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Gotta Go My Own Way

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Chapter 40

It's was prom night, Amber and Cassie have been begging Nicki to come with them since she came back from Trinidad. But with no avail, Cassie and Amber went with their dates. Once Nicki got back from Trinidad her mother catered to her every need. Nicki found it so hard to move after she had the abortion. Two weeks after the abortion and she still felt ill. That's one of the reasons why Nicki didn't go to prom, plus she couldn't see Drake just yet.

Drake on the other hand wanted to see Nicki since she got back from Trinidad. He wanted to beg for her forgiveness. It was killing him, being so distant from the love of his life. He just needed her. Just like she needed him at that moment.

Nicki would cry in her room none stop you would think she was a teething baby. Nicki was so mad at herself; as soon as she had the abortion she regretted it. When she first saw the ultrasound of the baby she saw it was a boy. The nurse said he was health but Nicki didn't want to hear that. She just wanted it gone. No one except her mother and Anna know what she had done. That's the way she wants it. Her father is completely clueless about the incident. He questioned it but was shut out by his daughter and wife. However Nicki didn't want to feel this way. The whole point of this decision was to be able to move on. Move on pass the hurt and the shame and focus on happiness. That evening Nicki looked to the higher power and called upon his mercy and grace, to protect her from her enemies and for her for the sins. Also she prayed for the gift of forgiveness.

The special prom night Nicki felt whole again. She wrote done a couple words in her notepad and pack it neatly in a box. There was three days till graduation and seven days till she leaves Cali.

Graduation came and left Drake still hadn't spoken to Nicki. It was now moving day and Nicki was already in tears having to leave her 5years old brother and parents, unlike Cassie, Nicki made it very clear that she is not coming back. Although her parents will check in to see hair every holiday they get. Nicki flight was at 4:45pm, 3hours before her flight she said her goodbyes.

"Munchkin, I love you. I will see you at thanksgiving. Okay?"

"But Nicki, that's forever away." Micaiah said.

A tear fell from her eyes. "Well I'm sure before summer is over mommy will let you come see me."

Caiah wiped the tear away and looked at his mother. Carol nodding to the suggestion. "Don't cry Nika, mommy said yes she will take me."

Nicki smiled. "Cooooooooool" she giggled and tickled the 6year old before leaving a pink stain on his cheek. "I love you" She hugged him tightly.

"Love you too"

Nicki got off her knees then looked at the father. She busted in to tears. "Hey Hey hey, look at me." Robert said in his thick accent. He held his daughter pretty face and she looking into to his eyes "I am so proud of you, I am honoured to be your father." She kissed his cheek and hugged him tight.

"I love you daddy."

"I love you. Look at my princess... Off to college..." Robert could hold his tears in anymore. Robert let go of his princess and still saw the little Onika telling her father not let go as her taught her to ride a bike. Like he did back then, he let her go and let her growth into a beautiful woman.

"Oh dad," Nicki wiped the old man’s face. "I love you."

Nicki just walked over to her guardian angel, the love of her life, her everything. "You got your tickets and passport?" Nicki nodded. "Your car is already on its way there." Nicki nodded. "Look at my baby, all grown up. No more pink streaks," She played with Nicki hair. "No more contacts. Just my naturally beautiful baby. And she's all grown up and I can't do this." Carol threw her hands up surrendering.

"Aww Mommy," Nicki hugged her mother. "You'll be fine without me; I'll be fine on my own. I do have wonderful parents that raised me right. So you have nothing to worry about."

"Onika always remember where you came from and know where you are going." Nicki nodded and kissed her mother on the cheek.

"I love you guys." Nicki saw the time and knew it was time to leave. "I will see you guys before summer is over, right?" Carol nodded and kissed her daughter tell her to be safe. Robert and Caiah did the same.

She got in the taxi waving goodbye to her family and she let a few tears escape her eyes. She waved until she couldn't see them anymore.

