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Whenever Wherever

Okay guys I forgot to tell yall about Safaree and Cassie date soo Here goooooes 


Safaree picked up Cassie from her house. They were sit in the car on they way to Rosa Bella, the restaurant, Safaree asked Cassie some questions so he could get to know her a bit better. 

"So Cassie, what do you like in a guy."

"The typical girl response, you know, smart, funny, Sexy... Cassie replied

"Do I come under any of those?" Safaree asked still watching the road. 
Cassie side eyed him and smirked."Umm you are funny, I don't know about the other two" She giggled. 

Safaree smirked at her. "You don't think I'm sexy???" He raised his brow. Cassie smile and shook her head. Safaree pushed her playfully. 

"Safaree your not that special" 

"Yes I am, I am bc-1, that means I am special" 

" whatever" 

When they arrived a the restaurant, Safaree opened Cassie's door for her. Safaree had his hand on her back as they walked together. Safaree notice something on Cassie back, it was a price tag. He chuckled. 

"What's so funny?"Cassie questioned 

"I am not special aye?" Cassie stopped walking and gave Safaree a WTF look. "Oh I think I am special to you. Because you got a new dress for me, which is beautiful by the way."

Cassie carried on walking "What are you talking about this is not a new dress" Cassie lied 

"Oh word? Then why can I see the price tag?" Safaree said smiling. 

"What!!" Cassie started to pat her back to find the tag, she kept repeating herself "What"

"Don't worry I will get it for you" He pushed her hair to her right shoulder, his breath on her neck sent a tingling sensation through her body. He gulped as his hands went on her back and slowly pulled the tag off her dress, then he whispered in her left ear "You look beautiful" she bit her lip. 

"For the record this dress is old, I just haven't wore it yet." She lied again, truth is Cassie went shopping with her cousin after the family gathering just to get a sexy/cute dress for the date.

Dinner was amazing, the food was awesome, Cassie was crazy about Safaree, to her he had everything she was looking for in a guy, he was funny, sexy, a gentlemen and smart. 
Safaree had made Cassie laugh throughout they dinner he knew he was in her good books. They walked out the restaurant, hand in hand. 

"Okay who gave you the best kiss of your life?" Cassie was laughing for the question he asked before this one.

"Mmmmmm thats a hard one" she stroked her invisible beard and giggled. 

"Well if I kiss you now will that make it easy for you?" Safaree said as they reached the car. 

Cassie stopped leaned back on the hood of the car and Safaree stood in front of her, just like before;at the beach.  "we will just have to see" Cassie stared at his lip. He leaned forward. They kissed amorously, he sucked on Cassie full lips as she swung her arms around his neck deepening the kiss.

*Thursday Morning* 

Nicki went to school super early, to see if she was in the talent show. She race to the notice board, to find a good 30 students, in front of the board. She saw some were sad and walking away with they heads down, some jumping for joy. What Nicki didn't realise is that this Talent show is one of most important shows of the year, especially for seniors.'Ugh just my luck, I am fucking short and I wont be able to get through.' Nicki thought. Even though she wanted to know so bad, she wasn't about to get killed by these fat ass boys and these long nailed girls so she just waited until they was hardly anyone there. Nicki scrolled down the sheet of paper, carefully she saw Drake's name and was instantly happy. Then she saw Shad's name and rolled her eyes. She took a deep breath before looking again, at the bottom of the list of 10 Names, the 10th person was Onika Maraj. Nicki screamed! She was ecstatic! 

*Ms Palmer's singing class*

Nicki was sitting  on Drake's lap as the whole class was messing about instead of practicing. The Ms Palmer walked in. "Class get in your seats now!" Nicki  got off of Drake's lap and tried to sitting in the seat next to him but Keri ran and sat there. Nicki was like WTF. Nicki had never spoken to Keri in her life, she didn't know why she just did that. 
Anyway tho... Nicki sat in the back, listening to what Ms Palmer had to say and watching Keri every move. "Class this is the last lesson before you as a duet, take the floor in front of the class. The day after the lesson I will put up on the notice board who will close the show." Keri and Drake where talking, then all of a sudden her hand was rubbing his leg and he whispered in her ear. Nicki was heating up inside. WTF this was supposed to be a great day for Nicki. Keri turned around and look into Nicki's eyes and smiled evilly. 
"Okay so PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!!" Ms Palmer said in a sweet voice. With that said everyone departure and practiced.

Nicki POV

"Hi Beautiful," Drake kissed my cheek. I was not in the mood any more, that bitch Keri knows what she is doing. I just don't see what I did to her. Oh well like I said before haterz where going to come sooner or later. I must have been quiet for a while because Drake asked "Babe are you okay?" this boy is so clueless. He just let another girl rub on his leg in front of me and he thinks it cool. I chuckled. I rolled my eyes. "hey hey what up?" I was not in the position to answer that question. 

"Shall we get started" I changed the subject. Drake looked so confused. I sat down waiting for him to start. 

"Nicki what's wrong?" 

"Nothing, Drake we only have this lesson to practice and I thought you wanted to do this." I said with a lot of attitude. 

"What's with the attitude?" 

I looked at him up and down "What attitude?" Then gave him a disgusted look.  "Can we just practice." Keri walked past us. Drake turned around and smiled looking at her. How can he disrespect me like that? I shook my head. I'm done. 
I just ignored him for the rest of the lesson.

*At Lunch* 

I walking in the double door of the cafeteria  with Cassie on my arm. The first thing I saw was Drake talking to Keri, they were laughing and she touched his chest. Does he think this acceptable? No! I stormed up to them and kept my cool. "Drake can I talk to you for a second" I said ignore the fact that Keri was there. I took his hand before he could answer and pull him to a corner. I stood in front of him with my hands on my hips. "Drake you are being so disrespectful to me, its just not cool. You didn't ever say anything about me doing the talent show... You're being really shady!" I folded my arm arms " What's going on with you and Keri?"

Drake looked at me like he did know what I was talking about. "Nothing is going on with us" 

"Okay talk to me when you want to tell me what is going on." I walked to the lunch line and grabbed tray. Drake is just ridiculous. 
I sat at the lunch, with Cassie, Amber, Cameron, Shad and Omarie. Yep no Drake he was talking to Keri.

"Nicki what wrong" Shad asked me. I just looked at Keri and Drake, everyone turned to they direction. 

"Oh Nicki you don't have to worry about that, they just have a science project to do." Cameron said and I know he's not lying because Drake have most of they class together. 

"Yeah but he is being weird today. I don't like the way she touches him." I admitted

"Nic, Drake's not stupid he can handle himself…" Cammy said. I just finished eating my food in silence. 

*At Nicki's House*

I was trying to finish my english homework when 'My All' by Mariah Carey, played I instantly knew it was Drake, that was his ring tone. 

"What!" I was pissed like yeah he is doing a project with her but she was all over him and he played along. 

"Nicki why are you tripping right now" 

"Because you were acting like there is something going on between you and Keri! She had her hand all over you and went along with it. How would you feel if one of the boys in school was touching me up? But it's  cool Drake if you like Keri'.… You can fucking have her. I am fucking pissed off!" I hung up! 

He kept calling my phone after that but I didn't pick up until I was done with my English Homework. At that point I was calm. I looked at the pink diamond that caught my eyes and I thought about Drake, when he to me he gave me his heart. Maybe I was overreacting.

I picked up the phone and couldn't even say hi, because Mr Graham was already talking. "Keri is nothing to me I honestly don't  like her, i was just being polite. She has noting on you, baby. I am sorry that I was acting weird today."

"Drake it okay I was pissed off but now I am upset because regardless the fact you don't like her, you still let her rub and touch you in front if your girlfriend."

" I am sorry Nic forgive me please.Oh congratulation on being able to perform at the Talent Show, I am proud of you." he prasied.

"Thank you and just don't let it happen again ok.." I am letting him of the hook, for now, but if he does it again this ring it getting thrown at his head. "Drake on Friday Next week  your family have to dinner with us, Mother wants to get to know you better." 

"Okay we're should be able to come, But why do she want to do that?"
" I dont know i think it because we are getting pretty serious."  

"Okay sweet, that understandable so I got to go now. Love you,"

"Love you too muaaaaaah" 

No one is in my house right so, I called Amber to come over, I love the advice she gives me and plus I still need to dry hump her LooL. I ordered some Chinese because I know for a fact I will not be cooking today. 
The was a knock at my door, it was Em and the chinese man holding our chinese!! Yay food! I paid for the food and let Amber in We sat in the living room. The Tv was on but we wasn't watching it. We was eating and talking. 

"Omg Nic you are do the talent show do you know what this means your going to get signed like that" she snapped her fingers.  I just smiled she went on. "But seriously tho. Nic no one is going to sign you if you just stand there and rap and sing. You need dancers or actors and costumes!!" 

Light bulb!!!"Em what if I have light a music video on stage and I have actors on stage!! I will ask people for drama class." 

Amber clapped "Yay that will be dope!" I got up and took a bow. 

"Amber..." I began "My bestie From New York is coming here and I want all of us to hang out and show her around you up for it?" 


Edited Version!!!!! 

Friday, 29 July 2011



Siting in Ms James's English class  I wasn't even paying attention, like I was staring at my ring. I love Drake so much. He fills me with so much joy. I am soo glad that he fell in love with me. My thoughts was interrupted by Ms James. 


"Uh What! No Miss you can call me Nicki" I smiled. 

