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Chapter 4

Nicki  POV

"Mummy I am home!" I saw Micaiah running towards me. " Caiah how are you did you go with mummy to work today?" he nodded
Micaiah is my 4 year old brother, I was 14 when he was born. When I saw him, his eyes was soo big and soo bright,  he was the size of my arm. I cried when I saw him. He is just the cutest little thing. He is my baby I love him. I call him lamb chop.
I carried him in to the kitchen. I half hugged my mother as she was cooking and I was holdin Caiah.
"How was your first day" she asked
"Make any friends?"
"Yes two Amber Rose she is the student body president and Cassie is a singer, dancer and actress and today I got to see her preform!"
"So I am guess you like the school then "
"Hell no I miss my old school, I just think this school is a lot more interesting then I thought it would be" she laughed at me because she knew I was lying I actually did like LSH a lot. But hey she doesn't have to know that.

I put my little brother because someone was texting or calling my phone. I took my bag up to my room and check my phone. Em texted me asking what happened with me and drake she saw us walking together after school. This girl is soo dawm NOSEY! I told her that I would tell her tomorrow just because I can't be bother to texts her. So I'm lying on my belly with my legs in the air on my california king bed  right now thinking about, yes you guessed it, Drake,while I am listening to my barbie boom box ( my pink iPod). Got my iPod on shuttle, it  is playing 'Let Me Love You' by Mario.  As I sang the second verse nodding my head ago to the beat. There was a knock on my bedroom door and I know it wasn't Caiah because it was a hard knock and it wasn't my mummy because the woman doesn't knock she just walks right in-__- My dad is at work until 6:30. "who is it?" the door opened "Jelani!!!!" I screamed and leaped from my bed and hugged him "What are you doin here, OMGssh, I missed you. Why didn't you come home for the summer!" I punched him.
"Because I knew you was going to do that" he said rubbing his arm "that actually really hurt"

"Whatever, no but serious where were you this summer. You was supposed to help us move here." I said as we walked over to my pink sofa by the window in my room. I sat on the pink beanbag and he sat on the sofa.
"everything is Pink in your room" he was avoiding my question
"Firstly you know I can't live without pink stuff, oh yeah do you like my hair permanent dye" I show him my pink streaks "And secondly answer my question"

"I was busy" my face dropped
"Doing what"
"You will find out later tonight" He smiled to himself. This was so weird of Jelani to do. He was all funny looking and shit looking like a goofball. Either he just won the lottery or he has got a girlfriend. I was side eyeing him.
"Nah ah you tell me now boy," I ran over to when he was sitting "dish the dirty" he laughed at me. This boy better tell me something! I gave him the evils. He put his hands up in defence. Ha yes that always worked when we was kids. He was only 3 years older than me but we was pretty close. Then he went to college in Chicago. I miss him all the time but now he is here.
"Okay Okay I will tell you just stop with the mean stare." I couldn't stop myself from laughing. " I met a girl at college on we moved in an apartment together, I love her a lot. I have been seeing her for 3years now-"

I was going to scream but then he said  he has been seeing her for 3 years and he didn't tell me " 3 years! And this is the first  time I am hearing about this girl."I was upset that he didn't tell me, I'm supposed to be his sister.

" I am sorry Nic."
"it's whatevers, So what her name?"
"Katrina but you can call her Trina." he said smiling. Ever since the beginning of the conversation about Trina he hasn't stop smiling.LOOL. He is such a girl.

" So am I going to meet this Trina person thats got my older brother smiling harder that a little girl." he laughed

"Nicki since when were you this funny and Yes you do, tonight."
"Cool" I got up to go get my note pad. And sat down at my desk.
"What are you doing?" Jelani walked over to the other side of my room to my desk
"Writing Questions for Trina"
Jelani face dropped "why?"
"Because I need to know if she is right for you. As your sister its my job to make sure your future wife is right for you."

"Don't ask too many question!"
"I will can as many I can think of"
"Me you and Trina are going to dinner so wear something nice"
" Bro I always look nice." he laughed and I punched him in the belly. Then he ran downstairs to tell my mum LOOL. Baby. He is 21 and he asks like a 10 year old.

Drakes POV

Just home from school I didn't bother to see if my mom was home because I know she was at work till 9pm today. Just me and my dog Lucky at home now. Lucky is a Dalmatian. I decide to get something to eat and feed Lucky. When I had finished eating I went to my room, to get my notepad so I could go downstairs to the basement to my studio to record my song that I had been working on since last week. Its called Lust for Life. My best friend in the whole world 40 came over to help. I started to rap. I love this song.
After I was finished recording. I went to the kitchen with 40. " How was school man?" he asked
I smiled because I thought of Nicki " It was iight"
"why you smiling"
"No reason"
"okay, but you have the same smile on your face from when you told me about Jasmine, is there a girl you like bro?"

How does he know " yeah man, her name is Nicki and
Man when I say she is hot I mean HOT!!!"

"Aw man your sprung! "

" Whatever man, let go watch Spongebob!"
We watched  Spongebob squarepants marathon until 40 mama called saying the he had to be home for dinner. It's 8 o' clock and my mom is going to be home in an hour. Because I am in such a great mood today for some reason, I am gonna make her dinner. When she got home she thanked me and we sat at the dinner table and ate.

"Boy, why you smiling so much?"
"Why is everyone asking me that, no reason."
"Nah ah something is up." she said side eyeing me " You got a girlfriend"
"She is not my girlfriend"
"when do I get to meet her?"
"I will meet her when she is your girlfriend"
"Then I am never making her my girlfriend."
"Seriously Aubrey, I want to meet her"
"Why not?" she signed "Aubrey it has been a long time since you have had a girlfriend, I am just glad your moving on from Jasmine. Can you blame me for wanting to see the girl that is make my son smile soo hard"
"but ma your embarrassing" her face went upside down lol. "Mummy I'm just playing I will ask her to come to the house on Monday because I am taking her out on Saturday Okay?"


*skip to the dinner with Trina Jelani and Nicki*

Nicki POV

Okay so I am liking Trina she is just an amazing girl. I have to say my brother did well. She is soo pretty and smart with a big booty. Like me LOOL. I really like her. She talks to me like I have known her for years.

"girl when is your birthday?" Trina asked
"december 8th"
"Oh word? mine is the 3rd, you wanna come to Miami with me for your Birthday, So we can find you a man." Omg this girl! My eye widened when she said that. Jelani fake cough and she playfully hit him. "Boy what is wrong witchu she is 17 and young and free let her have fun." I giggled.

"why is everyone hitting me today."
"Aw baby I am sorry you want me to kiss it better?" he nodded " where does it hurt?" Jelani pointed to his lips and she gave him a short but sweet kiss. Now usually I would be cussing in my head because I hate see people kiss in public. But I just thought that they look super cute.

"So Nicki what do you say you wanna come Miami with me ?" I nodded.
Trina and I was talk the whole night we  forgot Jelani was there.
"I love you barbie necklace is soo cute"
"Thank you" I smiled
It was now 10 pm, I had just finished eat my cesear salad. Jelani took me home because i have to go school the next morning. Trina and I exchanged phone number she was everything I was looking for and more my brother did well I don't mind it she ends up being my sister-in-law.
As I hopped into bed I got a text message from Drake :D
As I saw his name I smiled, the text said: 'I was thinking about you today I can't wait to see you in the morning, Sweet dreams Beautiful xoxo'


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