Friday, 15 July 2011

Like Em All

Chapter 11

*Nicki house*

"Yo the beach, is going to be great especially because is fucking HoT outside." Amber said taking off her sunglasses 

Cassie was playing with Caiah in his room and Amber and Nicki were in Nicki's room on her bed talking. "So whats going on with you and Cammy?" Nicki asked crossing her legs. 

"I don't even know like, he ..... And we...... I don't know!" Amber shrugged looking down. 

"But y'all be kissing and all that, I don't understand, so what has just asked you out and thats it." Nicki looked so confused, Amber was more confused about relationship. She just shrugged. "Em I know he likes you though" Nicki assured her. 

"It all good, I will find out by the end of today where me and Cameron stand" Em stood up. Cassie walked in. 

"Guys Oh My God, Toy Story is like the best movie in world, No lie" Cassie said smiling. Nicki shook her head. Caiah ran in her room.

"Nicki where you going?" he said in the cutest baby voice ever. 

"to the beach"

"I wanna come pwetty pwease" 

"Sorry boo boo, you can't but I will buy you something, pinky promise" Nicki lifted her pinky and wrapped it around his little finger and kiss on the cheek. Then he ran out saying "Oh Yes works every time"

Cassie and Amber laughed "That cheeky monkey" Nicki rolled her eyes. 

"What time are we supposed to be at the beach?" Cassie asked 

"Umm 5 why?" 
"Omgsh Nic it 4:15, we late!" Cassie said reaching for her bag. Amber did the same and they went to the two guest rooms on either side of Nicki's room. 

All of them were ready at 5. LoL!! Nicki was wearing a baby Pink Bikini and a white  long beach shirt and pink flip flops she looked adorable. Amber was wearing the same thing but her bikini was red with small White poka dots on it, she was also wearing red flip flops and lipstick. We all know that Em loves to wear sunglasses even when it's not sunny! Cassie was wearing a dark blue bikini, with same colour flip flops.She was also wearing the White shirt She was holding a dark blue beach bag. They all decide to take Amber car since it was a blue mini cooper convertible. They hugged Nicki mother goodbye and speeded down to the Beach. 

"Em Imma about to be sick!! If you don't slow down this damn car" Nicki was yelling from the back seat.

"Amber please I don't wanna die today" Cassie said sitting in the passenger seat holding on for dear life. 

"Grandma and Mother, we are almost there" Amber said.

Once Amber parked she got an ear full. "Amber my hair! Oh because you dont have hair you forgot everyone else does!" Cassie joked

"Shut up I have hair" Amber pouted

" Yeah, your hair is so long, it's like half a centimetre, that's soo long" Nicki said getting out the car, laughing, Cassie joined in.

"You wrong for that one" Amber said a little hurt 

"Sorry Em you no I love you" Nicki said linking arms with Cassie and Amber. "Guys I feel really short"

"Thats cause you are" Cassie said stating the obvious.

When they reached the boys, Nicki Hugged her man, Amber did the same and hugged Cameron. Cassie and Safaree stood there, Talk about awkward  moment!! "Oh my bad, Safaree this is Cassie and this Safaree. Say hi to each other then !" 

"Hi Safaree" Cassie was looking in to Safaree eyes.

"Hi Cassie, you're really beautiful,"

"Okay, Well since everyone has meet  we will meet back here just before the sun sets!" Nicki said grabbing Drakes hand. They walked on the sand. Nicki took off her flip flops so that she could feel the sand between her toes. When there were far away from the group they sat on the sand. 

"Nicki Did I tell you that my mum wants to meet you?" Nicki laughed nervously.

"Umm No you didnt why does she wanna meet me?"

"Because you're my Girlfriend," Drake side eyed her. 

"Um okay, when did I get to meet her?" Nicki knew this was a very big step, meeting your boyfriends parent is always a big thing. Nicki wasn't sure if she was ready for that yet. 

"Sunday!" drake simply answered 

"Sunday! That's the day after tomorrow." Nicki exclaimed everyone on the beach turned and looked at her. Drake Laughed as Nicki went red. 

"Yeah, is there a problem with Sunday?"

"Umm No, I was supposed to come to your house  that day anyway" Nicki looked at the blue sky, "Let's go to a candy store real quick?" Drake nodded helping Nicki up.

*with Safaree & Cassie*

"So tell me something about yourself, beautiful." Safaree and Cassie where walking on the shore. The part of the beach they were at, there was hardly anyone there. 

"What do you what to know?" Cassie asked playing with her fingers.


"Um well I sing, dance and act."

"Oh word? So you got that triple threat, thing going on" Cassie laughed

"Yeah you can say that, Okay Safaree, tell me something about yourself," 

"Well there nothing to tell" Safaree said walking on to the sand and sitting down. 

"Come one thing, like how did you meet Nicki?"

"Umm we lived on the same block in New York and I meet her though a friend, when i was 10 and we have been friends ever since." 

"Oh cool, Safaree why are you wear a hat?" Cassie laughed 

"Because I like hats"

"What would you do it I took your hat?" Cassie smirked.

"Do it and you will find out" Cassie laughed and took his hat and placed it on her head. Safaree chased her. He finally caught her after 5 minutes, he grabbed her by her waist, Cassie laughed. As he pulled her back he fell and pull her down. 
They both laughed. Then stopped and looked into each others eyes. Safaree leaned in closer, Cassie spoke, "Um we should be get back, the Sun is about to set." Safaree nodded. Cassie wore his hat back, Safaree put his arm around her.

