassie weren't convinced.

"Okay girl, what's up?" Amber asked hoping to get an answer

"Nothing" She played with her food on her plate. She didn't dare look up at her friends.

"Onika, what's on your mind...?” Amber asked, concerned. Nicki looked up.

"I think I'm ready" Amber instantly got what she was saying. Cassie, well it took Cassie a while to get it.

"Oh Shit!!!" Cassie exclaimed causing the whole restaurant to stare at her. "Imma need y'all to go about your business." Cassie said with a ratchet attitude.

"Yo Cassie you need to stop watching Bon Qui Qui and Shenehneh. This ain't health." Nicki said chuckling.

"Nicki, you ready... Forreal?" Cassie questioned.

"Yes, I mean I love Drake and he loves me. He is forever proving his love for me. Now it's my turn."

"As long as you’re doing it because you’re ready" Nicki nodded.

"Girl it's the perfect timing too, we gon' be in Miami," Cassie began.

"Staying at one of the best hotel; the River Park hotel, looking the fuck cute." Amber finished. Cassie and Nicki bounced in their seats, excitedly. Little did they know someone was listening to their whole conversation. They finished eating and paid the bill.

The girls left the restaurant and amber spotted a lingerie store across the street, she figured that she would treat Nicki. “Yo, come let got in that boutique real quick” Nicki agreed with amber without looking at the store, she was busy texting Drake to see what the girl were talking about.

Once they entered the store Nicki finally looked you see was confused. “Em, why did you wanna come in here?” Nicki said, staring at the corsets

“For you, silly.” Cassie answered with a smile. Nicki was having it at all she didn’t like where this was going.

“Oh no, I don’t think so.” She turned around to leave but amber stopped her path. She pouted and sighed.

“Listen Bitch, you will try on all these sexy lingerie and you will keep it the fuck cute.” Nicki frowned knowing perfectly well that when amber spoke like that she have to listen.


“Good, because I am not about to let your first time be in you granny panties.” Nicki walked over to the corset rack.

“I do not wear granny panties amber” Nicki frowned as the workers and Cassie cracked up laughing.

“Yeah, whatever.” Amber said looking through the thongs. Cassie, on the other hand was find a comfortable position on the fancy looking chair. Amber popped her sunglasses on her head so she could get a better view of the underwear.

“Hello Ladies, I am Amanda, and welcome to Ms BoostiĆ”” A short dark hair lady, in her need 50s, dressed in black from head to toe, she had a 60s up do. Nicki thought she was cute. “Can I help you with anything?”

“Uh, yeah my friends dragged me in here is there a way out.” Nicki whispered as Amber came over.

“Yes, ma’am can you help my friend please. She is ready to lose her v-card.” Nicki’s eyes grow wide and her cheeks turned a hot red.

“Amber!” She semi-yelled, feeling quiet embarrassed.

“Oh honey, don’t be embarrassed we’ve all done it.” Nicki just smiled at Amanda’s comment. “Now take off this blazer so I can see what I'm working with.” Nicki did as she was told and took of her grey blazer. “Ah nice” Amanda commented. Nicki looked at Amber with a funny look. “Turn around, sugar” Amanda ordered. Nicki did so. “Wowieeee” Amanda exclaimed causing Nicki to laugh. Amanda scurried away. Both Nicki and amber furrowed their eyebrows. A few minutes later Amanda came back with a pink box. Amanda have the brightest smile on her face, she was totally a hundred percent excited about the box. Nicki chuckled. “Okay Ladies this is a one of a kind piece. I call it the ‘Virgin Outbreak’.” Cassie and Nicki looked at each other ready to laugh. “I love your body so I suggest you try it on.” Nicki just laughed at this woman’s craziness. She took the box to fitting room, Amanda asked the girls they wanted something to drink. Amber happily asked for a diet coke and Cassie asked for coffee.

Ten minutes went by and Nicki was ready to come out, “Yall ready?” she asked already knowing the answer.

