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Best Thing I Never Had


Nicki had seen everything that had just went down. When drake spun Jaz around. The Kiss. Nicki eyes started to burn. Milliseconds later Nicki was blinded by her tears, The Rolex watch, with the word 'Drizzy' engraved on the back, that had been put in a dark blue box, with a black tight, neat bow, fell to the sand. Before it even touched the sand Nicki was no longer on the beach.
She unlocked her car, sat inside; she rested her head in the steeling wheel and cried. Suddenly he passenger seat door opened. Now if it was Drake, Nicki most definitely did not want to hear his bullshit. But it wasn't him.....? Or was it?

Chapter 23

Nicki sighed, she was scared, scared of what he was going to say, or even do. He just sat in the car, and stared at her. Looking in to her red eyes. "What do you want?"
"I came to see if you were okay?"
" I am over the moon!" Nicki rolled her eyes.
"Nicki I'm sorry he did that." Nicki side eyed him.
"He is just like YOU! I really know how to pick 'em" there was silence in the car. "Trey what is it you want?"
"You! Seeing you with another guy makes me want you?"
"That Statement right there makes me hate you!" Nicki spat out like venom whilst still in tears and her headache was starting to form, she kept replaying the incident over in her mind.
"Nicki you know I love you. I never stopped loving you..."
"Oh Tremaine I am tired of this love song. You just say anything i wanna hear, and then I buy it, replay it and then eventually get tired of the same song the same guy." Nicki said looking in to Trey's eyes.
"Nicki just hear me out."
"No you hear me out! I am tired, I am sick and I am tired! I have just had one of the worst day of my life and YOU of all people want me back your life. Fuck No! I dislike you so much, it’s close to hate. Looking back on everything we have been through, the bad times, the good times. In some ways I am happy you cheated because not only did it break me. It made me stronger. Plus you were a Shitty boyfriend." Nicki chuckled "I remember when I would tell my girls about how fine you are and how I was going to make you mine. But I am so through with that. Trey was it worth cheating? You couldn't just wait?"
Trey did know what to say, apart from the words "I'm sorry"
"Can you just leave now before anyone comes looking for me. I don't want to see anyone."
"I don't want to leave you alone." Nicki put her head on the steering wheel.
"I will be fine okay please just leave." Nicki didn't even look at him.
"Nicki I don't think it's safe for you to drive home while crying."
"Trust me I will be fine."
"Okay, drive safely." Trey was about to go but then he sat back in the seat. "Nicki I am not leaving, I am going to drive you home. It's not safe."
"Well I am not let you drive my car! Look I will be fine okay. I want to go before Drake realises... Never mind he probably won't. PLEASE JUST GO!"
"Okay don't yell I will go" With that Trey left Nicki car. Nicki wanted to shout and yell and beat him up for getting in her car. But she was hurting. She was hurting really bad. As Nicki pulled out the car park, she looked to her right and saw Drake stand there with Trey. She wiped the tear that escaped her almond shaped eyes.

Nicki cried the whole way home, when Nicki got home she slammed the front and ran up the stairs. "Onika don't be sla..." Her mother stop what she was saying once she came out the kitchen "Onika what's wrong?" At this point Nicki slammed her bedroom slid down the down and cried loudly. Her mother knocked on the door. "Onika let me in baby. You know I am a great listener!" Nicki smiled sheepishly and wiped her tears off her cheek and turned the door handle. Nicki stood up slowly as she opened the door. Once she saw her mother she fell into her arms and cried. "Ssh ssh my little Nika" Her mother stroke the back of her hair. They walked over to the bed. Nicki laid her head on her mommas lap. Carol tucked strands of Nicki hair behind her ear. About 30 minutes later Nicki spoke, "What's wrong with me?" Ms Carol was so confused but she figured this question was going somewhere. "Nothing baby your beautiful on the inside and out"
"Then why do I keep on picking the same guys?"
"Baby What happened?"
"Drake has been cheating me, ma"
"What? Baby Are you sure?"
"Yes Mother I am sure!! Like how could he do this to me."
"Doesn't sound like him." At this point Nicki had sat up.
"Well he show his true colours when he kissed a girl right in front of me. Ma I said I LOVE YOU to him." Nicki was hysterical crying.
"Oh Nika" She cried on her mother's shoulder. Nicki tried to calm down.
"Mama I wanna move back New York!"

