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Spending All My Time

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Nicki was up and ready, she looked very Casual in a stripy pink  top and sweatpants, it was only 7am, so she was quite early. Drake texted her saying that he will be there within the next 30minutes.
Nicki didn't want to wake her family up on a saturday morning so she couldn't play her music, like she normally would. She wore her pink uggs and headed down stairs, she sat on the kitchen counter thinking about Riri and the fact that she hasn't seen her in 3months. Nicki was curious to know if anything had changed since she left New York, she also hoped Rihanna and her new friends get along or else it's just going to be hard for Nicki to go out this weekend. She got off the counter and made her and Drake mini pancakes, since Drake is supposed to be coming over in 20minutes. 
It was 7:20 when Drake arrived at Nicki's, he was early, but its all good. 

"Hi Beautiful"

"Hey boo" he kissed her.

"I swear Everytime we kiss I fall in love with you all over again" Drake said sweetly 

"that's nice" Nicki giggled because he just said the sweetest thing and that's how she responded. Drake was not amused "I just playing baby, I love you more and more everyday." She grabbed his face and kissed him, then wrapped her arms around his neck as he lifted her up, she wrapped her legs around him too. He walked into the kitchen still holding Nic but not kissing. 

"Yum, My woman need made me food." Nicki got down and rolled her eyes. 

Nicki and Drake sat down at the breakfast table, it was quite as they ate, Nicki had a lot on her mind from last night. 

"Nicki" Drake broke her from her chain of thoughts


"What's the matter, sugar??"

She giggled "Nothing" 

"You sure? You know you can tell papi chulo anything" Nicki blinked at him then shook her head.

"You have problems?"

"Whatever... What's wrong?" Drake had worry in his eyes. 

"Who said anything was wrong?" Nicki got and put the empty plates in the sink. She started washing the dishes. Drake got up and wrapped his warm, strong arm around Nicki's waist, and kissed her neck. 

"It's okay you can tell me later, when your ready." He knows something is bothering her, he could just tell, he see right thur her. 

"Uh huh." Thinking about the fact Drake wanted to move to Canada made Nicki want to cry. But she had to suck it up #pauz. Drake couldn't see her facial expression. As Nicki washed the last plate, Drake picked her up and carried her upstairs to her room, giggled at the fact that her hubby is soo effing CRAZY!!! He put her down on her bed. 

"Okay is this your bag" Nicki. Shook her head, "Of course not! your wearing pink, why would you carry a purple bag" She shrugged as Drake hit is head. "Okay is this your bag?" drake picked up a White LV bag. She nodded. "Aw Yes!" she giggled. Then he picked her up and throw her over his shoulder. 

"What are you doing you lunatic, Put me down" She whispered loudly so her parents wouldn't hear. Drake ignore her and put her carefully in the car, he set down her bag too. He put her seat belt on her, then shut her passenger door. He then jumped in to the car, and started up the car. "You Crazy!" Nicki giggled. 

"Yeah Crazy about you," He kept his eye on the road. 

"Corny much" After Nicki had said that, No body talked, for awhile, Nicki was on her blackberry, with her head against the window. She had flat ironed her hair the night before, so it didn't look like a bush on the window. Drake wanted to know what it was on his girlfriend's mind, but he knew if he kept pestering her about it she wouldn't talk at all. They where about ten minutes away from the airport, when there was so much traffic, thank God they left early. 

"The fuck" Drake cursed, he turned to the side and saw Nicki head against the window and she had tears down her face. "Aw Nicki don't cry, We will make it."

"No I am not sure we will make it Drake, this is just a waste of our time." She was still crying 

"But Nic I am sure Rihanna wont be angry with you if anything she will be ha....." Nicki cut him off. 

"I am not talking about Rihanna!!!" She shouted at him still looking at  the cars in front. 

"Okay what are you talking about then," He had confusion in his face.

Nicki sighed, knowing that there is  no point shouting. "Us… we can't be together anymore, your dream is to go to Canada and mine is to go to NYU. I just don't see how our relationship is going to work." 

"Nicki please don't say that, I love you too much for us to end" Drake drove a little then took Nicki's hand. 

"Drake that's your dream. And who am I to stand in the way of that?" 

