Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Almost Love

Chapter 13 

Drake went down stairs to his room to get something he wanted to show me, he left his phone and I am a bored indivuial. I started taking pictures of myself on his Blackberry. Next thing I knew I heard a key turning. Shit Drake's mother I forgot about Drake's mother. Okay now I really need to pee. I raced upstairs to use the bathroom. 

"We are home!" She yelled I heard Drake say Hey. I came downstair when I was done. 

"I was looking for you" he tapped my nose with his finger. I smiled. "Mum this is my beautiful girlfriend Nicki Maraj. Nicki this my rock Ms Sandy Graham." Drake introduced us. I put out my hand. 

"Honey I don't do hand shakes, come here and give me some sugar." I walk over to her and hugged her. She is just so sweet and short.lol "Its nice to finally meet the girl that have been putting a smile on my son face" I pulled back side eyeing Drake.

"Its nice too meet you to Ms Sandy. Your so beautiful." 

"Not as pretty as yourself." I blushed and heard a fake cough, I look in the direction it was coming from. I saw an old lady standing there. 

"Oh Nicki this is my weird crazy funny Grandma who I love very much." I hugged her. 

"Aubrey she is beautiful, I thought you was too ugly to be getting pretty girl." I laughed so hard, drake frowned giving his grandmother the evils. 

"Ok I am going to take my bag to my room." Ms Sandy said. No one said anything until she closed her bedroom door. 

"Here you go Grandma" he handed her a chocolate bar. 

"Thank you" She dropped it in her purse. "This is the best grandson in the world" I laughed because I was confused.

"Why are y'all in the hall way still?" Drake's mother asked. We all walked into the living room. "Shall we go out to eat because I am too tired to cook" 

"Ok let's go to that new place called Rosa Bella's. I think it's Italian." his mother nodded "Let me go get changed"

As soon drake left, I was scared but I didnt let them see it. 

"How was your spiritual retreat?"I asked sweetly 

"Oh it was amazing. It really cleanses your soul. There is one before Christmas you and your mother have to come with us." she smiled "You will love it"

"I will make sure to tell her" I smiled back 

"Nicki do you wanna see baby pictures?" she said randomly, as soon as I gave her the ok. She run over to me and brought out the baby album that had the letter A on it."That's Aubrey when he was 7mouths, I took him to a baby photographer because he just looked so cute." We flip through the pages. "Thats when he was 5 and I told him he couldn't get ice-cream but his dad bought it for him anyways." 

"Where is his dad?" I asked

"In Canada, we are divorced and Aubrey only see him sometimes" I nodded. Oh I didn't know that it must be hard not have a male figure in his life all the time. " Nicki," she began "Aubrey thinks I am embarrassing, do think I am?"
I shook my head. "Do you wanna see naked picture" I laughed. Ms Sandy is crazy. Drake must've heard his mother because he ran in snatching the album from her. 

"Mum I told you don't do anything embarrassing" he put the album away. 

"I wasn't, Nicki was I doing anything embrassring?" I was still laughing but I still shook my head. "Seeee!"

"Whatever shall we?" Drake said 
"We shall!" I replied 

"I am driving"

"Then I am sitting in the back" Ms Sandy stated

"Me too" his Grandma agreed 

"Mum it was two year ago let it go" Drake laughed. Me equals confused.com

"Never!" On that note we all got in the car. 

"Drake what did you do that your mama and your grandmother ain't sitting in the front?"


"Girl he got in a car accident when he was 16 and Sandy was in the front. But it was a minor accident. Everyone was fine." His Grandma informed me. 

"Oh so why am I in the front" I laughed when Drake frowned. 

Dinner was too funny Drake Grandmother, the weirdest women I have ever met. I love her. His mother was so sweet to me, now I know why he loves his family so much. I hope they like me. I didn't talk much they kept making me laugh. 
Right now I am watching a movie with ma famillie. I was sitting with my feet on the sofa with my Dad's arm around me. I wasn't watching the stupid movie. I was on my phone. Drake texted me on Friday night and it now Sunday evening. LooL. Oh well, he asked me if I like Trey?!? I am just going to ignore that question. 

So do you think your family like me~Nicki 

Uh yeah they love you~drake 

Really?? Wow~Nicki

Yep!!! I really hope you did see any naked pictures of me -__-~Drake 

Lmao No I didnt!!! Lol your mama is adorable and so is you Grandma~Nicki

Thanks they're soooo CRAZY tho~ Drake 

And that's why I love them :).... Drake??~Nicki 

Yea babe???~Drake 

Why did you give your grandmother chocolate? ^__-~Nicki 

Well my mom told her that she can't have it anymore but for the past two years I have been sneakily giving it to her! LoL I haven't got caught because Im gangsta like that ~ Drake 

Omgsh That has got to be the funniest thing ever!! You thinking  you're gangsta! White boy plsssss LMFAO~Nicki 
I am gangsta!!!~Drake 

Whatever you say...……….… White boy lol~Nicki 

K. Nic am I picking up for school tomorrow? ~ Drake 

Nope don't worry I will come in my car~Nicki 

Ok! What you doing? ~ Drake 

"Nothing, everyone is was a movie but me I am texting you. :T~Nicki 

When I am with you my world blossoms~Drake 

Awwwwwwwww that's so sweet but Random!~Nicki 
I was just saying what's in my heart~drake 

Corny Much! LoL~Nicki


Boo boo wyd?~Nicki

I am at the hospital~Drake

Oh my I wonder what happen I just left his house!! It's like 9pm. Why is he there. 

