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Breaking Point

Guyzzz I am so so sorry for keeping you wait this long but my cousin Dayzia came from The US and I ain't seen her in 5years... So we had to catch up! This will never happen again I promise to update every week!! Until school starts!! *hides* Enjoy....

Chapter 17

*At School*

Today felt like my first day of school again, you know when everyone was staring and glaring at me. I feel like the last slice of chocolate cake, everyone is trying to get at me. I walk the entrance of LSH, pure silence as I walked all you could hear was my heels connection with the floor. Since everyone wants to watch me I decide to strut my stuff like a runway model, to my locker. LoL! I took my books out of my duffel, dumping them in my locker.

"Hi Sexy" Jabari said putting his hand on the locker beside me.

"Tyrese I told you that can't I see you anymore" I said looking down.

"You know I love you"

"I know but we can never be" I looking in to his eyes

"You dont love me," He said it in a weird voice like he was about to cry, I want to laugh but I couldn't.

"You know I love you "

"Then that means I can do this" he lean forward and smile before pushing him away.

"Jabari that was great, we are going to nail this assignment" I high five'd him. Light bulb!!! "Jabari can I ask you for a favour?"

"Sure Nicki, what is it?"

" Umm you know how I got into the Talent Show? Well can you be one of the actors, basically I am doing a music video on stage."

"Oh my gosh that would be awesome, I'm in." I hugged him.

"Bye Jabari see you around, I will call you for more info" that is my nigga, he is always down for anything!

I finished dumping my books, then I looked in the mirror. I jumped when I saw Drake's face behind me.
"Nicki is this you way of getting, back at me." The fuck is he talking about.

"Good morning to you to babe, oh I had the best sleep last night, thanks for asking." I rolled my eyes

"Cut that shit! What up witchu and Jabari"

What the fuck!! Oh you know what I just can't deal with Drake anymore like this just pathetic, seriously Drake. "He is my drama Partner. The fact that you are asking me, it just ridiculous. The difference between what I just did and what you did yesterday is you knew I was behind you and you still let her touch you like that, but I didn't know you was there and I never touched Jabari once except when I pushed him. You obviously have Trust Issues" I slammed my locker door, a teacher shouted from they classroom 'No slamming doors' as I walked away, with my duffel in my hand. Not bothering to look at Drake, I think he needs to sit in a little corner right now. Ugh!!!!
Sitting in home room waiting for Amber and Cassie to arrive, and people say I'm late all the time. I pulled out my note book, I just felt like writing. I am not an angry person, so I wasn't angry at Drake, I just think he need a break, and I am going to give it to him.
I am in love with this verse I just write for this song called Letcha Go.
As I was putting my note book away, Cassie came through the door. "What's up skinny?" I greeted her.
"What up pretty?" we laughed. I hugged her. "Yo Cassie you need to help me find people, for my performance at the talent show."

Her face lit up "Okay sure we have drama class today so we will just ask the best people. What do you want the performance to be about?"

" Ok I will be singing and rapping" Cassie nodded with my every word. " I want the to be like a Ku Fu class, with a Hot Teacher"


"Yeah I ain't talking to him so no!" I carried on talking before she could ask why."Me and another girl likes him, but he has an interest in me. And she don't like it so we battle with samurai sword. And she wins. But I win his love."

"Deep stuff"


*Drama Class*

I just finished my scene with Jabari and we kissed, that was so weird because Drake was sitting right there. Drake rolled his eyes and pulled out his Blackberry.

Drake: That kiss was to long.

Me: Asshole! :@

How is this Nigga gonna tell me, that kiss was too long. The script say Karla and Tyrese kiss passionately, I basically pecked Jabari's lips. Ugh! That probably lowered our grade and Drake doesn't even a shit.

Before i knew it class was over, and I got my cast!! Wohoooo! Okay so of course we have Cassie, Jabari. 3 extras; Amerie, Vanessa and Lucas
The Girl that hates me in the performance, Renée
My love interest is Zephaniah. I promise you Cassie and I didn't pick the people on the way they look it just happened like that. Ha!