"Your my beautiful girlfriend, whom I am IN love with," Nicki shook her head causing the tear to rush down her cheeks. 

"Drake I have be sitting trying to figure out whether, there was a way we could see each, but it just not going to work." 

"Nicki can we please live for today and not tomorrow, because you never know what may happen. I never said that it was my dream to go college, My dream is to be with you for the rest of my life, I will go anywhere you go. I LOVE you Onika and nothing will EVER change that." He wiped her tears. "Please don't cry, I hate it when beautiful people cry." 

"Sorry, I guess I was acting silly," She smiled putting her dimples on display. 

"That the face I always wanna see" he hugged her and kissed her forehead, then both her cheek. Eventually they kissed with so much passion, well until someone horned at them. Drake pulled away and horned back at the person. Nicki laughed.

"Thank you, For being the best boyfriend in the world and making me feel much better. I love you Aubrey, Forever and Always" She kissed him again. She pulled away  and looked at her phone. It was 8:23am, she whispered in Drake's ear, "Do you remember our first date? How about we finish what we started that night." She nibbled his earlobe before she took off her seat belt and climbed into the back seat. Drake was confused for a bit then he caught what she was throwing. LoL He pulled over to the side, away  from the traffic then got out the car to go to the back. Once in the back seat, Drake started kissing her neck as she took off her cardigan. 

"Mmm, your lips are so soft Aubrey." She uttered. Nicki lifted his head up with both her hands and started kissing him on the lips again. Drake placed his body in-between Nicki's spread legs, her back was up against the car door. Drake then put his arms under her thighs and let his hands rest on top of them. He carefully pulled her underneath him, her back now rested on the seat. He took off his shirt and threw it in the front seat, Nicki did the same. She only had on her bra and bottoms. Drake kissed her neck as she wrapped her arms around his. He slowly began to pull off her sweat pants and uggs. He kissed his way past her boobs to her belly button. Nicki started getting wet. She looked down at him as he caressed her thick thighs. She started to have second thoughts. She only wanted this to be a make out session, but the further down he went, the more she liked it. Although it did make her a bit nervous. Drake began to pull off her panties and this made Nicki wetter.

"Drake? Maybe we should get back on the road? RiRi could be at the airport by now..." She breathed, resting her head on the seat with her eyes closed. Drake looked up at her, but kept on going, he could tell she was enjoying it even if she did try to stop him. He kissed her all the way down and stopped just above her clit, Nicki let out a slight moan. Drake was teasing her, he wanted to see how she'd react. He then kissed the top of her right knee and slowly worked his way down. He kissed the inside of her thigh, so close to her center. "Mmm..." She moaned, biting her lip with closed eyes. He smiled then moved to her left leg and did the same. He took his thumbs and began massaging the area around her vagina. Nicki furrowed her brow and Drake watched as she made the sexiest faces. He then went in for the kill, his tongue was like a Cobra. He licked and licked like she was a lollipop with a surprise inside. Nicki couldn't control herself. This was all new to her. She'd never been given head before, let alone had any dude's head inbetween her legs. "Drake?! Oh God! Sss Uuh!" Was all she could get out. Nicki couldn't fix her mouth to say anything other than his name or let out a few loud moan's. As he licked and sucked her clit, Drake reached up and pushed Nic's bra up. Her boobs popped out of it and he started caressing them. Nicki was trying her hardest to speak, for she had something to say, but she was failing. She lifted her right leg up and placed her foot on Drake's left shoulder, trying to push him off. But the heel of her foot skidded across his bare back. Nicki reached for the headrest on the passenger seat and scooted her body away from him. Drake was NOT having that. He pulled Nicki back and continued what he started. "Ooooh!!!! Draaaake?! Uuuhhh!!! Something's.... Aaahh!!! Happening!!" She moaned. Nicki placed her right hand on top of his head to push him away, but he had a strong hold on her, she wasn't going anywhere. Nicki's legs began to tremble. "Oooooo!!! Baby?! I... I... I don't..."

"Ssshhhh....." Drake cut her off. "Ride it out, you're just cummin baby." Nicki placed her other hand on his head and held it there. She loved this new feeling she was experiencing. Nicki felt her body heat up. A warm surge of pure passion rushed over her and made every part of her body tingle. "UUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Nicki came. For the first time in her life, she had her very first orgasm. She opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling of Drake's car. Nicki was breathing heavily as a slight grin graced her face. She felt invincible, like nothing could bring her down from this high. Nothing.

