Monday, 27 June 2011

Chapter 9

Drakes POV

I think Nicki triple date idea is great for Amber and Cameron first date, because I know that boy is nervous as fuck.

I was walking down to 7th period, when I past the display board, I notice that Nicki still hadn't put her name down for the Talent Show. Now I have never heard her rap before, but I have heard some of her lyrics. She is a lyrical genius, no lie. I can't let her walk out of this school at the end of the school year, without showing the world what shes made of.

Should I do it, should I write her name? What's the worst the could happen? With that thought I wrote her name and next to it I wrote rapping. I hope she doesn't kill me for doing that. Oh shoot I need to write my name. I will be singing as usual. This talent is great, because a lot of mangers and producer come to watch, young talent. This will be amazing for Nicki to do.

I have drama with Nicki, this should be fun.

Sorry guys I know that this Chapter is Short but things are about get a little heated up... You know with Nicki finding out about drake signing her up for the talent..... Then there's the emails..... And the triple DATE!!! I think I have said too much!!!!  S/O to UnitedMinajdom Yall should thank her!! i wasn't goin to post until July 8th soo goo follow her!!!! BTW this Chapter has no title "chapter 9" is not a SONG