"Ok Nicki, you will be Juliet and Shad, you will be Romeo. Ok so you will read Act2 Scene4 and class you tell me what you think they are saying. 

Juliet(Nicki):Art thou gone so? love, lord, ay, husband, friend!
I must hear from thee every day in the hour,
For in a minute there are many days:
O, by this count I shall be much in years
Ere I again behold my Romeo!

Romeo(Shad): Farwell 
I will omit no opportunity
That may convey my greetings, love, to thee.

"Ok stop!" Ms James demanded so we did what we was told. "Cassie what do you think Nicki said? In your own words."
"Umm I think she said something about hearing from him everyday and how this should not be the last time they meet."

"Umkay..... Omarion wake up!!" everyone laughed as he got up. 

"Miss I was just thinking real hard with my eyes closed." Everyone laughed

"yeah so if you was thinking 'real hard' What did shad say?" Ms James questioned him.

Omarion looked around, for the answer "Miss I ain't gonna lie I ain't got a clue what we are talking about" Everyone laughed. Ms James shook her head. Then bell went.

"Everyone before you go, I want you to write an essay reviewing what you think Act2 Scene4 is saying in your own words and how you think it would have been said today, this for Monday" She said before we left. 

*At Lunch*

I was sitting on drakes lap, eat a carrot. Today was Wednesday. Yes Wednesday my audition is today, this should be fun but I am scared as fuck! This is the first time I am rapping in front of someone. 

"Nicki you okay babe?" Drake asked me, I nodded. We all carried on speaking over each other expect me. Then I remember something. 

"Drake I finished planning you birthday party. I got a caterer, and I got like this bar to supply us with cocktail drinks. Umm the party is a Newport Beach. All I need you to do is sent the invitation I sent you on your email to everybody." 

"Nic you're amazing you know that," 

"Well I have been told." I turned my head around and we locked lips. 

*At the audition* 

Holy shit I am up next. My heart is pumping out of my chest, my palms are sweaty and guess what???? I HAVE TO PEE!!!! 

"Next!!!" I heard Amber yell. Each step I took to the stage made me more and more nervous. Ugh what have I got myself into. I look out to the seats before me, and saw my wifey for lifey sitting in the fifth row crouched low so no one will see her. 

"Hi sweety" Amber began, I cheesed her,"Start when your ready" 

I took a deep breath, I looked at Amber then the vice principal then the principal then Cassie. Then I looked to my side where the show curtains were and saw My hubby. The Three people I love are watching me. I shut my eyes, signalled for them to start the music and I visualised Drake as I sang: 

 Shawty, Imma only tell you this once, you're the illest (Bah ba dah dah oh)
And for your lovin' I'm a Die Hard like Bruce Willis
(Bah ba dah dah oh)
You got spark, you, you got spunk
You, you got something all the girls want
Your like a candy store, And I'm a toddler. You got me wanna more and mo mo more and 

Your love, your love (yeah) [x4]
Your love, your love [x4]

When I finished my song, Cassie said "Wooooooooo that's  my girl!!!!" and everyone turned to her direction and she dropped instantly on the floor so that they wont see her. I looked at Drake I think he knew the song was about him because he was giving me the kool-aid smile. 

"Thank you Nicki look out for the notice board tomorrow" I grabbed my things and left. With Cassie, who crawled out the door. Lmao this silly girl. 

*At Home* 

"Yeah drake I will talk to you later" 

"Okay I love you" I hesitated to say it back because my mama was in my closet looking at shoes. 

"Umm love you too bye" I said really fast then I hung up before he could say bye back. 
 My mother walked out my closet, "Onika did I hear you correctly you love Drake" she sat on my bed. 

"Yes mama" I hid my face in my pillow. She pulled my pillow down from my face.

"Onika why you hiding. If you love him, you love him, there is nothing  I can do about it. If makes you happy then I am happy." I smiled and played with my ring. "Oh Nika what is this" she lifted up my hand. 

"It's a promise ring, Drake gave it To me." I said in a low tone. 

"Nika I need to meet his parents." 


"because I want to know more about the boy, that has put a ring on my daughters finger."

"Ma you make it sound like we getting married or something. It's just a promise ring." 

She sighed "But I still want to meet his parents"

"Ok Ma you can but his Dad lives in Canada but you can meet his Mother and Grandmother." 

"Okay! Onika I can see he's making you happy, because I know you didn't want to come here in the first place, but since you two have been  together I see you smiling more." A smiled beamed across her face. 

"Mum his is just a joy, he keeps me safe, and I know he can nor will never hurt me, he is just too sweet to do that. I am soo HAPPY right now!" I emphasised the word happy. 

"I can see that, love" she was referring to my smile. 

"Oh mummy," I said in my baby voice, " Can Rihanna come and stay with us for two days, she got signed to a label and they want her to shoot a video in LA, soo can she stay??"

"Yes Nicki, as long as I can have these shoes" She picked up my Versace heels. 

"Umm you can borrow them" I laughed 

"That's good enough for me" we laughed. I made dinner while she when to go pick up Caiah from his friends house, he had a play date with his girlfriend!! LooL I joke he is only 4!! Hehehe

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A TREAT.....


Chapter 2: I Get Lonely Too

Chapter3: Long Way 2 Go


Chapter5:Key to My Heart

Chapter6: I Can Be More

Chapter7: I Love you

Chapter8:When I See You

Chapter10:One You Call

Chapter11:Like Em All

Chapter12:Good Good

Chapter13:Almost Love

Chapter14:Count on You

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Safaree's Car
Baby Drake
Drake eating Ice Cream
Nicki's Room
Nicki's House
Drake's House
Drake's Car
Amber's Car
Nicki's Promise Ring 
Nicki's Car

Count on You

S/o to my sister @UnitedMinajdom for helping me today love you girl!!!!! xo :*


*end of school*

school speakers:Can All senior students in Ms Palmers Singing Class go to the music room now please Thank you!

Drake and Nicki met up at the music classroom. Everyone was confused and talking over one another.

"Class can you please settle down please!" The class took a seat. "I have some important news, I have been asked to pick someone  to sing to close the show for the talent show. So I decide that the tasks I told each couple to do, will determine who closes the show. So good luck and work hard! You are dismissed" Everyone walked out the classroom, some were excited, other didn't seem bother, Nicki didn't want to close the show but Drake did. 

"Yo Nic I will call you tonight okay?"

"Yes okay" she smiled before hopping in her car. Drake knocked on her window. 

"Umm you forgot two things," by the look on Nicki's face he could tell she was thinking hard. "One you forgot, the present I bought you"

"Drake stop buying my stuff, I love you not your money." He handed her the little White box. She opened it side eyeing him. Inside was a small pink diamond ring with a white gold band. On the inside of the band it said 'i will always love you' Nicki mouth dropped open. Drake open the door. "Drake what is this," 

"Its a promise ring, It has been in my car for 2weeks now I was just waiting for the day that you would say I love you back, and today it that day. Nicki I have been here before, I found someone perfect but she moved away and left me brokenhearted. But I am learning to put my trust in you as along as you can put your trust in me." he took the ring from her and slid it on her finger. "This ring mean anything that I am doing, I drop it all for you because your the one I am giving my heart to"

Nicki was close to tear, "Just don't hurt me or abandon me, or make me sorry I ever counted on you." she hugged him and smiled. "So I think I know what the second thing was, you know that I forgot" she said with her arms around his neck, looking in to his lovely Hazel eyes. 

"oh do you? why don't you show me what it was?" She kissed him, she pulled back. 

"Was that what I had forgotten?" they were inches away from each other. 

"Yes" She pecked his lips 3times before closing her door. 

Once Nicki got home she saw Safaree's car in the driveway. Before stepping out of her range rover, Nicki sat back in her seat and stared at the ring, that she had just received. After about 5minutes she walked in the house. 

"WHERE'S MY COON??" she yelled referring to Safaree. 

He slid against the hard wood floor. "WHATUP BIG DAWG??" she ran into his arms and hugged him. 

"Safaree I feel like I ain't see you in forever!!" they laughed and Safaree stopped. 

"I saw you on Friday" 

"And that was a long time ago." Nicki said walking backwards up the stairs to her room. Nicki always does this, she gets gassed when ever she is around Safaree. 

"Pink!!" Safaree said entering her room. 

"You like it" Safaree shrugged. "Speaking of what you like." She smiled "Cassie" She wiggled her eye brows and giggled.
Nicki sat Indian style on her bed. While Safaree told her about the date with Cass. 

"I took her to that new place called...." he snapped his fingers "Oh Rosa Bella" he said in an italian accent, making Nicki laugh. 

"That restaurant is dope!!!" 

"Right, well yeah I made her laugh like five hundred time. I don't even know what I said but She has the cutest laugh tho." 



"So did you kiss her?" Nicki asked. 

"maybe, Nic I not a girl I can't tell you stuff like this" 

"Fine, you spoken to Brianna since you left NY?"

"No have you spoken to Rihanna?" 

"Nope, let's call her." Nicki said dialling her Number. 

"Hello?" Riri said with her thick barbados accent. 

"Hey Riri my boo I miss you" Nicki said 
"I'm sorry I don't know who this is" Nicki looked at Safaree like WTF! 

"Umm is this not Rihanna? Um it's Nicki?"