Drake knew today was the day. He has been trying to contact her but Nicki changed her number and no one would give him her new one. Drake even went to her house a couple times that week but she wasn't home or she was too sick to see anyone. Nicki was not avoiding him, it was all truthful excuses. Drake just picked the wrong days to see her. He went to her house and knocked on the door. Mama Maraj answered the door. Drake could tell she was sad, it was evident from the tear stains.
"Hello, Ms Carol is everything okay??"
"Yes dear, come in." Carol stepped aside to let him in.
"Where's Onika?" He asked, nervously rubbing the back of his neck. Carol didn't answer him, she just handed him a small box; which had his chequered shirt from time Riri came and everyone got drunk and the earrings her got her on their first date.

"She's gone to the airport. Aubrey I advice that you go there now and get her back. I know she still loves you. Without a doubt you still love her, so go!" Drake smiled and hugged her before running to his car and throwing the box in the back.

Drake was racing to the airport like a mad man. He ran a couple red lights and he didn't care, it didn't matter. All that mattered was Nicki. He was ten minutes away from the airport and there was traffic. With frustration he beeped his horn continuously. Shortly after, he decided to park his car and run. He swerved his car to the same spot he gave Nicki oral sex, he got out locked the car and sprinted, faster than a sprinter.

Once he got there, Nicki was just getting out the taxi. Drake walked a comfortable distance before her whilst he tried to regulate his breathing.

Nicki pushed her luggage towards Cassie once she spotted her. "Hey Cas, where's Safaree?"

"He went to the restroom." She smiled. "You ready for 3years of Cassie World?" Nicki giggled.

"Yes, girl we are going to have so much fun. Amber said she will come see us before her semester starts." Cassie eyes widened when she saw Drake standing behind Nicki. "Cas, what's wrong? I said Amber's coming, what's the problem?" Nicki was confused.

"I'm going to go find Faree." Cassie excused herself to give them privatise. Nicki should her head, confused. She felt weird, like someone was staring at her. Nicki turned around and saw Drake.

She closed her eyes, and then re opened them. "How did you know I was here?" She asked.

"Your mother told me," He said.

She nodded. "Did you get the box?"

"Yes," There was an awkward silence before Drake spoke again. "Why didn't you tell me you were leaving?"

"I wanted to but I was so…"


"Yeah." There was silence again, Nicki looked at her feet while stepped a little closer to her. He lifted her head and then aimed to kiss her lips but got her cheek. He smirked then stepped back. Nicki put her had on her chest then back down by her side. "Drake,"

"It's okay." He attempted to walk away but Nicki called him back.

"Drake come here, please." He turned back to her and held both her hands.

"Listen to me, I love you and will always love you. You will always have a piece of me. But this. Us. We will never work. We want different things. We are not on the same page and if we ever were on the same page, life always got in the way. Honestly, I just need time to figure out who I am. And you need to figure out what you want. I have to leave this all behind, and focus on my future." Nicki started to choke up, she could feel her tears surfacing. "I'm leaving; I have to do what's best for me. You'll be okay."

"What about us, what about everything we've been through." Drake was fighting, this war.

Nicki tears fell; she had to do this for herself. "What about trust, Aubrey?"

"I never meant to hurt you; I never meant to make you cry." He looked into her brown almond shaped eyes. He was about to let his tears fall.

"What about me, Aubrey want I want?"

"What I'm I supposed to do?" He could stop fighting for someone who didn't want to be fought for. But he had to. He had to let her leave. Let her go. The person he was so sure her was going to marry. He had to. For her.

"I don't know." Cassie came back with Safaree, "I gotta leave. But…"

"I'll miss you." Drake and Nicki both said. She let go of both his hands, leaving something in his right hand. She turned away, wiping her tears and then pushing her luggage to the check-in desk with Cassie and Safaree beside her. Drake watched her walk away until she was swallowed up by the crowd of people. He wiped his tears, and then looked at the thing Nicki left in this hand. He lifted it up to his face. Then searched for Nicki with his eye. When he couldn't find her, he just turned around and walked out the airport. When he reached his car, dumped the necklace, he gave Nicki in the box.