“Hoe, I swear if you come out in your nude granny pants I will pop you” Amber exclaimed as she sat up in her chair.

“Bitch, you won’t do shit” Nicki chuckled, still standing in the fitting room.

Cassie composed herself from laughing so hard, “Marshmallow, Please come out.”

“Okay, here I come” Nicki said dramatically causing Cassie and Amber to shake they heads. Once they were in full view of their best friend, they both dropped they jaws. Speechless was not even the word. Like Nicki looked amazing.

“That's it, I know I said it before but this time I mean it, I’m turning bisexual.” Amber said with confidence. Nicki smiled and shook her head.

“What is wrong with you Em?” Nicki chuckled, Amber side her shades down over her eyes and laughed.

“Now Nicki, the real question is do you feel sexy?” Amanda asked guiding Nicki to the full length mirror.

Nicki looked at herself, reflecting on the memories she has built with Drake; them on the beach, they first date, the first time she meet his mother, the first time he gave her heads, they deep in-depth conversation about the past the future and the present. All building up to this moment.

“Yes I feel very sexy.” She smiled at Amanda.

“Okay so you’re taking it?” Amanda asked and Nicki nodded. She went back to go and get changed.

When she came out Amanda wrapped the lingerie nicely and finished off with a black bow wrapped perfectly around the pink box. “So that will be $500” Nicki eyes grew wide. “Card or Cash?”

“Card.” Amber answered.

“What? No, Em I can’t let you pay.” Nicki said as she saw Amber bring out her debit card.

“No, this is my birthday present to you” Nicki smiled.

“Thanks girl, I love you” Nicki hugged her.

“No Problem,”

Late On Than Day ...

“Cassie, Amber, Nicki, dinner is ready.” Nicki’s mother called from the bottom of the stairs. It was only 6pm but the girls had to go to bed early so they could catch they 4am flight to Miami. Cassie and Amber headed down the stairs as Nicki’s mother was coming up the stairs. Nicki was packing her suit case and just had one more thing to pack, her sexy lingerie.

“What's in the bag?” Nicki jumped at the sound of her mother’s voice.

“Um, nothing.” She said zipping up her case.

“Come on Nika, we don’t talk anymore,” Ms Carol said walking in to her daughters room and sitting on the edge of her bed.

“Mama, we talk.” Nicki said

“No we don’t! I miss ya Nika.” Nicki sighed and hugged her mother.

“Mama I’m ready to take the next step with Drake,” Nicki said sitting next to her mother.

“You are? All I have to say is keep it safe and make sure you’re ready because once you lost it you can’t get it back.”

“Mommy, I know. You know me I won’t say it if I didn’t mean it.”

“I know, baby.” Ms Carol just stared at her daughter and stared to tear up.

“Mommy, why are you crying?” Nicki asked.

“Because, My little Nika is all grown up and make decisions of her own” Nicki started to cry.

“Aw Maaaaaaaa” She hugged her mother. “I will always be your little Nika” She said still in a tight hug. “I love you Mama Mia”

“Love you too Little Nika”


Nicki and the girls were fast asleep. Nicki could hear something that instantly made her wake up especial since she was a light sleeper. She woke up and open her eyes, then looked at the girls they were still sleeping. She heard the noise again and sat up. Nicki reach under her bed to grab the baseball bat and walked over to the balcony. She jumped when she saw a figure near the window. She kept herself hidden, then she opened the balcony doors and started throwing swinging are the person but missed. The person grabbed the bat from her. Nicki was so scared; this person took her only defensive weapon. Then the person pulled they hood down. Drake.

“Yo What the Fuck?” They said at the same time.

“Drake what are you doing here?” Nicki asked as she stepped on to the balcony and closed the door behind her.

“I wanted to take you somewhere. Why you always got to have a bat when I come”

“I didn’t know it was you, why didn’t you call?”

“I figured you would be up, guess I was wrong.”

“It’s okay. Ugh I missed you today” She hugged him

“I missed you too” He kissed her forehead. “ So amazing almost crazy how much I think about you lately” Nicki pulled out of his hug and tilted her head, smiled and instantly got butterflies.

