Saturday, 9 July 2011

One You Call

Chapter 10

"So You don't listen!! Did you not get the hint when I said I am not interested!" it was after school on Thursday Nicki was shouting at Drake in the school parking lot.

Let's recap shall we, okay last chapter Drake decide to sign Nicki up for the Talent Show. He did even tell her afterwards, so he is like in double shit!!! Thursday came and there was a WHOLE school assembly. Amber had to read out the names. Where Nicki's name got called she had to walk up on stage along with the other people.She was beyond embarrassed. She knew Drake signed her up because he's the only one that know she raps. So yeah let get back to the story.

"Actually you said maybe," Drake corrected her.

"Will if I didn't sign my name up then I didn't want to do it!" Nicki got in the car, so did Drake. She was soo pissed off.

"Nic this is a great opitunity for you, they will be scouts they, teachers from all different departs" Nicki actually didn't want to hear drake voice.

"Drake just drive me home" drake did what he was told and drove her home. The whole way to Nicki's house it was so silent. When they reached her house. Nicki took off seat belt so fast and was about to open the door to get out of the car, but he took her hand.

"Let go of me" she said coldly at Drake.

"Come on Nic, you can't be mad at me forever!!" he let go of her hand and held her chin up using just his thumb and index finger. He rested his forehead on hers. But Nicki didn't fall into his trap.

"Really, just watch me" she opened the door without looking, she was starring at Drake but not in to his eyes.

"I would love too! Your kinda sexy when your angry" Drake licked his lips

Nicki rolled her eyes "Ugh! Don't pick me up tomorrow if this how you're gonna......." Drake cut her off with his lips. Nicki pushed him off with both of her hands "Ugh Drake, what is wrong with you today, you're acting like a real jerk!" Nicki pick up her bag and got out the car.

Once Nicki got in the house, she went straight to her room. 'Ugh, Drake is acting like a jerk, he cant even say sorry, and he wants a kiss from these lips, Uh Uh I don't think so' she thought. "That Nigga done lost his mind" she said out loud.

After she had finished all the homework from this week, she decided to call Amber.

"Hey Em what's up?" Nicki sounded really sad

"Hi, nothing I am just at Cameron's house, doing homework, you sound upset, what up mami?"

"Oh nothing Drake was just being a jerk today, he made my mood go down!"

"I saw your face when I asked you to come on stage. Does it have something to do with that?"

"Yeah, it does, but enough of that! Are you ready for our triple DATE tomorrow?" She said jumping up and down.

"ONIKA IF YOU DON'T STOP JUMPING ON THAT BED!!" Nicki's mother shouted for down stair, Nicki instantly sat down.

"Bwahahahahahahahaha I love your mum, you are soo crazy"

"No I am just extraterrestrial." Nicki Like that word so she jumped over her bed to her desk and wrote down couple lines, while Amber was still talking on speaker.

"Em I will talk to you later, I keep getting incoming calls okay?"

"Okay Camron getting a little impatient"

"Oh Tell him I said sorry and he can have his women back now" Nicki laughed hanging up.

Drake keeps calling Nicki, Nicki kept ignoring Drakes calls, she wasn't in the mood to talk to him, she knew she would shout at him. Even though she was over it, and now that Drake signed her up she kinda want to do it. She was just really pissed off at him.

"Onika dinner is ready."

"Okay Mummy I will be right there," Nicki put her phone on her desk. She ran downstairs because she was hungry, and she could smell something good.

When she had finished eating dinner, she helped her mother, wash the dishes. She played with Caiah, until he fell asleep. She carried him to he room, laid him down on his car shaped bed. She kissed his little forehead before leaving his room and closing his door just a little. She said good night to her parents and took a shower, before getting into her pink pyjamas. She look a her phone 30 missed calls and 3voicemails. All from.... Yes you guessed it Drake.

Voicemail 1: "Nicki why are you acting this wait, your acting as if you have to go it audiotion. You dont have to go!!!!"

Voicemail2: "Okay Okay I admit I was wrong for putting your name down and not telling you afterwards. But your acting like a baby!!Its a good opportunity." Nicki rolled her eyes

But Voicemail3 was Cassie: "Nicki you better sort your man, he keeps calling me say I should talk to you!"