*At Lunch*

Today LA was hotter than usually, so we all (Shad, Omarie, Cassie, Amber, Cammy and Me) decide to sit outside on the grass and have lunch. Amber had gotten a picnic blanket from the back of her Car. When I had finish my Lunch I climbed on top of Em and bounced up and down on her. She loved it we even made sex noises, until it got interrupted by 3 smelly hoes.

"What's going on here?" Lola said trying to be friendly but she had the spiteful look in her eyes. I was about to answer then I saw Keri's stank ass so you know I had to mean mug her.

"Well Amber and I where having a sex moment but we're done now." I got off of Amber, she pouted, I'm guessing she want more of the Nickester. I mean who doesn't.

"I'm sorry can we help you?" Cassie asked "Hoes" I think I'm the only person that heard Cassie say

"No we just wanted to check out Drake's new girl" Lola said.

"Well you found her" why am I siting down I hate looking up to people. Fuck! Why I am tripping Im short I always look up to people.

"Oh... Your his new girl?" Lola said it like she was about to laugh. Imma slap that smile off this cross eyed bitch's face.

"No she is my new woman." Drake said out of nowhere. I couldn't see him because of the sun. "Lola what do you and your hoes want now?" I could see him now. Hehehe.

"Drake, why do you waste you time with fake hoes like that?" Lola asked. Amber stood up ready to fight a bitch. I looked at Drake he look so angry like he wanted to slap her.

"Excuse Me" I don't even know this hoe and she is coming at me.

"No Nic, don't waste you breathe on this worthless piece of shit" My eyes widened, I have never heard Drake talk like that before to a girl.

"Amber sit down," I told her.

"Ok but if she keeps talking smack imma punch her!" Amber shouted so Lola could hear.

"And I will be the first one to throw that punch." I stated.

"Lola why can't you just get over the fact that we're over" Shit Drake dated this slut, woah..... Thats his type the fuck am I doing with him. I joke I love him too much to let him go. "This is my second girlfriend since I dumped you. Get over it" Wow this bitch is crazy!

"You know I can't do that, you was my first, I was your first. Its not easy... " Drake cut her off.

"Bitch we was together in Sophomore year, we fucking Seniors now. Shit!" He Paused "Keri please take your friend, she is just embarrassing herself" they all just turn around and walked away. Drake sat next to me on the blanket. I rolled my eyes as his kissed my cheek. "You okay baby?"

"Drake don't come here and act like the hero, when you have been pissing me off all morning." his smiled turned upside down.

"Nicki it's always something with, can't just appreciate what I just did?"

"That's not my crazy ex girlfriend now is it?" I look at Cassie who was filing her nails."

"What?" I rolled my eyes but he could see me do it. "Nicki I don't get you." he huffed

"Ok… what do you want me to do about that?" I looked in to his eyes; to see love, confusion, sadness and fear… but why fear? What does he fear?

"Talk to me"

"Drake, think about everything you did today. And Remember…This!!" I showed him the promise ring. "And what it means" I got up and put my food in the trash can.

*Social Studies class*

"Omarion Social studies is not the place for you to catch up on you sleep." Mr Duncan said.

"Sir I wasn't catching up I was getting ahead start…" Omarion put his finger to his head. "That's Smart Thinking." I shook my head as everyone laughed. When Mr Duncan walked away, i spoke.

"Omari..." I said in my baby voice.

"Nicki I will not answer you I don't like that nickname it sounds like a girls name."

"Ugh fine… Omarington"

"What that is longer than my actual name." he laughed

"I like it better it's got a special ring to it." I said cheerful.

"No thats just the ringing sound in you head. It's okay we all know your crazy." I punched his arm. I'm not crazy... "Ow! anyways tho, Nic, you and Drake on full blast today at lunch."

"Yeah I know..." I continued to work.

"Are you two going to break up?" he asked, as if me and Drake where getting a divorce. LoL

"No boo boo, every couple fights thats what makes are relationship stronger. Now Drake know what annoys me and I know ticks him off." I pause and looked at him "We will be A-okay" I did the ok sign with my fingers and winked at him.

"Good because y'all are the hottest couple in LSH right now."

"awww thanks Omarington!" I pinched his cheek.