Nicki POV

I'm waiting for my plane to take off. I refuse to start my new life crying. Safaree and Cassie were trying to watch a movie together whilst I had Que sera sera on repeat

I read somewhere, that love is forever, eternal. If you truly love someone, the feeling never go away, they are just hidden buried so deep in your soul that you last them.

Or maybe, this book was wrong. Maybe this is the end of my love song. Maybe it's the wrong love song. Perhaps, forever is a Long Time.

Sneak Peek of Love Song: Eternal Love "Light! Camera! Action! Here we go."

Bright lights with everyone watching. Time for the beautiful show to start. Something this couple has been waiting months for. "You doing great baby." A smile crept on her face as she panted heavily.

"Alright, Onika I need you to push." She grabbed the hand of her husband. The beaded sweat rounded down her flawless face as she clutched onto her husband’s free hand.

After the first push she relaxed and her beautiful husband, Drake handed the camcorder over to Mama Carol. To take over the filming.

Drake got a cloth and wiped the glistening sweat off his wife forehead then kissed her. "You are looking sexy. You’re doing great baby." Onika smiled sweetly, she was too exhausted to speak.

"I need one big push." The doctor instructed. Onika did as she was told, tightening her grip on Drake's hand. "Well done Onika." She tried to regain her breath whilst Drake complimented her.

Drake went to see, the baby was crowning. He could see the beautiful golden brown lock. Drake started to get excited.

"Onika I need a huge push from you, on the count of three." She nodded and braced herself. "1, 2, 3" she pushed as hard as she could. Then fell back exhaustedly. "Onika, look." Nicki sat up a saw her beautiful baby still half in her.

Too tired to speak Nicki pulled out her baby and cradled her happily. The nurse got a blanket to cover the new born....

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Runaway Love

So the Last Chapter will be posted before Monday .. Brace yourself... I've written half of it and I busted into tears I had to stop because I couldn't see. Its so emotional. ANYWAY ENJOY!

Chapter 39

The sirens were louder than ever. Drake was in a panic, alongside Amber and Cassie. The whole school questioned what happened to Ms Maraj. The paramedics made it to Lake Side High School within 5minutes of the call. Cassie and Amber went in their own cars to the hospital.

"Sorry only family can ride with her." The lady said.

"I'm not family but she is my girlfriend the only thing I've got." He cried.

"Okay kid, get in." The woman opened the door for Drake. What he said may not technically be true but he just didn't want to leave her side. Drake held her hand in the ambulance praying silently that Nicki would be okay.

Nicki woke up to a bright light, as a natural reflect she closed her eyelids again. Then opened her right eye, soon she opened the left. She blinked and looked around the room without moving her head. Her head was killing her. She was about to move her hand when she felt soft hands holding it and warm tears. The person's head was lying on her wrist. Nicki cleared her throat to see who was at her bed side. In an instant, Drake looked up. Nicki was in complete shock. She snatched her hand back so fast.

"Nicki," Nicki could see he had been crying for a long time. She looked at him confused. Drake read her perfectly. "You fainted."

"Why?" Nicki voice was hoarse. She cleared her throat once more and sat up whilst holding her throbbing head.

"Because you got the news about your Grandma."

"No! Why are you here? Where are my parents?"

"They went to pick up Caiah, they're on their way. I'm here because I was worried about you. I jumped in the back of the paramedics with you because I was scared something would happen to you. I left my car at school and I have no way of getting home." Drake said calmly.