"I don't know a Nicki, well I do but she said she would call me as soon at she reached LA"

"Riri I am sorry, you know i love you and I was busy settle down." Nicki felt bad "I am with Safaree."she change the subject. 

"Hi Faree and Nika Yo I miss you guys, Guess what I got signed and I am shooting my first video next week" Nicki screamed 

"Oh My Gosh Brianna, you're making a music video" 

"Riri is doing big things yo!!!" Safaree yelled down the phone

"You know it" Rihanna replied. "What going on with you guys"

"Well I have a boyfriend, who I love very much. I have two good friend called Amber and Cassie, as for haters I haven't come across them, but its just a matter of time" Nicki said nonchalantly while Riri and faree laughed. 

"Wait!! Did Nicki just say she loves a guy"


"What's his name?"


"Where I come to LA next week I wanna meet everyone! Okay Safaree what a gwan witchu?"

"Umm I sorta like Nicki's friend Cassie, Umm Trey and I are talking again" 

"What!" Rihanna and Nicki at the same time.  

"Yeah..." he trailed off 

"How did that happen?" Nicki asked

"It just happened." Safaree said as he shrugged. 

Nicki don't know how to feel about Trey and Sarfaree being cool again but she is not a horrible person, so she just waved it off. 

"Anyways Riri I can wait until you come. Pauz. How long are staying in LA for?"

"Two days! But I am shooting all day but we can go out to dinner the 5 of us!" 

"okay well Ri I gotta go home now so I will see you next week"

"okay then bye doll" Safaree kissed Nicki on the cheek. 

"Bye Safaree" Nicki called out as he left. 

"So Riri are staying at my house?" Nicki asked

"Umm if you want me to!" 

"Uh yes"

After Nicki and Rihanna was on the phone for a good hour. Nicki remember that she had to call Amber. 
Amber was at Cassie so Nicki told them both what Drake said to her and how he gave her a ring. They girl ooo'd and aww'd. Cassie said she will be back at school on Wednesday which was perfect because that is when  Nicki's  audition. 
Once they finished talking on the phone, She texted Drake because dinner was almost ready. So she told him she would talk to him tomorrow. 

I have just given you my heart so remember this one thing I have never been in love before so you gotta go easy on me~Nicki 

Nicki I love you I will never let you fall you can Count me! For sure! ~ drake 

Love you too muaaah oh I will talk to you tomorrow, because I got h/w to do after dinner ~Nicki

Okay I will pick you up tmr okay~drake 

K :-)~Nicki 

Guys I have homework for you guys!!! I want you to listen to ever song!! The chapters names are songs!! 

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Almost Love

Chapter 13 

Drake went down stairs to his room to get something he wanted to show me, he left his phone and I am a bored indivuial. I started taking pictures of myself on his Blackberry. Next thing I knew I heard a key turning. Shit Drake's mother I forgot about Drake's mother. Okay now I really need to pee. I raced upstairs to use the bathroom. 

"We are home!" She yelled I heard Drake say Hey. I came downstair when I was done. 

"I was looking for you" he tapped my nose with his finger. I smiled. "Mum this is my beautiful girlfriend Nicki Maraj. Nicki this my rock Ms Sandy Graham." Drake introduced us. I put out my hand. 

"Honey I don't do hand shakes, come here and give me some sugar." I walk over to her and hugged her. She is just so sweet and "Its nice to finally meet the girl that have been putting a smile on my son face" I pulled back side eyeing Drake.

"Its nice too meet you to Ms Sandy. Your so beautiful." 

"Not as pretty as yourself." I blushed and heard a fake cough, I look in the direction it was coming from. I saw an old lady standing there. 

"Oh Nicki this is my weird crazy funny Grandma who I love very much." I hugged her. 

"Aubrey she is beautiful, I thought you was too ugly to be getting pretty girl." I laughed so hard, drake frowned giving his grandmother the evils. 

"Ok I am going to take my bag to my room." Ms Sandy said. No one said anything until she closed her bedroom door. 

"Here you go Grandma" he handed her a chocolate bar. 

"Thank you" She dropped it in her purse. "This is the best grandson in the world" I laughed because I was confused.

"Why are y'all in the hall way still?" Drake's mother asked. We all walked into the living room. "Shall we go out to eat because I am too tired to cook" 

"Ok let's go to that new place called Rosa Bella's. I think it's Italian." his mother nodded "Let me go get changed"

As soon drake left, I was scared but I didnt let them see it. 

"How was your spiritual retreat?"I asked sweetly 

"Oh it was amazing. It really cleanses your soul. There is one before Christmas you and your mother have to come with us." she smiled "You will love it"

"I will make sure to tell her" I smiled back 

"Nicki do you wanna see baby pictures?" she said randomly, as soon as I gave her the ok. She run over to me and brought out the baby album that had the letter A on it."That's Aubrey when he was 7mouths, I took him to a baby photographer because he just looked so cute." We flip through the pages. "Thats when he was 5 and I told him he couldn't get ice-cream but his dad bought it for him anyways." 

"Where is his dad?" I asked

"In Canada, we are divorced and Aubrey only see him sometimes" I nodded. Oh I didn't know that it must be hard not have a male figure in his life all the time. " Nicki," she began "Aubrey thinks I am embarrassing, do think I am?"
I shook my head. "Do you wanna see naked picture" I laughed. Ms Sandy is crazy. Drake must've heard his mother because he ran in snatching the album from her. 

"Mum I told you don't do anything embarrassing" he put the album away. 

"I wasn't, Nicki was I doing anything embrassring?" I was still laughing but I still shook my head. "Seeee!"

"Whatever shall we?" Drake said 
"We shall!" I replied 

"I am driving"

"Then I am sitting in the back" Ms Sandy stated

"Me too" his Grandma agreed 

"Mum it was two year ago let it go" Drake laughed. Me equals

"Never!" On that note we all got in the car. 

"Drake what did you do that your mama and your grandmother ain't sitting in the front?"


"Girl he got in a car accident when he was 16 and Sandy was in the front. But it was a minor accident. Everyone was fine." His Grandma informed me. 

"Oh so why am I in the front" I laughed when Drake frowned. 

Dinner was too funny Drake Grandmother, the weirdest women I have ever met. I love her. His mother was so sweet to me, now I know why he loves his family so much. I hope they like me. I didn't talk much they kept making me laugh. 
Right now I am watching a movie with ma famillie. I was sitting with my feet on the sofa with my Dad's arm around me. I wasn't watching the stupid movie. I was on my phone. Drake texted me on Friday night and it now Sunday evening. LooL. Oh well, he asked me if I like Trey?!? I am just going to ignore that question. 

So do you think your family like me~Nicki 

Uh yeah they love you~drake 

Really?? Wow~Nicki

Yep!!! I really hope you did see any naked pictures of me -__-~Drake 

Lmao No I didnt!!! Lol your mama is adorable and so is you Grandma~Nicki

Thanks they're soooo CRAZY tho~ Drake 

And that's why I love them :).... Drake??~Nicki 

Yea babe???~Drake 

Why did you give your grandmother chocolate? ^__-~Nicki 

Well my mom told her that she can't have it anymore but for the past two years I have been sneakily giving it to her! LoL I haven't got caught because Im gangsta like that ~ Drake 

Omgsh That has got to be the funniest thing ever!! You thinking  you're gangsta! White boy plsssss LMFAO~Nicki 
I am gangsta!!!~Drake 

Whatever you say...……….… White boy lol~Nicki 

K. Nic am I picking up for school tomorrow? ~ Drake 

Nope don't worry I will come in my car~Nicki 

Ok! What you doing? ~ Drake 

"Nothing, everyone is was a movie but me I am texting you. :T~Nicki 

When I am with you my world blossoms~Drake 

Awwwwwwwww that's so sweet but Random!~Nicki 
I was just saying what's in my heart~drake 

Corny Much! LoL~Nicki


Boo boo wyd?~Nicki

I am at the hospital~Drake

Oh my I wonder what happen I just left his house!! It's like 9pm. Why is he there. 

Why? what happened?? Are you ok~Nicki 

Babe I am fine my mom's friend just had a baby! :-) ~Drake

Oh! Boy or Girl???~Nicki 

Girl! Her name is Michea-Jade ~Drake 

Aw that's cute. Drake how many baby do you think we will have?~Nicki 

Two one of each~drake 

LooL Yes the boy first then girl! Hehe~Nicki 

AubreyJr and Lil nika! =] ~Drake 

Ahaha yes!!! Caiah fell asleep gtg put him in bed. Talk to you tmr~Nicki 

Okay tell everyone I said Hey! ;) I love you BTW I love the pics you took on my fone LooL your so beautiful :) New Home Screen!!! ~Drake 

I hate it went Drake says 'I love you' it make me feel like I have to say it back. I don't like him and I don't love him all I can say is that it's almost love. I get a rush more than a crush. 
I laid Caiah down in his bed. I went to my room and picked out clothes for tomorrow. I text Em and Cass saying 'Three Way'

"Hello Guyz I need help"I pouted 

"Whats wrong mami?" Amber asked 

"I am scared to say the L word. Like I want too say it but mouth won't let it out, Pauz! I like get really high every time I think about us. Just the other day I was sitting there think about Drake and my mama told me to wipe my smile off my face I look like the joka! I didn't even know I was smiling. Like, even though Drake and I talk and see each other everyday I still can't get enough!" I buried my head in my pillow "Help Me"

"Ok what L word are we talking about" Cassie asked with a blocked nose. I rolled my eyes

"Nicki if I was you I would just tell him, the way you feel. I mean he's already said it to you, so it shouldn't be this hard" Amber advised me 

"True thanks Amber you always know what to say" 

"What L word??"Cassie Repeated. 

