Monday, 27 June 2011

When I See You


The next day Drake told Nicki that he would pick her up and take her to school. Nicki was wearing a grey blazer, a white top and multi coloured leggings. She wore her barbie necklace and kept her make up to a minimum by just wearing eyeliner, mascara, and hot pink lip gloss. She checked herself in her body length mirror and was happy with what she saw. She hopped down stairs and hugs her dad. This was a very weird action for Nicki but Drake put Nicki in a good mood. "Hi daddy-O"

"Good Morning Baby Girl" he said kissing her in the forehead.

Nicki skipped in to the kitchen, "Good Morning Mama Mia" kissing her mother on the cheek.

"Someone is in a good mood" Nicki giggled as she buttered toast.

"Lambchop, hug" Caiah hugged his sister, "Kiss kiss" and he kiss her on the cheek. He is just the cutest four year old in the world.

The door bell rang, Nicki ran to the door, with her toast in her month. She hugged Drake letting him in the house.

"You look Beautiful"

"Thank you Drake"Drake said Good morning to her dad and her mother.

"Drake have you eaten breakfast?" Nicki's mother asked him

"No ma'am"

"Ok Onika go and get his plates, Drake do you want pancakes and fresh fruit or turkey bacon, egg whites and toast?"

"May I have pancakes and fruit please" after they eat Drake and Nicki headed out, so that they could get to school. As drake was driving and Nicki was reapplying her pink lip gloss, drake brought up the subject of his birthday.

"So my birthday is in 6weeks, do you think that is enough time to plan something?"

"Omgsh yes, do you want it to be something big like a party or small like a dinner?"

"Big like a party! Can you help me plan it, my beautiful girlfriend" 

" It depends my ugly boyfriend," She laughed "what do I get in return."

"The joy of helping your boyfriend and a kiss"

"Just a kiss, what about when it is my birthday you have to fly out to Miami with me"

"Deal" Drake agreed, Nicki kissed his cheek as he parked the Car.

"Me and Amber and Cassie will plan a really great 18th birthday for you babe." Drake nodded and got out the car walked over to Nicki's side and open the door for her. Drake grabbed her hand and a pulled her out, shutting her door behind her. Nicki leaned back on the car as Drake kissed her and placed his hand on her hip, then he cupped her backside.

"Okay...let's... Goo" Nicki said in-between kisses. Drake took his took his bag from the back and carried Nicki's bag for her. They held hands as there walked through the school entrances. Nicki could feel different pairs of eyes feasting on her backside and her and drake's hands. She felt really uncomfortable and Drake could sense this. He let go of her hand and put his arm around her shoulders.

They got to they first class which was English, Amber was already in class, talking to so dude who was in Nicki's seat. Nicki pecked drake on the lips, took her bag and she strutted across the room to Amber and this dude.

"Good Morning Em"

"Oh umm Hey Nic whats up"

"I don't know you tell me" Nicki smirked "Who is this"
Amber grinned, "Um this is Cameron"

"nice to meet you Cameron, my name is Nicki" She said all smiles. By the way Amber was smiling she knew something was going on.

"I will catch you later Amber, it was nice meet you Nicki" with that said he walked over to Drake.

Nicki sat down in her seat, with a big fat smile beaming across her face and her eyes looking like the are about to pop out of her sockets.

"Em who was that your boyfriend or something?"
"He is not my boyfriend" she replied still smiling hard.

" Oh so you just like him."

"Nooo I don't like him"

"oh word then why are you still look at him and smiling" Nicki giggled.

"I am not smiling" Amber said still smiling hard. Just as she said that Cassie walked in.

"What I'd miss" she said putting her bag down.

"Oh nothing just that Em has a boyfriend"

"What!!Amber you have a boyfriend and you did tell us?" Cassie sounded hurt

"I don't have a boyfriend" Nicki laughed as Amber put her head on the desk in front of her.

"Uh huh sure you don't," Nicki commented.

"Who is it?" Cassie asked

"Do you know Cameron," Cassie nodded "yeah it him"

"Oh My Gossh" Amber groan with her head still on the desk. Cassie and Nicki laughed.

