Friday, 29 July 2011



Siting in Ms James's English class  I wasn't even paying attention, like I was staring at my ring. I love Drake so much. He fills me with so much joy. I am soo glad that he fell in love with me. My thoughts was interrupted by Ms James. 


"Uh What! No Miss you can call me Nicki" I smiled. 

"Ok Nicki, you will be Juliet and Shad, you will be Romeo. Ok so you will read Act2 Scene4 and class you tell me what you think they are saying. 

Juliet(Nicki):Art thou gone so? love, lord, ay, husband, friend!
I must hear from thee every day in the hour,
For in a minute there are many days:
O, by this count I shall be much in years
Ere I again behold my Romeo!

Romeo(Shad): Farwell 
I will omit no opportunity
That may convey my greetings, love, to thee.

"Ok stop!" Ms James demanded so we did what we was told. "Cassie what do you think Nicki said? In your own words."
"Umm I think she said something about hearing from him everyday and how this should not be the last time they meet."

"Umkay..... Omarion wake up!!" everyone laughed as he got up. 

"Miss I was just thinking real hard with my eyes closed." Everyone laughed

"yeah so if you was thinking 'real hard' What did shad say?" Ms James questioned him.

Omarion looked around, for the answer "Miss I ain't gonna lie I ain't got a clue what we are talking about" Everyone laughed. Ms James shook her head. Then bell went.

"Everyone before you go, I want you to write an essay reviewing what you think Act2 Scene4 is saying in your own words and how you think it would have been said today, this for Monday" She said before we left. 

*At Lunch*

I was sitting on drakes lap, eat a carrot. Today was Wednesday. Yes Wednesday my audition is today, this should be fun but I am scared as fuck! This is the first time I am rapping in front of someone. 

"Nicki you okay babe?" Drake asked me, I nodded. We all carried on speaking over each other expect me. Then I remember something. 

"Drake I finished planning you birthday party. I got a caterer, and I got like this bar to supply us with cocktail drinks. Umm the party is a Newport Beach. All I need you to do is sent the invitation I sent you on your email to everybody." 

"Nic you're amazing you know that," 

"Well I have been told." I turned my head around and we locked lips. 

*At the audition* 

Holy shit I am up next. My heart is pumping out of my chest, my palms are sweaty and guess what???? I HAVE TO PEE!!!! 

"Next!!!" I heard Amber yell. Each step I took to the stage made me more and more nervous. Ugh what have I got myself into. I look out to the seats before me, and saw my wifey for lifey sitting in the fifth row crouched low so no one will see her. 

"Hi sweety" Amber began, I cheesed her,"Start when your ready" 

I took a deep breath, I looked at Amber then the vice principal then the principal then Cassie. Then I looked to my side where the show curtains were and saw My hubby. The Three people I love are watching me. I shut my eyes, signalled for them to start the music and I visualised Drake as I sang: 

 Shawty, Imma only tell you this once, you're the illest (Bah ba dah dah oh)
And for your lovin' I'm a Die Hard like Bruce Willis
(Bah ba dah dah oh)
You got spark, you, you got spunk
You, you got something all the girls want
Your like a candy store, And I'm a toddler. You got me wanna more and mo mo more and 

Your love, your love (yeah) [x4]
Your love, your love [x4]

When I finished my song, Cassie said "Wooooooooo that's  my girl!!!!" and everyone turned to her direction and she dropped instantly on the floor so that they wont see her. I looked at Drake I think he knew the song was about him because he was giving me the kool-aid smile. 

"Thank you Nicki look out for the notice board tomorrow" I grabbed my things and left. With Cassie, who crawled out the door. Lmao this silly girl. 

*At Home* 

"Yeah drake I will talk to you later" 

"Okay I love you" I hesitated to say it back because my mama was in my closet looking at shoes. 

"Umm love you too bye" I said really fast then I hung up before he could say bye back. 
 My mother walked out my closet, "Onika did I hear you correctly you love Drake" she sat on my bed. 

"Yes mama" I hid my face in my pillow. She pulled my pillow down from my face.

"Onika why you hiding. If you love him, you love him, there is nothing  I can do about it. If makes you happy then I am happy." I smiled and played with my ring. "Oh Nika what is this" she lifted up my hand. 

"It's a promise ring, Drake gave it To me." I said in a low tone. 

"Nika I need to meet his parents." 


"because I want to know more about the boy, that has put a ring on my daughters finger."

"Ma you make it sound like we getting married or something. It's just a promise ring." 

She sighed "But I still want to meet his parents"

"Ok Ma you can but his Dad lives in Canada but you can meet his Mother and Grandmother." 

"Okay! Onika I can see he's making you happy, because I know you didn't want to come here in the first place, but since you two have been  together I see you smiling more." A smiled beamed across her face. 

"Mum his is just a joy, he keeps me safe, and I know he can nor will never hurt me, he is just too sweet to do that. I am soo HAPPY right now!" I emphasised the word happy. 

"I can see that, love" she was referring to my smile. 

"Oh mummy," I said in my baby voice, " Can Rihanna come and stay with us for two days, she got signed to a label and they want her to shoot a video in LA, soo can she stay??"

"Yes Nicki, as long as I can have these shoes" She picked up my Versace heels. 

"Umm you can borrow them" I laughed 

"That's good enough for me" we laughed. I made dinner while she when to go pick up Caiah from his friends house, he had a play date with his girlfriend!! LooL I joke he is only 4!! Hehehe


  1. Essy, this was soo cute! and like OMG I'm glad Mommy Carol is like, HAPPY about this like my Onika <3.

    post sooner than later, xoxo.

  2. I'm happy carol approves of nicki and drake :)
    Aww..Caiah have a little girl friend lol..

  3. Aww, cute E.B.!!! I could picture Nick auditioning all shy like nd stuff, lol

    Nd Cass crawlin?! Ha!! She's too silly!! I love her!

    I wuz scared when her mama heard her tell Drake she loved him, i wuz like, UH OH! O_O but she actually took it better than i imagined.

    Great, chap. *knits & waits 4 nex update*