Nicki stayed silent because she didn't know what to say. She just looked away from his glaze. Drake had had enough he needed his girl back. Life was way to short to dwell on the past that was Drake's perspective on the whole situation. Drake stood up and put his fingers under her chin. When she didn't finch or turn away, he thought that was an okay to do what he wanted to do. He leaned in and pecked her lips lightly. He felt she was not hesitant, he continued. He cupped her cheek reeling her into a deeper kiss. They little moment was soon interrupted by a cough.

Drake smirked as he pulled away and Nicki shifted slightly. She felt even more uncomfortable than before. She was mad at herself for letting him take control of her like that. She frowned as she wiped the kiss off her lips. Drake sat in the chair next to her bed and frowned because of Nicki's action.

"Onika I see your up and well" the old white man that interrupted them, commented. Nicki turned red. She was so embarrassed. "I'm Doctor Little."

"Nice to meet you." Nicki smiled.

"Like wise," The old man smiled. "I'm here to talk about the few tests we ran. Do you want to hear alone or with your boyfriend?"

She was about to yell at the man for calling this two timer her boyfriend, but she figured he just assumed since he just caught them doing what couples do. "Um, alone." She said surely. Drake walked out, not knowing that the conversation about to take place had everything to do with him.

Once the door close, Dr Little began, "Onika we ran a few test on you while you was unconscious. You fainted, and when you fainted you hit the floor pretty hard, so you may experience bad headaches for a while. We would give you something for it but given the fact that you’re pregnant, the pills will affect the baby."

Nicki chuckled. "Good one doc."

"Come again?"

Nicki laughed harder. "You're funny. I'm pregnant." She said between laughs.

"Onika, this is not a joke you really are pregnant. I thought you knew, you're almost 4months." Dr Little was shocked.

"What? No, what am I going to do I have college and work and gradation and, and mis padres me van a matar. Acabo de llegar a la Universidad de Nueva York. este día podría obtener cualquier peor. Yo falta mi abuela." Nicki had never been this mad before. After her little rant, she was in tears and the last word she said that day was "Drake." The doctor said not to worry she had a lot of options. As soon as her parents came she was discharged from the hospital and her parents took Drake to school to retrieve his car and Nicki's car.

Once Nicki got home her mother made dinner, the house phone and mobile phones had been ringing none stop. Amber and Cassie were at the hospital but wouldn't let Nicki rest. They kept texting her to see if she and her family were okay. Everyone was calling Mama Carol to see how she was holding up. Dinner time in the Maraj household just wasn't the same that night. It was about 11pm when Nicki went to bed but she could sleep. She just sat up and pulled out her note pad.

Why is my world crashing down before my eyes? My grandmother past away. She's gone and there's nothing I can do to bring her back. Is it that easy to just take away the life of an honourable woman? She was my everything. My mother, my grandmother, my friend and sister all in one. I just don't understand she was supposed to be getting better. They all said she was getting better. But I guess, God knows what he is doing he knows it was time for her to leave. That's why she warned me before. "The next time you see me Imma be in a box" She knew. I see why God wants her with him; she was a true life angel. Perfect in every way. What am I gonna do about this Baby. What am I gonna do about Drake. It's obvious I'm still in love with him and he still loves me. But love is not always enough.

Nicki sat the pen and note pad down and slept with tear drops all over her pillow.

The Funeral

It had been a week since Nicki got the double shook of her life. Sworn to secrecy Nicki didn't say a word to anyone about the pregnancy. Nicki's family were now in Trinidad for the burial for her Grandmother. Everybody knew Nicki was her Grandmother's favourite, as her favourite Nicki said a few words.

"Hello everyone, I'm Onika and I wrote this on the day she past." Nicki took a deep breath. "An honourable women she was, a true angel on earth. She was my everything, my grandmother, mother, friend and sister." Nicki started to cry and couldn't finish, so her cousin Anna took over.
"The last bit on Onika's piece of paper is; I'm going to miss you Grandma and you'll forever be in my heart."

