Sunday, 31 July 2011

Whenever Wherever

Okay guys I forgot to tell yall about Safaree and Cassie date soo Here goooooes 


Safaree picked up Cassie from her house. They were sit in the car on they way to Rosa Bella, the restaurant, Safaree asked Cassie some questions so he could get to know her a bit better. 

"So Cassie, what do you like in a guy."

"The typical girl response, you know, smart, funny, Sexy... Cassie replied

"Do I come under any of those?" Safaree asked still watching the road. 
Cassie side eyed him and smirked."Umm you are funny, I don't know about the other two" She giggled. 

Safaree smirked at her. "You don't think I'm sexy???" He raised his brow. Cassie smile and shook her head. Safaree pushed her playfully. 

"Safaree your not that special" 

"Yes I am, I am bc-1, that means I am special" 

" whatever" 

When they arrived a the restaurant, Safaree opened Cassie's door for her. Safaree had his hand on her back as they walked together. Safaree notice something on Cassie back, it was a price tag. He chuckled. 

"What's so funny?"Cassie questioned 

"I am not special aye?" Cassie stopped walking and gave Safaree a WTF look. "Oh I think I am special to you. Because you got a new dress for me, which is beautiful by the way."

Cassie carried on walking "What are you talking about this is not a new dress" Cassie lied 

"Oh word? Then why can I see the price tag?" Safaree said smiling. 

"What!!" Cassie started to pat her back to find the tag, she kept repeating herself "What"

"Don't worry I will get it for you" He pushed her hair to her right shoulder, his breath on her neck sent a tingling sensation through her body. He gulped as his hands went on her back and slowly pulled the tag off her dress, then he whispered in her left ear "You look beautiful" she bit her lip. 

"For the record this dress is old, I just haven't wore it yet." She lied again, truth is Cassie went shopping with her cousin after the family gathering just to get a sexy/cute dress for the date.

Dinner was amazing, the food was awesome, Cassie was crazy about Safaree, to her he had everything she was looking for in a guy, he was funny, sexy, a gentlemen and smart. 
Safaree had made Cassie laugh throughout they dinner he knew he was in her good books. They walked out the restaurant, hand in hand. 

"Okay who gave you the best kiss of your life?" Cassie was laughing for the question he asked before this one.

"Mmmmmm thats a hard one" she stroked her invisible beard and giggled. 

"Well if I kiss you now will that make it easy for you?" Safaree said as they reached the car. 

Cassie stopped leaned back on the hood of the car and Safaree stood in front of her, just like before;at the beach.  "we will just have to see" Cassie stared at his lip. He leaned forward. They kissed amorously, he sucked on Cassie full lips as she swung her arms around his neck deepening the kiss.

*Thursday Morning* 

Nicki went to school super early, to see if she was in the talent show. She race to the notice board, to find a good 30 students, in front of the board. She saw some were sad and walking away with they heads down, some jumping for joy. What Nicki didn't realise is that this Talent show is one of most important shows of the year, especially for seniors.'Ugh just my luck, I am fucking short and I wont be able to get through.' Nicki thought. Even though she wanted to know so bad, she wasn't about to get killed by these fat ass boys and these long nailed girls so she just waited until they was hardly anyone there. Nicki scrolled down the sheet of paper, carefully she saw Drake's name and was instantly happy. Then she saw Shad's name and rolled her eyes. She took a deep breath before looking again, at the bottom of the list of 10 Names, the 10th person was Onika Maraj. Nicki screamed! She was ecstatic! 

*Ms Palmer's singing class*

Nicki was sitting  on Drake's lap as the whole class was messing about instead of practicing. The Ms Palmer walked in. "Class get in your seats now!" Nicki  got off of Drake's lap and tried to sitting in the seat next to him but Keri ran and sat there. Nicki was like WTF. Nicki had never spoken to Keri in her life, she didn't know why she just did that. 
Anyway tho... Nicki sat in the back, listening to what Ms Palmer had to say and watching Keri every move. "Class this is the last lesson before you as a duet, take the floor in front of the class. The day after the lesson I will put up on the notice board who will close the show." Keri and Drake where talking, then all of a sudden her hand was rubbing his leg and he whispered in her ear. Nicki was heating up inside. WTF this was supposed to be a great day for Nicki. Keri turned around and look into Nicki's eyes and smiled evilly. 
"Okay so PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!!" Ms Palmer said in a sweet voice. With that said everyone departure and practiced.

Nicki POV

"Hi Beautiful," Drake kissed my cheek. I was not in the mood any more, that bitch Keri knows what she is doing. I just don't see what I did to her. Oh well like I said before haterz where going to come sooner or later. I must have been quiet for a while because Drake asked "Babe are you okay?" this boy is so clueless. He just let another girl rub on his leg in front of me and he thinks it cool. I chuckled. I rolled my eyes. "hey hey what up?" I was not in the position to answer that question. 

"Shall we get started" I changed the subject. Drake looked so confused. I sat down waiting for him to start. 

"Nicki what's wrong?" 

"Nothing, Drake we only have this lesson to practice and I thought you wanted to do this." I said with a lot of attitude. 

"What's with the attitude?" 

I looked at him up and down "What attitude?" Then gave him a disgusted look.  "Can we just practice." Keri walked past us. Drake turned around and smiled looking at her. How can he disrespect me like that? I shook my head. I'm done. 
I just ignored him for the rest of the lesson.

