Saturday, 20 August 2011


Jasmine POV 

"Yes mom… I told you hated it here I am bound to get in a fight sooner or later." I shouted at my mother who trying to punish me. Then I slammed the door so I would hear her. I swear the youngest is supposed to be the one who is spoilt. My older sisters and my dad spoil me but my mother treats me like everybody else. Not Cool!!
I really do hate in London! Ok its not all that bad, I love going shopping here, I go everyday after sixth form. But the weather is just ridiculous, like one minute it warm then it starts raining -__- I stay cold in this country there hottest weather is 36 degrees in LA it's like 99! Ugh!! 

I was sitting on my bed, In my blue plaid shirt and White jeans, and my laptop on my lap. I decided to see what was happening in LSH and what I am missing out on. I scrolled down the school website page. Awwww the talent show. It's just for Juniors and Seniors, scouts come and watch them. Omgsh Drakes singing in it. I wish i was there, I would have been perfect for this :-( 
Okay this is just making me feel so sad, I need something to lift up my spirit. Soo I checked my email.  I had about 5 mail. One from Keri… I don't even like her why is she sending ME stuff. I checked it regardless, it was a picture of Drake kissing some random girl I have never seen in my life, they where in what looked like Ms. Palmer's music classroom, I could tell because of the piano in the background. What the Hell!! Drake didn't say he wanted to date other people! 

"Calm down Jaz" I told myself. This may be a set up, that might be one of Keri's girls.. Making a move on my man. Okay I am not going to waste my time with this shit. With that in mind I delete it. 

Next mail was from, Drake!! My hubby!! It was an invitation to his beach birthday party!! Why would he send me this, when he knows that in the UK. Perhaps he misses me so much that he wants me to come? You know what imma surprise my baby and go to LA for his birthday!! Now I just have to convince my parents to left me go! This shouldn't be hard. 

After I had a long think about how I was going to tell my parents about LA, I was ready and my daddy came home just in time. I ran downstairs.

"Hi Papi can I talk to you and mama for a bit I have a proposition for you guys" I give my parent a big but innocent smile. 

"What is it pumpkin?" My dad asked, he was all ears on what I had to say. 

"Can I go to LA for a week?" I asked, my mother shook her head  as soon as I said 'LA'.

"What about school?" she asked

"I have a half term on the 20th to the 27th of October, and that's when I plan on going." 

"I don't know!" My mother said still contemplating on whether I can go or not. Ugh!! Its like she never wants me to be happy. 

"I think I deserve it, I mean I did have to leave my friends and school to come to a place I hate."

"Okay, let say we let you go…" Yay!! I am going!!! "Where would you stay?" My Papi asked 

"Umm either in a hotel or with Aunty Jacky" 

"Well I mean, it fine with me." At this point I was jumping up and down but I knew I won't be going until my mother says I can, I have to get approval from both parents. 

"Mommy pleeeeease!" I pleaded 

She looked at me and huffed, yes she gave in "Fine" Yay!! I clapped, jumped up and down then I tacked them, giving the both of them a hug. 

"I Love You Guys" I ran upstairs, I fell over a few times but I didnt care, "Wohoooooooo I gotta go get pack!!!" lol even though I'm going in two weeks. Oh well I am excited! I get to see My Baby and My friends!! I can't wait!!!! Yaaaaaaay!! Drake is going to be soo surprised! I am going to make this party a rememberable one!!!

For all my lovely's in the USA and do not know British terms Used in this Interlude… please look below! 

Half Term-> it is like 'spring break' but we have it every couple of months.

Sixth Form -> School here finishes at 16 but if you want to farther your education you go sixth form. Which is basically where all the Juniors and Seniors go to for 2 year or more before they go University. 


  1. Really? His ex is coming back? REALLY?! She thinks they still go out huh? -_- Girl BYE!.... sooo... Esther..... when's the next add? LMBOOOOOOOOOOOOO I wanna see what happens

  2. Gworrl I still got 5 More posts before Jasmine is back!!!! And sometime this week!! I post whenever I finish writing to my satisfaction!!

  3. First off , Ima need her to stop calling drake her 'baby'..thas not gon work! Secondly , she bet not start nothing...but I have a feeling Nicki gon woop her BUTT or Drake gon hold her back. CTFU. I need to know.

  4. O he'll NAW this bitch is not gonna come back and mess up my queens happiness!!!

  5. Lmao I mad she still think drake her "baby" BITCH you moved to LONDON I want her to pop off so nicki can jus beat her ass.If she mess this party up I know amber and cassie gon immediatly beat her

  6. B4 I respond I'm tellin u 2 take ya tail 2 6th form!! Jus had 2 get sum sisterly advice in there!! :D Lol

    Ok, sooo..... NOOOO!!!! Dat chicken head gon mess up EVERYTHING!!! Drake is ain't hers no mo!! He belongs 2 Nicki girl, fall the fuck bak!! She dumb...

    Cn't wait 4 more E.B.! Post soon cuz I needs to kno if im gon need mi Vaseline so me nd Nic could fite a bitch, okaaay?! *ghetto accent*

    Lmao! I'm dun, deuces!! :p