The day after, Nicki's family was schedule to go back to LA but Nicki wanted to stay with her cousins for an extra week. After saying her goodbyes to her family, Nicki went to her old room that she used to share with all her cousins. Only her Auntie Catherine and her cousin, Anna was in the house. The rest of the family went to the different states they lived in or their own houses in Trinidad.
It’s been three days since the funeral and Nicki had gone back to writing raps. She wrote about her Grandmother, about the baby and mostly about Drake. It was her therapy session.
Although she would cry while she wrote and it was supposed to be a clearer way of getting all her thought out. Nicki still seemed to be hurting everything was so heavy on her end. All she wanted was for someone to hold her. Tell her everything will be alright. But it will never be alright. Anna walked in the room. "Onika you ready…" she stopped talking when she saw her on the floor.”Nika stop crying."

"I can't help it Anna. Everything hurts."

"I know Nika, but." Nicki cut her off.

"No you don't know Anna," Nicki shouted. "Everything I thought was a blessing is gone. Grandmother is gone, my relationship with the love of my life is gone, and now I'm pregnant." She cried. Nicki was a wreck.

Anna quickly closed the door. She hugged Nicki and rocked her until she stopped crying. "Onika you need to pull yourself together. You need to stay strong." Anna Trini' accent wasn't so thick. "Yes Grandma is gone but crying won’t bring her back. It was just her time. One day you will reunite. I promise you that." Nicki smiled and looked up at Anna. "As for this guy, I honestly think God want you to be together because there is a baby involved. Does he know?

"No and he will never know."


"No! I'm not keeping this baby or anything else he gave me. Yes he is my past but I'm need to focus on the future, my future and he will not be in it. I don't want to be hurt again."

"That's ridiculous. You need to stop thinking about this so rashly."

"No Anna you don't know what he did to me, plus I have college." Nicki argued.

"Onika, children are blessings, well if ya wise enough to open ya legs for a boy. Ya ain't wise enough for college." Anna covered her mouth soon regretting what she said.

Nicki looked at her cousin. "Look who's talking. We all know you’re pregnant too."

"Onika, how did you... Look I didn't mean that. I really didn't. Babies are blessings don't punish this child because of that boys' mistake." Nicki looked down. "How ya know I was pregnant?"

"Grandma said she saw it, in her dream." Anna nodded.

"Listen you are my baby cousin and I love you, I know you will do the right thing." Anna kissed Nicki forehead and then left. Anna was only a year old than Nicki but she was the calmest in the whole family, she wasn’t as crazy as everyone else. Anna was the prettiest and quietest.

Nicki took what Anna said to heart and then call her mother. After saying her greetings with her mother Nicki just blurted out, "Mom, I'm pregnant" Nicki closed her eyes waiting to her reaction.

"What? Oh Onika," Her mother began to cry.

"Mom please don't cry." Nicki began to cry also.

"It's all my fault, I failed as a mother."

"No mommy, you didn't."

"Yes, I did, this is my fault I should have given you protection."

"Mom you can't baby me forever."

"God put me on this earth to protect you. I should have done better."

"Mommy, listen to me, I'm 18 years old this is my responsibility. It's no one’s fault but mine and his, we got caught up in love and lust. Plus you did tell me to be safe."

Mama Carol dried her tears and continued her phone conversation with her daughter. "Onika what are you going to do?"

"I can't keep it."

"Onika" her mother said in a warning tone.

"I can't keep any of the things he gave me. Whether it’s a necklace or his seed. Beside if I keep it then I will have to come back and mom I don't want to come back. Plus I just about to start college. Mommy I just want you to be proud of me."

"Onika, Anna come and help me with this shopping" Nicki's auntie shouted in her thick Trinidadian accent from the bottom of the stairs.

"Mom I have to go Auntie Catherine is calling me. Bye"

"Onika wait!"


"I'm proud of you and I know you will make the RIGHT decision." Nicki gulped. She dried her tears before hanging up and going down stairs.