“Well babe, that's true love.” He held hips as they watched the stars. “I never skip a day without think about you.” She said looking in to his eyes.

“I love you so much, but I think what we have is so much more that love. I don’t see myself with anyone else but you.” He looked in her eyes. “This moment I want forever.” Nicki smiled hard.

“I love you.” She said with passion.

“I love you so much Onika, you can’t even imagine. I’ve never felt so strongly about a girl before. You’re my life. I will love you forever and a day” He kissed her sweetly.

Nicki giggled as she pulled away, “This was so random,”

“Yeah it was, I wanted to take you to the beach, but I rather stay here.”

“Yeah, the view is pretty here.” Nicki said looking of the city.

Drake looked at Nicki; “Yeah it is” She smiled and looked up at him, pecking his lips which turn to something more passionate and sweet.

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Chapter 31

"Feel the energy... Breathe in that peaceful vibe." The retreat instructor instructed. It was exactly a week after the dance and Nicki, Trina, Her mother and Ms Sandi had gone out .lt a spiritually retort for the weekend. No boy, No phones, No Distraction! Perfect. There were only ladies and all had worn white clothing. Sandi had scheduled them for yoga, Swedish wraps, mud baths, and the temple of healing and the dip of life. The yoga class was coming to an end after 2hours, Nicki was tired but she still had the dip of life to do before she could return back to her tent. "Move slowly in to your first position, exhale... Inhale... Exhale... Inhale. Close your eyes, back to your happy place... meditation." Nicki furrowed her eyebrows. "Softly hum while you find your happy place" the whole room erupted in a soft hum. Nicki opened one eye to see Trina; who was next to her smirking, then holding her mouth with both hands trying to hide the fact that she was about to explode in to laughter. The instructor hit the big chimes. "Our yoga session is over, please feel free to return to your tent and get ready for the next event or activity on your schedule." Trina finally composed herself and exited the area. The resort was a 4hour car journey to the middle of nowhere a remote place. The grass was greener and the sky was clearer. The retort was amongst wildly beautiful nature and a radiant waterfall that was only a 5minute walk from the ocean. All in all the retort was beyond peaceful, just what Nicki needed before she started her SAT's, which wasn't for another 4months. Nicki was always studying. Stress free weekend us what she needed. She didn't even mind that she had to sleep in a tent, but worry about being in a place with no phone or wi fi, she hated it. Usually her and Drake would be texting or on the phone. But no phones! No communication with her boo.

The sun set was in the perfect position for the "Dip of Life". As they walked to the next activity, Nicki wondered what Drake was doing on a Friday night.

"Go Go Go Go!!!" The Men of the house; Drake, Robert and Jelani coached their favourite team New York Giants, through the TV. When they got the winning touchdown, it was like the 4th of July in the house. Caiah was jumping on the sofa; the men were running around the house, Mr Maraj was not in the mood for cooking. Drake and Caiah being the youngest in the house decided to watch cartoons, while Robert did some paper work before Jelani came back from the Trini restaurant.
"Yeah little man,"
"What are your intentions with my sister???""
"What??" He said shifting nervously, puzzled at the question. He raised his eyebrow at the 5year old.
"I dunno man" Drake wiggled he eyebrow at Caiah, "I sawed it on TV, the younger brother integrated his sister’s boyfriend."
"You mean interrogated?"
"Yeah that took," Drake chuckled,
"Um little man you just gonna put me on the stop." Drake laughed while Caiah kept his first stiff and straight face. "Okaaaay," Drake said awkwardly. "Well, I love your sister so very much, I will marry her. So you could say my intentions are good."
"Okay good, if there are any problems... I will personally break your kneecaps" Caiah giggled then focused on the TV. Drake looked around to see if anyone heard Caiah, but no one did.