"Drake is fucking getting on my last nerves, I can't deal with this right now" Nicki said to herself. Nicki said her pray and drafted off to sleep.

The next morning Nicki woke up to see her mother standing a the end of the bed and 'Boy is Mine' by Monica and Brandy playing from her stereo. "Morning mummy"

"Good morning baby, I am going food shopping for your sleepover tonight is anyone allergic to anything?"

"No mum don't waste money, we will order a pizza for tonight and tomorrow we are just gonna eat breakfast, workout and plan Drake's birthday" she said getting up out of bed and making it. Her mother nodded and left the room so Nicki could get ready for school.

Nicki did the usual things in the morning, danced in her walk in closet search for clothes, sang in the shower, hopped into her outfit, ran down the stairs, hugged her parents, teased baby Caiah a lit bit and ate at the breakfast table. Nicki put on her Pink knee high boots, grabbed her keys and her duffel bag, headed out the front saying au revoir to her family.

She step outside to drake sitting on his car.

"Good Morning" she ignored him and walked to her car. She unlocked it with her key and put her duffel in the back.

"Nicki you still mad" She wanted to answer but did want to start an argument in her parents drive way. So she just opened her car door. Drake ran over to the other side and jumped in Nicki car.

"Gotdamn It Drake!!" Nicki exclaimed

"Good Morning to you too"

"Drake I woke up in such a good mood, can you just not act like a jerk and get out my car."

"Are you still mad at me?" he said innocently

"If you must know YES now get out!" Nicki was getting frustrated

"Come Nicki I said sorry"

"Nigga if you don't get out my car I will...."

Drake cut her off "you will what?!?!"

"Drake please I am not mood to argue with you right now, can you just get out?!" Drake ignored what she said and sat back on his seat. Nicki got out her range rover, slammed the door. Got her bag out the back, and walked. She need the exercise anyway. As she walked Drake pulled up to her, he wined down the window and drove slowly.

"Nicki I can't believe your still mad at me...." He blabbed on and he push Nicki button by his choice of words "Nicki your acting like a baby, you don't have to do it"

Nicki stopped walking "Drake! Its to early in the morning for this! I don't fucking appreciate you calling me names. I don't like this side of you, Why are you calling me all these names? You are hurting my feelings and it's no cool Drake. You make me so mad." Nicki was in the verge of tear he can hear it in her voice. Drake got out his car and hugged Nicki.

"Sorry Nicki, I get angry and forget who I am talking to. I don't mean to disrespect you in any way! I am so sorry for signing your name up and not telling you!" He hugged her tighter. Nicki loved having Drakes strong arms around her, she felt safe, protected, on top of the world. She knew she didn't have the power to break up with him, he puts a spell on her when ever he, hugs her, kisses her, looks in to her eyes. She goes into robot form and ends up forgiving him or she just goes in to a trance. "Nicki do you forgive me" Drake looked into her big brown eyes.

"Yes I wasn't really mad I was just upset, and now I actually want to do the audition" Nicki was smile show Drake her dimples.

"Nic I love that smile," Nicki blushed looking down at her feet. Drake lifed her head with his fingers "I love you" After a moment of hugging Nicki and Drake speeded to school. They got to they classes just on time.

Nicki POV:

Em, Cass and I all had a free period. Em decided to do some studying on a bench in front of the school, while me and Cassie were on the grass, which was not my idea.-_-

"So Amber is driving us back to my house back i came to school with Drake"

"Okay, what happen last night with you and Mr Graham, he was like texting me asking to talk to you,"

"Oh I wasn't talking to him because he was acting like a jerk but we are good now."

"Okay cool," She sip a little bit of her milkshake then spoke again "Nic I am soo scared what if the mystery dude don't like me?" Amber giggled

"Em are we distracting you" I smirked she shook her head lol "Cassie do you know how beautiful you are Safaree is going to love you, trust me."