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Almost the end... :'(


Lost without you: Chapter 33

Back and Forth: Chapter 34

Letcha Go: Chapter 35

Birthday Sex: Chapter 36

So Sick: Chapter 37

U got it Bad: Chapter 38



NEW NICKI (oh imagine the blonde hair is black)

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You Got it Bad

Sorry if its not edit properly, I'm kinda half a sleep its 3am here. :( Anywho enjoy!

Chapter 38

A new year and a new Nicki. She has stopped crying herself to sleep. She has stopped crying. Nicki had picked up a new trade. It's called not giving a fuck. She doesn't wear make up, she figured she's not pretty so why try enhance beauty that's not there. She wore oversize clothing, because she can't be bother to look cute. She wears her hair in a messy bun or in a ponytail. Lastly she doesn't wear her contacts anymore she wears her big skinny famed glasses. Yep, that the new Nicki. And she didn't give a fuck.

School resumed back on the 3rd because they broke up early than other schools. Nicki use the main entrance like always. As she walked to her locker, she heard whisper and gasps.
"Who's the new girls?"
"That's no new girl that's Nicki"
"Did you hear? Drake cheated."
"Poor Nicki."
"Bitch had it coming."

Just a few of the sly comments Nicki heard. It didn't faze her though. Nicki just went about her business and went to class early. Cassie ran in to class knowing that her besties always come early. She stop dead in her track and frowned at Nicki.

"Nicki, what happened to you??"

"First of all no 'I missed you or Hi' and Nothing happened to me."

"But?" Cassie paused and figured it was because of the break up. "Sorry. Hey girl, I missed you, how was Trinidad?"

"Relaxing," Nicki said it her native accent and smiled. "Just what I need,"

"Thats awesome. Guess what?" Cassie exclaimed, sitting next to Nicki.


"No no no, I have to tell you and Amber together." She spazzed out.

"Cassie just tell me. I can't wait for Amber to get here." She pouted.

"Fine," Just as she said the Amber walking in.

"HOLY MOLEY, WHAT THE!" Amber exclaimed at Nicki's new look. Cassie and Nicki looked at her puzzled.

"Nicki what happened?"

Nicki frowned. "Nothing." She readjusted herself in her seat feeling a little bit uncomfortable.

"So why are you dressed like this?"

"Because this is how I feel, I don't feel pretty or cute I just feel weird and disgusting." She said lowly.

"Oh Nicki," Amber sat on the other side of Nicki in her seat. "You're neither of those things, you're beautiful. This isn't you." Nicki looked down. "But I know your hurting right now so I don't want to hurt your feelings. Just know Cas and I are here." Cassie and Amber hugged her, tightly.

"I missed you guys."

"We missed you so much." Cassie said as she look at the clock, it was five minutes before the bell rang. "Okay Guys, I need to tell you what I got in the post today." The girls listened to Cassie. "I got the half scholarship to Juilliard."

"You lie??" Nicki exclaimed, then screamed, she was so happy for her friend. Beyond happy.

"Cassie I'm so happy for you." Amber excitedly hugged Cassie.

"My mother wants to have a small get together, like a party to tell me 'I told you that ballet wasn't a waste of time.'" Cassie chuckled.

"I love Auntie Regina, she's too funny. I'm proud of you though Cas. Out of everyone in this school you deserve to go."

"Thanks Guys." The bell rang and everyone walked in.

Ms Scott greeted everyone. "Happy New Year Class, only a couple months left of your senior year so make the most of it. You exam schedule will be given out on Wednesday. If you need anything I'm at my desk. You can sit and talk until the first bell for class." Just are Ms Scott turned to her desk Drake came running through the door.

"Sorry I'm late."

"It's fine Drake take a seat." Drake looked at Nicki, she didn't look back she just sunk in her chair. He sighed and went to his seat.

It was lunch time and the girls sat in the cafeteria on the usually table, waiting for the boys. Shad and Omarion took they spot at the table.
"Happy New Year ladies" they said together.