"Trina you about to get us kicked out..." Nicki laughed, drying her hair with her towel. "The instructor said shout out something you want to be, I said understanding. You said Woohoo." Trina and Nicki were crying of laughter. The dip of life constant of one person jumping off a cliff in to the ocean whilst saying a fear or something they would like to be more of. Trina completely disrespected the activity; she just came to have fun, which is what is gonna get them kicked out...

Sunday Afternoon...

"Thank you Sandy, I completely see what you mean, my spirit is lifted. I feel closer with my inner soul." Ms Carol said as they drove back home. "That soul cleansing activity was my favourite activity, it was the most effective."
"I agree," Ms Sandy said.
Trina and Nicki just sat in the back, giggling at the previous activities. They laughed until sleep took over.

Monday after school!

Trina and Nicki were discussing birthday plans for their joint party. They decided that because Nicki still has school up until December 14th, Trina would go to Miami the week before with Jelani to make sure everything is sorted. The party won't be until the 16th. Her friends and Drake will travel with her the night before the party.
Trina was soo excited, not just for the party but for Nicki to see Miami. Once Trina and Nicki had presented the idea to Nicki's parents and they approved of the ideas. Trina and Nicki went in to detail about their party.

Nicki woke up on Friday December 8th, ready to be 18. She had been awake for 2hour talking to her Grandmother and cousin in Trinidad, they had wished her a happy birthday and they prayed for her too. When she finally got up she did her daily routine, she pick out and outfit. Although it was winter, the weather in LA was still summer dress appropriate. She wore a summer dress that stopped just above the knee and a denim jacket and black ankle boots. Once she, reached the kitchen everyone (her family, drake, Cassie and Amber) sang Happy Birthday to her. She open presents and ate breakfast.
For Nicki school was ever more draining for Nicki, she only had a week left of school. Lately Drake has been picking her up in the mornings.
Drake was wanted to surprise Nicki with something because he knew this week would be boring. She was gonna be super busy as the party was on Saturday.

As soon as the bell rang for lunch Drake grabbed the tired Barbie's hand and ran through the halls before it got too crowded.
"Oh My Gee, Drizzy slow down. I'm too tired to run. It's just lunch." Nicki said sheepishly.
"Fine." Drake crouched down motioning her to jump on his back. She did so.

Amber and Cassie walked out the classroom only to see Nicki on drakes back. "There they go." Cassie said as Amber smiled. As her two bestie, Drake Asked them to help on the weekend Nicki went to the retreat. It was her birthday and he knew only her besties would know exactly what she likes.

Nicki saw that drake had past the cafeteria, "Where are you going? I’m hungry, you baboon!"
"Just trust me." Drake said as he approached a door that said in block letter, «NO ENTRY». Drake gentle put Nicki down. "Do you trust me?" he asked already knowing the answer. She nodded. He opened the door and held her hand leading her up the stairs. Until they reached the top.
As soon as Nicki walked through the door she was amazed. They were on the roof of the school. It was wonderfully decorated, as if angels up above came down and decorated it themselves. Pink and white rose petal scattered the concrete ground as if to be laid out one by one, all leading to the middle of the roof. Where there was a table for two and a big pizza box in the middle of the table.
"Drake" Nicki sighed. He put his finger on her lips.
"Eat first, talk later." he smiled.
"You're so stupid" She rolled her eyes.
"But you love me" She smirked.
"Drake this is amazing, how you thought o..."he cut her off.
"Nicki, you still don't know?" He grabbed her hand, leading to the table. "When it comes to you, I don't think... I just do." He pulled out her chair. "I do everything out of love, you're the one for Me." he sat across from her. "I know for a fact that I will marry you. I will make you my wife. Happy Birthday Onika." Nicki tears began to surface. Drake leaned over the table and kissed her sweetly. He sat back down.
"I love you Drizzy" She wiped one tears drop that fell.
"I love you too and happy birthday." he pulled out a tiny box, handling it to her. She opened it; it was a necklace with a pendant that was in the shape of a scroll.
The engraving said: “I’m there to rescue you, take you up, hold you down, to love you. I want to share forever with you,
Love Drizzy

"Aww babe," she took it out the box. "Do I have to put it on myself?"
"No I can help you" he stood and did so, then kissed her neck and lips before returning to his seat.
"Babe, thank you," She smiled as drake opened the pizza box. "Ooo I want those" she said referring to the meat feast pizza.
"Okay Fattie slow down." Nicki simply blinked at him as he laughed.


