Thursday, 25 August 2011

Spending All My Time Part2

Nicki POV

Entering my room, I saw Riri looking through her suit case for something to wear tonight. I handed her the Ben&Jerry's Cookie Dough ice cream she wanted, while I dumped my spoon in my Chocolate fudge Ice cream. We sat down Indian style on the pink sofa in my room.
"I feel like I haven't seen you in forever, like I didn't even know what colour your hair was." I said playing with her hair. "I feel like I don't know anything"

"I know right, Like What is your name?" She asked smiling.

"Ni... What is my name?" I laughed and she chuckled.

"I miss this…" Rihanna said randomly.

"What?" I said with my mouth full,

"You Know... Saturday Night's sleepovers, ice cream, facials, mani pedi's…"

"Talking about boys, prank phone calls." I continued her sentence.

"Yes!!! We have to do some of those things before I leave, because who knows when we will get a chance like this again." Rihanna had sadness in her voice.

"Aww Hun don't worry. You are a Solo Artist now, you will be in LA a lot."

"People might not like pon de replay!!"

"Ugh yes they will, I love the song!! And you know I don't lie, I will tell if it's a shitty song or not." I told her. She smiled. "OMGeeee!! I need the girls here now"

"What girls??"

"Amber and Cassie, I realise this is the only time I can tell this story once, with out the boys being around."

Rihanna looked at me with a sour face. "Okaaaaaaaay I don't know what the fuck you are talking about."

I call the girls and told them to come over now and bring they outfits with them.

20minutes later and 2 empty pot of ice cream, Cassie and Amber finally arrived, in the same car Cassie's car.

"Hey Wifey"

"Hey Marshmallow!"  Cassie said.


"Yeah, because your squishy on the outside." she pushed my face together with both of her hands. "And soft on the inside" she let go and tapped my nose.

"Hey Em"

"Hey Barbie" I giggled and hugged them both. Then I shut door as they came in. We ran up stairs to my room, where Riri was, and I introduce everybody. "What is it you wanna tell us? This better be good."

"You can leave, there's  the door" I glared at Amber, she didn't leave so I spoke. "So I finally got some baldy locks" Cassie gave me a 'WTF' face while Rihanna was jumping up and down on my bed, well she was excited.

"Okay what's baldy locks, are you trying to make fun of me" Amber pouted and crossed her arms.

Riri screamed in my ear, "When? Where? How? Who?" she screeched

"Okay first. Owww!! Second I think we all know who!!"

"Noo we don't know what you are talking about!!" Cassie said

"Ooh I am sorry guys, The Term Baldy Locks is Good Head," They started to get excited. "I got it today before I picked you up. In the back seat and…" Rihanna cut my off

"Hold up!! Wait!! Rewind! I sat in the back. OMGeeee I can never wear those jeans again Eww!!" Cassie laughed.

"Oh would you shut up, he cleaned up before we came to pick you up." Amber and Cassie were both laughing at this point.
Then we all laughed. I fell off the bed making them laugh ever more.

"Okay okay" Riri was trying to compose herself "Soo which one of you is Safaree's girlfriend?" Amber and I pointed at Cassie.

She giggled, looking down and blushed, "I'm not his girlfriend"

"Well not YET always!" I stated. She giggled, I know she like's him and he like her. "Omg did I tell you Faree gave her his hat."

Riri gasped."Shut up!" I nodded "Gworl, he most definitely like chu!!" Cassie blushed even harder.

"Yo it's 7:45 should get ready??" Amber asked, I nodded.

I love this! My old friend and my new friends are getting along so well. Rihanna was so ready to party all night! She was wearing, a really cute green dress, gold heels, gold dangling earring, with her hair down.
 Cassie looked dolled up in a black and purple dress, gold clutch matching shoes.
Now Em! Let me start from top to bottom. My Girl got the black sunglasses with a white frame. Red lipstick. Black leather Jacket! (Which I am gonna steal!!) White v neck, cut top. Red leggings with a black waist band. Black heels! Fierce!

