Sunday, 15 May 2011

I Get Lonely Too

Chapter 2

Drake POV

Omgssh!! I can't believe that she agreed to having lunch with me alone. I hope she knows that I wanna talk to her alone. I hope she ain't a hoe, like the rest of the girls at school. I am just sick and tired of be played by these dumb ass bitches.

I am sitting here in the library alone, like usually. I decided since I have a free period before lunch, that I would do some studying. Call me a nerd but I want be a head of the class. So I took a little break from studying to check my emails. Let me tell you its been a minute since I have done so. I had 1360 unread mail. i deleted the mail from facebook. Scrolling down to see if the was something interested. I felt my heart stop beating for a second, as i saw the name 'Jasmine Clark', my girlfriend or ex-girlfriend, I am not sure what she is to me, because we didn't officially break up. Basically Jazz and I were the perfect couple. Then her Dad got a promotion and the company transferred her whole family to London. When she left we didn't break up but I didn't say that I would wait for her. So I guess I shouldn't feel guilty because I like Nicki. Plus I haven't seen Jasmine since January.

The email said 'I can't stand it here I miss LA, I miss my friends and most importantly I miss you. I get so lonely. I love you boo. I hope to see you soon :D.' I replied 'I miss you too, I get lonely too, I just want one more day with you.'

I know what you're thinking but I am over Jazz that is why I didn't say 'i love you' back. But I do miss her thou.We got so much history. Anyways enough of her, I gotta get back to studying.

Nicki POV

I walked into the lunch hall laughing at Em and her crazy self. She won't quit asking me question about Drake. I would answer them if I knew the answer to them. When I didn't answer her, she got frustrate and made a face, I couldn't help but laugh. But I did tell her that Drake and I are going to have my lunch together, so we can get to know each other better. I lined up for my lunch, then look around to find him. Once I saw Drake, I asked Amber to check that I looked OK. "Yeah girl, you look good from head to toe and your boobies too!" she said touching my boobs. This girl has issues. I turned around to walk to Drake. But my legs won't moving. Amber slapped my butt "Go"

I adjusted myself, picked up my lunch and walked over to Drake.

"Um Hi stranger'" He turned around with a big goofy smile on his face.

"Hey, I ain't going to stranger for too long" I laughed his face was too funny! "Whats with you and laughing randomly"

I told you your face" I couldn't stop laughing.

"And I told you the only thing wrong with it, is that our lips ain't touching" At point I stopped laughing,gave him a blank stare and rolled my eyes playfully. This nigga took a full bottle of cockiness this morning. I sat down to him eating my salad.

It was silent for the longest.... I mean how awkward is that. Thank God he broke the silence I was about to leave because I have finished eating.



"I just want get to know you and take my time to show you that I am a great guy, underneath all this cockiness. And you are very beautiful on the outside but I wanna know just how beautiful you are on the inside"

All I think was awwwww! "I wanna get to know you too Drake, now let start off with your Name!!!" I giggled

"Ummm.... well my name is Aubrey, Yes I know it a girls' name" he said looking down.

"I love your name, it's cute as you" he smiled so couldn't help but do the same.

"So, where you from?" he asked me

" New York, you?"

"Oh that explains the accent, I am from Canada"

"CANADA its cold there I hate being cold!"

"Don't worry when we are boyfriend and girlfriend and we visit, I will keep you warm." I raised my eyebrows at him. We can't have a nice conversation without the cockiness, great.

"Oh really and who said i wanna be you girlfriend?"

"Everyone Does" Ugh what a dick!

"OK so go get yourself a girlfriend then" with that said I walk away. YES I overreacted, i know, don't stare at me like that.-__- Not that I was angry it's just that his cockiness was to much. He said he want to get to know me and show me another side to him other than the cockiness. But that is all I see. No don't get me wrong I love cocky dudes but you have to know when to be serious. Just then I felt someone grab my hand.

I turned around to see a confused Drake.

"Can I speak to you in the hallway" I don't see why we couldn't talk here. Maybe it's because he could sense people whispering and staring at us, so I guess we could get out of here. I nodded. I followed him to the hallway.

I could feel everyone eyes suffocating me with they dirty looks and glares.

"Yes?" I said with a lot of attitude.

"So what happened back there, I was just playing"

"Yeah I know but, I thought I was supposed to be getting to know you. I feel all the cockiness ain't the real you, and I like you, I'm just not here for that cocky shit" He stepped closer to me.So we were face to face.

"You like me?" I nodded, he paused, this was a mistake telling him, I feel so stupid, he problem thinks I am a hoe, saying 'I like you' to someone on my first day of school. Um I'm just going to go now. I turned around about to run away. But then he spoke.

"I like you too" he said with his deep voice, which was a big turn on. I turned back around to face him. He kissed me!!!!!

Wait What! no this goes against all my rules we are not ever together talk less of dating. It's My first day. Nooo!! But his lips are so soft thou. I can't do this. His lips may be soft but I need to respect myself. I pulled away.

"Um... Drake .. I'm ... sorry but..." I couldn't speak. It was like the word were stuck in my throat


  1. YES!!! YES!!! YYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! *pauz* Lol, omg Easter Bunny!!!' U couldn't stop smiling thru this!!!! XD

    Whoa.. He kissed her?! On the first day?! He hasn't even known her for 4 hrs yet!!! She coulda had herpies!! Lmao!!! Jp, that wuz stupid 2 say....

    Um, anyway I love Amber Nd her crazy antics!! Nd Drake is jus too much!! This may b mi favorite Dricki fic!!!

  2. * I... I couldn't stop smiling...