Why? what happened?? Are you ok~Nicki 

Babe I am fine my mom's friend just had a baby! :-) ~Drake

Oh! Boy or Girl???~Nicki 

Girl! Her name is Michea-Jade ~Drake 

Aw that's cute. Drake how many baby do you think we will have?~Nicki 

Two one of each~drake 

LooL Yes the boy first then girl! Hehe~Nicki 

AubreyJr and Lil nika! =] ~Drake 

Ahaha yes!!! Caiah fell asleep gtg put him in bed. Talk to you tmr~Nicki 

Okay tell everyone I said Hey! ;) I love you BTW I love the pics you took on my fone LooL your so beautiful :) New Home Screen!!! ~Drake 

I hate it went Drake says 'I love you' it make me feel like I have to say it back. I don't like him and I don't love him all I can say is that it's almost love. I get a rush more than a crush. 
I laid Caiah down in his bed. I went to my room and picked out clothes for tomorrow. I text Em and Cass saying 'Three Way'

"Hello Guyz I need help"I pouted 

"Whats wrong mami?" Amber asked 

"I am scared to say the L word. Like I want too say it but mouth won't let it out, Pauz! I like get really high every time I think about us. Just the other day I was sitting there think about Drake and my mama told me to wipe my smile off my face I look like the joka! I didn't even know I was smiling. Like, even though Drake and I talk and see each other everyday I still can't get enough!" I buried my head in my pillow "Help Me"

"Ok what L word are we talking about" Cassie asked with a blocked nose. I rolled my eyes

"Nicki if I was you I would just tell him, the way you feel. I mean he's already said it to you, so it shouldn't be this hard" Amber advised me 

"True thanks Amber you always know what to say" 

"What L word??"Cassie Repeated. 

"What do you think it is?" I said rolling my eyes 

"Listen Onika I am dying slowly and you are in my ear chatting the most bullshit!" Cassie rambled on 

"Firstly Cassandra you are not dying you have the flu! Secondly the word is L.O.V.E!! You happy now" I shout down the phone.

"If you most know no I am not happy and I am dying!!" i rolled my eyes for the hundredth time "Nicki" she whined 


"Bring my some chicken soup please" 

"At 10o clock in the night, you done lost your mind!"

"Please I am dying"

"Stop saying that! Fine I will be the in 30mins okay?"

She sniffed "Okay! Bye Barbie Bye Baldy!!!" I giggle and Amber gasped. 

"Em you still there?"

"Yep yep"

"Stay on the phone please. Soo where you at?" I asked because I could hear guy in the background. 

"Umm its 10:05 on a school night where the fuck do you think I am? I am at home you nincompoop!"

I huffed "Who you with?" 

"My brother TJ, he asked me to help him with some maths."

"Oh Em so you think I should tell him?"

"I can't tell you that, if your not ready, all I can say is follow your heart." 

"Wow Em I really need to jump on you more often" 

"I know right," she exclaimed.

"Is it weird that I have never said 
'I love you' to any guy before, like I was in a relationship for a whole year I didn't say it once. But then again Trey was a prick and he did me dirty. But with Drake, it just feel like ..... You know....."I trailed off 

Amber finished off my sentence "He is the one."

"Yes" I said in a low tone. 

"Well if you feel he is the one, go for it."

"But Em don't you think I am too young to be thinking about Drake being my Mr Right?" 

"Well thats up to you! Do you think your too young?" Amber question me, I hesitated to answer. 

"Umm no" I said shyly 

"Well all I am going to say is life is too short. So tell him because you don't what tomorrow may bring." And this is why I love Amber!!!!!!!!!!! 

"You know what I am so dry humping you tomorrow FACT!!" she laughed "Thanks Em I love you sis Good Night!"

"Okay Good luck! Tell Cassie that I have hair" I take my phone from my ear and gave it a disgusted look "And her I said I hope she feels better! Good night love!"

"Okay muaaaaah" I hung up. 

Once I was finished making the soup, I ran upstairs to going and get Oscar and Eleanor, there are my babies and only talk to me when the are near my boobs. I only drive in the night when they are sitting in the passenger seat.
I reached Cassie house, her mama opened the door for me, she took me to Cassie's room.  I probably look crazy I was wear a cheetah print head scarf, pink pyjama top, cheetah print bottoms, pink fluffy slippers, baby pink long cardigan than came down to my knees and two monkey's swinging from my arms. 

"Hey Cass you okay?" I walked in my wifey looked dead, she was so pale. She was wrapped up in blankets and she had a fever. 

"No" she said soo weakly. I put the chicken soup on the dresser. 

"Cassie get up." 

