Monday, 27 June 2011

I Love You


After an hour of sitting there, watching Nicki's tweets and conversation with random people. Drake finally decide to call Nicki. He walk down to the basement and took out his blackberry, he flopped on the his bed. He dialled her number. After the third ring she picked up.


"Hi, Nic What's Up?"

"Nothing just sitting here thinking,"

"Oh word? What you thinking about?"

"You..." she pause for a moment "and what you said,"

As soon as drake heard Nicki voice he forgot everything he planned to say. So he decide to say whats in his heart at that moment in time.

"Onika Maraj I ........Love You" he paused "I really do love you, I know that we have only known each other for a week but your always on my mind and I just cant get you out. I have only loved once and I know what it feels like, but with you that love is ten million times more than the person I loved before. I am sorry if it too much for you to take in but I can't hold my feeling back anymore and it just came out. I love you."

Nicki was gobsmacked, shocked, lost for words, she didn't know what to say. What could she say,WHAT COULD SHE SAY??

"hey Nic are you still there?" he could even hear her breath. "hello??"

"Uhmm .....yeah I am still here, Drake I think we are moving too fast...."

He cut her off "No we're not that is just the way I feel."

"and I am flattered but I don't feel the same way, well not yet. You barely even know me. Drake can you slow down a little bit and be at my pace. Cause I really do like you."

"Okay, anything for my Queen, but I feel like I have known you for years. I didn't expect you to say I love you back, I don't want to pressure you in to anything."

"I am not just going to say anything I don't mean, before I say I Love You I have to mean it."

"I like a women that has her own mind, that's HOT!"

"You're weird" Drake and Nicki laughed. 10 min late Drake had to go eat dinner, they said they're Good byes.

As soon as drake and hung up, Nicki's phone started ringing again. She picked up with out look at the caller ID.

"Nicki!!!" Cassie and Amber screamed in to Nicki's ear causing her jump, roll off her bed, head first.

"Oww!!" Cassie and Amber laughed as Nicki got back up and went down stairs to make herself some dinner.

"Nicki what happened, are you okay?" Cassie asked


"What happened, did you fall off the bed again?" 

"Maybe...." They all laughed "What's up guys I feel like we ain't talked in forever."

"I know right" exclaimed Amber

"Its been 2 days" Cassie said stating the obvious.

"You know what Cassie, shut up!" Nicki said and Amber laughed. "What's up Cassie"

"Nothing, the same old boring life," There was someone talking in the background, "Hold on Guys" She started yelling at someone. "I am back"

"Who are you yelling at?" Em asked

"My baby cousin, she got chocolate on my clothes,"

"Ooooh, Em whats up witchu"

" Uhmm We didnt call you to be asked questions!" she said avoiding the question Nicki asked her.

"Yeah we called you to ask you questions." Cassie finish off Amber sentence.

"So what happened last night?, we text you and you didn't reply." Nicki could almost see Amber with her hands on her hips as she said that.

"Uhmm well, I wanted to build up tension,"

"What? this aint no motherfucking story book, girl please! What happened?" Cassie and Nicki laughed at Amber.

"Uhmm well, we went out to dinner and we talked, I got to know him a little better and he got to know me a little better," Nicki decide to leave the Safaree bit out. " After eating, he said we should walk, but my feet started to hurt after 5 minutes of walking, so he carried me on his back."

"Awwwwwwww" Amber and Cassies melted as they heard that.

"Yeah I know he is so sweet, but the sweetness doesn't stop there, he said I am one of his favourite people,"


"Then he bought me diamond earrings, when we got to the cinema, we kissed, and girls that Nigga has the softest lips, ever........"Cassie and Em screamed, Nicki laughed, "During the movie he kept staring at me, I kissed him so he could quit staring at me and watch the movie, after the movie he drove me home and i invited him in to see my room....."

"Uh on the first date Nicki, I shake my head at you" Cassie said, Nicki laughed

"Let me finish, I invited him in because I wanted to show him how much I love pink! He picked me up and throw me on my bed and started kissing me, he took off my clothes until I was wearing just a bra, but we didn't do anything. I stopped him before he could."

"WooooooooW, just a bra" Amber exclaimed

"Yep" Nicki remember something important "He asked me to be his girlfriend, and I said yes" They all screamed. They talked over each other, until Nicki finished making her signature boneless stew, baked mac'n'cheese, king fish and spaghetti

"My food is done I will talk to y'all at school tomorrow, I love you girl, y'all are my sisters, muaaaaah, bye"

"bye" they both said as Nicki hung up.
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  1. Beautiful!!!!! *applauds* :D

    I wish I wuz Nicki!! I want 2 LIVE this life u write abt!! Lol

    *reads on* :p