As For me I was wearing The earrings Drake got me, my barbie necklace, a leather jacket that was too tight to wear anything under it so I didn't (not even a bra), Black ripped legging that made my butt look really big :P. Now I look Vicious!!!
Can y'all see the pink ring 

We were all ready just waiting on the boys to come. We were down stairs in the living room, watching Riri favourite show Pretty Little Liars. About 15minutes into it, my annoying door bell rang. It was the boys. Cassie and I answered the door.
"Hi.... Woah you look sexy!" Drake said

"Hey Drake" he walked in and I kissed him like I haven't seen him in 2months, while he cupped my ass. Cassie did the same to Safaree. But we were rudely interrupted by Shad and Omarion.  "Who the fuck invited Useless" I pointed at Shad, "And Worthless" I pointed at Omarion.

"That's hurtful Nic" Shad said, he look really hurt. Then he smirked.

"I sure as hell didn't text y'all" I said letting go of Drake.

"Chill Nic, I invited them" Cam said


"Because they're were bored..." Okay I cant be mad at that. They are here now, I'm not going to be mean and turn them away. I waved it off and headed to the living room.

"Damn Nic this house is dope" Shad exclaimed. I nodded.

"Hey White chocolate." Omarion said to Em. She put up her middle finger.

"I told your short ass to not call me that." She didn't even look at him, her eyes was glued to the TV. Cameron sat next to her and kissed her cheeked, then she turned her head and they started kissing. Ew

"Damn!! Who this fine mama." Shad said as he sat next to Riri. Uh I don't think so.

"Rihanna," she put her hand out and he shook it. "and you must be N.G, right? No Game!" She cheesed him. Everyone laughed so hard.

"Ri that's rude!!" I shouted.

"What? I ain't trying to met nobody." I rolled my eyes. "Now where is My Nigga SB?" Safaree was still in the hall with Cassie, Lord knows what they were doing.

He popped his head round the door. "Hey Riri!" He walked in with his arm out, waiting for a hug.

"Aw Faree I missed you bro!" she giggled pulling away from him.

"Aw that's sweet. Let get going!!" I said grabbing my phone and Keys.

"Wait what club we going to?" Safaree asked.

"Cherry Bomb" Drake replied.


In Drakes car there was Rihanna, Drake and I. Cam's car: Amber and the boys and Safaree's car: him and Cassie. We arrived at at the club, it was black with just a neon sign with cherry beside the word,Cherry and a bomb where the 'o' is in Bomb. The place must have been packed because, there was a long line outside. I got out of the car, and the line looked much longer than it did in the car.

"Nuh Uh.. I am not lining up." I was already frustrated just looking at it.

"Who said we are lining up?" Drake said walking to the Bouncer, we all followed behind. "My name is on the list, Drake." He told the Tall, muscular man.

"Oh, you VIP area is ready." He said. We all walked in with no problems.

"Wow Drake, way to up your Cool points." I grabbed his and Riri's hand as we went through the crowd to the VIP. We all sat down and mingled a little bit, until a bartender came up to us and handed us Alcohol free Cocktails. I don't know what came over me, but I felt the need to rise my glass. "Okay I would like to make a toast" I shouted over the music,"To Riri making her first ever video today, I hope this is not the last and she gets the success she deserves"

"Cheers" Everyone glasses connected against each other as we all cheered for Rihanna.

"Three cheers for Riri" Safaree exclaimed

Safaree: hip hip!
Everyone: Hooray!
Safaree:Hip Hip!!
Everyone: HooRay!!
Safaree:HIP HIP!!!!

"Safaree you Lunatic!!" I shouted, we all laughed. Half of the group went on the dance floor. Just Drake, Omarington, Rihanna and I still in the VIP area.

"Thanks for everything Nic" Riri whispered in my ear.