Was the last thing she said before she reached for her clothes in the front. Drake sucked on her neck leaving a mark as she put on her top. "Drake we have to go, I don't want to be late" she whined. "I am not about to have my first time in a car" Drake chuckled. 

"Well at least I got to taste you. You taste soo good, I could eat you all day." Nicki smiled at him, as she put on her panties. 

"Well then we are just going to have to have one of these days then." Nicki looked into his eyes and bit the corner of her bottom lip. Drake was totally up for that day! LoL
They both got dressed and made there way down to the Airport, which took about 10minutes since the traffic had calmed down a bit. Nicki couldn't stop smiling, well she always smiles whenever she's around Drake or hears his name, but this smile was different. Way different. She looked more happy, if that's the right word to use. A new form of happy. She had the whole kool-aid smile. To Drake she looked adorable.
Drake helped her out the car, they walked hand in hand into the airport. The moved closer to the area where the passengers cone out, to meet they family or friends. Nicki couldn't see anything there was so many tall people, she tugged on Drake's shirt and pouted, "I can't see" he chuckled and turn around so she could get on his back. Once she was on she kissed his cheek, and whispered a thank you in his ear. It was so loud in there. They stood there for five minutes until Drake spoke. 

"Do you see her yet??" he shouted over the noise,

"Nope" as Nicki said that Rihanna came  #Pauz out, Nicki laughed. "I see her, trust her to sneakers, baggy jeans and crop." Nicki got down from drake. She pushed through all the people, drake wasn't to far behind, Nicki shouted when she was close enough to her, " WHO THAT I SEE? IS IT RIRI?" Rihanna turned her head to Nicki's direction. Rihanna ran up to her, they hugged. Riri screamed, then Nicki screamed, then Riri screamed, then Nicki screamed. 

Riri: Your Hair

Nicki: Your Hair 

Riri: Your Boobs 

Nicki: You Look Hot

Riri screamed then Nicki screamed. Drake stood there, embarrassed that he was with two crazy screaming girls, people were watching. They hugged once more. 

"Oh I am sorry. Drake, this my best friend in the whole world, 11years and counting breanna!!! Her real name Rihanna."

"Nice too meet you Drake." she waved at him. 

"You too, Rihanna" drake took her luggage. "Don't worry I will get that." 

"Thank you" Nicki smiled at her kind boyfriend, then took Riri's hand. "Nicki I am so surprise your early." Rihanna said in her thick accent. 

"Do you want me to be late" Nicki said in her New York accent and with a lot of attitude. 


"Well then," 

"Nicki you know I love you right?" 

"aww and I love you Riri, Oh what time do you have to be at the club?" 

"11 and I finish at 6" 

"Oh you have an hour and  a half, do you wanna go to my house or grab some breakfast?" 

"Your house I already ate, plus I want to see Aunty Carol and Uncle Robert and my baby Micaiah." 

"Ok" As they reached the car, Drake put Rihanna's one suit case in the back. Rihanna sat in the back seat behind Nicki. Oh don't worry Drake cleaned the seats. ;P Drake started the heading towards Nicki's house while Nicki and Rihanna screamed and talked over each other, they were having two conversations at one time.  Girls. Drake just focused on the road, he didn't even try to get caught up in that. Once they reached the house, Rihanna, was gobsmacked, there is nothing like this in Queens. 

"Gwooooorl we ain't in Southside Jamaica Queens no more!!" Rihanna said with excitement causing Nicki to laugh. 
Even though Nicki did have one of the nicest apartment, it's nothing compared to this. Everyone got out the car. Drake got Rihanna's suit case and Nicki opened the front door. Drake Put the suit case inside.  

"Okay I have to go to the gym, I will see you tonight Rihanna." He said

"Okay thanks again Drake" he nodded and Nicki walked to the car with him. 

"Thank you for today, You know Everything" she hugged him. 

"No Thank you!" she giggled then he kissed her and jumped in to his car. Nicki went back in to the house where she found her parents hugging Riri. 
After Rihanna and Nicki's parents had a catch up session, Nicki took Riri to her room. 