"What do you think it is?" I said rolling my eyes 

"Listen Onika I am dying slowly and you are in my ear chatting the most bullshit!" Cassie rambled on 

"Firstly Cassandra you are not dying you have the flu! Secondly the word is L.O.V.E!! You happy now" I shout down the phone.

"If you most know no I am not happy and I am dying!!" i rolled my eyes for the hundredth time "Nicki" she whined 


"Bring my some chicken soup please" 

"At 10o clock in the night, you done lost your mind!"

"Please I am dying"

"Stop saying that! Fine I will be the in 30mins okay?"

She sniffed "Okay! Bye Barbie Bye Baldy!!!" I giggle and Amber gasped. 

"Em you still there?"

"Yep yep"

"Stay on the phone please. Soo where you at?" I asked because I could hear guy in the background. 

"Umm its 10:05 on a school night where the fuck do you think I am? I am at home you nincompoop!"

I huffed "Who you with?" 

"My brother TJ, he asked me to help him with some maths."

"Oh Em so you think I should tell him?"

"I can't tell you that, if your not ready, all I can say is follow your heart." 

"Wow Em I really need to jump on you more often" 

"I know right," she exclaimed.

"Is it weird that I have never said 
'I love you' to any guy before, like I was in a relationship for a whole year I didn't say it once. But then again Trey was a prick and he did me dirty. But with Drake, it just feel like ..... You know....."I trailed off 

Amber finished off my sentence "He is the one."

"Yes" I said in a low tone. 

"Well if you feel he is the one, go for it."

"But Em don't you think I am too young to be thinking about Drake being my Mr Right?" 

"Well thats up to you! Do you think your too young?" Amber question me, I hesitated to answer. 

"Umm no" I said shyly 

"Well all I am going to say is life is too short. So tell him because you don't what tomorrow may bring." And this is why I love Amber!!!!!!!!!!! 

"You know what I am so dry humping you tomorrow FACT!!" she laughed "Thanks Em I love you sis Good Night!"

"Okay Good luck! Tell Cassie that I have hair" I take my phone from my ear and gave it a disgusted look "And her I said I hope she feels better! Good night love!"

"Okay muaaaaah" I hung up. 

Once I was finished making the soup, I ran upstairs to going and get Oscar and Eleanor, there are my babies and only talk to me when the are near my boobs. I only drive in the night when they are sitting in the passenger seat.
I reached Cassie house, her mama opened the door for me, she took me to Cassie's room.  I probably look crazy I was wear a cheetah print head scarf, pink pyjama top, cheetah print bottoms, pink fluffy slippers, baby pink long cardigan than came down to my knees and two monkey's swinging from my arms. 

"Hey Cass you okay?" I walked in my wifey looked dead, she was so pale. She was wrapped up in blankets and she had a fever. 

"No" she said soo weakly. I put the chicken soup on the dresser. 

"Cassie get up." 

"No where's the chicken soup" 

"You will get it, when you do what I say!" I told her, she got up slowly. 

"Nicki I really don't feel well, I feel weak" 

"Do say that the fly bugs in your body will hear you, and that will mean they won! Now go talk a hot shower, let you body relax. I will take these blankets to the laundry room and get up new ones. I will change you bed and you change into some fresh clothes. Okay?" She nodded. 

Once I had finished, Cassie came out of her bathroom, looking a little bit better, she hopped in to bed.
"How do you feel now" 

"A lot better like I don't think I am going to die now, but I still feel sick." She half smiled. 

"Okay here's your soup," I handed it to her. 

"Thanks Nicki, you are the bestest friend a girl could ask for," Her voice was cracking. 

"No biggie, I see you voice is going. I guess I will just ask Safaree how your date went." She smiled when I mentioned Safaree's name. "I am going to go now, it like 11o'clock, I have school in the morning. I will call you tomorrow after school." I opened the window just a little bit to let fresh air in. 

"Thanks again Nicki. Love you girl." 

"Your Welcome babe. Good Night" I picked up my babies (Oscky and Ellen) and closed Cassie door. 

I said Good Night to her parents. 

"Thank you so much Nicki drive safely my dear" her mother said to me in her thick accent. 
"Good Night" her dad said. I hugged both of them and left. As soon as I got home I went straight to bed. I said my prayers and drifted off to sleep. 
I woke up with out an alarm, I just got up. Weird. It was 6am. Wow Early! "Thank you God for any day added to my life." I finished getting ready at around 7:30. I decide to make breakfast for the family just because I am a perfect little angel. 
I made sunny side up eggs, toast, fresh orange juice and a big bowl of fresh fruit. 

"What is this Onika Tanya Maraj making breakfast?" My dad said as if I have never made breakfast before I just gave him a blank stare. 

"I cook" Defending myself

"Not since we've been here you haven't" I pouted and he kissed my forehead. 

Once Mama and lamb chop came down stairs we all ate, and I asked if Safaree could come over after school, and they approved. 

*In Home Room* 

Omarion came up to me and Em and we laughed "Hey Omarie" I said as he sat in Cassie seat. 

"Hey Shawty and White chocolate you got a man yet" I giggle this nigga thinks he has game. 

"Omarion don't not call me that, Ugh!!"Amber said as He licked he's lips. 

"I'm just playing"

"I know you are that's why I didn't kick your ass" 

"Sup Nicki, you know your my sister right?"he said

"I am?"I giggled


"Omarion don't you want me to help you find some friends" Amber said 

"No I have friends" he frowned

"Okay go to them then!"

"You know what I will!" he got up. We laughed as he walk right into the door. 5minutes later he came back with Shad. 

"Hey sis and White chocolate!" Omarion greeted us 

"Hey Shawties"Shad said 

"Hey guys"I greeted

"Yo Nic I heard you performing at the talent show!" Shad said 

"I don't know if I will get through"

"See you just gotta be confident like me that how I get a rep around here!!" Shad popped his collar. 

"Bwahahahaha what rep??" Amber laughed then I did. 

"No no Em his got a rep of being cocky." I Laughed

"But that's how I get the ladies" shad said as I raised my eyebrow. 

"Why you think you cute?" I asked 

"Why you think I'm not" I gave him a stank look and rolled my eyes. Drake and Cammy walked in talking about something, I don't know what about because the stopped when they saw the four of us. Shad and Omarie dapped the boys and walked to their seats.

"Hey babe" I leaned of my table and pecked his lips.

"Mmmmm hey beautiful" Drake said I giggled. 

"Hey Amber Rose, You are beautiful like a Rose." Cameron complimented her. 

"Are you high?" I laughed. Cammy frowned  

I hit Amber's arm "Em that was rude he was being sweet"

"Corny" I shook my head. "Im sorry what's boo." she kissed him.

*At Lunch*

"Drake can I talk to you?"

"Sure" he got up from the lunch table, he followed me out the cafeteria, I could feel him watching my ass.  "What's popping Lil mama" i gave him a stank look. "What" I think his realised I had something important to tell him. 

"Drake, Everyday I go home I can't wait to see You the next day you are on my mind 24-7. Sometimes its just too much. At night I wish you was with me. When you hold me I feel safe." I paused oh my God I am going to say it. "I love you"

"Nicki you know I love you and always will, you're everything to me. When we kiss I fall in love with you again. I am in love with you." As Drake said that I melted. 

"I love you"I said again

"I love you too" We kissed but this wasn't know ordinary passionate kiss, this one was special, and if the bell didn't I swear Drake and I would have been there for a good 10minutes. 

*Spainish Class* 

"Yo Nic come over here!" Amber said. I walked across the class room. "Um I am going to Cassie house after school wanna come?"

"Sorry I can't Safaree is coming to my house." 

"Okay then just call me when he goes, I wanna know what happened!" 

"With What??" The teachers walked by. "Mi Casa es tu Casa" 

"Gracias" once he was far enough, they went back to there conversation " You and Drake"

"Oh yeah for sure" 

Posting on next Thursday!!! Posting picture when ever I am allowed on the Computer LooL!!!! S/O to my sisters @barb_theBAD & @TeamMinaj_PYB for helping me and Boosting my confidence to continue writing! Love you muaaah xo :*

Friday, 22 July 2011

Good Good Part 2


*Next Morning*

Nicki POV 

It was like 6:15 and I was ready for my 2hour run with the girls before breakfast. I was wear Adidas tank top and matching Adidas sport legging, my hair was in a ponytail, bangs out. Drake texted me and I most have fell asleep. I will check it later. I grabbed my iPod and headed to Cassie's room, she wasn't there. Then I went to Em's room and she was there either. I walked down stairs quietly because I didn't want to wake Caiah. Cassie and Em were in the kitchen getting a bottle of water, Cassie past me one. "Good Morning" I greeted to the two. Cassie and Amber said the same back. They look so tired. I had to laugh. Cassie was wear a Nike sports jacket that was zipped down, Nike jogster and a crop tank top. Amber was wear Nike tank top and matching cuffed capris 

Okay soo I got my earphones in, jogging along to 'No More' by 3LW. Amber stopped after 20minute. "Ugh 20minutes, amber Really" I gave her a what the fuck look. 

"Don't give me that face!" she mimicked my face " I power walk I dont do jogging!" 

