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Key to My Heart

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Chapter 5

Nicki POV

Okay so its Saturday and I am getting ready for my date with Drake. He said we are going to a movie; Scr4em I think and the dinner. I don't know what to wear so I asked Cassie and Em to come over. (Plus my mom kept bugging me about meeting my new friends) It was 4o'clock my date with Drake was in 4 hours and I still need to do my hair, where are these girl?

During the week Drake and I have gotten to know each other more. He has a good heart. He is just so sweet. I really like him. While I am waiting for these late ass girls, I was with my dad who was talking. I have just been tuning him out. Back to listening to his old ass.

"I want to talk to this boy, before he takes my only daughter out on a date!"

"Ugh dad must you shout, I am right in front of you," This man wanna blast my ear drums ugh.

"Girl don't 'ugh' me"

"k" I rolled my eyes,

"Don't roll your eyes either"

"Hi mother dearest, where's Caiah"

"Outside in the back garden, swimming and your in a great mood." she said as cut up the strawberries

"Well Drake puts me in a good mood," I said with a big smile on my face which she saw.

"Aww that is soo sweet, but don't be doing nothing you just met him" She said as she popped on strawberry in her mouth "Micaiah come and take your strawberries before I finish them." she yelled pocking her head out the glass door in the kitchen that lead to the back yard. Which was really good because that way mummy can see Caiah swimming while she is cooking.

"Mummy you know I am smarter than that, and you know your my bestfriend you will be the first one to know if I lost my virginity."

"I know, so when are your friends coming?" The door bell rang as she finish her sentence.

"Now I guess" I opened the door to Em hold a McDonald's milkshake in her hand and Cassie parking her car next to mine. "And what time do you call this"

"4:30" she said looking at her watch.

"Your an hour late! I am having a Mofo crisis and your out getting McDonald's" I said dead serious because this date was important to me well it most be because I am a fashionsta and I don't know what to wear.That is so bad Drake make me nervous. I'm a bad bitch so I have to look good! I let her and Cassie in.

"Girl don't be mad we're sorry" They whined and pouted. "Forgive us" Cassie half smiled

"I have to, I need y'all help" They cheesed me

I took them to the living room to greet my father. LOOL Cassie said I have my dads eyes, oh please I look nothing like that man. I swear my mom is too over the top. She made so much snacks for these girls like they are staying over night. She tries too hard.

"Hello Ms Maraj nice to meet you," Amber said giving my mother a hug.

" It's Mama M and it's nice to finally meet you too."

" Hello how are you Mama M?" Cassie asked

"I am fine baby, so who is Amber?"

"That is me!" Em stated stepping forwards

"I have heard great things about and how smart you are." Em smiled "Keep up the go work maybe Onika can learn something for you."Mama M side eyed Nicki

"Thank you"

"So you must be Cassie, can you sing me a little something?"Cassie sang Mariah Carey We Belong Together. " Omgssh your voice is soosweet yet soo powerful."

"Thank you, Mama M you are soo beautiful!"

Ok I really need to get ready and Em and Cassie are sitting down talkingto my mother like I have time for this. "Okay Cassie, Amber let's go"I pulled them by they hands to my room.

"Wooooah talk about pink!" Cassie exclaim flopping herself on my California King Bed.

I went over to my stereo and push play Mariah Carey 'It's Like That' came on. " My Jam" I step to beat and walked into my walk in Closet with Amber while Cassie who was no help at this moment as she was still on mybed.

"So where is lover boy taking you tonight?" Cassie shouted from my room. I glared at her painting her nails with my nail polish. -_- Damn girl can't ask to use it.

"Cinema and then to a restaurant" Em and I was looking at all my clothes. She suggested soo many different tops and dresses and skirts and pants but I just wasn't feeling any of them. Cassie finally came in with her toes in the air because they were wet. She walked pass me and Em, to the shoe section. She didn't say a word.

She brought out my Black boot with a gold chain as laces. Then she went to my pants section and brought out my black skinny jeans, she got out of my blue t-shirt and my hot pink leather jacket. She then gave it to me pushing me in the bathroom, tell me to try it on, not giving me a chance to tell her if I like it or

not. I can out out of the bathroom Cassie toe nail where dry and my pink stereo was playing 'Big Booty Judy' by Chris Brown.