"Because of boy trouble you are leaving?"
"Yes Ma'am," Nicki wiped her tears with the palm of her hand and looked at her mom. Her mother knew there was no arguing or telling Nicki otherwise because Nicki would rebel, she was a very stubborn child.
"Well I will let you sleep on it before you make a decision." Ms Carol kissed her wiping daughter forehead. "I love you baby"
"Love you too."
"Oh and Nicki," She looked at her mother "Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear. Good night." On that note Carol left the room.

Nicki took off her swimwear and got into her pyjamas and tuck herself into bed. Every time she closed her eyes Drake would ring her phone. He had been calling her phone since she left beach and now it was just getting annoying. He finally stopped calling and texted her instead.

Hey babe, I don't know what Trey said to you but please forgive him. That was my fault I shouldn't have invited him. I hope you're okay and please don't cried you're too beautiful. I will call you tomorrow. Love you and Thanks for today. ~Drake

She chuckled at the fact that he thought Trey was the reason she crying. Now she was pissed.

Don't call me EVER again. ~ Nicki

What? What's wrong? ~ Drake

If you don't know then is doesn't matter~ Nicki

Huh? I am coming over ~Drake

No you’re not I wanna be alone ~Nicki

Ok I will see you tomorrow then ~Drake


What? Did you just break up with me over text? ~ Drake

Yes Nigga. Now get off my phone!! ~ Nicki

She threw her phone at the wall, and then turned her whole body around so that she was lying on her belly and cried into her pillow. Until sleep took over.

Nicki POV

It was 3am; I had been woken by a knocking on my balcony door. I grabbed my baseball bat that my dad told me to keep under my bed. I slowly walked over to door, and then I opened it to see Drake stand there in the rain. I just stared at him, with my red puffy eyes. I attempted to slam the door in his face but he just walked in my room without saying a word. "Drake its 3am." I said restlessly putting my bat back underneath my bed.

"Nic I want you to say it to my face."

"Say what?"

"We are done!"

"I told you that I wanted to be alone. I am through with you. Why can't you respect my wishes? Ugh How I hate you!" I started attacking with slaps and punches, I repeated the words "I hate you" over and over as I cried trying to convince myself that I hated this guy that broke my heart. Was it working… no not really, I don't think I could EVER hate him, I love him too much. I cried as I pounded my fist against his chest until he grabbed both of my wrist.

"Nicki!?" He pinned me against the wall, I looked down as he wiped my tears. His body was pushed up against mine; my heart was beating super fast. He grabbed both of my arms and raised it above my head. I was breathing heavily as he leaned in and kissed my lips softly. He got into the kissed and loosened his grip; I rested her hands on his shoulders. I was getting turned on, then I quickly realised what Drake did as his squeezed my butt, lightly. I tried to pull away but there was no room I was against the wall. Drake had put his hand on my hips, slowly moving up north to my boobs. I used my hands to push him back. Then I slapped his face."Don't Touch me! Drake I don't wanna be with you, this it's OVER! and I would appreciate it if you left." There were tears in his eyes as I went back to my bed; I pulled the duvet over my head. Then a couple second later I heard my door slam. I just cried. We’re officially over. This hurt way more that when Trey cheated, because I actually love Drake. But why would HE do that to me? Why would he hurt me like that? Why?

*Next Day*

So Amber and Cassie wanna take me out for so retail therapy, but all I wanna do is read magazines and eat junk food. Unfortunately my mother is forcing me out of the house.
Amber came to pick me up at my house with Cassie.
"Barbie where were you yesterday?" she asked as I shut the car door.
"Oh I went home." I said looking out the window. I don't want to talk about yesterday. I could feel the tear trying to escape my eyes.
"Ummm *tears up* I found out Drake been cheating on me."
"Oh I already punched that trick in the nose."
"Wait! What!! Em Noo! You should have punched him in the nose."
"That bitch got what she deserves. Nicki you do know that was Drake's Ex-girlfriend right?"
"Wait what???" I felt my world crumb before me. "So I'm not good enough for him, he had to run back to his ex." I was heated!
"It's his lose Nic." Cassie said. "Anyway let’s get out of this car, and make you feel better!"
"Aww I don't know what would do without you guys." I linked arms with the both of them. "I love you guys"
"Aw Nic we love you too" we hugs in the parking lot.
"Guys I am mad though!" Amber said as we pulled away.
"Lol Why??"
"I didn't get to cut a bitch...”
I laughed so hard, this girl. Smh! "And why not?"
"Cam pulled me back!" she pouted "Dumb Nigga" she mumbled.
"Lol I am glad he did. I don't wanna be visiting your ass in jail."
"Right!" I don't wanna be visiting you in jail! I don't want grown ass women sniffing my hair and acting like chimps." Cassie said laughing and I joined in. Amber gave use both blank stares.
"Anyway let’s go. I need some new Jimmy choo bag to go with the shoes I bought last week." Amber said as we walked in to the mall.
Jimmy choo was the first store on the right. We spend an hour in there. I came out with a CUTE pink handbag from the scarlet collection. Oh it wasn't really pink, just the handle. But it was still cute.