"Okay let do that and then get into jogging." Cassie was in her own world still running. I caught up to her and smacked her butt. 

"Umm Owww" Cassie stopped running, rubbing her behind then she pulled out her earphones. 

"Cass we are going to walk. Until we reach the top of the hill." she nodded. "So Em what's up with you and Cam?" 

"Well I'm his girlfriend now" Amber said smiling and looking at her nails.

We jumped up and down holding hand. "It's official bang the pistol!" I sang, we giggled and carried on walking. 

"BTW your audition is on Wednesday." Amber told me. 

"Oh you speak I.M! OMG! Yep yep I already know!"I said

"I am soo coming to watch you Nic!"

"Yeah I am going to be the judge I will try and sneak you in Cass okay? Amber said. 

"Koolio" Cassie responded. 

After the run down the hill, we made it home in time to take a shower and eat breakfast. My legs are sore! When we got to the top of the hill Amber made us do different exercises and stretches. Note to self NEVER  GO JOGGING WITH AMBER! Sitting at the breakfast table with Amber, Cassie and my lamb chop. I was eating my last piece of fruit when Caiah said.

"Onika who was that boy you was on top of last night" I choked on a piece of mango. Amber covered his mouth as Cassie pat my back.

"What boy!" My dad Said raising his voice. I look everywhere but at him. Then I look at Amber for some help. "Onika I asked you a question"

"Um Mr Maraj, Cassie and Nicki have this project for their drama class. Caiah thought he saw a boy but it was me" Amber said pointing at her hair. I cheesed at my dad then Amber thanking her with it. When I was done I pulled the girls upstairs to my room so we can talk about Drakes b-day beach party. 

"Thank you Em"

"NP" I laughed. 

"Okay shall we get started because I have a family gathering at 12" Cassie look at her watch. 

"Um let's talk location" I said getting my laptop from the desk, and sitting in the beanbag near the window, while Cassie and em sat opposite me on the pink love seat.

"Umm Nicki its at a beach!" Cassie said it like I was stupid.

"I knooow! But what  beach?" 

"Venice" Cassie suggested

"With what money" That girl done lost her mind! Thinking of the most expensive beach I shook my head. 

"Newport Beach, is good my Uncle used here for his party last year" Cassie told us nodded her head as she said every word. Amber laughed

"Okay so invite!!" I simply said

"Girl just make an invitation and send it to everybody, as for food.. Caterer is all I have to say." Amber said. "We done"

"Yep"I said as Cassie phone started to ring. 

"Hello?" she rolled her eyes and giggled "Oh Hey Safaree, that's not cute" She smiled and walked out the room. Em and I smiled at her as she came back in the room. 

"What?" she asked but she knew what was up!

"Um Safaree? Girl you better start talking" Amber said what I was thinking 

"We are just going to go out to dinner tonight!" Amber and I screamed. 

"Well done Nicki"I pat myself on the back and Cassie jumped on me. Thank God I put my laptop down. 

"Guys" we turned to a pouting amber. 

"Amber why you always want some from us, like this my wifey like you always trying to get in the middle of us." I said looking at her up and down. 

*Sunday after Church*

Omg i am so fucking nervous, I am going to meet Drake mother. Shit I am shitting myself standing at his door. Fuck! I knocked on the door. Ready to meet Drakes mother. Drake open the door.

"Hey" I said holding my hand up and wiggling my finger. He pulled me into him by my hand and kissed me. I can say his arms and lips made me feel more comfortable, calm, you know like I forget all my worries. I swear Drake is the only boy that makes me feel safe. Trey never did that. Man I wasted a whole year with a dude that made me feel like shit. Trey would only hug me in front of his friends. He would make up lies about us and how we have had sex, but it would come back to me and then we argued. I argued more with him than my mother. I am glad that relationship is over. The fuck am I doing kissing Drake and thinking about Trey. I pulled away and giggled. "Drake your mother is here" I whisper thinking she was in the other room.

"She's not here" He said closing the door behind me and pulling me to the kitchen. "You want something to drink?"

"Umm yeah do you have orange juice?"

"Yep" He poured me a glass. I sipped it and instantly need to pee. I pee when I am nervous. 

"Drake your house is beautiful." I stated taking in the sweet scent. "Umm can I use your bathroom" I cheesed him and he chuckled.

"Yes up the stairs first door on the left"

"Thanks" After using Drakes bathroom. I went down stairs to the kitchen to find Drake not there. "Drake" I called. 

"I am in here" I followed his voice to the living room.

"oh hey" I giggled as he hand me my OJ. I sat on the sofa. 

"Come here" I scooted closer to him. "Come here" I scooted a little closer. My brow rose as he licked his lips. I swear Drake is soo weird! He picked me up with his strong arms and placed me on top of him. I straddle him, he took my drink and placed it on the coffee table. Then he started to nibble on my neck. "Drake"I moaned. Next thing I knew I felt his manhood through his jeans. My eyes widened. "Drake your mother will be home soon" That didn't stop him, his hand on my hips, his tongue in my mouth. I can't. I pulled away and rolled my eyes getting off of him, I sat backed in the sofa sinking in as I drank my juice. 

"What?" Drake asked

"You Know, What?" I sipped my drink. "If you mother walked in and saw us she would think I am a hoe or something." I looked at the tv in front of me, which wasn't even on. I just didn't want to look at Drake. 

"No she won't, She knows I don't get down like that." Drake assured me.

"Mmmhmmm" He stood up and help me up. "Where we going?" I asked. 

"To the basement" he said nonchalantly. I snatched my hand away. 

"I don't think so"

"And why not" 

"Because no one will hear me scream"

"That all you will be doing"

I grasped, and pushed him playfully "Your soo nasty" I smirked

"Oh you like it" 

"No I hate it" I poked his chest "And I hate you"

"oh word you hate me" He licked his lips. 


"Why did you talk to me then?" My eye were wide, mouth open and I was trying not to smile. 
"No I didn't I got pushed into you, then you "Tried" to work you game on me"

"TRIED I got you!"

"nigga please you didn't get me" I said side eyeing him trying not to smile but I was smiling. Smh

"Then why are you my girl!" he smirked.

"I was forced" I laughed. He frowned. I cupped his face with both of my hands and squished his face together "aww don't be upset babe" I peck his lips. He pulled my hand towards the door. 

"Drake I don't want to go down there I've seen the documentary about the girl who went down some boys basement and all they found was her shoes." I said dramatically. He still pulled me down the steps. But when I reached downstair I realise it was a bedroom. I was like the fuck?? 

"Um Drake is this your room?"


"Why did you sleep in your basement" I was curious 

"Because this was the biggest room in the house and I need a room for my studio"

"You have a studio down here?"

"Yeah it around the corner" We walked past the stairs case. 

"Oh that's soo cute" 

"Mum is the best"

"mummy's boy" I pinched his cheek. 

"You know it" i laughed. "Nicki your too beautiful" I Blushed as he  stared at me. 

"Thanks and you're a weird crazy sweet boy"

"Boy? I am a man" I gave him a blank stare. 

"Whatever you say" I rolled my eyes and sat on his bed. "Where's your piano? Lets get this project done" 

"Oh yeah I forgot thats why you came" We walked up the stairs to the living room. The piano magical appeared I swear I didn't see it before. Oh well.

As Drake sang I swear I died a little his voice was amazing, like how am i am supposed to sing with him! I cant I will sound stupid. I sang always ever though I sound stupid sing next to him. We got through the whole song, no mistakes. 

"We sound awesome. If we have to do this for a contest I bet 100 dollars we would win"

"Drake you so crazy" I laughed at him "One more time"

Okay next chapter I am going to talk about drakes mother and Cassie and Safaree date!!!! Next chapter on Thursday!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Good Good

Chapter 12 

Nicki, Amber and Cassie were sitting on Nicki king size bed, in their pyjamas, talking about the day they just shared. " Yo Cassie, Safaree is feeling you like, he gave you his hat!" Nicki exclaimed Cassie smiled looking down, she really thinks he's cute. She hope he calls her tho.  

"Ahhhhhhh she like him!" Amber screamed. Cassie huffed.

"Would you shut up"

"Yep she sooo like him" Amber and Nicki giggled. Cassie rolled her eyes and smiled. 

"Okay, Whatever, Anyway tho! Where this pizza at?" Cassie asked changing the subject. Nicki shrugged. Amber stood up and roamed around the room, until she came across Nicki notepad. 

"Yo Nic so, you're gonna do the talent show then?" Amber holding up the pink papered notepad. Nicki nodded. "Oh that great, did you know that there are going to be scouts there?" Amber was so excited. Nicki laughed at her overly excited friend. 

"Em would you sit you ass down, I don't even think I am go enough to have a scout come up to me" Nicki said nonchalantly playing with her freshly painted nails. 

"Nicki I ain't never heard you but I am looking at the notepad and you got some good shit."Amber said flipping through her notepad. 

"Em would you shut up, I ain't even that excited, geez, like gworl hehe calm it down" Nicki said looking at the design that Cassie was painting on her nails.

" Noo!" Amber whined "I wanna hear a sneak peek of what you have for the audition." 

"Umm I don't think so" Nicki said side eyeing her. 
"Pretty Please with me on top" Nicki rolled her eyes and Cassie giggled, Nicki snatched the Notepad out of Amber's hand, being careful not to smudge her Pink and Black nails. Amber started to jump  in her spot on the bed. Just as Nicki was about to rap her first line of the verse she wrote the door bell rang.

