Thursday, 21 July 2011

Good Good

Chapter 12 

Nicki, Amber and Cassie were sitting on Nicki king size bed, in their pyjamas, talking about the day they just shared. " Yo Cassie, Safaree is feeling you like, he gave you his hat!" Nicki exclaimed Cassie smiled looking down, she really thinks he's cute. She hope he calls her tho.  

"Ahhhhhhh she like him!" Amber screamed. Cassie huffed.

"Would you shut up"

"Yep she sooo like him" Amber and Nicki giggled. Cassie rolled her eyes and smiled. 

"Okay, Whatever, Anyway tho! Where this pizza at?" Cassie asked changing the subject. Nicki shrugged. Amber stood up and roamed around the room, until she came across Nicki notepad. 

"Yo Nic so, you're gonna do the talent show then?" Amber holding up the pink papered notepad. Nicki nodded. "Oh that great, did you know that there are going to be scouts there?" Amber was so excited. Nicki laughed at her overly excited friend. 

"Em would you sit you ass down, I don't even think I am go enough to have a scout come up to me" Nicki said nonchalantly playing with her freshly painted nails. 

"Nicki I ain't never heard you but I am looking at the notepad and you got some good shit."Amber said flipping through her notepad. 

"Em would you shut up, I ain't even that excited, geez, like gworl hehe calm it down" Nicki said looking at the design that Cassie was painting on her nails.

" Noo!" Amber whined "I wanna hear a sneak peek of what you have for the audition." 

"Umm I don't think so" Nicki said side eyeing her. 
"Pretty Please with me on top" Nicki rolled her eyes and Cassie giggled, Nicki snatched the Notepad out of Amber's hand, being careful not to smudge her Pink and Black nails. Amber started to jump  in her spot on the bed. Just as Nicki was about to rap her first line of the verse she wrote the door bell rang.

"FOOD!!" Cassie exclaimed. The three girl race down the stairs. Cassie and Amber opened the door while Nicki ran to her Father so she could go and get the money for the pizza's. 

"So what time do you call this" Amber asked with a lot of attitude.    

"I am sorry, there was a mix up with the pizza's" Amber held her hand up telling him to shut up. 

"There better me a new pizza in there!" The pizza guy looked really scared, Cassie had to help him. 

"Amber lay off! He is doing his job." Nicki came back with the money and handed it to the pizza dude then took the pizza. The guy put his hand out, wait for a tip. Amber looked at Cassie and Nicki, before speaking.

"Oh you wanna a tip?" He guy nodded. "Heres a tip."She chuckled. "Use Airwaves" she waved her two finger her nose and winked at him. Then shut the door in his face. Nicki stood there mouth open while Cassie Giggled. 

"Em that was Rude." Nicki said holding her laugh in. 

"WHAT!" she whined "He was late, plus his breath was kicking." Nicki busted out laughing walking up the stairs. 

"I agree Bwahahahaha his stinking up place I heard birds dying" There all laughed hard and ate there pizza. After they ate the pizza, they watched Titanic and cried. Nicki's mother can upstairs after the movie. It was 12:45, "Okay girls in I am off too bed. I made you some jelly" She handed the big bowl of jelly and spoons to Nicki."Don't stay up too late, love you"She kiss they foreheads.

"Love you too mum"

"Love you Mama Maraj" Cassie and Amber said simultaneously. Nicki placed the bowl in the middle of the bed, the girls crossed their legs and sat around it. Nicki was eat really slow trying not to drop the jelly from her spoon. Amber kept dropping the jelly on Nicki's bed. "Amber you savage! Don't you know where you mouth is?"

"Cassie shut up! It just keeps dropping." Amber stated. Then she flicks her spoon of jelly at Cassie. Cassie flicked hers at Amber. Then Amber did. Then Cassie did. Meanwhile Nicki was sitting eating. She thought the food was too good to waste. Next she knew everything was quiet. She looked up with the spoon in her mouth. Cassie and Amber looked at her. 

"What??" Nicki pulling her spoon out."It's too good to waste." Cassie and Amber laughed then flicked the jelly in Nicki's face. Nicki dipped both hands in the bowl then pulled out with a hand full of jelly. "Jelly Fight". Suddenly Caiah ran in. "Jelly Fight?" everyone stopped and looked at him. Then he yelled "JELLY FIGHT!!" 