Cassie and Em got the same one as me but just different colours, Cassie got navy blue and Amber got the black one. We went to about 5 different stores before my stomach started growling.
Cassie suggested that we go to Starbucks then shops a little bit more then we go home. I was down for anything.
I ordered a Red Velvet Whoopie pie, Sesame Noodles and a Crème Caramel Frappuccino.

Cassie order the same thing as me but just Tazo Green Tea Crème Frappuccino and a Peanut Butter mini Cupcake

Amber ordered Chicken & Hummus, lemon sweet square and java chip frappucino.

The woman at the counter said it's going to take 10minutes for our food to come. We paid and went to go and sit in the comfy chairs. I swear we had a million bags that occupied the whole area. Smh! "Aye Nic we gotta pee, you stay here and wait with the bags."
Picked up my barbieberry off the table in front of me, to check my messages. Something got a reflection from the sun, it shone in my eye. It was my ring, you know the promise ring Drake gave me. I wanted to cry I am so used to putting it on in the mornings :'( I forgot. I forgot this means nothing to him. It's just another song. Another Bad Love Song, but this time Drake is the one singing it. I took it off and dropped it in my bag. I checked my messages, and then I deleted them all as they were all from Drake. I listened to all of my voicemail. I deleted all 72 of them except one I got at 3:45am.
"Nicki I don't know what I did, but whatever it is please don't leave me. I know you love me because of that kiss. And when I look into those big beautiful brown I see you still love me. But I honestly don't know what I did, please talk to me." I could tell by the sound of his voice he was crying, this made me cry. Amber and Cassie came back and saw me crying.
"Aw Nicki don't cry." Cassie said hugging me.
"Nicki why are you crying baby?" Amber asked me.
"Um Drake left me a voicemail. And he doesn't know why I dumped him."
"Oh you know what you need to talk, not shout or yell just talk to him. He loves you Nic!" Cassie said "And you love him."
"Maybe... Maybe y'all are right, I should stop crying. But I am NOT going to talk to him." Cassie furrowed her brows. I just eat my food that was in front of me.

It was almost time to leave but Cassie and I want to go to two more stores. So we gave Amber the all bags and went back to her car. Cassie and I went our separate ways. I went into Juicy Couture I need a new track suit. I roamed around the store. I found the perfect one but it was green and i wanted black.
"Excuse Me, will you be about to find out if you do this in black?" I asked a tall dark skinned guy with a lip piercing, he had a small Mohawk and he had about five tattoos. So Hot!
"Sure pretty lady for you anything," I giggled, is this dude trying to hit on me Lmao!
"Thank you"

I sat on the Juicy Couture chairs waiting for the sexy guy to come back. There were only a few people in the store, my heart sunk when I heard Jaz's voice. She was talking to Amerie; you know she was one of the actors in my talent show performance.
"Cuz yesterday was hectic" Jaz said I am guessing they are cousins.
"What happened?"
"You know Drake and I have a lot of history. Well yesterday after that psycho Amber or Chloë whatever her fucking name is punched me, Drake and I went to the hospital, then we went back to his house. You know the rest" I almost throw up.
"Jaz you know he has a girlfriend now?"
"Amerie, gwooorl that trick was just there to keep him warm for me, he loves me. He told me so last night. That hoe doesn’t mean shit to him." You know what I didn't care that she was with Drake last night, but this bitch have to stop calling me names.