"Pipe down at the back" Mr Duncan was referring to me and Omarington.

*Monday Singing Class*

I haven't spoken to Drake since last Thursday, only because I been busy practicing for the show. It's been hard trying to teach him a lesson because I told y'all this before I love him and it hard to not talk to someone you love, especially if he texts you the sweetest things like a simple 'I Love You' Drake is so sweet to me. Sometimes.

Anyways I am sitting in Ms Palmers class listening to the different couple sing they song beautifully, Drake and I haven't practiced much and to top it all off he had a doctors appointment, he left school at lunch, he still isn't back. This is the last period of the day. He better be here. The school bell rang it was now time for everyone to go home but my class were still here. "The couple that have already sung they song may leave." There was 4couples left and me... I text Drake tell him we are the last ones to sing. Listening to the beautiful voice Jordin her as she sang Reunited gave me the chills, her voice is everything.
Drake ain't even here yet and we are next. Cassie and Marcus finished they song, Cassie wish me luck and left. Shit the heck am I going to do without Drake. "Nicki where is your partner?"

"Umm Ma'am please give him a min he will be here I promise" thing is I don't know if he will be here. Five minutes flew by. No call, No text, Nothing I bit my lip silently praying that Drake will make it here because I knew he wanted to close the show so bad. I got up getting a little impatient. "Ms Palmer" I began


"I don't think he is coming." I said walking up too her desk

"Are you sure you don't want to wait a few more minutes?"

"Yeah he should have been here 20minutes ago, I am just a little upset because I know he wanted to close the show,"

"Well maybe there will be another opportunity in the future."

"Okay Ms Palmer I will see you on Tuesday" As I turned towards the door, Drake ran in panting, he didn't ever spoke he couldn't. His hands on his knee, he tried to calm down.

"Sorry I am late my appointment was longer that expected."

"Your here now so it doesn't matter, would you like some water?" Drake nodded and Ms Palmer left the room. I sat down next to him all quiet, because I haven't spoke to him in a while.

"Are you okay?" the only thing I said and he didn't even answer the question.

"Why are you not talking to me?" he asked me, still breathing heavily.

"I am"

"No you not, I called you a hundred times on the weekend, you ignored my calls and text." I look in his eyes.

"I wasn't ignoring you I was just busy."

"Too busy for your boyfriend."

"Drake can you not start with me." I crossed my legs and folded my arm.

"Fine Nicki, I am sorry for the whole Keri thing and the situation with Lola and for Jabari thing. I apologise please please forgive me." he turned my head to face his.

"No" I said before he leaned in to kiss me, with passion. I haven't kissed him in 6 days of course it was longer than usual. Our making up/making out session was disturbed by a cough, we quickly parted.

"Do you still want your water?" Drake nodded licking his lip. I bit my lip to stop me from smiling. "Okay I know we all want to go home, so let's get started." She said as Drake finished drinking.

"Ms Palmer may I use the piano?" Drake asked

"As you wish”

I felt this song was the most revenant song to how I feel about Drake at this very moment, Drake is my endless love.

Drake started singing and I could really feel the emotion in his voice, like he strongly believed in each word he sang.

‘My love,
There's only you in my life
The only thing that's right’

I took a deep breath, as I sang I forgot that anyone else was in the room, I was singing to Him. I look directly in his beautiful eyes.

‘My first love,
You're every breath that I take
You're every step I make’

We harmonised, beautifully. I sat on top of the piano the whole time we was singing. Our eyes never parted throughout the song. This is the best I felt in our relationship. Through this one song I felt us as a couple get stronger, I know drake and I will last.
The end of the song was near. I put all my heart and soul into this last bit.

And, YES (Nicki)
You'll be the only one(Drake)
'Cause no one no one can deny (Nicki)
This love I have inside (Drake)
And I'll give it all to you(Nicki)
My love (Drake)
My love, my love (Nicki)
My endless love (both)

As we finished the last line, our eyes were saying I love you. "Well Done Guy, you may leave, and try to keep you're tongues in you own mouth for the sake of my life" I laughed leaving The room. Drake took my bay and carried it to my car.

"We did well sweet cakes."

"Drake, Sweet Cakes?"