"Girl, We VIP we don't even need ID!" I whispered back in her ear quoting one of the songs I wrote but haven't finished. She has heard it before so she just giggled.
I looked over to Drake he looked, laid back. Bopping his head to the music. I was about to lean over and say something to him when my jam came on, I pulled him up. "Drake this is my song!" We went to the dancefloor and you know I shook what my momma gave me. Drake pulled me close, holding my hips, as I shook my ass. The song was over, they DJ was say something about something I wasn't listening, I was in a trance looking in to Drake's beautiful Hazel Eyes. Then DJ, goes and plays a old songs; R Kelly- Bump & Grind. I had my back to him, he pulled me ever closer than I was before. I was whining my hips on my man, I swung my hands up to holding the back of his neck. He bent his neck down towards my Nicki, kissing and sucking on it as we danced. I tilted my head to the side giving him more access to my neck. "I love you" he whispered in his sexy voice, which sent chills down my back. Before I knew it the song was over, I looked around for Riri because I didn't see her in the VIP area, I finally spotted her, dancing with Chris from Singing Class, I am glad she is having a great time.
5 songs went by, before I got tired of dancing. We went back to the VIP area, I straddled drake, I mean we was the only people in VIP. I wrapped my Neck, playing with his hair. I looked down and he was staring at my chest I smirked. "Are you wearing a bra?" he shouted near my ear. I shook my head, he then chuckled. "Perfect" I giggled. He is so stupid, he thinks he is getting some of this. Ha! He then slid his hand down from my hips to my ass. I leaned in, kissing his soft pink lips. This was EVERYTHING! He squeezed my butt, which turned me on. Cassie and Safaree came back.

"My Feet hurt, I have be Up on the Dancefloor." Cassie complained, which made Drake and I stop whatever we was doing. I slid off his lap. Into the club's lounge sofa I was sitting in previously, I kept my legs on his lap. As Cassie was talking to me about how she is really liking SB, I had to excuse myself from the conversation, I was perched. "Cass you wanna come to the bar?"

"Did you not just hear me? My feet hurt!" I rolled my eyes at her and walked over to the bar.

"Hey Nic," I said reading the bartenders name tag.

"Hello what can I get you?" He asked me

"Mai Tai please!" I leaned over the bar with my elbows on the table. I jumped as someone slapped my butt really hard. I turned to see who it was. I could see the person, it was dark in the club, there was only a couple flashing lights, plus he was wearing a hat over his eyes. "Um I would appreciate it if you kept your hands to yourself." I said in the calmest voice, even though inside I was heating up. I turned back around, but this nigga decide to fucking Grab my hand, he leans forwards and shouts in my ear.

"Come dance with me ma." I smiled because, I found it funny, out of everyone in this over crowded club, this nigga came to me. Why?

"I am sorry but my feet hurt and I have a boyfriend." I tried to turn around again, but he pulled me closer. This dude is getting too close for comfort.

"Come on Shawty, Dance with me," The way he said ‘Shawty’ sounded like… dare I say it… Trey. I shook my head, nah it cant be Trey has long hair.

"Nigga did you not just hear me. I have a boyfriend!!"

"Shawty I want you and ya fine ass over there now."

"Nigga ya ears hard" I said in my Trini accent, "I don't want to dance witchu" Obviously now his ears are hard because his grip on my wrist was getting tight, he was really hurting me. I turned around and saw that my drink was ready. I picked it up and poured it on his hat.

"The Fuck is your problem." he let go of me.

"Ya deaf nah," Again I said in my Trini accent. "I told you I didn't want to dance, ugh!" Next thing I knew Amber came up to me.

"Are you okay?" she asked and I nodded, she looked at my wrist and then the guys. "Do you need me to cut a Nigga!?" I shook my head as the guys disappear in to the crowd. I went to the VIP area, still thirsty but sad, who knows what might have happen if  Em don't come. He could have taken me somewhere and beat me up or even rape me, there are some crazy people in the world.

"Drake I don't wanna be here any more can we go?"

"Yeah, what's wrong?" he stood up and lifted my face up with both of his hand on my cheek. I bit my lip to fight back the unnecessary tears. I shook my head. I held on to his wrist, he looked down and saw my wrist, that had a bluey-purple colour around it. He let go of my face and held my wrist lightly, "Who did this to you?" He looked pissed, his face was red and I haven't even told him, what went down just 5minutes ago.

"I will tell you in the car," My voice cracked a little. "Can we just get out of here please?" I gulped. I grabbed my phone from the table in the VIP, and grabbed Drake's hand. I told Amber to go get everyone and we will met by the cars. Cassie and Safaree were not too far behind us.