"No where's the chicken soup" 

"You will get it, when you do what I say!" I told her, she got up slowly. 

"Nicki I really don't feel well, I feel weak" 

"Do say that the fly bugs in your body will hear you, and that will mean they won! Now go talk a hot shower, let you body relax. I will take these blankets to the laundry room and get up new ones. I will change you bed and you change into some fresh clothes. Okay?" She nodded. 

Once I had finished, Cassie came out of her bathroom, looking a little bit better, she hopped in to bed.
"How do you feel now" 

"A lot better like I don't think I am going to die now, but I still feel sick." She half smiled. 

"Okay here's your soup," I handed it to her. 

"Thanks Nicki, you are the bestest friend a girl could ask for," Her voice was cracking. 

"No biggie, I see you voice is going. I guess I will just ask Safaree how your date went." She smiled when I mentioned Safaree's name. "I am going to go now, it like 11o'clock, I have school in the morning. I will call you tomorrow after school." I opened the window just a little bit to let fresh air in. 

"Thanks again Nicki. Love you girl." 

"Your Welcome babe. Good Night" I picked up my babies (Oscky and Ellen) and closed Cassie door. 

I said Good Night to her parents. 

"Thank you so much Nicki drive safely my dear" her mother said to me in her thick accent. 
"Good Night" her dad said. I hugged both of them and left. As soon as I got home I went straight to bed. I said my prayers and drifted off to sleep. 
I woke up with out an alarm, I just got up. Weird. It was 6am. Wow Early! "Thank you God for any day added to my life." I finished getting ready at around 7:30. I decide to make breakfast for the family just because I am a perfect little angel. 
I made sunny side up eggs, toast, fresh orange juice and a big bowl of fresh fruit. 

"What is this Onika Tanya Maraj making breakfast?" My dad said as if I have never made breakfast before I just gave him a blank stare. 

"I cook" Defending myself

"Not since we've been here you haven't" I pouted and he kissed my forehead. 

Once Mama and lamb chop came down stairs we all ate, and I asked if Safaree could come over after school, and they approved. 

*In Home Room* 

Omarion came up to me and Em and we laughed "Hey Omarie" I said as he sat in Cassie seat. 

"Hey Shawty and White chocolate you got a man yet" I giggle this nigga thinks he has game. 

"Omarion don't not call me that, Ugh!!"Amber said as He licked he's lips. 

"I'm just playing"

"I know you are that's why I didn't kick your ass" 

"Sup Nicki, you know your my sister right?"he said

"I am?"I giggled


"Omarion don't you want me to help you find some friends" Amber said 

"No I have friends" he frowned

"Okay go to them then!"

"You know what I will!" he got up. We laughed as he walk right into the door. 5minutes later he came back with Shad. 

"Hey sis and White chocolate!" Omarion greeted us 

"Hey Shawties"Shad said 

"Hey guys"I greeted

"Yo Nic I heard you performing at the talent show!" Shad said 

"I don't know if I will get through"

"See you just gotta be confident like me that how I get a rep around here!!" Shad popped his collar. 

"Bwahahahaha what rep??" Amber laughed then I did. 

"No no Em his got a rep of being cocky." I Laughed

"But that's how I get the ladies" shad said as I raised my eyebrow. 

"Why you think you cute?" I asked 

"Why you think I'm not" I gave him a stank look and rolled my eyes. Drake and Cammy walked in talking about something, I don't know what about because the stopped when they saw the four of us. Shad and Omarie dapped the boys and walked to their seats.

"Hey babe" I leaned of my table and pecked his lips.

"Mmmmm hey beautiful" Drake said I giggled. 

"Hey Amber Rose, You are beautiful like a Rose." Cameron complimented her. 

"Are you high?" I laughed. Cammy frowned  

I hit Amber's arm "Em that was rude he was being sweet"

"Corny" I shook my head. "Im sorry what's boo." she kissed him.

*At Lunch*

"Drake can I talk to you?"

"Sure" he got up from the lunch table, he followed me out the cafeteria, I could feel him watching my ass.  "What's popping Lil mama" i gave him a stank look. "What" I think his realised I had something important to tell him. 

"Drake, Everyday I go home I can't wait to see You the next day you are on my mind 24-7. Sometimes its just too much. At night I wish you was with me. When you hold me I feel safe." I paused oh my God I am going to say it. "I love you"

"Nicki you know I love you and always will, you're everything to me. When we kiss I fall in love with you again. I am in love with you." As Drake said that I melted. 

"I love you"I said again

"I love you too" We kissed but this wasn't know ordinary passionate kiss, this one was special, and if the bell didn't I swear Drake and I would have been there for a good 10minutes. 

*Spainish Class* 

"Yo Nic come over here!" Amber said. I walked across the class room. "Um I am going to Cassie house after school wanna come?"

"Sorry I can't Safaree is coming to my house." 

"Okay then just call me when he goes, I wanna know what happened!" 

"With What??" The teachers walked by. "Mi Casa es tu Casa" 

"Gracias" once he was far enough, they went back to there conversation " You and Drake"

"Oh yeah for sure" 

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