"Yeah, your lips are sweet like cakes, I bet the rest of you taste sweet too."

I back up against my car "Maybe one day you will find out” Drake whole body was pressed against mine, there was no space between us, I like it like this. Physical and Emotional. I giggled before he kiss me goodbye.

*Friday Night*

I swear I look horrible, I have bags under my eyes, my body is so sore. No I haven't been up all night having sex, guys. Let me tell you my routine, wake up, go to school, practice after school, eat dinner, does homework and sleep for 2hours before I have to do everything again. I am dying! I told everyone we will not be practice this weekend because my girl Riri is coming to town. Oh and Ms Palmer said it's hard to pick one couple and she meed more time. She said she will tell us on Tuesday!!
It's been so hard to concentrate, while I am talking to Drake, so we haven't talked much either. My life is too busy!

I was walking down the stairs to help my mama with dinner since I had no homework and I came early today, when the door bell rang. It was Jelani. I opened the door and pushed him out the way to hug Trina. Then I flicked the back of his head.

"Why don't you ever tell me when your coming over?" I asked.

" Because I like to surprise you" he said rubbing his head. "You need to stop with that abuse."

"Anywho how are you girl, I am sorry I haven't return any of you calls I have been super busy." I told Trina as we all walked to the kitchen.

" It's okay I figured you was busy. I mean it is your senior year, I know that you have no time on your hands, right now." I am glad she understood that I have no time to myself. She hugged my mum and dad.

"Mama Carol do you need any help with dinner?" Trina asked.

"Yes dear, Can you please help me cut up those carrots." Trina took off her jacket and washed her hands and got to cutting. I was washing everything, they used, pots, pans, knives, trays, etc.

"Where's my husband?" Trina asked, she was talking about Caiah.

"He is taking a nap, which means we can get everything done on time." I told her and she nodded.

"Go Go Go Go!!!! He scores!!!!!" Trina blasted out laughing! My dad and my brother were watching the game, the living room. I shook my head.

"Okay so I drove here and Jelani kept tell me to hurry up because he was going to miss the game."

"That silly boy. You should have slapped his head." my mum advised Trina.

"I did, I was like don't tell me want to do," I laughed and shook my head.

"Good." My mum laughed. These ladies are crazy.

"Mummy can I stop now, my hands look like prunes" I whined.

"Okay baby, I will finish up here" hahaha I always my own way, I mean I am the only girl, this it how life is supposed to be. As I put lotion on my hands the door bell rang. I wonder who that could be.… Drake? Oh shoot I forgot he was coming over for dinner.

"Hi Ms Sandy how are you?"

"I am good." she walked in I took her to the kitchen.

"Mama this is Ms Sandy, Drake mother." my mum washed her hand and dried them before hugging Drakes mother.

"Nice to finally meet you, My name is Carol and this is my son's girlfriend Trina" Trina got up from the breakfast table, and hugged her.

"Trina this is my boyfriend, Drake" he was standing behind me. She greeted him and side eyed me, while he hugged my mum.

I walked over to her, "What!" I said smiling.

"You didn't tell me you had a boyfriend." she whispered staring at Drake.

"Like I said I have been BUSY." I said in a low voice.

"I can see that"

"Ew Trina not like that" I said a little too loud, she giggled as everyone in the room looked at me. "Umm Drake, where is Bubbi?"

"Oh she said she is sorry but she promised the girls a night of bingo? Or something like that." I nodded.

"The game is on if you wanna watch it."

"Ok" I took Drake and his mother to to living room.

"Daddy, Drake is here!" My dad stood up and dapped Drake. "This is Drake mother Ms Sandy" He hugged her.

"Nice to meet you, your son is a joy" My dad just said that because they like the same basketball team, I shook my head.

"I should hope so, Nicki is a beautiful girl. I love her, like my own" I smiled.

Jelani just stood there, oh my bad, "Jelani this is my boyfriend Drake, Drake is my older brother Jelani" Jelani must have shook Drake's hand really hard because Drake hand was red. My eyes widened telling him to play nice. Ms. Sandy and I went back in to the kitchen.

"Nicki, Trina, can you please set the table, dinner is almost ready."