"Uh excuse me I would appreciate it if you stop calling me names."
"Uh hi Nicki"
"Hi Amerie,"
"Oh your Drake's bitch!" my eyes got wide, did this hoe not hear me the first time. Before it was like whatever, but now it’s personal. I flicked her forehead. "Ow What The FUCK"
"Hoe I told you to quit with the name calling. I rep Southside Jamaica Queen, you can't be calling me names."
"I just did! Bitch, whore, hoe, slut, heffa...." I didn't even let her finish this hoe had a LOT of balls to be calling me, Onika Tanya Maraj names. I tackled her down and punched, slapped, pulled out the two tracks of weave that was in her hair out. Dumb bitch! I told her not to mess with me. As I stood up, the sexy guy came out of the stock room with my black tracksuit. Amerie ran to her cousin helping her up.
"Hi pretty mama, this was the last one. I had to search high and low just for you. Does that mean I can have your number?"
"Mmm Aiden...” I said reading his name tag. "I just literally like less than 24hour ago got out a relationship. So I am not dating."
"Well I mean I still want get to know you."
"Aw okay, only because you got my tracksuit I will let you get to know me." I smiled, he chuckled.
"You have a cute smile." I blushed "Wait this ain't fair, you know my name and I don't know yours." I giggled, this Nigga!
"My name is Onika, but everyone calls me Nicki."
"I like Onika, it suit you, a beautiful name for an even more beautiful girl." He kissed my hand.
"You're so corny!" he chuckled
"yeah I know" I round my eyes; we walked over to the check out. Jaz mean mugged me as I paid for my clothes. I was about to leave when Aiden come up to me, "Onika how am I supposed to get to know you if ain't got your number." I smiled.
"That’s the whole point!" I giggled as he pouted "Aw Aiden I joke, pass your phone" I typed my number in his blackberry, and my name with a heart next to it. "Call me"
"Will do, take care beautiful."

Aw he was adorable, but I am not looking for anyone right now. As I got back to the car Amber gave me the evils. "what?"
"Half an Hour I have been waiting here"
"Sorry but I ran in to Jaz, you know I had to beat that bum bitch down!"
"Oh wow what did she do"
"Bitch was calling me names. I told her ass before to stop, and when she did I beat the shit outta her."
Amber was crying from laughing so hard, "what did she do?"
"What could she do?" We laughed. "I met this hottie Aiden..." Cassie cut me off,
"Wow Gworl you bounce back fast."
"Lol! No it's not like that."
"Mmmhmm sure" Amber mumbled
"No for real, I just broke up with Drake. Seriously yo, I am just looking for a friend"
"Gworl we you're friend, you don't need no man." Amber said starting up the car. I gave her a blank stare.
"But Nicki for real Cassie and I was talking and we want you to know we got your back! And we love you!!"
"Aww I love y'all too"
See now, I don't wanna move back to NY I love my besties too much to leave.
We sang Spice Girls~2Become1 all the way to my house! Retail Therapy IS the best kind of Therapy!

Thank you @TeamMinajPeru for Aiden's name ;)

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Drake Birthday Bash!!

Chapter 22

The day has finally come Drake Birthday. But before we get into what happens there, let Esther tell you about my week.

Esther POV

Hi guys.... Yeah so Miss Nicki got invited to join the Rapping class. Which is amazing, but the school had to change her whole schedule for school. Ummm her mother and Father told her why they when to Trinidad; the reason why they went is because her grandmother was sick and still is. Nicki has been trying to stay strong for her family. But it's hard especially because she love her grandma dearly. Drake has been the best boyfriend to her, when she can't cry to her family, Drake lets her cry on him.
But yeah, I have a pretty bad memory; I don't know why Nicki said I should do this but oh well. If I have forgotten anything, Nicki will tell y'all ok. Deuces!!

Nicki POV

It's Friday morning and I am Uber Excited for his party this evening. "Happy Birthday Drizzy" I said as he walked to my front door.
"Thanks babe, what did you call me?"
"Drizzy... Hahaha "
"Haha No one calls me that anymore."
"Well I thought I will be back the trend!"
"O well I only like it when you say it." I bit my lip and tugged on his sweater and I learned in kiss his full lips. Then I grabbed my bag and hopped into his car.

*Drake's Birthday*

Nicki and Drake spent the whole day hand in hand and side by side, it was cute. Drake introduce Nicki to everyone; his cousin, his friends outside of school and 40.

