Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Something New: Part One

Nicki POV:

Okay, so here I am. New House. New Car. New School. Just great! A school full of actors, singers, dancers and rappers I can tell that this school is going to have a lot of drama...

Lake Side High School, the school of performing arts. Here I am sitting in my new Range Rover my parents got me because they were trying to get me to stop complaining and looking miserable, they knew I didn't want to move, despite their best efforts to keep me sweet, it didn't work. I tried to tell them that I can't move away from my best friend of 11 years, Rhianna, who I call Breanna because I was at the time that we met obsessed with ‘B’ names.

Okay, so I need to get out of this car people are staring at me, here I was staring into space, I don’t want people thinking I’m weird on the first day. Anyways, let me get back to what I was saying before, what was I saying before? Oh yes LSH! I hate it already and all I have done is walk to the front entrance.

I am new, I get it, you can stop staring at me! It’s not Christmas I’m not a shiny new thing! This why I hate moving. LSH is supposed to be the best High School in the Country. I was expecting the high school to be like Fame or High School Musical with people singing and dancing. It’s just a regular high school so far, no random performances.

As I walked through the school, I found myself side-eyeing all the girl who rolled their eyes at me. I didn’t ask to come here, so chill out. Finally, after taking some long ass walk to the office, I got my schedule for my classes with a map of the school and a circle showing where my locker is, so that was my first stop. I have been at this school for 30 minutes and I got them all stares and glares, whispering and boys calling me ‘pretty mama’ and ish.

The bell rings and everyone is acting a damn fool,  rushing and pushing. If I didn't say before I HATE THIS SCHOOL. You know what I complain way too much I should be happy I have nice things and happy my parents can afford bigger homes and... BAAM A guy with a cello knocked my 5’2 self into a very tall person. A tall guy. A tall cute guy. “What the fuck is your problem!?!” I heard him say. His cute self better not be talking to me. “Are you okay?” Is he talking to me? ... 

Alright Nic, now is your time to talk, “Umm yeah thanks I am good.” I finally managed to say. 

“You’re new, right?” he said with a big beautiful smile on his face. I couldn't help but smile back. “Yeah I'm Nicki or Onika but I prefer Nicki, and you are?” 

“The middle name is Drake.” I was so confused. 

“Do you not have a first name?” I giggled a little, still puzzled. 

“I do have a first but I don’t use it,” I looked at him curiously. “No, I'm not telling it. I want to get to know you first.” My eyes widened, I was in full shock! I can’t believe he said that licking his lips. 

While we are talking our eyes were having a completely different conversation. “First of all, you’re a cornball.” I laughed “Second, I have to get to class, but it was nice meeting you,” I bite down on my bottom lip. “Drake” I emphasised his name and walked away. He gently grabbed my hand and pulled me close to him, to stop me.

He asked, “What class you got now?' I couldn't breathe. He licked his lips, smiled and stepped back, he knew. I smiled back, his smile was contagious. 

“English” I showed him my schedule, I could feel the energy of all the girls' eyes on us. 

“Oh you with me, come on.” He guided me to class, we walk hand in hand to class. This school is starting to grow on me.

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  1. LMAOOOOOO!!!!! Yo, this wuz funny East!!! I loved it!! I could imagine that scene happening with her nd Drake in mi head!!! Omg!! *fans self* Is it hot n here or is it jus me?! Lmao!!

    Amazing job!! Sorry I'm all late :( *goes 2 read nex chap)

    Btw, I'm commenting on ALL posts 2 make up 4 lost time on my behalf ;)