"FOOD!!" Cassie exclaimed. The three girl race down the stairs. Cassie and Amber opened the door while Nicki ran to her Father so she could go and get the money for the pizza's. 

"So what time do you call this" Amber asked with a lot of attitude.    

"I am sorry, there was a mix up with the pizza's" Amber held her hand up telling him to shut up. 

"There better me a new pizza in there!" The pizza guy looked really scared, Cassie had to help him. 

"Amber lay off! He is doing his job." Nicki came back with the money and handed it to the pizza dude then took the pizza. The guy put his hand out, wait for a tip. Amber looked at Cassie and Nicki, before speaking.

"Oh you wanna a tip?" He guy nodded. "Heres a tip."She chuckled. "Use Airwaves" she waved her two finger her nose and winked at him. Then shut the door in his face. Nicki stood there mouth open while Cassie Giggled. 

"Em that was Rude." Nicki said holding her laugh in. 

"WHAT!" she whined "He was late, plus his breath was kicking." Nicki busted out laughing walking up the stairs. 

"I agree Bwahahahaha his stinking up place I heard birds dying" There all laughed hard and ate there pizza. After they ate the pizza, they watched Titanic and cried. Nicki's mother can upstairs after the movie. It was 12:45, "Okay girls in I am off too bed. I made you some jelly" She handed the big bowl of jelly and spoons to Nicki."Don't stay up too late, love you"She kiss they foreheads.

"Love you too mum"

"Love you Mama Maraj" Cassie and Amber said simultaneously. Nicki placed the bowl in the middle of the bed, the girls crossed their legs and sat around it. Nicki was eat really slow trying not to drop the jelly from her spoon. Amber kept dropping the jelly on Nicki's bed. "Amber you savage! Don't you know where you mouth is?"

"Cassie shut up! It just keeps dropping." Amber stated. Then she flicks her spoon of jelly at Cassie. Cassie flicked hers at Amber. Then Amber did. Then Cassie did. Meanwhile Nicki was sitting eating. She thought the food was too good to waste. Next she knew everything was quiet. She looked up with the spoon in her mouth. Cassie and Amber looked at her. 

"What??" Nicki pulling her spoon out."It's too good to waste." Cassie and Amber laughed then flicked the jelly in Nicki's face. Nicki dipped both hands in the bowl then pulled out with a hand full of jelly. "Jelly Fight". Suddenly Caiah ran in. "Jelly Fight?" everyone stopped and looked at him. Then he yelled "JELLY FIGHT!!" 

Jelly was everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE, on the Walls, on the rug, on the hardwood floor, on the bed, in the girls hair (Expect Amber's), on Caiah's pj's EVERYWHERE!! They all laughed "Come on Caiah let's go clean you up," Cassie skipped across the hall with Micaiah. 

"I am going to get clean, real quick." Amber walked in to Nicki's bathroom while Nicki clean up her room. She was almost done cleaning her room all she had to do was her bed, when there was a knock at her balcony door. Nicki was scared she got the base ball bat he dad gave her just in case emergencies. She held the bat with both hands, to her left ear. She hesitantly walked towards the balcony glass door. The person knocked one more time before Nicki pulled back the long White cotton curtains and saw. 

"Drake the fuck are you doing here??" she whispered opening the door. 

"You left the candy for your brother." he said sweetly

"And you couldn't come tomorrow morning?"

"I wanted to see you." Nicki's brow rose."Why are still holding a bat" 

"Because you fucking scared me" She hit him with it until. He caught it in his hand and pulled it off of her before she did real damage. Drake then pulled her closer and kissed Nicki laying her on the bed. She flipped him over. 

Drake pulled away "why is it soo sticky" Nicki chuckled 

"That's what you get for scaring me" Nicki was on top and Drake was on the bottom they traded places LooL. When Cassie and Caiah came in the room. Nicki look up. Cassie covered Caiah's eyes pushing him out. 

"Shit" Nicki cursed. She pushed Drake out the door. Then Amber came out the bathroom "Oh Drake"Amber cheesed "What are doing here?"

"Nothing he is just leaving" Nicki said closing the balcony door be hind her. She help Drake get down before kissed him goodbye. Nicki walked back in her room to see Amber and Cassie with their arms crossed. Nicki smirked walking past the two, so she could finish making her bed. Cassie and Em looked at each other. 

"Did this girl just walk in like nothing happen?" Amber asked already knowing the answer. 

"I think so"Cassie answering 

"Oh Hell Nah!" Amber exclaimed, Nicki huffed and puffed and blew they house door(LooL I am tired).  Then she flopped down on her bed. 

"He came over to bring me Caiah's Candy!" 

"Mmmhmm and get some too" Nicki rolled her eyes at Amber. 

"Y'all I am tired"Nicki said

"Yep he must have worked you too hard!" Cassie said smiling 

Nicki rolled her eyes at Cassie "Would you shut up!!"

"Nooo!!" Cassie replied. 
Nicki got under the covers."Goodnight Girls"

"Goodnight Boo boo" Amber said "Just know we still going to talk in the morning!" She chuckled and walk out the room.

"GoodNight Lemon Square!"Cassie said happily

"Lemon Square??? Bwahahahaha you're too much!! Don't forget to be up at 6:30am soo we can run before breakfast!"

"Yo I live for that time!" Cassie said leaving Nicki's room.

Nicki shook her head. She really wasn't that sleepy, she just didn't want to talk to those crazy girls because they will go on and on about it. She decided to text Drake. 

Hi babe ~Nicki

Hey beautiful, I love seeing your face. ~ Drake

Hehe :) You crazy boy!~Nicki 

Yeah I am crazy about you~Drake

Corny Much *blank stare* lol~Nicki 

LoL wyd?~ Drake 

Laying is bed, falling asleep slowly lol! You?~Nicki 

At Trey's House. My mum ain't at home she gone to week trip with my grandma. She said something about spiritual healing. All I know is that they're have to wear White.~Drake 

LooL! Oh you're at Trey's House....-_- ~Nicki

Oh do you hate him or something?~Drake.
At this point Nicki was fast a sleep. 

I was going to make it long but I am tired and I promised y'all I will post today :/ Part2 on Friday!!!(Tomorrow) xo

Friday, 15 July 2011

Like Em All

Chapter 11

*Nicki house*

"Yo the beach, is going to be great especially because is fucking HoT outside." Amber said taking off her sunglasses 

Cassie was playing with Caiah in his room and Amber and Nicki were in Nicki's room on her bed talking. "So whats going on with you and Cammy?" Nicki asked crossing her legs. 

"I don't even know like, he ..... And we...... I don't know!" Amber shrugged looking down. 

"But y'all be kissing and all that, I don't understand, so what has just asked you out and thats it." Nicki looked so confused, Amber was more confused about relationship. She just shrugged. "Em I know he likes you though" Nicki assured her. 

"It all good, I will find out by the end of today where me and Cameron stand" Em stood up. Cassie walked in. 

"Guys Oh My God, Toy Story is like the best movie in world, No lie" Cassie said smiling. Nicki shook her head. Caiah ran in her room.

"Nicki where you going?" he said in the cutest baby voice ever. 

"to the beach"

"I wanna come pwetty pwease" 

"Sorry boo boo, you can't but I will buy you something, pinky promise" Nicki lifted her pinky and wrapped it around his little finger and kiss on the cheek. Then he ran out saying "Oh Yes works every time"

Cassie and Amber laughed "That cheeky monkey" Nicki rolled her eyes. 

"What time are we supposed to be at the beach?" Cassie asked 

"Umm 5 why?" 
"Omgsh Nic it 4:15, we late!" Cassie said reaching for her bag. Amber did the same and they went to the two guest rooms on either side of Nicki's room. 

All of them were ready at 5. LoL!! Nicki was wearing a baby Pink Bikini and a white  long beach shirt and pink flip flops she looked adorable. Amber was wearing the same thing but her bikini was red with small White poka dots on it, she was also wearing red flip flops and lipstick. We all know that Em loves to wear sunglasses even when it's not sunny! Cassie was wearing a dark blue bikini, with same colour flip flops.She was also wearing the White shirt She was holding a dark blue beach bag. They all decide to take Amber car since it was a blue mini cooper convertible. They hugged Nicki mother goodbye and speeded down to the Beach. 

"Em Imma about to be sick!! If you don't slow down this damn car" Nicki was yelling from the back seat.

"Amber please I don't wanna die today" Cassie said sitting in the passenger seat holding on for dear life. 

"Grandma and Mother, we are almost there" Amber said.

Once Amber parked she got an ear full. "Amber my hair! Oh because you dont have hair you forgot everyone else does!" Cassie joked

"Shut up I have hair" Amber pouted

" Yeah, your hair is so long, it's like half a centimetre, that's soo long" Nicki said getting out the car, laughing, Cassie joined in.

"You wrong for that one" Amber said a little hurt 

"Sorry Em you no I love you" Nicki said linking arms with Cassie and Amber. "Guys I feel really short"

"Thats cause you are" Cassie said stating the obvious.

When they reached the boys, Nicki Hugged her man, Amber did the same and hugged Cameron. Cassie and Safaree stood there, Talk about awkward  moment!! "Oh my bad, Safaree this is Cassie and this Safaree. Say hi to each other then !" 