Cassie giggled. "Happy New Year." Amber said the same. But Nicki was in her own little world. She played with her food, then took a bite, then played with it again. Shad nudged Amber, gesturing to Nicki. Amber whispered in his ear what was wrong.
He nodded and moved next to her putting his arm around her. She jumped at his touch.

"Sis, I said happy new year." He smiled.

She rolled her eyes. "Sorry, happy new year." She smiled weakly.

Eventually Cam made it to the table. "Babe, what took you so long?" Em asked.

"There was a new girl, Keri dropped out of school because she got signed. She's in my science class."

"Oh." Amber and Cassie started talking about her party. Nicki on the other hand, had finished her food and the lunch lady forgot to give her a napkin. As Nicki turned around to get off the bench, she was Drake talking to another girl. He made her laugh, like he used to make Nicki laugh. She was so pretty. Nicki figured she was new because she ain't never seen her before. She stared at them for so long that Drake could feel her staring. They locked eyes, Nicki could feel her tears surfacing. She attempted to run out the Cafe, but end up falling flat on her face.

"Oh My God, Nic" Amber yelled.

"Nicki" Cassie exclaimed. They both run to her aid, along with Drake. "Are you okay?"

Nicki opened her eyes and sat up. She saw the whole room staring at her. Drake and the girls helped her up. She yanked her arm from Drake grip, only because his touch still gave her the chills. She felt sick being in his presence, so she ran to the girls bathroom. Drake ran after her. Once Nicki reached the bathroom she couldn't stop herself from throwing up. Drake walked in the restroom, he held her glasses (that had dropped off her face when she fell) and rubbed her back as she throw up. When she was done pouring her guts out, she cried hysterical. He took her out the cubicle and carried her to the sink. She was still crying. He wiped her tears with his thumb, only for fresh ones to fall. Nicki was in a weak state. She didn't want to cry but she didn't expect him to bounce back so first. After all they've been through.
Drake did want to spoil the moment by talking but he had to set her straight. "Nicki," he started but Nicki finished with a slap.

"I've told you before not to touch me." She wiped her tears and got off the sink.

Drake held his face, "I'm sorry," he swiftly removed his hands from her face.

Nicki chuckled and ran the cold water. She washed her hand then gargled the cold water then spat it in to the sink.

"Nicki, Bree is new, I was just told to show her around." Nicki looked at him.

"You don't need to explain that to me. Can I have my glasses?" He handed them to her glasses. She walked out the bathroom with him on her heel.

"Aubrey? " Bree called after him. Both him and Nicki turned around. Nicki looked at him hurt. "You left me with your stuff remember." She giggled giving Drake his bag.

"Yeah sorry, Bree."

"It's fine." Bree could feel the tension in the air. She wanted to say hey to Nicki but figured she will save that greeting for another time. "I'm gonna head to class."

"Okay." Drake nodded. He turned to Nicki, "I can explain."


"Nic it's not what you think."

"You said you only tell people that you care about can call you by your first name." Nicki felt her stomach turn. "You know what I think? I think you're a cheat and a liar." With that Nicki walked away from him. She went home due to the school nurses orders, the nurse concluded Nic had a virus. But what Nicki didn't know was that was how Drake and Bree was introduced, his science teacher called him Aubrey because Drake had a smart mouth that lesson. Drake didn't correct Bree because she was new.

3months later...

Cassie's party was so nice. Everyone had on bathing suits but Nicki, of course she came in her relate attire; sweats and an oversized hoodie. For a whole week Nicki was mad at Cassie for not telling her that Drake was going to be at the party and that he was bring Bree. Seeing them together made Nicki nauseous and Cassie knew that. Cassie swore she didn't know that he was inviting Bree. She was so sorry. But Nicki being the stubborn girl she is didn't talk to Cas for a whole week.