*With Cameron and Amber*

Amber and Cameron couldn't be bother to move so they stayed in the same spot. Amber was lying on her beach towel trying to caught some sun. Cameron was sitting up, on his blackberry, every once in a while he would stare at Amber's body. 

"Cam quit starring at me" Cameron looked at his phone. 

"Girl, I wasn't starring!" amber sat up 

"Yes you was, but it's cool," she laid her head down in his lap and looked up at him. "Cameron, what am I to you because if I am nothing to you, then what are we doing, because I am very confused. I want a title."

"Amber I really like you, I am just not good at this whole boyfriend,  girlfriend thing." 

"I like you too Cam but this has been going on for like 2weeks and all we do is fuck." Cameron looked at her straight in the eye. 

"Amber I really do like you, and I want you to be my girl," he pecked her lips. 

" I would love to be your girl!" As Amber said Cassie and Safaree walked hand in hand towards them. They looked too cute. Safaree dap Cameron, they were kinda cool, you know when the girls came late they got to talking. Safaree sat on the sand pulling Cassie to sit on his lap. Cassie made a face at Amber, you know the face when you puzzled but you like what is going on, Amber raised he brow and smiled.  Drake and Nicki walked towards the group. 

"Hi y'all" Nicki said slowly 

"Nicki is always the last one," Safaree teased.

"Safaree Shut up" She said sitting down, put Drake arms around her. The 6 just sat I silence watching the radiant sun set with colours on red, orange, and a hint of purple, Nicki kissed drake, really setting the mood of an romantic feel to it. She pulled away resting her head on Drake's shoulder. All the girls were comfortable on they men, but what they didn't realise was what the boys had a plan. Drake, Faree & Cam nodded to proceed with the plan. 

The boys quickly carried the girls. 

"The Fuck Drake put me down" Nicki shouted while Cassie and Amber screamed. Drake just laughed. Nicki was screaming at drake until they reached the sea. "Oh My  God Drake I can't swim," Nicki was getting really scared now. 

"No Safaree you wouldn't" Cassie said scared. 

"Oh but I would" Safaree smiled evilly before throwing Cassie in the sea. 

"Guess What Amber its your turn" Cameron said in a sing song way

"Cameron don't you DARE!!!" by the time Amber said last word she was already in the sea. 

"Omgsh Drake you throw me in I will not spoke to you!" Nicki joked. 

"Ok" Drake tried to throw her but she held on tightly to his neck. 

"Seriously Drake I can't swim please don't" 

Drake put her down, "Baby don't worry one day Imma teach you how to swim" He pecked her lips.

"Oh brah the planning was going good! Why you gotta back out? I see me and Cameron are the only coons here!" Safaree said giving Cameron a dap. 

"Safaree shut up, my baby just loves me too much, to do that to me" Nicki kissed Drake.

"Aye Aye cut the mushy lovey dovey shit out, the Coons run this!"

"Safaree shut up" Cassie and Amber  walked out of the water, Cassie grabbed Safaree hand while Amber jumped on Cam's back.

"Safaree you was in my good books but now I hate you." Cassie joked poking him in the chest playfully as they all strolled back to they spot on the beach. Cassie wrapped herself up in her beach towel, Safaree pulled her towards him, hugging her tiny waist as she had her back to him. 

Cassie POV

Safaree is fine! Oh My God I am going to kiss Nicki for setting me up with him. His arms were around me, I love it. I could feel Amber and Nicki  starring at us. 

"Don't hate me pretty mama," he whisper in my ear. Ugh why is he so cute! "Okay will you like me again if I give you my hat?" he asked. 

"Oh My Safaree most like you girl! He don't ever take off his hat and gives is to just anybody" I smiled leaning my head back on his shoulders starring into his beautiful brown eyes. I bit the corner bottom lip, before putting his hat on my head. 

After an hour of standing there watching the sun set we decide to leave the beach since Nicki and I were kinda  of hungry and tired. Safaree walked me back to the Amber car. I lean back on the hood on the car, Safaree was standing inbetween my legs. 

"I guess I gonna go" I said a little because he hasn't asked for my number. 

"I know but don't be sad pretty mama I will call you"

"But you ain't got my number to call me" I poked him

"I was going to ask you" he said making me giggle. 

"sure you" He licked his lips and leaned in to kiss me, but I turn giving him my cheek. 

"Sorry I dont kiss on the first date." I giggled

"This isn't our first date" I was so confused I was sure this was the first time I met him. 

"What?" I responded 

"Yeah we met some time before"

"Oh word, where?"

"In a different life"

"Safaree Shut up, okay, you're so stupid" I pushed him playfully. Amber was pushing the horn telling me to hurry up while I put my number in his phone. He better call me.
Safaree POV

Okay so y'all are probably wondering, why am I on a date when I like Nicki, but I figured that me trying get her to like me the way I like her is just impossible. Its time for me to grow up plus she seem happy with drake and I am not got to take her happiest for my own desires. Cassie is was pretty and has a great personality so, imma get to know her a little better.

Sorry Guys it took long than expected but I had work this week -___- soooo yeah! Love yalls baby picture y'all are soo adorable!!!


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