Jelly was everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE, on the Walls, on the rug, on the hardwood floor, on the bed, in the girls hair (Expect Amber's), on Caiah's pj's EVERYWHERE!! They all laughed "Come on Caiah let's go clean you up," Cassie skipped across the hall with Micaiah. 

"I am going to get clean, real quick." Amber walked in to Nicki's bathroom while Nicki clean up her room. She was almost done cleaning her room all she had to do was her bed, when there was a knock at her balcony door. Nicki was scared she got the base ball bat he dad gave her just in case emergencies. She held the bat with both hands, to her left ear. She hesitantly walked towards the balcony glass door. The person knocked one more time before Nicki pulled back the long White cotton curtains and saw. 

"Drake the fuck are you doing here??" she whispered opening the door. 

"You left the candy for your brother." he said sweetly

"And you couldn't come tomorrow morning?"

"I wanted to see you." Nicki's brow rose."Why are still holding a bat" 

"Because you fucking scared me" She hit him with it until. He caught it in his hand and pulled it off of her before she did real damage. Drake then pulled her closer and kissed Nicki laying her on the bed. She flipped him over. 

Drake pulled away "why is it soo sticky" Nicki chuckled 

"That's what you get for scaring me" Nicki was on top and Drake was on the bottom they traded places LooL. When Cassie and Caiah came in the room. Nicki look up. Cassie covered Caiah's eyes pushing him out. 

"Shit" Nicki cursed. She pushed Drake out the door. Then Amber came out the bathroom "Oh Drake"Amber cheesed "What are doing here?"

"Nothing he is just leaving" Nicki said closing the balcony door be hind her. She help Drake get down before kissed him goodbye. Nicki walked back in her room to see Amber and Cassie with their arms crossed. Nicki smirked walking past the two, so she could finish making her bed. Cassie and Em looked at each other. 

"Did this girl just walk in like nothing happen?" Amber asked already knowing the answer. 

"I think so"Cassie answering 

"Oh Hell Nah!" Amber exclaimed, Nicki huffed and puffed and blew they house door(LooL I am tired).  Then she flopped down on her bed. 

"He came over to bring me Caiah's Candy!" 

"Mmmhmm and get some too" Nicki rolled her eyes at Amber. 

"Y'all I am tired"Nicki said

"Yep he must have worked you too hard!" Cassie said smiling 

Nicki rolled her eyes at Cassie "Would you shut up!!"

"Nooo!!" Cassie replied. 
Nicki got under the covers."Goodnight Girls"

"Goodnight Boo boo" Amber said "Just know we still going to talk in the morning!" She chuckled and walk out the room.

"GoodNight Lemon Square!"Cassie said happily

"Lemon Square??? Bwahahahaha you're too much!! Don't forget to be up at 6:30am soo we can run before breakfast!"

"Yo I live for that time!" Cassie said leaving Nicki's room.

Nicki shook her head. She really wasn't that sleepy, she just didn't want to talk to those crazy girls because they will go on and on about it. She decided to text Drake. 

Hi babe ~Nicki

Hey beautiful, I love seeing your face. ~ Drake

Hehe :) You crazy boy!~Nicki 

Yeah I am crazy about you~Drake

Corny Much *blank stare* lol~Nicki 

LoL wyd?~ Drake 

Laying is bed, falling asleep slowly lol! You?~Nicki 

At Trey's House. My mum ain't at home she gone to week trip with my grandma. She said something about spiritual healing. All I know is that they're have to wear White.~Drake 

LooL! Oh you're at Trey's House....-_- ~Nicki

Oh do you hate him or something?~Drake.
At this point Nicki was fast a sleep. 

I was going to make it long but I am tired and I promised y'all I will post today :/ Part2 on Friday!!!(Tomorrow) xo


  1. CTFUUUUU!!!! I freaking LOVED IT! they are too much!!! <3

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    Yeah I am crazy about you~Drake <---- OMG so sweet! love it!

    And I felt that way too! *Nicki Dimple Shrug*

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