Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Something New: Part Two

Drake and Nicki walked in to they English class with the teacher, Ms James, right behind them. The bell rang again. Drake walked to his seat letting go of Nicki's hand. She stood there contemplating on where she should sit. Her thoughts were interrupted by a women about the same height as Nicki, she had chestnut long curly hair down hair back. She was so pretty. 'Hello can I help you?' Ms James asked with her soft voice, it was so cute. She didn't look like a teacher, she was quiet young like 24, 25. Nicki nodded her head. 'Oh, I am so sorry, you must be the new girl,' She walk behind her desk, put on her reading glasses. She read something on the computer 'Onika? right?' 'Well, I prefer Nicki, but it's up to you.' Nicki informed her. 'Very well then Nicki' Ms James smiled at her 'Class we have a new student. This is Nicki Maraj, make her feel at home.' The whole class looked at Nicki like she was a piece of meat and they hadn't eaten food in 2 years. 'Hey Nicki' 'Hey Cutie' 'Look at that ass!!!' 'Whadda do dude' everyone roared at Nicki. Drake could see it in her eyes that she was scared. 'Okay Class settled down, Nicki can you sit at the desk in between Amber and Cassie, please' The two girls put the hands up and motioned for Nicki come over.

Nicki's POV

'But i want to sit next to Drake' i thought to myself. I pouted walking to where she told me to sit. 'Now Drake is on the other side of room not fair! I hate this school again.' :( Someone broke me out of my thoughts.

"Hi Nicki, I'm Amber Rose." A really pretty girl said to me. She had the nicest lips that could turn any gay boy straight and any girl into a lesbian including me (lool i jk or do i ^__^) And her hair..... I LOVE IT. "Hey! nice to meet you I love your hair." she thanked me and smiled.

"Hi Girl. The Name is Cassie" she said laughing. So I laughed to but didn't know why i was laughing and could be bothered to ask. Why are all these boys staring at me when their should be chasing this pretty little Filipino/African American.

"Okay class, It's Senior Year we can't mess about, this year we need to achieve the top grades and I am going to need you to cooperate with me," As Ms James went on, Amber, Cassie and I talked for the whole period and I got to know them and they got to me. It turns out Amber doesn't sing, act, dance or rap. She got into the School because she is super smart. Like In every single subject! That is why she is Student Body President. Which is amazing. Cassie is a singer, dancer and actress. We talked about the Show Case/Welcome Back to School Assembly. Cassie had to preform and Amber had to say her speech in front of the whole school. She asked me to help rehearse between classes.Since I didn't have Singing or Acting today I was going to be in every single class Amber was in, which was great. Throughout the whole lesson I could sense Drake looking in my direction. I think I caught his eye a couple of time. I think he is sooo cute.

*bell rings*

"Hey Nicki! wait up" Drake shouted as I was about to leave linking arms with Cassie and 'Em' (i gave Amber a nickname). I said bye to Cassie since she had Science and I told Em that i will meet her at Maths.

"What you got now?" he asked


"Oh shot i got History " i laughed at him. He licked his lips and bent he head down to my face."Whats so funny?"

I giggled " Your face!"

"What wrong with it expect from the fact that your lips are not touching mine" he said smiling

I pushed him playfully "You soo Cocky" i rolled my eyes

"Anyways Nicki, You wanna eat lunch with me today?" he asked all shy and shit. I through he looked adorable

"ummm... No" i laughed at the way he face when upside down. He came closer and i back up in the lockers. He held my waist. I stopped laughing and smiled "I'm just playing of course i will, plus i want to get to know better soo that can find out your other name."

"And you will very soon" he licked his lips and tried to kiss me, i moved my head to the side and he kissed my cheek.

I smiled "got to run. I don't want to be late."

I reach class just on time. My Maths teacher did the same thing as Ms James and introduce me to the class. I could tell that Ms McMiller was going to be my favourite teacher, she is so cool. I sat next to Em and she was giving me the look. You know.. The look when someone knows something, Yeah that one. "What!" i raised my right eyebrow. "Girl don't, what, me.. What did Drake want" she said giggling. i rolled my eyes This Girl is too much "Nothing Really, he wants me to have lunch with him" She covered her mouth to keep her for screaming her eyes popped out of they sockets (lool) I was scared!.. "You have a boyfriend on the first day of school!" she yelled. Everyone turned they head soo fast. Lmfaoo she said Sorry to Ms McMiller and sunk down in her seat. I can't. "Em You crazy" i whispered to her. I smiled to myself.


  1. Yaaaaay!! Im so in love with this story!! Drake and Nicki belong together and are soo cute! Cant wait for you to update girl! Btw, here's my BBF's Dricki Fic Shhh! Dont tell her I gave you the link lol

  2. Awwwwwwwww!!!!! So cute!!!! I love Love LOVE the flirting between them!!!

    Reading this is so fun!! :D

    Damn... Drake could get it...

    *reads nex chap*