Cassie didn't let me look in the mirror, she did my hair and Em did my make up. I swear it Cassie or Amber mess up my hair and face, they ain't gonna leave this room until I Fuck them up. I glanced at the watch Cassie strapped on my wrist, it was 7pm on the dot. I am going to die. These girls better hurry up, Cassie was putting my Tiffany's bracelet on my left wrist and my silver ring to match. Amber was look through my jewellery box, and start giggling."What's so funny" She held up my barbie and my pink Friday necklaces."What, every Friday I wear pink ever since the sixth grade, soo my parent bought me that for Christmas two years ago, As for my barbie necklace my old school LaGuardia High School bought that for me as my leaving present, because everyone called me Barbie" I miss my old school so much, I want to cry, but if I do Em would run me over for messing up her masterpiece.

"Are the diamonds real?"

" Every thing in this house is real, My family don't do fake"Amber put the Pink Friday necklace on me.

Amber and Cassie stood in front of me, Cassie ripped off my towel and all my hair dropped on the floor, Omg the Cassie cut my hair."done!!!" they smiled so hard and high fived each other.

I wanted to look in the mirror so I stood up and they push me back into my chair. I laughed and Cassie took a picture of my end result. THEY MASTERPIECE.

I am angry bitch cut my hair and straighten it and I hate putting heat to my hair. This dumb ass don't ask she just does as she please. Ugh if they dumb asses don't let me look in this God Damn mirror Imma hurts someone."Can I look now?" I said a little Frustrated and I think they felt this energy I was giving off.


I walked over to my pink mirror and let me tell you now that I had jump on Cassie and hug and kiss her. So I did just that this girl is amazing. My hair is banging and my outfit is dope. They basically gave me a LA make-over. "Cassie I freaking love you" Meanwhile 'I'm Coming Out' by Diana Ross was playing in the background.

" I know you do! Now Get Off of Me" she screamed as I straddle her on my bed

" You know you like this," loool I swear I act like a lesbian to much

"Hey guys! Don't leave me out I wanna Minaj" me and Cassie looked at Amber then each other and laughed so hard. I fall off the bed. I got up and look in the mirror, Bad Bitch Checking myself making sure I looked straight.

Amber and Cassie went down stairs to go and get my parents to wait at the bottom of the stair. I put my phone, keys, lipgloss, emergency money and bubble gum in my bag. Turn off the lights in my room and my bathroom and turnoff my stereo. I was about to walk down, when drake text me saying that he is at my door, he is early it's just 7: 30 oh well!! I heard my mother open the door. I walk down the stairs slowly like as if I was wearing a big prom dress lol. Drake mouth was wide open. So was my dads. " Your hair!" My mum shouted with a smile on the face. I finally got down to the bottom and my mum was touching my freshly cut bangs. She then turned around and smiled at Cassie and Amber. They giggled and went to the kitchen to eat the snacks my mother made early. Drake and my dads mouth was still open. "Robert stop catching fly" I laughed as drake also closed he mouth.

My daddy hugged me " You look beautiful baby girl"

" Thanks Daddy" I then hugged Drake and he whisper 'sexy' in my ear and when I let go I was blushing so hard.

"Nice to meet you Mr and Mrs Maraj, I am Drake" Drake said shaking my dad's hand and hugging my mother.

" Nice to meet you too, Come take a seat in my office" Ugh! my dad thinks he is cool, calling the front living room his 'office'

Me and my mother went to the kitchen to see Cassie and Amber taking picture with Caiah. My brother is a lady's man loool. He's got game at the age of 5. They ever took a picture of them kissing his cheeks lmao! Me and my mother laughed. " Come on Caiah time to tidy up"

" No!!" Then my mom gave him the look. LOOL He kissed Amber and Cassie on the cheek and said deuces, putting his two fingers in the air before running to his toys. We all share a laugh.

It was 7:45 and I was getting impatient. I tiptoed to the living room/MyDads 'office' so I could hear what they was talking about. They was talking about L A Lakers. I stood in the door way with my arm crossed on my chest, cleared my throat.

"Oh yeah y'all have a date I forgot" my dad said in between laughs

Drake took my hand and I took him to the kitchen and we said our goodbyes to my mother. Cassie and Em was leaving to soo they said goodbyes to my mom too. I hugged my dad and Drake shook his hand. And my parent walk us to the door" Have Fun but not too much fun" I smiled. I hugged Cassie and thanked her and did the same to Amber. Drake opened the door to his car for me.

Ok My lovely's my hand is hurting soo I am going todo a part 2 to this chapter okay?


  1. I love Em & Cass!!!!! Lol, the part where Em said "Hey guys, Dn't leave me out I wanna minaj." made me laff hella hard!! Lmao!!!

    I love this!!

  2. Dads are so protective but its so cute, Drake is good with parents all kind (: