Friday, 22 July 2011

Good Good Part 2


*Next Morning*

Nicki POV 

It was like 6:15 and I was ready for my 2hour run with the girls before breakfast. I was wear Adidas tank top and matching Adidas sport legging, my hair was in a ponytail, bangs out. Drake texted me and I most have fell asleep. I will check it later. I grabbed my iPod and headed to Cassie's room, she wasn't there. Then I went to Em's room and she was there either. I walked down stairs quietly because I didn't want to wake Caiah. Cassie and Em were in the kitchen getting a bottle of water, Cassie past me one. "Good Morning" I greeted to the two. Cassie and Amber said the same back. They look so tired. I had to laugh. Cassie was wear a Nike sports jacket that was zipped down, Nike jogster and a crop tank top. Amber was wear Nike tank top and matching cuffed capris 

Okay soo I got my earphones in, jogging along to 'No More' by 3LW. Amber stopped after 20minute. "Ugh 20minutes, amber Really" I gave her a what the fuck look. 

"Don't give me that face!" she mimicked my face " I power walk I dont do jogging!" 

"Okay let do that and then get into jogging." Cassie was in her own world still running. I caught up to her and smacked her butt. 

"Umm Owww" Cassie stopped running, rubbing her behind then she pulled out her earphones. 

"Cass we are going to walk. Until we reach the top of the hill." she nodded. "So Em what's up with you and Cam?" 

"Well I'm his girlfriend now" Amber said smiling and looking at her nails.

We jumped up and down holding hand. "It's official bang the pistol!" I sang, we giggled and carried on walking. 

"BTW your audition is on Wednesday." Amber told me. 

"Oh you speak I.M! OMG! Yep yep I already know!"I said

"I am soo coming to watch you Nic!"

"Yeah I am going to be the judge I will try and sneak you in Cass okay? Amber said. 

"Koolio" Cassie responded. 

After the run down the hill, we made it home in time to take a shower and eat breakfast. My legs are sore! When we got to the top of the hill Amber made us do different exercises and stretches. Note to self NEVER  GO JOGGING WITH AMBER! Sitting at the breakfast table with Amber, Cassie and my lamb chop. I was eating my last piece of fruit when Caiah said.

"Onika who was that boy you was on top of last night" I choked on a piece of mango. Amber covered his mouth as Cassie pat my back.

"What boy!" My dad Said raising his voice. I look everywhere but at him. Then I look at Amber for some help. "Onika I asked you a question"

"Um Mr Maraj, Cassie and Nicki have this project for their drama class. Caiah thought he saw a boy but it was me" Amber said pointing at her hair. I cheesed at my dad then Amber thanking her with it. When I was done I pulled the girls upstairs to my room so we can talk about Drakes b-day beach party. 

"Thank you Em"

"NP" I laughed. 

"Okay shall we get started because I have a family gathering at 12" Cassie look at her watch. 

"Um let's talk location" I said getting my laptop from the desk, and sitting in the beanbag near the window, while Cassie and em sat opposite me on the pink love seat.

"Umm Nicki its at a beach!" Cassie said it like I was stupid.

"I knooow! But what  beach?" 

"Venice" Cassie suggested

"With what money" That girl done lost her mind! Thinking of the most expensive beach I shook my head. 

"Newport Beach, is good my Uncle used here for his party last year" Cassie told us nodded her head as she said every word. Amber laughed

"Okay so invite!!" I simply said

"Girl just make an invitation and send it to everybody, as for food.. Caterer is all I have to say." Amber said. "We done"

"Yep"I said as Cassie phone started to ring. 

"Hello?" she rolled her eyes and giggled "Oh Hey Safaree, that's not cute" She smiled and walked out the room. Em and I smiled at her as she came back in the room. 

"What?" she asked but she knew what was up!

"Um Safaree? Girl you better start talking" Amber said what I was thinking 

"We are just going to go out to dinner tonight!" Amber and I screamed. 

"Well done Nicki"I pat myself on the back and Cassie jumped on me. Thank God I put my laptop down. 

"Guys" we turned to a pouting amber. 

"Amber why you always want some from us, like this my wifey like you always trying to get in the middle of us." I said looking at her up and down. 

*Sunday after Church*

Omg i am so fucking nervous, I am going to meet Drake mother. Shit I am shitting myself standing at his door. Fuck! I knocked on the door. Ready to meet Drakes mother. Drake open the door.

