Monday, 6 June 2011

Key To My Heart Part 2

Drake had changed the plans of going to the Cinema then Restaurant because the movie started at 10:15. Drake took Nicki to TGI Fridays, because she had never been there before. After waiting in line for 5 minutes, they table was ready. The hostess escorted them to a table for two in a little private corner, where there was about 4 people. The corner was just perfect for a first date. It was away from all the families with babies and toddlers, so Nicki and Drake can share a peaceful time in each others presence. "Your waiter will be with you in a few minutes," she stated handing Nicki and Drake the menus and walked away. There was nothing but a comfortable silence as Nicki look through the menu to see what she would want to eat, at this moment her belly was roaring for food. Drake wasn't ever looking at his menu, his was just staring at the beautiful Queen in front of him. Nicki could feel he energy, as if he was staring at her (which he was). Her head was still facing the menu, she lifted her eyes to see if he was staring at her.

"What?" Nicki said bringing Drake out of his trance.

"Nothing I was just staring at a my beautiful view" Nicki turned around to see if he was talking about outside but there was a wall behind her. Then she blushed.

"Are we ready to order?" a short White man with spiky short hair, and glasses, asked them with a happy voice. Which was so cute. He could be more than 20. " My is Phillip by the way" he said with a big smile

"Yes" Nicki said asking Drake with her eyes if he was ready, Drake nodded.

" ok can I start off with drinks?"

"A coca cola please"

"same" Drake said and smiles at Nicki.

Phillip wrote on his note pad. "So what would you like to eat?"
Nicki spoke first. " Cesar Salad with Italian Dressing" Phillip wrote it down.

"And for you Sir"

"Steak" Drake demanded with a smile.

"I will be back with you drinks." Phillip said taking the menus.

" You look a lot like your mother,"

"Thank you she is just soo pretty, haha Cassie said I look like my Dad.

"You kinda do, but what's wrong with that?"

"Nothing I guess its just... Never mind"

"No tell me , that is the point of this date so I can get to know you better," Nicki nodded "Start from the beginning "

Nicki raised one eyebrow confused "beginning of what? Nicki Maraj?" He nodded "okay, well I am from Trinidad and my family can down to the US when I was about 5,6. But I can't exactly remember. When we came down it was the middle of the crack error, and my Dad got involved with drugs. And when your on crack you can't keep a job, and when you keep a job there is no money. So you start stealing your sons video games and stuff like your wife's pocket book" A tear drop fell down her face, Drake leaned over and wiped it with his thumb, he sat back down and took Nicki's hand as she went on. "But there was 2 years that he stopped and he went back to school to study Accounting. He used to play the piano while I sang for family members after church. He became an accountant then he when back to drugs. It was until I when to La Guardia, that's when he stopped completely and that was the same year my mother was pregnant. Then he worked hard to get us where we are today. I don't hate him I just don't want to be like him." Drake nodded. "We don't have a father daughter relationship we should have, but oh well"
"Thank you for that sharing soo much" Drake was about to tell her more about himself, but then Phillip came back with they food and drinks.
"Enjoy you meal" he simply stated and walked away.
"thanks you, this looks so good right now, look at me, I am drooling" Nicki said, Drake couldn't help but laugh.
"Lets play a game, 21 questions?" Nicki asked put the salad in the mouth
"okay" drake swallowed his food
"I'll start, what is your favourite chat up line to use on a girl?"
Drake thought for a moment " Um, Psst small fries you bring ketchup to my eyes!"
Nicki laughed soo hard she almost fell off her chair the two other couples was staring at Nicki. Nicki composed herself but was still giggling. " You don't use that on girls do you?"

" I have but she walked away, I was 12 and from then on I stopped using chat up lines" took another bite out of his steak. " Okay my turn, have you ever kissed a boy and your parents saw?"

"No I am careful about that shit!" Nicki giggled "Have had sex before?"Even thou she already knew the answer.
"Yes how about you?"
"Nope, how many people have you had it with?"

" 2 people" Drake have finished his food and so did Nicki. Drake surprised when she said she is still a virgin, her body is to good for to be a virgin still. "You want dessert?" he asked changing the subject."Yes please"

Drake put he hand up and motioned Phillip to come over. "Yes, so your done" Nicki and Drake nodded. Phillip cleared the table "Can I get you anything else"

Drake nodded "Yes can we have your dessert menu?"

"Yes I will go and get it for you!" with that he went. Nicki and Drake stayed silence until he came back. Nicki and Drake both look at the menu, contemplating on what they wanted to eat. Nicki could feel eyes staring at her, she put her menu down and saw that drake was looking at his menu. She looked to the left to see someone she thought she would never see again. Her mouth was wide open ( Pauz) as her and this person locked eyes. They both stared at each other, Nicki smiled and he smiled back. At this point drake popped out of his bubble, and looked back and forth at Nicki and her old friend. Nicki must have forgotten she was on a date, because she got up from her chair and walked over to Safaree and hugged him.

"Omg what are you doing here" Nicki exclaimed

"Taking my little cousins out to eat" Safaree said pushing the two girls forward. The girls had really long black thick hair, they looked mixed race, black and chinese. They won't more than 14. " Kyra and Deja say hello, rude ass kids"

"Hey your beautiful" Kyra said she was a sweetheart

"Thank you, your a pretty little bug" Nicki smiled

"Hey your boyfriend over there is waiting for you" Deja said pointing at Drake, Kyra and Safaree hit her on the arm

"he is not my boyfriend" Nicki mumbled

"Rude Ass " the both said under they breaths

"Ouch, I was just saying gosh!" Deja started rubbing her throbbing arms.

"Leave her! she was just saying, thanks hun don't worry he knows I am coming back."

'Oh shit, I forgot about Drake' Is all Nicki thought before mouthing the words 'Sorry' and ' One minute'.