Sunday, 29 April 2012

Another Planet

This song is irrelevant to the chapter. Btw this is not the best chapter in the world...

Chapter 30

"Where the hell is Em?" Nicki asked Cassie as they sat in her white range rover, waiting for amber for what seem like 5hours. Cassie shrugged her shoulders. Minutes later amber walked over to the jeep, rocking her bug eye sunglasses in the cold weather of LA.
"Sorry girls." she apologised, she sat in the front seat and put her seat belt on.
"Man I'm hungry" Nicki said at random as she drove out of the school parking lot.
"What? We just had lunch. Gotdamn Nicki you eat like a monster truck." Cassie exclaimed laughing half way through.
"Leave me," Nicki pouted as she pulled up in Mc Donald drive thru.
After Nicki got her meal, she made her way to the mall with her girls. "So girls we are looking for cute dresses, no matter the colour." Amber informed them on their mission as the linked arms, walking into the mall.
Nicki never did like to shop. She preferred online shopping. But this was the only time she was free this week. They went in to a few stores and found nothing. Nicki was becoming restless but didn't want to tell the girls because they seem to be into it. Her feet started to hurt after the sixth store, so she sat near the changing rooms waiting for amber and Cassie to come out in the dresses they had chosen.

Drizzy I'm tired. Rescue me? ~Nicki

From what? ~drake

Shopping! My feet hurt like a cunt!!~Nicki

Lmaoo I will come over to yours, after I finish in the studio. You found a dress yet, beautiful?~Drake

Nope :/ ~Nicki

Well babe, why don't you wear one of the dresses in your house that you haven't worn yet.~Drake

I was thinking that ~Nicki

It's gotta be sexy though ~Drake

Babe don't I always look sexy for you?~Nicki

Yes your just pure sexiness. ~Drake

Nicki bit her bottom lip.

Only when you’re around. ~Nicki

How about you show me how sexy you are tonight. ~Drake

Nicki rolled her eyes. "Thirsty motherfu..."
"NICKI!!" Cassie yelled.
"What ugh!" Nicki said with frustration, then shocked after she saw the beautiful dress on Cassie. "WOAH!" Nicki exclaimed a little too loud. "You look banging!"
"You think?"
"Nah Gworl, I know! This is the dress. Wait, spin for me." Cassie spun around like a ballerina (which she was). "I love it."
"Same! Do you think Faree will like it?"
"Most definitely"
"Okay, I found a dress, where's Amber?" Nicki shrugged.
Nicki resumed to bbm'ing Drake.

Drake I'm not having sex with you in my parents’ home. ~Nicki

It was worth a try. ~Drake

Smfh~ Nicki

"Ayo Nicki," she looked up from her phone, now bringing all her attention to Cassie. "Amber is crying." Nicki immediately ran into the fitting room while Cassie changed. Nicki heard sobbing as she approached Amber's door.
"Em are you okay???" She whimpered. Nicki crouched down on the floor next to her distraught friend, who was wearing a dress the wont zip up. "What's wrong baby?"
"I'm fat!"
"What?? You’re the fittest human being I know."
"But these stupid dresses won't fit. They are supposed to be my size."
"Em, you need to realise that you mother gave you the whole package. Boobs and a big ass. Don't cry over this." Nicki wiped her friends’ tears. "These dresses are wack anyways." Amber giggle. "Oh Em..."
"Trust me your NOT fat!" Amber smiled sheepishly. "Come on," Nicki let out her hand to help her up. Amber accepted. "Let’s get out of here." Nicki suggested and Em nodded.

After another hour of shopping, the girls found what they wanted. Nicki dropped them home and made her way home, pleased with the shoe and matching clutch she bought for the dance. She was even more excited to see Drake that night.