"Hi Safaree" Cassie was looking in to Safaree eyes.

"Hi Cassie, you're really beautiful,"

"Okay, Well since everyone has meet  we will meet back here just before the sun sets!" Nicki said grabbing Drakes hand. They walked on the sand. Nicki took off her flip flops so that she could feel the sand between her toes. When there were far away from the group they sat on the sand. 

"Nicki Did I tell you that my mum wants to meet you?" Nicki laughed nervously.

"Umm No you didnt why does she wanna meet me?"

"Because you're my Girlfriend," Drake side eyed her. 

"Um okay, when did I get to meet her?" Nicki knew this was a very big step, meeting your boyfriends parent is always a big thing. Nicki wasn't sure if she was ready for that yet. 

"Sunday!" drake simply answered 

"Sunday! That's the day after tomorrow." Nicki exclaimed everyone on the beach turned and looked at her. Drake Laughed as Nicki went red. 

"Yeah, is there a problem with Sunday?"

"Umm No, I was supposed to come to your house  that day anyway" Nicki looked at the blue sky, "Let's go to a candy store real quick?" Drake nodded helping Nicki up.

*with Safaree & Cassie*

"So tell me something about yourself, beautiful." Safaree and Cassie where walking on the shore. The part of the beach they were at, there was hardly anyone there. 

"What do you what to know?" Cassie asked playing with her fingers.


"Um well I sing, dance and act."

"Oh word? So you got that triple threat, thing going on" Cassie laughed

"Yeah you can say that, Okay Safaree, tell me something about yourself," 

"Well there nothing to tell" Safaree said walking on to the sand and sitting down. 

"Come one thing, like how did you meet Nicki?"

"Umm we lived on the same block in New York and I meet her though a friend, when i was 10 and we have been friends ever since." 

"Oh cool, Safaree why are you wear a hat?" Cassie laughed 

"Because I like hats"

"What would you do it I took your hat?" Cassie smirked.

"Do it and you will find out" Cassie laughed and took his hat and placed it on her head. Safaree chased her. He finally caught her after 5 minutes, he grabbed her by her waist, Cassie laughed. As he pulled her back he fell and pull her down. 
They both laughed. Then stopped and looked into each others eyes. Safaree leaned in closer, Cassie spoke, "Um we should be get back, the Sun is about to set." Safaree nodded. Cassie wore his hat back, Safaree put his arm around her.

*With Cameron and Amber*

Amber and Cameron couldn't be bother to move so they stayed in the same spot. Amber was lying on her beach towel trying to caught some sun. Cameron was sitting up, on his blackberry, every once in a while he would stare at Amber's body. 

"Cam quit starring at me" Cameron looked at his phone. 

"Girl, I wasn't starring!" amber sat up 

"Yes you was, but it's cool," she laid her head down in his lap and looked up at him. "Cameron, what am I to you because if I am nothing to you, then what are we doing, because I am very confused. I want a title."

"Amber I really like you, I am just not good at this whole boyfriend,  girlfriend thing." 

"I like you too Cam but this has been going on for like 2weeks and all we do is fuck." Cameron looked at her straight in the eye. 

"Amber I really do like you, and I want you to be my girl," he pecked her lips. 

" I would love to be your girl!" As Amber said Cassie and Safaree walked hand in hand towards them. They looked too cute. Safaree dap Cameron, they were kinda cool, you know when the girls came late they got to talking. Safaree sat on the sand pulling Cassie to sit on his lap. Cassie made a face at Amber, you know the face when you puzzled but you like what is going on, Amber raised he brow and smiled.  Drake and Nicki walked towards the group. 

"Hi y'all" Nicki said slowly 

"Nicki is always the last one," Safaree teased.

"Safaree Shut up" She said sitting down, put Drake arms around her. The 6 just sat I silence watching the radiant sun set with colours on red, orange, and a hint of purple, Nicki kissed drake, really setting the mood of an romantic feel to it. She pulled away resting her head on Drake's shoulder. All the girls were comfortable on they men, but what they didn't realise was what the boys had a plan. Drake, Faree & Cam nodded to proceed with the plan. 

The boys quickly carried the girls. 

"The Fuck Drake put me down" Nicki shouted while Cassie and Amber screamed. Drake just laughed. Nicki was screaming at drake until they reached the sea. "Oh My  God Drake I can't swim," Nicki was getting really scared now. 

"No Safaree you wouldn't" Cassie said scared. 

"Oh but I would" Safaree smiled evilly before throwing Cassie in the sea. 

"Guess What Amber its your turn" Cameron said in a sing song way

"Cameron don't you DARE!!!" by the time Amber said last word she was already in the sea. 

"Omgsh Drake you throw me in I will not spoke to you!" Nicki joked. 

"Ok" Drake tried to throw her but she held on tightly to his neck. 

"Seriously Drake I can't swim please don't" 

Drake put her down, "Baby don't worry one day Imma teach you how to swim" He pecked her lips.

"Oh brah the planning was going good! Why you gotta back out? I see me and Cameron are the only coons here!" Safaree said giving Cameron a dap. 

"Safaree shut up, my baby just loves me too much, to do that to me" Nicki kissed Drake.

"Aye Aye cut the mushy lovey dovey shit out, the Coons run this!"

"Safaree shut up" Cassie and Amber  walked out of the water, Cassie grabbed Safaree hand while Amber jumped on Cam's back.

"Safaree you was in my good books but now I hate you." Cassie joked poking him in the chest playfully as they all strolled back to they spot on the beach. Cassie wrapped herself up in her beach towel, Safaree pulled her towards him, hugging her tiny waist as she had her back to him. 

Cassie POV

Safaree is fine! Oh My God I am going to kiss Nicki for setting me up with him. His arms were around me, I love it. I could feel Amber and Nicki  starring at us. 

"Don't hate me pretty mama," he whisper in my ear. Ugh why is he so cute! "Okay will you like me again if I give you my hat?" he asked. 

"Oh My Safaree most like you girl! He don't ever take off his hat and gives is to just anybody" I smiled leaning my head back on his shoulders starring into his beautiful brown eyes. I bit the corner bottom lip, before putting his hat on my head. 

After an hour of standing there watching the sun set we decide to leave the beach since Nicki and I were kinda  of hungry and tired. Safaree walked me back to the Amber car. I lean back on the hood on the car, Safaree was standing inbetween my legs. 

"I guess I gonna go" I said a little because he hasn't asked for my number. 

"I know but don't be sad pretty mama I will call you"

"But you ain't got my number to call me" I poked him

"I was going to ask you" he said making me giggle. 

"sure you" He licked his lips and leaned in to kiss me, but I turn giving him my cheek. 

"Sorry I dont kiss on the first date." I giggled

"This isn't our first date" I was so confused I was sure this was the first time I met him. 

"What?" I responded 

"Yeah we met some time before"

"Oh word, where?"

"In a different life"

"Safaree Shut up, okay, you're so stupid" I pushed him playfully. Amber was pushing the horn telling me to hurry up while I put my number in his phone. He better call me.
Safaree POV

Okay so y'all are probably wondering, why am I on a date when I like Nicki, but I figured that me trying get her to like me the way I like her is just impossible. Its time for me to grow up plus she seem happy with drake and I am not got to take her happiest for my own desires. Cassie is was pretty and has a great personality so, imma get to know her a little better.

Sorry Guys it took long than expected but I had work this week -___- soooo yeah! Love yalls baby picture y'all are soo adorable!!!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

One You Call

Chapter 10

"So You don't listen!! Did you not get the hint when I said I am not interested!" it was after school on Thursday Nicki was shouting at Drake in the school parking lot.

Let's recap shall we, okay last chapter Drake decide to sign Nicki up for the Talent Show. He did even tell her afterwards, so he is like in double shit!!! Thursday came and there was a WHOLE school assembly. Amber had to read out the names. Where Nicki's name got called she had to walk up on stage along with the other people.She was beyond embarrassed. She knew Drake signed her up because he's the only one that know she raps. So yeah let get back to the story.

"Actually you said maybe," Drake corrected her.

"Will if I didn't sign my name up then I didn't want to do it!" Nicki got in the car, so did Drake. She was soo pissed off.

"Nic this is a great opitunity for you, they will be scouts they, teachers from all different departs" Nicki actually didn't want to hear drake voice.

"Drake just drive me home" drake did what he was told and drove her home. The whole way to Nicki's house it was so silent. When they reached her house. Nicki took off seat belt so fast and was about to open the door to get out of the car, but he took her hand.

"Let go of me" she said coldly at Drake.

"Come on Nic, you can't be mad at me forever!!" he let go of her hand and held her chin up using just his thumb and index finger. He rested his forehead on hers. But Nicki didn't fall into his trap.

"Really, just watch me" she opened the door without looking, she was starring at Drake but not in to his eyes.

"I would love too! Your kinda sexy when your angry" Drake licked his lips

Nicki rolled her eyes "Ugh! Don't pick me up tomorrow if this how you're gonna......." Drake cut her off with his lips. Nicki pushed him off with both of her hands "Ugh Drake, what is wrong with you today, you're acting like a real jerk!" Nicki pick up her bag and got out the car.

Once Nicki got in the house, she went straight to her room. 'Ugh, Drake is acting like a jerk, he cant even say sorry, and he wants a kiss from these lips, Uh Uh I don't think so' she thought. "That Nigga done lost his mind" she said out loud.

After she had finished all the homework from this week, she decided to call Amber.