"Wow Pink" 

Nicki laughed. " Why does everyone say that whenever they come in my room?" Nicki changed out of her panties and sweats into legging.

"Because it's pink" They laughed and jumped on the bed. 

"So Bestie… What do you think of Drake?" Nicki wanted her friends opinion on her boyfriend. 

"He is Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnne… Nicki I didn't know you like those white boys,"

Nicki laughed, "Neither did I... But yeah I am done with niggas they don't know how to treat they women right!"

"Speaking of Niggas that ain't treat their women right, have you spoken to Trey since you've been in LA?" 

"Nope I ain't even gone to Safaree's house, I don't want to see his face ever again but I know that ain't gonna happen…" Nicki said harshly turning the page of her magazine. 

"How you know?" Riri questioned 

"Because Drake and Trey are friends, Safaree is my friend and also Trey's step brother. Is just a matter of time for us to cross paths"

"Ooo Gworl, that is not going to be an easy day"

"Who you telling," Nicki sucked on her lollipop #pauz "Enough about me what's up witchu mami?" 

"Nothing just trying, to succeed in school, but it's hard when you don't have your best friend to help you study." She looked at Nicki. 

"Gworl I was your distraction, you be touching me, when you was supposed to be studying." Nicki Laughed

"You know as long as I get some ass I can do anything," Nicki rolled her eyes. 

"You need the Lord!" Nicki suggested "Imma pray for you" Riri laughed. 

"Yo Nic straight after you left, basic hoes were trying to be my friend and shit. I was like fuck no hoe get the fuck out of here you flat chested toothpicks" Nicki laughed so much she fell off the bed. 

"ow" she said laughing. 

"ONIKA I TOLD YO ASS TO STOP FALLING OF THAT DAWM BED!! DONT MAKE ME TELL YOU TO SIT ON THE FLOOR!!" Nicki mother shouted from her bedroom. Nicki rolled her eyes.

 " But Yeah Nic I ain't even surprise at them wanting to replace you. You know we run shit in La Guardia!"

"Yep!! Omgsh how is everyone Bashley, Bthembi, Bandrew? Omgsh I miss everyone so much!"   Nicki missed all her old friends a lot. 

"They're good, they told me to give you this Card" Rihanna handed her the card, as Nicki read it, she started to cry, The sweet messages her favourite teachers had left. The funny messages her friends left bought a smile to her face. Rihanna hugged her friend, " Don't cry, Liddio Mama"

Nicki just smiled. Then wiped her tears when see realised what time it was, time flys when your having fun. "Breanna we gotta go now or else you will be late." 

"Ok let be just wash my hands real quick they feel sticky" Nicki nodded. 

"Meet me downstairs when your done" Nicki went to her parents room to go tell her mother that she was about to leave with Riri and how there won't finish until 6pm. 

"Okay Onika, what that on your neck?" Nicki ran over to her parents mirror, and saw a hickie! 

"Ay dios mio" 

"Onika speak English,"


"Ok! I know what it is, we will talk when I come back on Wednesday." 

"Where are you going?" 


"Why? And how comes I ain't coming pauz"

"Because you have school and I am not going for a holiday. I have important stuff to take care of" Nicki new it was important because usual her mother would have told her weeks before, that she would be going back home. "Don't worry Caiah is coming with us" Nicki's mother said zipping up the suit case that was on the bed.

"Wait dad is going too?" 

"Yes my dear, I know that your responsible enough to know the rules. So I am not going to go thought it. We will be gone by the time you come back so come and get your mama a hug." Nicki walked over to her mother and hugged and kissed her. "Be safe, I will call you when I land and Jelani will be checking up on you, him and Trina are in LA until Monday."

"Ok bye mum, where's dad and Caiah?" 

"At the barbers." 

"Well tell them I said bye" Nicki said leaving the room. She ran downstairs to see Riri waiting. "Oh my bad" she looked at her phone, "Oh crap you have 15minutes to get there."