Oh by the way Esther told me she forgot to tell her lovely's that Safaree is Cassie blind date. Esther has a very bad memory that girl is soo silly. Hahaha. Anyway back to the story.

Cassie nodded and we got up to go to our next period with was Gym. The way I hate Gym, but today I am actual looking forward to it because I have exercise in like 3 weeks. I have a fat belly :(

*At Lunch*

Today was such a beautiful day, we decided to get food from the vending machines and eat outside. I decided to give Cameron a Nickname, I call him Cammy, lol! Drake had a fruit bowl, his mum gave him. He started to feed me lol! He us soo cute.

"Nicki you have something on your cheek," I brushed both of my cheeks with the palm of my hand.

"Is it gone?"

"Umm well not yet, I will take it off." Drake leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek.

"was there even anything on my cheek?"

"Yes my lips," he laughed and throw a grape at his head. I laughed.

I turned to look at Amber and Cassie, Amber and Cammy where lip locked, yuk!!! And Cassie reading a book.

"Yo Em aint nobody what to see that Ch!" I rolled my eyes. Cassie giggled

"Gwooooorl" I rolled my eyes again. Then I got up, climbed on top of Cassie and pushed her down so that she was lying down and I grabbed her book.
"whatcha doing?"

"lying down,"

"hahaha GET OFF ME"

Drake spoke "Hey how comes you never do that to me?"

"In due time baby in due time" I bite my bottom lip and turned back to Cassie.

"You Lesbian!!!" she laughed

"How did you did you know?" I asked in a loud whisper.

"Omg y'all always leave me out, I told y'all last time, Let's have Minaj" Amber sat on Cassie vig jay jay. I laughed and soo did Cassie

"Get off me!!!! Why am I also at the bottom."

"Because you enjoy are three- somes the most" I laughed at what Em just said.

"Drake and Cameron GET YOUR WOMEN OFF ME!!!" I laughed, so hard (Pauz) as Drake carried me off and I wrapped my legs around his waist and he cupped my backside. I kissed him, then we started to tongue wrestle. I pulled back and smiled.

"You can put me down now," I informed him. When Drake put me down, I remember something about the Triple Date tonight " Yo guys for the date tonight we are going to the beach," everyone nodded just as the bell rang. Next period was Singing, yes I love my teacher, Ms Palmer.

*In Class*

"Class, I am going to pick random people and you have to work on a song together. Let start. Cassie and Omarion, Sarah and Chris, Etana and Miguel, Jhene and Arran" She went on until she reached my name. "Nicki and .......... Oh Nicki and Drake" oh yes I am with my baby I smiled at drake who was across the classroom but he still caught my eye and smiled back. Ms Sundance finish pairing people up and was now giving out songs. "Drake and Nicki you are doing one of the hardest songs 'Endless Love' good luck" Okay this is going to be fun, we have two lesson to practice, and I already know all the words to the song. Drake walked over to me.

"Okay I already on all the words to this song," He said

"Same, this should be a piece of cake,"

"Because I am working with the person who is my Endless Love" I blushed

"You so corny,"

"Yeah I have been told before" he chuckled "Sure we practice on Sunday?"

"Umm I can do 4ish"

"Yeah okay my house."


Omgsh Guy let me just tell you that chapter took me two weeks to write. Ugh!!! Usually I write like two chapters every week. It was soo frustrating !!!! S/o to my sisters @TeamMINAJ_PYB & @MINAJ_Believer there got to see Nicki last night which is so amazing!!!!! Love you Guyz


  1. "Nicki you have something on your cheek," I brushed both of my cheeks with the palm of my hand.
    "Is it gone?
    "Umm well not yet, I will take it off." Drake leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek.
    "was there even anything on my cheek?"
    "Yes my lips."

    That is my favoriteeee partttttt <3 loll. LOVE.

  2. I love how u break the 4th wall East! Lol, sayin how Esther said this nd Esther said that... Hahaha!! Nd I already knu it wuz Safaree ;)

    This chapter wuz too cute! All flirty nd wut nt, lol

    Nd I agree with Dex (aka angel) that part wuz funny!!

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    Great Job with this Chapter Girl !!!! :D
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