Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Right by my side

You was once here, My best friend for life… So I thought. Morning classes, evening sessions. Waking up to your hazel eyes and pink plump lips. 

It all comes down to this, 
I miss your morning kiss. 

In the beginning, we were friendly, soo friendly to the point where we talked for hours, he pecked my lips when I need him too. I know I call him my brother, that us being together was insect. But the way he looked at me I knew at the back of my mind, I could honestly say... I loved him

I won't lie,
I'm feeling it. 

But when I didnt tell him, I guess he got tired of the constant heartbreak. Bored of giving me attention. So he moved on. I should've told him. My fault. 

You don't know,
And I'm missing it.
I'm so dumb, 
I must admit.

Seeing you with her made me angry, jealous, heartbroken. So I had to tell you. I know it was the wrong time, it being his engagement party and my boyfriend being there but I had to tell him. Tell him I loved him. 

So much,
To hold it in

The way he looked at, as if he was his whole life for me to say that. I smiled he smiled back. The only thing I was praying was that he regret it.

I can say you know more than this,
I just hope you heart hears me now. 
Gotta let you know 
How I'm feelin
You own my heart

My brother was mad and hurt, but he and I both knew that our 'relationship' was temporary.

He's just renting. 

I then snapped back to reality when his smile faded and he didn't want to hear it. I had to make him listen. 

Don't turn away, 
Pay attention, 
I'm pouring out my heart oh boy. 

Before I made a complete fool out of my self,  I left. Obviously he was happy, for weeks I did nothing but cry. 

I'm not living life, 
I'm not living right,
If your not by my side. 

I cant eat 
I can't sleep 
What I need is you right by my side

When he came knocking at my door on the day of his wedding. I didn't want to let him in. He broke me to the point where I was numb. Left me for two weeks to cry over the feelings he put in my head. Feelings I thought was a myth. But when I told him, he said nothing for two weeks. All he did was Postpone his wedding. 

"Drake, what…" Cut off by his lips. I felt it once again, the spark! Everything in the past year flash through my head. The mornings, to the evenings, to the fun dates we had. I pulled away. 

"Drake your getting married in a couple hours"

"I know, " he paused and smiled at me. "To the wrong women"

I was so close to tears, not because of his words but because every time I see him, I love him just an ounce more. "Aubrey your playing with my heart. I don't like that. Why did you make me love you, if…" my voice was stuck in my throat as the tears fell. 

He wiped the tear one by one. On the door step of my house, he in a white wife beater and white and black basketball short. Me in boy-shorts and cream oversize tee. 

I told him not to touch me, so he kissed me. 

"You can't fight love away." he whispered against my lips. 

"It took you two weeks to figure that out. I don't love you no more Aubrey. You made me look like a fool." I said looking past him but not at him. 

He grabbed my face, "Look in my eye say that."

I cried, "You know..." I paused whilst in tears. "I hate that I love you."

"Nicki, I love you so much" 

"But… riri," 

He cut me off. "We are over, she knows I love you. You own my heart, Nic." He pulled me close to him. This time there was no suprise kiss. He needed me and I needed him, right by my side.

This is what happens when you bored in your hotel room!!! 
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