It's was Nicki's last exam, she was excited. It's was finally over. Lately she had been getting back to being Nicki with the help of Cassie, Amber and Riri. Over past 3months Rihanna had become a bigger star so she was in LA a lot. So yes, Nicki had to explain to her why she was dressed and felt the way she did. Anyway, she was now returning to the old Nicki, she's wearing cute clothes again and doing her hair. Although she is still wearing her glasses because she's grown to love them over the past 3months. She is eating properly and being more social. Although it looks like the same old Nicki, its also a new Nicki with a different mind set on love and boys. Nicki also found out that NYU excepted her and want her to join them a month early. So Nicki and Cassie are going to the airport a week after prom to get situated. As for Safaree doesn't got college but he decide he wants to expand his jewellery line. So he is following them to New York for that, but the main reason was to be closer to Cassie. Nicki and Cassie are going to live together, since their colleges are a 15 minute car journey apart. Nicki has two more month left in LA and she can't wait to leave. Cassie got a job, modeling for Prada in New York. Whilst Nicki got a Job working at Marc Jacobs. They parents put done a down payment for the 2bedroom New York apartment, how ever Nicki and Cassie have to pay for phone bills, electricity bills and water bills, for 3years. Rich Kids got to made. Amber, is just going to Harvard, but any break she gets she has to come and see her besties. Everything was gonna be so good.

"Phat Phat!" A Deep voice called Nicki by her new nickname; because her ass is so phat and the other phat is because she's gained a bit of weight do to the lack of exercise.

She turned around from her locker to see Zephaniah, the guy that asked her out when Drake and her was dating, the same guy that was the lead in the 'Your Love' performance. "Oh Zeph, I haven't spoken to you in forever."

"I know." He chuckled. "Listen Nicki, what do you say we go to the senior prom to caught up on lost times?" Nicki was flattered. It was a confidence booster she needed. She felt so wanted at that moment.

Nicki replied, "Smooth." She giggled and he smirked. "Sorry Zeph, I'm not even going to prom." She smiled.

"Can I take you out instead?" Nicki giggled.

"I see your persistent." He smiled. "I don't think I'm ready for that right now, sorry." She turned back to her locker.

"Please Nicki just give me a chance." She turned back to look at him as he rested his hands on her waist. She really didn't think much of it because Zeph was like a brother to her.

"I'm sorry, I just…" She didn't know how to explain that, she just wanted to stay single.

"Nicki? What the hell? Why is he hold you like that?" Nicki and Zeph looked to the left. Nicki had had it up to the skyline with Drake. They're not together more.

"Drake, why are you causing a scene? We are no together anymore, that what you decided when you cheated on me twice with the same girl. It's what you wanted. So quit asking me dumb shit like we are still together because we're not. We haven't been for 4months, you need to leave me alone." Nicki slammed her locker door and walked away. Everyone in the hall stared at Drake. Drake just looked at the back of Nicki and walked in the other direction. It's been 4months but Nicki can't seem to put his mind to ease. He missed her, that night in Miami he came to the conclusion that she didn't love him anymore due to the fact that he showed her love and she resisted him. He had stopped trying but he couldn't let her go. Drake had decided to go back to his home town, Toronto with 40 and pursue his career in music. He was gonna go to college but this semester he realised it's not for him.

Nicki walked down the halls, annoyed, frustrated and angry. Why does Drake make her feel so small? She gave him her all. She continued to walk down the empty halls, clearing her mind before she went home. Drake was doing the same thing but from the other direction so they were bond to meet, eventually. But Nicki stopped dead in her track when she heard her phone ring, delaying they meet. She searched her bag and once she found her phone picked up. Once Nicki received the information from the person on the other line, she dropped her phone and hit the ground along with it. Drake eventually met up with Nicki but she was unconscious and he was distraught. He just called an ambulance, scared out of his mind and in tears.

He called her mother and father to tell them what happened. Nicki mother was in tears, ranting out the information Nicki received.

Her Grandmother had died.


Monday, 21 January 2013


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