When we got back to the car Drake wanted to know the whole story. So I told him, I know Safaree and Cassie was listening too. The I shed one tear which he wiped. "I am just a little sad because, he could have gotten really angry and raped me or even beaten me."

"Aw Nic" Cassie hugged me.

"Do you know his name?" Safaree asked.

"No, I couldn't even see his face," As I said that everyone else came to the cars.

"Hey that club was awesome!" Riri said all excited then her face changed when she saw mine. "What happened?"

"Nothing!" I don't wanna spoil her trip and excitement because of some dumbass Nigga who don't take 'No' for an answer. "Okay so Guys you want to come back to mine for a pool party?"

"No I am going to go to Cam's" Amber said.

"Oh word? Hey I ain't mad! Do you boo!" She blushed. "Just text or call me if you need me to cover for you" She nodded and hugged me goodnight, Cam did the same.

"Yeah Nic we're going to get going too." Shad said hugging me. Then Omarington did.

"Okay bye guy see you at the beach tomorrow." They all said yeah and bye. Just Drake, Safaree, Riri, Cassie and I, hehe Party of 5. LoL!

As we got to my house, I took off my seat belt, and played with my phone trying to forget the night I have just experienced. I opened the door and attempted to get out, but I felt like my head was glue to the head rest. "What wrong?" Drake asked

"Don't laugh but my head it stuck"

"What!!" He got out the car and come around to my side.

"Rihanna I know you did something to me that's why you was so quiet this whole car journey. Oo and trust me imma beat yo ass, when you least expect it" I did my evil laugh. She giggled. As soon as Drake saw whatever it is that Riri did, he busted out laughing. "What did she do??"

"Hold up let me take a pic!!" He was still laughing, I pouted. She was laughing louder. My boyfriend and my Best-friend are the worst!

"What did she do?" I was getting frustrated.

"She wrapped your hair around the head rest, the braided it. How did you not feel it?" I shrugged, still pouting. He kissed my lips and told Riri to release me.

I opened the door, kicked off my shoes, exposing my swollen feet (they won't really swollen I'm just being Dramatic) and heading to my living room, waiting for Safaree and Cassie so we could get the party started. Cassie and Safaree, walked nonchalantly,"What to y'all so long?" I asked

"Ummmm 1 word… Alcohol!" Cassie stated, bringing out the vodka and disarono bottles.

"How did you get that?" I asked

"I know people" Safaree said running to the Kitchen, I guess he is getting glasses.

"Shoot he don't know nobody, what had happened was I look like I am 23 so I just bought it." I laughed "The only thing he did was Drive." Safaree came back with some glasses.

"Why y'all laughing?"

"No reason" Riri said still giggled.

After 45mins of drinking, Rihanna was knocked out, and the rest of us was tipsy.

"Drake how much do you love me?" I asked.

He spread his arms out wide "This Much" I giggled "How much do you love me?" he asked

"This much" I lifted up both of my index finger, 5cm apart and giggled.

"Oh word, then imma need to make you love me more" I giggled as he throw me over his shoulder and took me to my room. He throw me on my bed and climb on top of me. I playfully pushed him off me.

"Drake, I love you..."

"I love you too, Nicki" with a goofy smile.

"I love you so much I am willing to let you cuddle me and sleep…" I looked around then I whispered, "Underneath the covers" He laughed. I rolled off my bed and slowly took off my clothes in front of him, Ha I could tell he was enjoying the show. ;-)


"Safareeeeeee!!!" Cassie screamed. "This is supposed to be a pool party let go swimming."

"Shhhh!" Safaree put his finger to his lips. "Riri is sleeping" She giggled.

"Which is why we should go outside." she stood up and unzipped her dress. Safaree sat there and watched. Cassie was in her navy blue bra and matching lace panties, she took out her hair from the cute bun she had and let  it flow down her back. "You Ready?"

Safaree was more than ready!!!

Okay to all my Lovely's who did not understand the interlude IMMA NEED Y'ALL YOU GO AND READ I GET LONELY TOO… -__-  Lmaooo I love y'all with all my heart... Muaaaaaah

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