"Hey Mother!!!" she called as she opened the door. "Dad." she stated not really greeting him as she walked past the living room to go to the kitchen. "Need help?" Her mother shook her head.
"Onika." Oh no this is serious she wants to talk, Nicki thought.
"Sit down please." Oop! Nicki sat on the breakfast table stool. Her mother sat next her. "Onika, you need to stop being disrespectful towards your father."
"Mommy I'm trying to forgive him, a little every day. I'm trying."
"Baby, I know it's hard. But forgive him now before it's too late. Stop this off and on relationship with him. He is your father."
"I know but I need time, what he did was unforgivable, but I'm doing the impossible and I'm doing it. I'm forgiving him. Slowly." Nicki had a feeling that her father was listening. This made her want to stop talking. Luckily Nicki was saved by the door bell. "I'll get it!" Nicki said skipping merrily to the door. She opened the door, and then wrapped her arms and legs around Drake, kissing him. He pulled back from the sweet kiss. "Hey babe" Drake greeted Nicki once she jumped down.
"Hey," She took his hand in hers and led him to the living room.
"Ah Drake." Mr Maraj exclaimed. "What happened to your team the other day?" he asked referring to Sunday night’s basketball game with the Lakers and The Bulls.
Drake waved him off, "Nice to see you too Mr Maraj." Causing Mr Maraj to smirk and dap Drake. Nicki just giggled.
Then she led him to the kitchen. "Hey Mama M,"
"Hey Baby Boy, how are you??"
"I'm good, you look extremely beautiful today."
"Hahaha thank you boy."
"Okay mommy, Aubrey and I well be outside watching Caiah." Ms Carol nodded as Drake opened the patio door for his girlfriend.
Drake hands were wrapped securely around Nicki's waist as they lay down in the large hammock watching Caiah run around like a lunatic.
"So you good ma?" Drake asked when he noticed Nicki was doing her thinking face.
"Yeah I'm just thinking about what my mother said."
"Oh, what did she say?"
"That I need to stop being so cold hearted towards my father." Drake listened. "I mean I do love him. But all those years of pain and hurt..." Nicki trailed off. Drake just nodded to assure her that he was listening. "Drake I just don't know if I can do it. I'm trying so hard to forgive."
"Nicki think of it this way, in order to be forgiven, you have to forgive." Nicki stared in to his hazel eyes for a few seconds.
"Kids dinner is ready." Mama M called from the glass door. Drake got up and carried Caiah inside, leaving Nicki in her thoughts.

The day of the dance...

Nicki woke up at 7am, today was the day. Homecoming. (Or is it prom??I'm not American I don't know these things). As soon as she done her daily routine in the bathroom she made her way to her Car to meet Cassie and Amber at the hair salon. She is not on to trust anyone with her which is why she has never been to a hairdresser out of New York, but Cassie and Em said they have be going to this hair salon since they were 13. So Nicki is trusting her friends advice.
Nicki may wake up early, but she is always late. She arrived at the salon to find Cassie sitting with foil in her hair and Amber (Who was in the seat next to her) with bleaching cream in hers.
"Hey darlings" Nicki kissed Amber's cheek.
"Hi babe" Amber greeted her.
"Hi Cass" Nicki did the same to Cassie's cheek.
"Hey Barbie."
"Oh I got you a frapp." She said happily handed them their frappachino's
"Cassie you owe me 30dollars." Nicki raised her eye brows.
"Okay." Cassie dug in her bag for her purse.
"Wait what..."
"We bet on why you was late, Cassie said because you was working on a fierce outfit to wear but I said it’s because you stopped for food." Nicki frowned.
"Gworl you bedda turn that frown upside down." A voice from the back of the salon said. "Hello and welcome to Hair by Terrence! I'm Terrence you must be Nicki." Nicki shook Terrence's hand.
"Hi" Nicki smiled. Nicki liked him already. He held her hand and led her to the chair next to Cassie. He played with her hair. Running his hands thoroughly through her hair.
"Fabulous Darling Fabulous" he was referring to her hair. Nicki giggled. "Relax" Nicki sighed. "Okay let me tell you what I'm thinking. I think we should re-dye the streaks. Cut these split ends and stream your hair... Layers?? What do you think?"
"Yes I like that! I love you already but, T"
"No Layers!"
"Okay darling. Ronnie!! Lisa! Where is my help?" The two girls, one fair skinned the other olive skinned and both in matching uniform. "Lisa, wash Cassie's hair and put the blonde chestnut dye in. Ron wash Amber's hair and put the platinum blonde dye. They both need the hair treatment afterwards." The ladies nodded. Once Nicki's friends left, Terrence got started.
I can't wait to see your beautiful face, your sexy body and you gorgeous smile that brightens my day. Love you ~Drake