"It’s great to finally meet you 40" Nicki said whilst shaking his hand.
"Damn! Now I know why this Nigga always smiling." Nicki blushed. "Oh and heard you made this party happen?" Nicki nodded her head. "Wow mami you did well! This party is banging!" Nicki laughed, they talked for a little while before Nicki excused herself to talk to Cassie and Amber.
"Hola chicas"
"Hey Barbie, I see it’s Pink Friday!"Amber said
"Yep hence the pink bikini and Necklace."
"Where is the birthday boy I have seen his ass all day."
"Em, you saw him in school."
"No I didn't! You two have been together all day." Amber pouted.
"Aw sorry guys. Cassie what’s up? Why are you so quiet?"
"Because Safaree was supposed to be here already."
"Aw someone missing they boyfriend?" Nicki cooed.
"He is not my boyfriend." Cassie blushed.
"What??" Nicki and Amber exclaimed.
"I thought he asked you ages ago" Amber and Nicki was both confused. Cassie shook her head.
"Ooo that’s messed up!" Nicki shook her head.

It was 7pm and the party had been going on for an hour and 30minutes. Everyone was about to play the limbo are the sun was setting. Drake and Nicki just sat on my perfectly golden brown sand watching the sun set. Nicki laid her head in his shoulder, he kissed her forehead.
"Thank you for this Nic, you are truly amazing, I love you." Nicki lifted her head.
"I love you too." She placed her hand on the side of his face pulling him into a kiss. Nicki remembered that she hadn't give Drake his present, so she pulled away.
"Mmmm I love your soft lips." Drake licked his lips.
"You have problems." Nicki stood up.
"Wait where are you going?"
"I need to go get something from my car."
"No! You will sit and watch the sunset with me, you have done enough." Nicki sat back down and placed her hand on Drake bare chest, slowly making way down to his rock hard abs, he just rested his arms around her. The sun had officially gone. The beach lights came on and there was a huge camp fire in the middle of the party, everyone was dancing, eating, drinking smoothies or cocktails.

Nicki POV
Everyone seem to be having a great time, but Cassie, Safaree still was not there. Amber was with Wiz aka Cameron (Oh Esther forgot to tell y'all, after the talent show, I got instant popularity!! Cameron got a stage name: (Wiz Khalifa) so did Shad (Bow Wow).... Everyone else stay will they real names. But I still call Shad, Shad and I call Cammy, Wiz. I like it better it has a special ring to it) those two a for sure finna get married one day. But seriously though where is Safaree. I took my blackberry from my bikini top and dialled his number, he didn't pick up, in fact he must have pressed ignore because it rang twice and went to voicemail. I looked at my phone, like WTF? Then I hung up, pushing my phone back down my bikini top. 2seconds after doing that, someone made me jump by putting they hands on my shoulders and roared like a King Lion. Of course I screamed. I turned my head to see who it was, Safaree.
"What the heck? Safaree why?"
"I dunno" he shrugged "I was bored"
"Ugh your mom was bored last night, but then I showed up" Safaree face dropped.
"That's not funny!" his playfully pushed me in to Drake.
"Then why am I laughing." Drake stood up then helped me up. That when I saw him, my completely dropped, the person I was dreading to see, well at least not today, Trey. Drake gave him a dap. Awkward silence. "Uh Safaree, um we need to talk."
"Babe I will be right back okay?"
"okay, I am perched anyway, Trey and I will go get a drink." he kiss my cheek and left with Trey.
I punched Safaree. "Owwwwww" he said rubbing his arm. "What was that for?"
"Because you think you can just get the cookie without any commitment. No honey, it doesn’t work that way."
"Oh you mean Cassie?"
"Yes I mean Cassie, I know you like her."
"Yeah I do, "
"Then why haven't you asked her to be your girlfriend?"
" Something is holding me back"
"What is that?" Safaree stepped really close to me, too close for comfort.
I took two steps back, "No I will not let you do that! Not now Not ever. I will not be only one of my Bestie be second best! I will not allow you to come to MY boyfriend’s birthday party manifesting your love for me. That is so disrespectful and you need to leave. Really though Safaree!! I thought you were over this Shit!"
"Oh My God! Nicki, if you would let me finish..... You, you're holding me back because I still have feeling for you, but I am trying to move on with my life because you obviously don't feel the same way." He sighed "I wanna be with Cassie, each moment I spend with her, I am falling out of love with you and in love with her. I don't think it fair to give her half of me."
"Aww Faree, that's sweet. But y'all have been dating for a month."
"Yeah I know, this Saturday will be a month."
"Damn, Safaree is such a girl! And Cassie is patience as fuck with you."
"Know she is just awesome, when is she anyway?"
"By the DJ I think... Have fun" I kissed his cheek, before we parted. This was an opportunity to go and get Drake's present. I quickly look over at Drake; he was facing the smoothie bar.