"Hey" I said holding my hand up and wiggling my finger. He pulled me into him by my hand and kissed me. I can say his arms and lips made me feel more comfortable, calm, you know like I forget all my worries. I swear Drake is the only boy that makes me feel safe. Trey never did that. Man I wasted a whole year with a dude that made me feel like shit. Trey would only hug me in front of his friends. He would make up lies about us and how we have had sex, but it would come back to me and then we argued. I argued more with him than my mother. I am glad that relationship is over. The fuck am I doing kissing Drake and thinking about Trey. I pulled away and giggled. "Drake your mother is here" I whisper thinking she was in the other room.

"She's not here" He said closing the door behind me and pulling me to the kitchen. "You want something to drink?"

"Umm yeah do you have orange juice?"

"Yep" He poured me a glass. I sipped it and instantly need to pee. I pee when I am nervous. 

"Drake your house is beautiful." I stated taking in the sweet scent. "Umm can I use your bathroom" I cheesed him and he chuckled.

"Yes up the stairs first door on the left"

"Thanks" After using Drakes bathroom. I went down stairs to the kitchen to find Drake not there. "Drake" I called. 

"I am in here" I followed his voice to the living room.

"oh hey" I giggled as he hand me my OJ. I sat on the sofa. 

"Come here" I scooted closer to him. "Come here" I scooted a little closer. My brow rose as he licked his lips. I swear Drake is soo weird! He picked me up with his strong arms and placed me on top of him. I straddle him, he took my drink and placed it on the coffee table. Then he started to nibble on my neck. "Drake"I moaned. Next thing I knew I felt his manhood through his jeans. My eyes widened. "Drake your mother will be home soon" That didn't stop him, his hand on my hips, his tongue in my mouth. I can't. I pulled away and rolled my eyes getting off of him, I sat backed in the sofa sinking in as I drank my juice. 

"What?" Drake asked

"You Know, What?" I sipped my drink. "If you mother walked in and saw us she would think I am a hoe or something." I looked at the tv in front of me, which wasn't even on. I just didn't want to look at Drake. 

"No she won't, She knows I don't get down like that." Drake assured me.

"Mmmhmmm" He stood up and help me up. "Where we going?" I asked. 

"To the basement" he said nonchalantly. I snatched my hand away. 

"I don't think so"

"And why not" 

"Because no one will hear me scream"

"That all you will be doing"

I grasped, and pushed him playfully "Your soo nasty" I smirked

"Oh you like it" 

"No I hate it" I poked his chest "And I hate you"

"oh word you hate me" He licked his lips. 


"Why did you talk to me then?" My eye were wide, mouth open and I was trying not to smile. 
"No I didn't I got pushed into you, then you "Tried" to work you game on me"

"TRIED I got you!"

"nigga please you didn't get me" I said side eyeing him trying not to smile but I was smiling. Smh

"Then why are you my girl!" he smirked.

"I was forced" I laughed. He frowned. I cupped his face with both of my hands and squished his face together "aww don't be upset babe" I peck his lips. He pulled my hand towards the door. 

"Drake I don't want to go down there I've seen the documentary about the girl who went down some boys basement and all they found was her shoes." I said dramatically. He still pulled me down the steps. But when I reached downstair I realise it was a bedroom. I was like the fuck?? 

"Um Drake is this your room?"


"Why did you sleep in your basement" I was curious 

"Because this was the biggest room in the house and I need a room for my studio"

"You have a studio down here?"

"Yeah it around the corner" We walked past the stairs case. 

"Oh that's soo cute" 

"Mum is the best"

"mummy's boy" I pinched his cheek. 

"You know it" i laughed. "Nicki your too beautiful" I Blushed as he  stared at me. 

"Thanks and you're a weird crazy sweet boy"

"Boy? I am a man" I gave him a blank stare. 

"Whatever you say" I rolled my eyes and sat on his bed. "Where's your piano? Lets get this project done" 

"Oh yeah I forgot thats why you came" We walked up the stairs to the living room. The piano magical appeared I swear I didn't see it before. Oh well.

As Drake sang I swear I died a little his voice was amazing, like how am i am supposed to sing with him! I cant I will sound stupid. I sang always ever though I sound stupid sing next to him. We got through the whole song, no mistakes. 

"We sound awesome. If we have to do this for a contest I bet 100 dollars we would win"

"Drake you so crazy" I laughed at him "One more time"

Okay next chapter I am going to talk about drakes mother and Cassie and Safaree date!!!! Next chapter on Thursday!


  1. YOOOOOO I jumped out my chair when Drake said "thats all you'll be doing!" OMG LOVE IT ES! SWEAR...they are sooo cute! Can't wait for next chapter :D !YOOOOOO I jumped out my chair when Drake said "thats all you'll be doing!" OMG LOVE IT ES! SWEAR...they are sooo cute! Can't wait for next chapter :D !

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