Love you too ~Nicki

"Boyfriend?" T asked.
"Yes." Nicki said.
"Ooo how'd y'all meet?" Nicki told her story.

Nicki looked at herself in her full length mirror she smoothed her dress with her hands. "Nicki you look beautiful" Her father said as he looked thought the door.
Nicki turned to him, he saw the same little girl that loved to play dress up. "Thank you daddy."
"You all look beautiful."
"Thank you" Amber and Cassie exclaimed.
"Girls Nicki's Mother wants to start taking the pictures."

The girls took a group picture and individual ones. Then the boys arrived and they took couple pictures then a group one. Of course Omari and Shad showed up, without dates.
"We gonna find dates there..." Omari said
"Do you know how stupid you sound?" Cassie asked everyone laughed.

"Nicki one more picture and you can go." Nicki scuffed. She grabbed Drakes hand. "No, with your Father."
Robert hugged his daughter and whispered in her ear "You will always be my baby girl."
She looked up at him, smiled and kissed his cheek as the camera flashed.
"Aww" The girls cooed.
"Y'all ready??" Drake asked
"Okay lets go beautiful." He grabbed her and lead her to his car. "You look beautiful."
"You don’t look too bad yourself."
"Thanks love" He peck her lips before opening her door.


"Boy, that was amazing! Cassie you did well with the decorations."

"Thank you"
Nicki walked in to the bathroom. 15minutes later she was out of the bathroom in her pj's. "Drake is a dream; I mean he is everything to me." Nicki cheesed at the thought of his charming smile.
"I could tell you were in heaven at the dance. The both of you just danced all night." Cassie said making her way to the bathroom.
"And when you guys won Homecoming King and Queen. That was Beautiful." Amber said while Nicki smiled even harder.
"He makes me feel whole, like there is no one else out there for me but him." she flopped back on her bed next to Amber. “Em, I know I'm young but I know he is the one for me. I love him."
"Do you love him enough to give him the cookie?"
"Yes" Nicki shyly said.
"Aww, do you think you’re ready?"
"Yes but I'm scared, what if I'm not good. I don't even know what to do." She said nervously. Amber chuckled. "Em it's not funny." She hit Amber with her pillow. "What if I hurt him accidentally"
"Nicki if you love him, everything should happen naturally. Okay girl, don't stress about it." Nicki sighed.
"Okay, thank you boo." She hugged her. "Amber does, does it hurt?"
"Huh? Oh do you mean your first time?" Nicki nodded, "Yes it hurts, but only for a little while then you start to enjoy it." Nicki licked her lips and exhaled restlessly.
"Cassie, hurry up! Imma about to start the movie."
"Okay Okay... I'm out" She said as she jumped on the bed.

Sweet Dreams my Queen~ Drake

They watched Maid in Manhattan until they passed out.

Nicki's dress

Amber's Outfit

Cassie's New Look

Sorry about the long wait, i know i was supposed to post on my birthday but i had a my birthday party that day and i didn't have shoes so i spent the whole morning looking for shoes.. :( and i couldn't post last week because i was with TMUK for the most of last week... i swear i had 3 different moments for life... Nicki is Everything! Posting again next weekend.