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@TMAngel_  and I have decided to team up just for the summer to create this beautiful DRICKI story

Monday, 11 June 2012

How do I know?

Chapter 32

This week had been one of the busiest weeks of Nicki's life. Okay so will all know her birthday last Friday was poppington, she received beautiful gifts from Jelani and Trina.

Nicki was out with Amber and Cassie after school, it was the day before they jet off to Miami. Nicki had invited, Cassie, Safaree, Amber, Cameron, Shad, Omari, Riri and of course Drake.

The girls were having a lunch together at Rosa Bella.

"Tomorrow is gonna be Fucktastic," Nicki chuckled, "Nicki how are you not excited?

"I am..." She said, Amber and Cassie weren't convinced.

"Okay girl, what's up?" Amber asked hoping to get an answer

"Nothing" She played with her food on her plate. She didn't dare look up at her friends.

"Onika, what's on your mind...?” Amber asked, concerned. Nicki looked up.

"I think I'm ready" Amber instantly got what she was saying. Cassie, well it took Cassie a while to get it.

"Oh Shit!!!" Cassie exclaimed causing the whole restaurant to stare at her. "Imma need y'all to go about your business." Cassie said with a ratchet attitude.

"Yo Cassie you need to stop watching Bon Qui Qui and Shenehneh. This ain't health." Nicki said chuckling.

"Nicki, you ready... Forreal?" Cassie questioned.

"Yes, I mean I love Drake and he loves me. He is forever proving his love for me. Now it's my turn."

"As long as you’re doing it because you’re ready" Nicki nodded.

"Girl it's the perfect timing too, we gon' be in Miami," Cassie began.

"Staying at one of the best hotel; the River Park hotel, looking the fuck cute." Amber finished. Cassie and Nicki bounced in their seats, excitedly. Little did they know someone was listening to their whole conversation. They finished eating and paid the bill.

The girls left the restaurant and amber spotted a lingerie store across the street, she figured that she would treat Nicki. “Yo, come let got in that boutique real quick” Nicki agreed with amber without looking at the store, she was busy texting Drake to see what the girl were talking about.

Once they entered the store Nicki finally looked you see was confused. “Em, why did you wanna come in here?” Nicki said, staring at the corsets

“For you, silly.” Cassie answered with a smile. Nicki was having it at all she didn’t like where this was going.

“Oh no, I don’t think so.” She turned around to leave but amber stopped her path. She pouted and sighed.

“Listen Bitch, you will try on all these sexy lingerie and you will keep it the fuck cute.” Nicki frowned knowing perfectly well that when amber spoke like that she have to listen.


“Good, because I am not about to let your first time be in you granny panties.” Nicki walked over to the corset rack.

“I do not wear granny panties amber” Nicki frowned as the workers and Cassie cracked up laughing.

“Yeah, whatever.” Amber said looking through the thongs. Cassie, on the other hand was find a comfortable position on the fancy looking chair. Amber popped her sunglasses on her head so she could get a better view of the underwear.

“Hello Ladies, I am Amanda, and welcome to Ms BoostiĆ”” A short dark hair lady, in her need 50s, dressed in black from head to toe, she had a 60s up do. Nicki thought she was cute. “Can I help you with anything?”

“Uh, yeah my friends dragged me in here is there a way out.” Nicki whispered as Amber came over.

“Yes, ma’am can you help my friend please. She is ready to lose her v-card.” Nicki’s eyes grow wide and her cheeks turned a hot red.

“Amber!” She semi-yelled, feeling quiet embarrassed.

“Oh honey, don’t be embarrassed we’ve all done it.” Nicki just smiled at Amanda’s comment. “Now take off this blazer so I can see what I'm working with.” Nicki did as she was told and took of her grey blazer. “Ah nice” Amanda commented. Nicki looked at Amber with a funny look. “Turn around, sugar” Amanda ordered. Nicki did so. “Wowieeee” Amanda exclaimed causing Nicki to laugh. Amanda scurried away. Both Nicki and amber furrowed their eyebrows. A few minutes later Amanda came back with a pink box. Amanda have the brightest smile on her face, she was totally a hundred percent excited about the box. Nicki chuckled. “Okay Ladies this is a one of a kind piece. I call it the ‘Virgin Outbreak’.” Cassie and Nicki looked at each other ready to laugh. “I love your body so I suggest you try it on.” Nicki just laughed at this woman’s craziness. She took the box to fitting room, Amanda asked the girls they wanted something to drink. Amber happily asked for a diet coke and Cassie asked for coffee.

Ten minutes went by and Nicki was ready to come out, “Yall ready?” she asked already knowing the answer.

“Hoe, I swear if you come out in your nude granny pants I will pop you” Amber exclaimed as she sat up in her chair.