The school bell rang everyone went to their seats.

After class Nicki and Amber and Cameron had Social Studies together.

"Oh Hey Cameron, I didn't know you was in our class," Amber blushed as Nicki said his name.

"Well I am, hey Amber do you wanna sitting next to me?" Cameron asked

Amber was dead for while until Nicki nudged her so she could answer on time. " Uhm Uhm ye..umm ..."

"She said Yes" Nicki helped her out a little bit.

Amber and Cameron sat down and Nicki sat at the back of the class room, watching them.

Amber was looking down at her note pad drawing xo's and hearts. Cameron started to talk.

"Amber you know I like you right?"

"I like you too" she said looking up for just a second.

Nicki was smiling at the back, but Amber's eyes were locked to Cameron's. "I would like that" Amber smiled and Cameron smiled backed.

*At Lunch*

The three girls had grabbed lunch and at a table in the cafeteria.

"Okay Amber, What happened?" Nicki and Cassie listened intently.

"He asked me out, but I am nervous as fuck, I can't go on a date with him" She got up. 

"where you going?" Cassie questioned

"To cancel"

"What! Gworl sit your ass down" Nicki exclaim

"But I ......."

"but nothing you like him, he likes you, just be yourself everything will be fine, plus I saw you in class today y'all are a cute couple."

"We are?"

"Yes" Nicki said making Em feel better "Ok now that, that is settled Drakes birthday is in 6 weeks can you guys help me plan it?"

"Yes I was born for that shit I love planning parties" Cassie was more excited than Nicki.

"Well, he wants some thing big so, brain storm!" Nicki informed them.

"ok I got a few" Cassie said


"pool party"


"house party"

"it's been done before"

"Jewish party"


"clown party"

"Imma need you to not talk!"

"Fine" Cassie said frustrated

"How about a beach party" Amber said nonchalantly eating her salad.

"Now that's what I am talking about" Nicki exclaim happily

Cassie huffed. Amber laughed. Drake came over to the lunch table, where the girls were.

"hey ladies"

"hi drake" Amber and Cassie said at the same time.

"hey babe" Drake said pecking Nicki on the cheek.

"Hey, how do you feel about a beach party?" Nicki asked hope drake like the idea.

"I love that idea" Drake sat down next to Nicki. Drake and Nicki were kissing.

"Ugh get a room"Cassie throw a grape at them. Amber got up to put her food in the trash. Suddenly she felt someone hug her from behind.

"Oh hey Cameron,"

"Hi my beautiful Rose"

"That's mad corny" they walked back to the lunch table.

"Hi love birds" Nicki said happily with drakes arm around her.

"See everyone's got a boo but me," Cassie said pouting

"I'm your boo" Amber said smiling

"No you're my boo" Cameron kissed her cheek.

"Awww," Cassie and Nicki laughed 

Amber whispered in Nicki ear "I feel like I am getting contractions and I ain't even pregnant" Nicki bursted out laughing.

"Hi guys I have an idea Cassie I wanna set you up on a blind date, and we can triple date." Nicki giggled

"What you do mean, like the six of us?" Amber asked

"Yeah! I have a friend he is super cute, and after the date y'all can sleep over!"

"Ok!!!" Cameron and Drake said

"Not you guy, Em and Cassie,"

"Ok, it sound like a good idea, I hate blind dates tho," Cassie stated

"Trust me, my friend is funny, tall and cute." Nicki sipped some of her water "And after we can plan more of the party, should we do it on Friday?"

"Ok!!!!" everyone agreed

Fantasia ~When I See You listen to it!!!


  1. I want this life yo....

    Lol, this is the perfectest story ever! Like, it's an escape 4 me. Honestly!! Thank u 4 writing this Esther. I love you 4ever!! Lol, muuuaah!!!

    Keep this up :)

  2. Lol, amber cassie and Nicki are too funny. All gossipy and what not !! Its cute though (: thats how me and my girls are sometimes ha.