"Ok Mama Mia"

"Carol do you need any help with anything?" Ms Sandy asked

"No don't worry, I'm almost finish, thank you anyway"

Trina and I left the kitchen to go to the Dining Room, to set the table. When we came back to the kitchen, the ladies were laughing about something, before I could ask, my mother asked me to go and wake Micaiah for dinner.
I can do stairs with Caiah on my hip. Everyone was already in the dining room, waiting for us. I put him down in the chair between my mum and Jelani. I sat on the opposite side next to Drake and my mum.

"So who would like to say grace?" My mummy asked.

"I will" I replied as I took Drake's and my mummy's hand. "Lord I thank you for this food we are about receive, I thank the hands made the food. Thank you God for bringing our two families closer together, Amen"

"Amen" Everyone repeated.

"Carol this looks amazing," Ms Sandy told her.

"Thank you,"

We all eat, exchanging small talk across the table, then we some how got to talking about the spiritual retreat Ms Sandy went on.

"Carol you will love it, it makes you feel at peace with your inner soul."

"Oooo I would love that, we should take the girls and all the boys can stay here" My mother laughed. "Robert do you think it's a good idea?"

"Whatever you feel is best for you honey," My dad was not listening. That the answer he gives her Every time he isn't listening. So I laughed but no one knew why.

"I know you," Caiah said pointing at Drake.

"Yes Lamb chop, that's Drake."

"Noooo that's the boy that was on your bed other night" Shit shit shit!!!! Oh Fuck!!! The hell!! Oh fuck. the whole table stared at Drake and I. My dad was red in the face. Caiah was the only one eating, that little evil munchkin :(

"Umm..... No Caiah that was Amber. Remember Dad She told it was her Caiah is just a little confused." Hopefully they bought, it. Drake held my hand under the table, I guess he was scared too. The table was silent, While my mum went to get the dessert which was strawberry cheesecake. Until Trina spoke.

"So Nicki how long have y'all been together?"

"About 2months now," I look at drake for reassurance.

"Wow that's cute!" I smiled showing my dimples. My mum came back in the room

"So Drake, how is school?" My mother asked.

"Very good, I am a straight A student" he said sipping he water. Showoff.

"That's excellent, A little birdie told me you love my daughter" I choked on my drink. The fuck! No ma not in front of Dad. "Onika are you ok?" I nodded.

"Yes Ma'am I do love her with all my heart, I plan on keeping it that way." I looked at him and smiled. Trina said awwww and then she hit Jelani. Smh

"Well just don't go hurting her she is my only daughter."

"I will NEVER hurt Nicki that is a promise."

"Great! The only advice I have for you guys, is don't rush in to thing, you have your whole life ahead of you." My mother is the wisest woman I know.

"Speaking of the future, Nicki do you know where you what to go for college?" Ms. Sandy asked me

"Umm my dream is to go NYU, to study drama."

"Drake how about you?" my dad asked him

"I was going to a college in Canada so I can be closer to my Father" Wait What? He wants to go to Canada, what about us? I know for a fact long distance relationships never work, does this change everything?? I don't know.

"Nicki" my mother snapped her fingers in my face. I most have been think real hard for me not to hear her. "Drake wants to use the bathroom."

"Oh ok," I got up and Drake followed closely behind me. Until we got to the bathroom, he pulled me inside and sat me on the sink. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and giggled before our lips met.

"I have wanted to do that all evening." I giggled at him and jumped down from the sink, adjusted myself.

"Me too" I responded before pecking his lips and leave him to do his business.

I came downstairs to see Ms. Sandy putting on her coat. "You're leaving??" I said sadly

"Yes love it's getting late and I have work in the morning." Minutes later Drake came down stairs. "Well it was nice meeting you all, I had a great time." She said hugging everyone.

"Sandy make sure you call me when you get home, so I know you made it home safe." My mum said at the door. I shut the door behind me, Ms. Sandy got in the car.

"I will see you tomorrow, ok dont forget Riri's plane lands at 9 so pick me up at 8" I reminded him

"Ok I will see you tomorrow." I kissed him and giggled afterwards. Today was a good day! Tomorrow is going to be better!


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