“Bitch, you won’t do shit” Nicki chuckled, still standing in the fitting room.

Cassie composed herself from laughing so hard, “Marshmallow, Please come out.”

“Okay, here I come” Nicki said dramatically causing Cassie and Amber to shake they heads. Once they were in full view of their best friend, they both dropped they jaws. Speechless was not even the word. Like Nicki looked amazing.

“That's it, I know I said it before but this time I mean it, I’m turning bisexual.” Amber said with confidence. Nicki smiled and shook her head.

“What is wrong with you Em?” Nicki chuckled, Amber side her shades down over her eyes and laughed.

“Now Nicki, the real question is do you feel sexy?” Amanda asked guiding Nicki to the full length mirror.

Nicki looked at herself, reflecting on the memories she has built with Drake; them on the beach, they first date, the first time she meet his mother, the first time he gave her heads, they deep in-depth conversation about the past the future and the present. All building up to this moment.

“Yes I feel very sexy.” She smiled at Amanda.

“Okay so you’re taking it?” Amanda asked and Nicki nodded. She went back to go and get changed.

When she came out Amanda wrapped the lingerie nicely and finished off with a black bow wrapped perfectly around the pink box. “So that will be $500” Nicki eyes grew wide. “Card or Cash?”

“Card.” Amber answered.

“What? No, Em I can’t let you pay.” Nicki said as she saw Amber bring out her debit card.

“No, this is my birthday present to you” Nicki smiled.

“Thanks girl, I love you” Nicki hugged her.

“No Problem,”

Late On Than Day ...

“Cassie, Amber, Nicki, dinner is ready.” Nicki’s mother called from the bottom of the stairs. It was only 6pm but the girls had to go to bed early so they could catch they 4am flight to Miami. Cassie and Amber headed down the stairs as Nicki’s mother was coming up the stairs. Nicki was packing her suit case and just had one more thing to pack, her sexy lingerie.

“What's in the bag?” Nicki jumped at the sound of her mother’s voice.

“Um, nothing.” She said zipping up her case.

“Come on Nika, we don’t talk anymore,” Ms Carol said walking in to her daughters room and sitting on the edge of her bed.

“Mama, we talk.” Nicki said

“No we don’t! I miss ya Nika.” Nicki sighed and hugged her mother.

“Mama I’m ready to take the next step with Drake,” Nicki said sitting next to her mother.

“You are? All I have to say is keep it safe and make sure you’re ready because once you lost it you can’t get it back.”

“Mommy, I know. You know me I won’t say it if I didn’t mean it.”

“I know, baby.” Ms Carol just stared at her daughter and stared to tear up.

“Mommy, why are you crying?” Nicki asked.

“Because, My little Nika is all grown up and make decisions of her own” Nicki started to cry.

“Aw Maaaaaaaa” She hugged her mother. “I will always be your little Nika” She said still in a tight hug. “I love you Mama Mia”

“Love you too Little Nika”


Nicki and the girls were fast asleep. Nicki could hear something that instantly made her wake up especial since she was a light sleeper. She woke up and open her eyes, then looked at the girls they were still sleeping. She heard the noise again and sat up. Nicki reach under her bed to grab the baseball bat and walked over to the balcony. She jumped when she saw a figure near the window. She kept herself hidden, then she opened the balcony doors and started throwing swinging are the person but missed. The person grabbed the bat from her. Nicki was so scared; this person took her only defensive weapon. Then the person pulled they hood down. Drake.

“Yo What the Fuck?” They said at the same time.

“Drake what are you doing here?” Nicki asked as she stepped on to the balcony and closed the door behind her.

“I wanted to take you somewhere. Why you always got to have a bat when I come”

“I didn’t know it was you, why didn’t you call?”

“I figured you would be up, guess I was wrong.”

“It’s okay. Ugh I missed you today” She hugged him

“I missed you too” He kissed her forehead. “ So amazing almost crazy how much I think about you lately” Nicki pulled out of his hug and tilted her head, smiled and instantly got butterflies.

“Well babe, that's true love.” He held hips as they watched the stars. “I never skip a day without think about you.” She said looking in to his eyes.

“I love you so much, but I think what we have is so much more that love. I don’t see myself with anyone else but you.” He looked in her eyes. “This moment I want forever.” Nicki smiled hard.

“I love you.” She said with passion.

“I love you so much Onika, you can’t even imagine. I’ve never felt so strongly about a girl before. You’re my life. I will love you forever and a day” He kissed her sweetly.

Nicki giggled as she pulled away, “This was so random,”

“Yeah it was, I wanted to take you to the beach, but I rather stay here.”

“Yeah, the view is pretty here.” Nicki said looking of the city.

Drake looked at Nicki; “Yeah it is” She smiled and looked up at him, pecking his lips which turn to something more passionate and sweet.

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