*At Lunch* 

I walking in the double door of the cafeteria  with Cassie on my arm. The first thing I saw was Drake talking to Keri, they were laughing and she touched his chest. Does he think this acceptable? No! I stormed up to them and kept my cool. "Drake can I talk to you for a second" I said ignore the fact that Keri was there. I took his hand before he could answer and pull him to a corner. I stood in front of him with my hands on my hips. "Drake you are being so disrespectful to me, its just not cool. You didn't ever say anything about me doing the talent show... You're being really shady!" I folded my arm arms " What's going on with you and Keri?"

Drake looked at me like he did know what I was talking about. "Nothing is going on with us" 

"Okay talk to me when you want to tell me what is going on." I walked to the lunch line and grabbed tray. Drake is just ridiculous. 
I sat at the lunch, with Cassie, Amber, Cameron, Shad and Omarie. Yep no Drake he was talking to Keri.

"Nicki what wrong" Shad asked me. I just looked at Keri and Drake, everyone turned to they direction. 

"Oh Nicki you don't have to worry about that, they just have a science project to do." Cameron said and I know he's not lying because Drake have most of they class together. 

"Yeah but he is being weird today. I don't like the way she touches him." I admitted

"Nic, Drake's not stupid he can handle himself…" Cammy said. I just finished eating my food in silence. 

*At Nicki's House*

I was trying to finish my english homework when 'My All' by Mariah Carey, played I instantly knew it was Drake, that was his ring tone. 

"What!" I was pissed like yeah he is doing a project with her but she was all over him and he played along. 

"Nicki why are you tripping right now" 

"Because you were acting like there is something going on between you and Keri! She had her hand all over you and went along with it. How would you feel if one of the boys in school was touching me up? But it's  cool Drake if you like Keri'.… You can fucking have her. I am fucking pissed off!" I hung up! 

He kept calling my phone after that but I didn't pick up until I was done with my English Homework. At that point I was calm. I looked at the pink diamond that caught my eyes and I thought about Drake, when he to me he gave me his heart. Maybe I was overreacting.

I picked up the phone and couldn't even say hi, because Mr Graham was already talking. "Keri is nothing to me I honestly don't  like her, i was just being polite. She has noting on you, baby. I am sorry that I was acting weird today."

"Drake it okay I was pissed off but now I am upset because regardless the fact you don't like her, you still let her rub and touch you in front if your girlfriend."

" I am sorry Nic forgive me please.Oh congratulation on being able to perform at the Talent Show, I am proud of you." he prasied.

"Thank you and just don't let it happen again ok.." I am letting him of the hook, for now, but if he does it again this ring it getting thrown at his head. "Drake on Friday Next week  your family have to dinner with us, Mother wants to get to know you better." 

"Okay we're should be able to come, But why do she want to do that?"
" I dont know i think it because we are getting pretty serious."  

"Okay sweet, that understandable so I got to go now. Love you,"

"Love you too muaaaaaah" 

No one is in my house right so, I called Amber to come over, I love the advice she gives me and plus I still need to dry hump her LooL. I ordered some Chinese because I know for a fact I will not be cooking today. 
The was a knock at my door, it was Em and the chinese man holding our chinese!! Yay food! I paid for the food and let Amber in We sat in the living room. The Tv was on but we wasn't watching it. We was eating and talking. 

"Omg Nic you are do the talent show do you know what this means your going to get signed like that" she snapped her fingers.  I just smiled she went on. "But seriously tho. Nic no one is going to sign you if you just stand there and rap and sing. You need dancers or actors and costumes!!" 

Light bulb!!!"Em what if I have light a music video on stage and I have actors on stage!! I will ask people for drama class." 

Amber clapped "Yay that will be dope!" I got up and took a bow. 

"Amber..." I began "My bestie From New York is coming here and I want all of us to hang out and show her around you up for it?" 


Edited Version!!!!! 


  1. UH UHHHH!!! Ima need Keri to fall the fuck back for a moment! I'm not liking what I'm seeing/hearing. UGHH! Drake , PLEASE get it together baby boy!

    Anyway , awwww Cassie frontin , HA!

    posy sooner than later boo , xox.

  2. At first i was like Keri better back tf off drake...then i was like oh just a science project lol . Nick was spazzing!!!
    And safaree and Cassie too cute , I'm happy they together now?!?!

  3. Ok CONGRATS NICKI!!! do yo thang at the talent show!
    *breaks keris knee caps* ok try and flirt with her man now motha fucka! GIVE HER MAN 50 MOTHA LOVIN FEET! *kicks drake in the balls* and that for just going along with it!
    Omg her amber cassie and riri gon have a good ol time!
    OOOOOOOOOO faree and cassie do they thaannnnggg!! get it girl
    Loved it!add soooooooonn!!
    *sings* Tommorow tomorrow can you add tomorrow its only a day aawwwwaaayyyy!!! *drops mic and walks off the stage*

  4. Aw that was a really cute date they had! I would have been so embarrassed with that price tag thing lol
    Nicki is so right about that why did drake let her be all up him like that...but im glad its cleared up! I cant wait to see how that dinner goes!

  5. Awww!!! Cassie & Safaree's date wuz CUTE!!! X) I like that they r dating now, that way SB isn't crushin on Nic :)

    Happy Nic is in the talent shooow!!! :D I knu she would b tho, I mean, cum on, she's Nicki.

    Ooo!!! >,< That bitch!!! How Keri jus gon do dat?! I got sum'n fuh ha ass!!!!

    Drake is stupid -_-

    Em is cool!

    Cn't wait 4 Rihanna 2 stop by! :)

    Amazing chap E.B.!!!! Post soon!!

    *sings* Ima liddle coconut, round & brown! Find me under Nicki's wig or rolling on the ground! XD

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  7. I will be posting today

    Toni you have problems you coconut!!!