Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Count on You

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*end of school*

school speakers:Can All senior students in Ms Palmers Singing Class go to the music room now please Thank you!

Drake and Nicki met up at the music classroom. Everyone was confused and talking over one another.

"Class can you please settle down please!" The class took a seat. "I have some important news, I have been asked to pick someone  to sing to close the show for the talent show. So I decide that the tasks I told each couple to do, will determine who closes the show. So good luck and work hard! You are dismissed" Everyone walked out the classroom, some were excited, other didn't seem bother, Nicki didn't want to close the show but Drake did. 

"Yo Nic I will call you tonight okay?"

"Yes okay" she smiled before hopping in her car. Drake knocked on her window. 

"Umm you forgot two things," by the look on Nicki's face he could tell she was thinking hard. "One you forgot, the present I bought you"

"Drake stop buying my stuff, I love you not your money." He handed her the little White box. She opened it side eyeing him. Inside was a small pink diamond ring with a white gold band. On the inside of the band it said 'i will always love you' Nicki mouth dropped open. Drake open the door. "Drake what is this," 

"Its a promise ring, It has been in my car for 2weeks now I was just waiting for the day that you would say I love you back, and today it that day. Nicki I have been here before, I found someone perfect but she moved away and left me brokenhearted. But I am learning to put my trust in you as along as you can put your trust in me." he took the ring from her and slid it on her finger. "This ring mean anything that I am doing, I drop it all for you because your the one I am giving my heart to"

Nicki was close to tear, "Just don't hurt me or abandon me, or make me sorry I ever counted on you." she hugged him and smiled. "So I think I know what the second thing was, you know that I forgot" she said with her arms around his neck, looking in to his lovely Hazel eyes. 

"oh do you? why don't you show me what it was?" She kissed him, she pulled back. 

"Was that what I had forgotten?" they were inches away from each other. 

"Yes" She pecked his lips 3times before closing her door. 

Once Nicki got home she saw Safaree's car in the driveway. Before stepping out of her range rover, Nicki sat back in her seat and stared at the ring, that she had just received. After about 5minutes she walked in the house. 

"WHERE'S MY COON??" she yelled referring to Safaree. 

He slid against the hard wood floor. "WHATUP BIG DAWG??" she ran into his arms and hugged him. 

"Safaree I feel like I ain't see you in forever!!" they laughed and Safaree stopped. 

"I saw you on Friday" 

"And that was a long time ago." Nicki said walking backwards up the stairs to her room. Nicki always does this, she gets gassed when ever she is around Safaree. 

"Pink!!" Safaree said entering her room. 

"You like it" Safaree shrugged. "Speaking of what you like." She smiled "Cassie" She wiggled her eye brows and giggled.
Nicki sat Indian style on her bed. While Safaree told her about the date with Cass. 

"I took her to that new place called...." he snapped his fingers "Oh Rosa Bella" he said in an italian accent, making Nicki laugh. 

"That restaurant is dope!!!" 

"Right, well yeah I made her laugh like five hundred time. I don't even know what I said but She has the cutest laugh tho." 



"So did you kiss her?" Nicki asked. 

"maybe, Nic I not a girl I can't tell you stuff like this" 

"Fine, you spoken to Brianna since you left NY?"

"No have you spoken to Rihanna?" 

"Nope, let's call her." Nicki said dialling her Number. 

"Hello?" Riri said with her thick barbados accent. 

"Hey Riri my boo I miss you" Nicki said 
"I'm sorry I don't know who this is" Nicki looked at Safaree like WTF! 

"Umm is this not Rihanna? Um it's Nicki?"

"I don't know a Nicki, well I do but she said she would call me as soon at she reached LA"

"Riri I am sorry, you know i love you and I was busy settle down." Nicki felt bad "I am with Safaree."she change the subject. 

"Hi Faree and Nika Yo I miss you guys, Guess what I got signed and I am shooting my first video next week" Nicki screamed 

"Oh My Gosh Brianna, you're making a music video" 

"Riri is doing big things yo!!!" Safaree yelled down the phone

"You know it" Rihanna replied. "What going on with you guys"

"Well I have a boyfriend, who I love very much. I have two good friend called Amber and Cassie, as for haters I haven't come across them, but its just a matter of time" Nicki said nonchalantly while Riri and faree laughed. 

"Wait!! Did Nicki just say she loves a guy"


"What's his name?"


"Where I come to LA next week I wanna meet everyone! Okay Safaree what a gwan witchu?"

"Umm I sorta like Nicki's friend Cassie, Umm Trey and I are talking again" 

"What!" Rihanna and Nicki at the same time.  

"Yeah..." he trailed off 

"How did that happen?" Nicki asked

"It just happened." Safaree said as he shrugged. 

Nicki don't know how to feel about Trey and Sarfaree being cool again but she is not a horrible person, so she just waved it off. 

"Anyways Riri I can wait until you come. Pauz. How long are staying in LA for?"

"Two days! But I am shooting all day but we can go out to dinner the 5 of us!" 

"okay well Ri I gotta go home now so I will see you next week"

"okay then bye doll" Safaree kissed Nicki on the cheek. 

"Bye Safaree" Nicki called out as he left. 

"So Riri are staying at my house?" Nicki asked

"Umm if you want me to!" 

"Uh yes"

After Nicki and Rihanna was on the phone for a good hour. Nicki remember that she had to call Amber. 
Amber was at Cassie so Nicki told them both what Drake said to her and how he gave her a ring. They girl ooo'd and aww'd. Cassie said she will be back at school on Wednesday which was perfect because that is when  Nicki's  audition. 
Once they finished talking on the phone, She texted Drake because dinner was almost ready. So she told him she would talk to him tomorrow. 

I have just given you my heart so remember this one thing I have never been in love before so you gotta go easy on me~Nicki 

Nicki I love you I will never let you fall you can Count me! For sure! ~ drake 

Love you too muaaah oh I will talk to you tomorrow, because I got h/w to do after dinner ~Nicki

Okay I will pick you up tmr okay~drake 

K :-)~Nicki 

Guys I have homework for you guys!!! I want you to listen to ever song!! The chapters names are songs!! 


  1. awwwwwww (: see I did like this chapter! and they DID kiss :) , THREE times :) hahah and yes ma'am > me will do my homework and even turn it early hahah.

    post sooner than later xo.

  2. Awww...he gave her a promise ring so cute . Cool riri going over nick's house , it should be fun i know crazy stuff going to happen lol

  3. YAYAYAYAAYA .....They Kissed 3 Times, That's Wassup ! Nicki Better Keep That Promise Ring On Her Finger

  4. Awwww!!! XD He gave her a ring!! Nd I like that Rihanna's stopping by!

    Safaree? *pounds on mi chest Nd throws up deuces* Cool dude, lol

    Nd as 4 the hw... I'll b happy 2 do that, however... I need the artist's names E.B.! Lol, I won't kno if I'm listening 2 the rite one

    Anyway, great chap!! Post soon :p