As I got off the sand on to the sidewalk, a girl about my age approached me, she had long jet black hair and she was in a purple bikini. She look mixed black and Asian but I wasn't too sure. "Um hi can you tell be when Aubrey Graham is?" I found that really strange that she knew Drake first name because when I first meet him, he said he only told people he liked or want to know a bit better. "Oh I'm sorry, I mean Drake!" I snapped out of my thoughts.
"Uh yeah he is by the bar"
"Thank you, I love you necklace by the way. I wish every Friday was pink." I giggled
"Oh don't worry in due time, imma have World Domination. It's Pink Friday Hoe!!!" She laughed.
"Okay it was nice meeting you....."
"Nicki, You too...."
"Jaz or Jasmine"
"Okay Jasmine have fun at the party."
"Thanks Nicki, bye"
"See Ya" Aww she was nice.

Drake POV

How could I be so insensitive to Nicki feels? I know about her and Trey but I still invited him. I just sent the invite to everybody in my inbox. My bad, I got to get Trey as far away from Nicki as possible I don't want her to be uncomfortable. "Can I have a piña calada" I asked the women behind the bar.
"Sure thing birthday boy" I sat on the stool with Trey wait for my drink. I was about to start a conversation we him but I was interrupted.

"There you are babe!" I paused for a second before turning around.
“Yes” She smiled and I picked her up and hugged her spinning around. She giggled as I put her down, my hand were still on her waist.
"What are you doing here?"
"I came for your birthday silly, I mean 18 is a big number."
"But you’re in LA?"
"Yeah, it's like a spring break but it's Fall," I gave her a WTF look. "Never mind, London is so backwards, so how are you?"
"I'm good"
"That's good, I miss having my boyfriend around though"
"Aw you have a boyfriend?" she giggled.
"Yeah you, silly, wow! Me not being around made you dumber! Now I can do what I came here to do." She put hands on my face reeling me in to a kiss. What The Fuck! I tried to push her off but I didn't want to push her to the ground.

"Cassie hold my earrings and get some Vaseline!!! I finally get to cut a bitch." I heard Amber scream. Next thing I knew was Amber pulled Jaz off me by pulling her hair. Then she punched her in the nose, causing Jaz to fall to the ground. The crowd started to form. "Someone get me my knife."

"Uh nah" Cameron shouted and picked Amber up. Amber was kicking and screaming.
"Let me at her!!" she repeated over and over.
"We're going now!" Cameron said.
"Okay, Shit put me down!"

Zara, Jaz's best friend, went to go help her. I was still in shock of what just happened. "What the FUCK?" I whispered loudly. "Jaz, you left. I moved on. I have a girlfriend." She looked at me like I was crazy, whilst holding her nose.
"Nicki!" I said in a firm tone. I walked away.

"Ayo Drake!!" my 21 year old cousin Lee said. "I found this on the floor"

"Ard thanks man" he handed me are box with a pink tag on it. ‘Happy Birthday to my Love! I hope you enjoy your day! I love you so much xoxo Nicki
P.S I would wrote more but the tag is so small -_- lol

A little while early

Nicki had seen everything that had just went down. When drake spun Jaz around. The Kiss. Nicki eyes started to burn. Milliseconds later Nicki was blinded by her tears, The Rolex watch, with the word 'Drizzy' engraved on the back, that had been put in a dark blue box, with a black tight, neat bow, fell to the sand. Before it even touched the sand Nicki was no longer on the beach.
She unlocked her car, sat inside; she rested her head in the steering wheel and cried. Suddenly he passenger seat door opened. Now if it was Drake, Nicki most definitely did not want to hear his bullshit. But it wasn't him.....? Or was it?

Okay Guys it was hard writing this because y'all don't comment and I already hate this story enough!! I need comments to help me write. Or else I will be posting once every two months! :T
 oh Happy Birthday Alexy aka @TMAngel_ !!!! I Love You Boo :)