They both jumped in the car and speeded to the club. Rihanna got there on time, which is amazing considering that they only had 15minutes. Riri was instantly whisked off to hair and make up. Nicki just followed her. "This is serial, like I am living in a fantasy land." her make up artist smile. Once Riri got in to her outfit, the director told her something, Nicki couldnt hear because she was far away. Riri finished putting the jewellery to complete the outfit when the light bulb over her head soon turn on. "Nicki!" Riri motioned her to come over. "Hey girl, I wanna make you dreams come true!" Nicki looked at her friend puzzled, "Yes I want you to star in my music video" 

"What? Uh ahh No way No way I ain't doing it!" Nicki said putting up he index finger and waving it in Riri's face

Rihanna grabbed Nicki's hand and jumped up and down like a 2 year old that didn't get her way "Why!?!" 

"Because I don't wanna.…" 

"Well I am making you do did it Pauz… Linda, Kenneth, Paddy" Her make up artist, stylist and hair stylist, all walked over. "Ok this is my best friend, and she has been the best, and is letting me stay with her so my gift to her is that she is going to be my friends in the video. So Make her look prettier than she is if that's even possible." Everyone laughed but Nic. "Oh and she is on pills that make her say negative stuff like 'No' 'I don't want to do this' oh and 'Imma Kill Rihanna' so pay no mind to her comments okay" 

"Okay" they all said at the same time. 

"Well Go work your magic!"

Rihanna walked away and did sang the whole song in that one outfit, but couldn't change until she did the opening. She run over to Nicki.

"Yo you done?" she asked. 

"I hate you!" Nicki said as Linda finished her make up. 

"Aw Thank you" Nicki rolled her eyes as Linda giggled. 

"Ok you about to despise me" 

"Ugh!! Why?" 

"Because Imma need you to say one line." 

"Nope I aint doing it!"

"Nicki why are you being soo difficult. You know you wanna do it!" 

"First Pauz that, Second no I don't" 

"Please do it for me, I mean I haven't seen you in 3months!!" Nicki rolled her eyes 


"Yay!! Is she done??" Linda nodded, Rihanna pulled her out the chair and ran to the director, to get her line.

"And Action" 

The other girl: Yo this Party is Flawless

Nicki: Still.. The music is too low 

Rihanna: I will make him turn it up. 

After one more costume changes Riri was done. For the day, there did everything they needed to do which means she has a free day tomorrow. Beach!! LoL 

Driving home Nicki was kinda excited to see the video. But she didn't want to show it. "So my mother has gone to Trini for 4days, they all left today."

"Oh word I didn't ever say bye and thanks for letting me say." Rihanna said " Oh My Gee I just realise you have the house to yourself." 

"Yep and?…"

"And I have two words for you, HOUSE PARTY!!!" 

"Uh Nah, I hate throwing party. 1. You have to buy food, and I ain't spending my money on people I don't even know. 2. I have to clean up. And 3. Something always breaks." 

"Well I want to go out, any teen clubs around here?"

"I am sure there is, let me call Drake" Nicki dialed his number and put him on speaker since she was driving. Drake picked up after two rings. 

"Hello Sexy" 

"Hey bub-ba!! Okay Riri wants to go to a club tonight, is there any around here?" 

"Yep I will take you guys there if you want." 

Riri giggled "Please" the girls said at the same time. 

"Oh can we bring Safaree and his girl and your other friend!" Rihanna asked

"okay!! But they have to drive there own cars." 

"yep okay! Bye babe see you at 9ish yeah?" Nicki said.

"Okay! Bye" he hung up

"Wohooooooo PARTY!!!!" Rihanna screamed as Nicki Laughed.

When they got home, Nicki went to the kitchen, to get ice cream. And call her brother. 

"Hi Lani!!" 

"Hey, what's up??" 

"Nothing I just telling you if you wanna come over tonight you can't I am going to a teen club with Riri because she has been working all day"

"Yeah that's cool as long as you don't dance with ain't niggas!!" Nicki looked at her phone and rolled her eyes. Then she heard a whack!! And the phone drop. "Hello!!" 

"Hey girl don't listen to your brother do what you want. Hehehe ok bye he is coming for the phone...... Ahhhhhhh Jelani get off of me." she hung up. Nicki just laughed as she got two spoons out the drawn. Before Nicki went up stairs, she texted everyone (Cassie, Safaree, Em and Cammy) the same thing. 

'Meet at my house at 9:15, clubbing tonight!!! Wohoooo!' 



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