"Hey Em what's up?" Nicki sounded really sad

"Hi, nothing I am just at Cameron's house, doing homework, you sound upset, what up mami?"

"Oh nothing Drake was just being a jerk today, he made my mood go down!"

"I saw your face when I asked you to come on stage. Does it have something to do with that?"

"Yeah, it does, but enough of that! Are you ready for our triple DATE tomorrow?" She said jumping up and down.

"ONIKA IF YOU DON'T STOP JUMPING ON THAT BED!!" Nicki's mother shouted for down stair, Nicki instantly sat down.

"Bwahahahahahahahaha I love your mum, you are soo crazy"

"No I am just extraterrestrial." Nicki Like that word so she jumped over her bed to her desk and wrote down couple lines, while Amber was still talking on speaker.

"Em I will talk to you later, I keep getting incoming calls okay?"

"Okay Camron getting a little impatient"

"Oh Tell him I said sorry and he can have his women back now" Nicki laughed hanging up.

Drake keeps calling Nicki, Nicki kept ignoring Drakes calls, she wasn't in the mood to talk to him, she knew she would shout at him. Even though she was over it, and now that Drake signed her up she kinda want to do it. She was just really pissed off at him.

"Onika dinner is ready."

"Okay Mummy I will be right there," Nicki put her phone on her desk. She ran downstairs because she was hungry, and she could smell something good.

When she had finished eating dinner, she helped her mother, wash the dishes. She played with Caiah, until he fell asleep. She carried him to he room, laid him down on his car shaped bed. She kissed his little forehead before leaving his room and closing his door just a little. She said good night to her parents and took a shower, before getting into her pink pyjamas. She look a her phone 30 missed calls and 3voicemails. All from.... Yes you guessed it Drake.

Voicemail 1: "Nicki why are you acting this wait, your acting as if you have to go it audiotion. You dont have to go!!!!"

Voicemail2: "Okay Okay I admit I was wrong for putting your name down and not telling you afterwards. But your acting like a baby!!Its a good opportunity." Nicki rolled her eyes

But Voicemail3 was Cassie: "Nicki you better sort your man, he keeps calling me say I should talk to you!"

"Drake is fucking getting on my last nerves, I can't deal with this right now" Nicki said to herself. Nicki said her pray and drafted off to sleep.

The next morning Nicki woke up to see her mother standing a the end of the bed and 'Boy is Mine' by Monica and Brandy playing from her stereo. "Morning mummy"

"Good morning baby, I am going food shopping for your sleepover tonight is anyone allergic to anything?"

"No mum don't waste money, we will order a pizza for tonight and tomorrow we are just gonna eat breakfast, workout and plan Drake's birthday" she said getting up out of bed and making it. Her mother nodded and left the room so Nicki could get ready for school.

Nicki did the usual things in the morning, danced in her walk in closet search for clothes, sang in the shower, hopped into her outfit, ran down the stairs, hugged her parents, teased baby Caiah a lit bit and ate at the breakfast table. Nicki put on her Pink knee high boots, grabbed her keys and her duffel bag, headed out the front saying au revoir to her family.

She step outside to drake sitting on his car.

"Good Morning" she ignored him and walked to her car. She unlocked it with her key and put her duffel in the back.

"Nicki you still mad" She wanted to answer but did want to start an argument in her parents drive way. So she just opened her car door. Drake ran over to the other side and jumped in Nicki car.

"Gotdamn It Drake!!" Nicki exclaimed

"Good Morning to you too"

"Drake I woke up in such a good mood, can you just not act like a jerk and get out my car."

"Are you still mad at me?" he said innocently

"If you must know YES now get out!" Nicki was getting frustrated

"Come Nicki I said sorry"

"Nigga if you don't get out my car I will...."

Drake cut her off "you will what?!?!"

"Drake please I am not mood to argue with you right now, can you just get out?!" Drake ignored what she said and sat back on his seat. Nicki got out her range rover, slammed the door. Got her bag out the back, and walked. She need the exercise anyway. As she walked Drake pulled up to her, he wined down the window and drove slowly.

"Nicki I can't believe your still mad at me...." He blabbed on and he push Nicki button by his choice of words "Nicki your acting like a baby, you don't have to do it"

Nicki stopped walking "Drake! Its to early in the morning for this! I don't fucking appreciate you calling me names. I don't like this side of you, Why are you calling me all these names? You are hurting my feelings and it's no cool Drake. You make me so mad." Nicki was in the verge of tear he can hear it in her voice. Drake got out his car and hugged Nicki.

"Sorry Nicki, I get angry and forget who I am talking to. I don't mean to disrespect you in any way! I am so sorry for signing your name up and not telling you!" He hugged her tighter. Nicki loved having Drakes strong arms around her, she felt safe, protected, on top of the world. She knew she didn't have the power to break up with him, he puts a spell on her when ever he, hugs her, kisses her, looks in to her eyes. She goes into robot form and ends up forgiving him or she just goes in to a trance. "Nicki do you forgive me" Drake looked into her big brown eyes.

"Yes I wasn't really mad I was just upset, and now I actually want to do the audition" Nicki was smile show Drake her dimples.

"Nic I love that smile," Nicki blushed looking down at her feet. Drake lifed her head with his fingers "I love you" After a moment of hugging Nicki and Drake speeded to school. They got to they classes just on time.

Nicki POV:

Em, Cass and I all had a free period. Em decided to do some studying on a bench in front of the school, while me and Cassie were on the grass, which was not my idea.-_-

"So Amber is driving us back to my house back i came to school with Drake"

"Okay, what happen last night with you and Mr Graham, he was like texting me asking to talk to you,"

"Oh I wasn't talking to him because he was acting like a jerk but we are good now."

"Okay cool," She sip a little bit of her milkshake then spoke again "Nic I am soo scared what if the mystery dude don't like me?" Amber giggled

"Em are we distracting you" I smirked she shook her head lol "Cassie do you know how beautiful you are Safaree is going to love you, trust me."

Oh by the way Esther told me she forgot to tell her lovely's that Safaree is Cassie blind date. Esther has a very bad memory that girl is soo silly. Hahaha. Anyway back to the story.

Cassie nodded and we got up to go to our next period with was Gym. The way I hate Gym, but today I am actual looking forward to it because I have exercise in like 3 weeks. I have a fat belly :(

*At Lunch*

Today was such a beautiful day, we decided to get food from the vending machines and eat outside. I decided to give Cameron a Nickname, I call him Cammy, lol! Drake had a fruit bowl, his mum gave him. He started to feed me lol! He us soo cute.

"Nicki you have something on your cheek," I brushed both of my cheeks with the palm of my hand.

"Is it gone?"

"Umm well not yet, I will take it off." Drake leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek.

"was there even anything on my cheek?"

"Yes my lips," he laughed and throw a grape at his head. I laughed.

I turned to look at Amber and Cassie, Amber and Cammy where lip locked, yuk!!! And Cassie reading a book.

"Yo Em aint nobody what to see that Ch!" I rolled my eyes. Cassie giggled

"Gwooooorl" I rolled my eyes again. Then I got up, climbed on top of Cassie and pushed her down so that she was lying down and I grabbed her book.
"whatcha doing?"

"lying down,"

"hahaha GET OFF ME"

Drake spoke "Hey how comes you never do that to me?"

"In due time baby in due time" I bite my bottom lip and turned back to Cassie.

"You Lesbian!!!" she laughed

"How did you did you know?" I asked in a loud whisper.

"Omg y'all always leave me out, I told y'all last time, Let's have Minaj" Amber sat on Cassie vig jay jay. I laughed and soo did Cassie

"Get off me!!!! Why am I also at the bottom."

"Because you enjoy are three- somes the most" I laughed at what Em just said.

"Drake and Cameron GET YOUR WOMEN OFF ME!!!" I laughed, so hard (Pauz) as Drake carried me off and I wrapped my legs around his waist and he cupped my backside. I kissed him, then we started to tongue wrestle. I pulled back and smiled.

"You can put me down now," I informed him. When Drake put me down, I remember something about the Triple Date tonight " Yo guys for the date tonight we are going to the beach," everyone nodded just as the bell rang. Next period was Singing, yes I love my teacher, Ms Palmer.

*In Class*

"Class, I am going to pick random people and you have to work on a song together. Let start. Cassie and Omarion, Sarah and Chris, Etana and Miguel, Jhene and Arran" She went on until she reached my name. "Nicki and .......... Oh Nicki and Drake" oh yes I am with my baby I smiled at drake who was across the classroom but he still caught my eye and smiled back. Ms Sundance finish pairing people up and was now giving out songs. "Drake and Nicki you are doing one of the hardest songs 'Endless Love' good luck" Okay this is going to be fun, we have two lesson to practice, and I already know all the words to the song. Drake walked over to me.

"Okay I already on all the words to this song," He said

"Same, this should be a piece of cake,"

"Because I am working with the person who is my Endless Love" I blushed

"You so corny,"

"Yeah I have been told before" he chuckled "Sure we practice on Sunday?"

"Umm I can do 4ish"

"Yeah okay my house."


Omgsh Guy let me just tell you that chapter took me two weeks to write. Ugh!!! Usually I write like two chapters every week. It was soo frustrating !!!! S/o to my sisters @TeamMINAJ_PYB & @MINAJ_Believer there got to see Nicki last night which is so amazing!!!!! Love you Guyz