"hi girlies, so Safaree do you live in LA now?" Nicki asked

"Yes I we moved in the summer!"

"Oh word, okay I have to get back to my date. Call me so we can catch up!" she said before hugging him and putting her number in his phone.

"Bye girlie hopefully we will meet again" she smile and where back to Drake.

" I order dessert because you was taking your time" he huffed

" I'm sorry"

" I got you the chocolate cake, is that okay?"

" how did you know what I want"

" Because I sensed it, we are the perfect couple" Nicki laughed "Oh really, since when are we a couple?"

"When you sat in my car to come here, I saw people looking at us in they car saying 'they're the perfect couple'! " he said with a groofy smile on his face, causing her laugh.

"You're a goofball"

They finished their dessert, drake paid the bill and the and headed out.

Nicki POV

Omgssh I can't believe I saw Safaree my old best friend when I say old best friend, I mean we was really close, like he was basically my brother people on the street say him and I were going out because I hold his hand alot, but I hold everybody hands ugh! I can't never like him like the at ewwww! I think I am going to be sick. Just shake it off Nicki. Okay so yeah Safaree is my OLD best friend because something when down between me and his brother and he stopped talking to me. :T

Okay can I just say I am head over heels for drake right now. He is so sweet, the cinema is a 15 minute walk and we have so much time it only 9:05, my feet started to hurt 5 minutes into the walk and he told me to jump on he back. :D see what I mean he is just sweet. I started to hum. No song in particular. Actually I think it was a nursery rhyme. LoL! (Mary had a Little Lamb).

"Hey Nicki never finish our game!"

"Oh yeah, who's turn is it, I can't remember."

"Me either, you start."

" Okay" I thought for a moment, my question is so dumb "Who is your favourite person?"

"um okay um I have three favourite, my mum"

" Aww your a mommy's boy" I said pinching his chubby cheeks

"Ouch!" he couldn't rub his cheek because he was still carrying me on his back.

" My grandmother, and um... you"

Aww drake is soo sweet. LooL! I kiss him on the cheek "That's for been soo mushy" he laughed. Then I kissed his neck " That's for carrying me" I kissed his neck again " That's for taking me out" I whispered in his ear. He put me down, and we walked into a jewellery store. It was about to close but the owner seems to know Drake, so he let us in for 10 minutes only.

"Drake why are we here?" He didn't answer my question, he just pulled my hand.

He took me to the middle of the store. I looked down into the glass case, where some of the jewellery was. He walked behind me and wrapped he hands around my waist causing me to smile. Making me feel safe, you know, like he is protecting me"Pick one" he whispered in my ear.

"What?!?" I asked a question I already knew the answer to.

"Pick one!" he stated again.

"No I can't! You don't have have to buy me anything"

"pick one!" he insisted

"Okay fine I will, but I don't want you buying it" I pointed to silver diamond earrings.

"Joseph! Can you bring out the thing I brought early" Okay so I am guess the owners name is Joseph. I really hope drake didn't buy me anything, I am not even his girlfriend YET and I plan on being his girl, soon. When Joseph can back he was holding a black small box, he then handed to box to Drake. Drake turned me round and open the box in front. I was soo hesitant to look, but he when he opened it, it was the same thing I picked.

Drake smiled " So Nicki we are like soo meant to be"

" Your soo stupid" I playfully pushed him, I couldn't stop smiling. " But seriously thou you shouldn't get me anything"

"But I wanted to" I took out the earring I was wearing before and put in my NEW gorgeous earring.

" Thank you" I gave him a hug. Oh and I also thanked Joseph and told him it was nice to meet him. I swear this is the best date I have ever be on. We left the store holding hands. :D

We finally got to the cinema which took forever to get to, I have a feeling Drake just wanted to see me to suffer. "Jerk" I punched him and he laughed because he knew why I punched him. " ugh I told you my feet hurt and you was like it's only 15 minutes away" I said the last bit in my man voice trying to sound like Drake. (but it wasn't working smh)

"First of all I don't sound like that" I rolled my eyes at him and crossed my arms " And second It would have taken 15minutes if you didn't walk so slow" I side eyed him because he was laughing at me -_- "Aww baby don't be like that" He hugged me and tried to kiss my cheek, but I wanted lip to lip action and that is exactly what I got. Our first 'proper kiss' was AWESOME!! As he slip his tongue I my mouth, his hands moved down to my butt giving it a light squeeze. I wrapped my arms around his neck deeping the kiss. Drake putted away, but are where wrapped my waist. Omgssh I not one to kiss and tell but that kiss was Wow. I just can't stop smiling. As I pushed head back to look at him, I bit the corner of my lip still smiling. :D He smiled back, we just stare in to each others eyes in silence but we had the best conversation I have ever had with other human being.

He broke the silence " Nicki I know this are first date before I feel like I already know so much about you and I wondering," This is it the question I have been waiting for from the beginning of this date. " Do you wanna..... go inside now it's cold out here" The way my face turned up side down. Drake laughed at me, omgsh this boy plays too much.

" Ugh you jerk" I pushed him and attempted to walk into the cinema. But he pulled my back.

"Aw Nic I am just playing" he composed himself "Do you wanna be my girlfriend?"

The smile reappeared on my face " Not anymore because your a jerk and i don't go out with jerks" he kissed my cheek.

" I will take that as a Yes" He totally disregarded my answer I rolled my eyes.
We walked in to the cinema. Hand in hand.

TBC!!! Tell me want you think I am not going to write another chapter until I get a response! Love you Team Minaj and My lovely's (my readers)



  2. NOOOOOO! You HAVE to keep writing! this is amazing! Love u Barb ; continue ;).

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    I love them 2gether! I love u writing this!!! :D

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