Friday, 17 June 2011

I Can Be More Part3

Drake P O V

"Babe that is not even funny"

"Omg why you hating on my bars"

" Because I did know my tits is bigger than Pamela ain't funny because they're not!" I laughed

"Do you want me to hang up?"

I laughed at her, I could almost see her pouting "I am sorry babe its funny"

"See now you're just saying that to make me feel better"

"Yes I am," I laughed

"Hanging up now"

"Okay Okay I am sorry." I laughed a little bit more. "What did you do today?"

"Well I went out with my old best friend, you the one I saw yesterday," Oh does she mean Safaree

"Oh do you mean Safaree"

"Yeah... Wait I didn't tell you his name. How do you know him"

"Oh I meet him this summer, they moved like 2 blocks away from where I live," I went down stair into the basement, which is where my room and also my studio room.

"Okay since you know each other I can't keep this from you...." This sounded serious.

"Yeah what do you need to tell me babe?" I flopped on my bed.

"Uhmm well if I tell you, you have to promise that you won't say anything."

"Okay is it something bad, did you kill someone, I am talking to a murderer." I laughed

"Imma murder you in a minute" I laughed soo hard I rolled off the bed and dropped my phone.

"hello, yeah what happened, Imma stay serious now."

"Uhmm Safaree.. Well.. he ummm.. Well.. Um"

"Spit it out girl"

"sorry, Safaree kissed me but he did know that we are together and still doesn't know because I did get a chance to he said it will never happen again and I won't let it happen again I promise." she took a deep breath, she said that so fast, it was hard the catch what she said. I got the first bit 'Safaree kissed Me' and the last bit 'I won't let it happen again I promise' everything in-between I was lost.

"Babe it okay along as this is the first and the last time, it happens, I am good, I will always be your man and he may be your friend, but this is where you began and I will be where you end Hopefully, I can be more that he will ever be, that's a PROMISE"

"Okay, trust me it will be, soo whatcha doing?" Nicki asked

"Waiting for my friend Trey to come over so we can record this song"

"Wait Trey? As in Trey Neverson!!"

"Yeah Safaree step brother." I was puzzled, then the door bell rang. "Okay I will talk to you tonight, Trey is here."

"Ok I am going to take a nap always." She yawned as I opened the door for Trey and he gave him a dap. He greeted me with his head.

"Okay bye Drake"

"Ok love you Nicki, bye"

"What??" she shouted in my ear as I hung up. Oh shit what the fuck did I just say, oh fuck talk about creating an awkward moment when I call her tonight, what the fuck did I going and say that for. I know why, its because I actual do love her, but it's way too soon. I know I love her because she is the only thing on my mind, and when we kiss I see fireworks. Oh shit Trey!!

"Whats up man?" he asked we walk in to the kitchen to get some snacks.

"Nothing, How are you" I said praying he won't ask about what I just said.

"Nothing, Soo who is Nicki and You love her now!?!" Well obviously God ain't on my side right now. I shook my head. "Do I know her?"

"I don't know she said her and Safaree were best friends," he had that shocked face on and from there I knew he knows who I was talking about.

"Nicki, as in Onika Maraj"

"Yeah what is it with you New Yorker's saying first name and last name" I laughed and then stopped when I notice he wasn't laughing "Whats wrong?"

"Nothing your jokes are dry, and Nicki is my ex......."

"Is it!" Shocking Trey seem like the tpye of guy that does get tied down to one girl. "What Happen between you two"

"I cheated" he said looking down. i laughed, told you.

"how long were y'all together?"

"Uhmm a year and 2months, but the last 2 month of our relationship, i was cheated." LooL this guy! We head down to the studio and got down to business.

"So Drake what are you doing for you Birthday?"

"I dunno, I am going to be 18, so it's gotta be big!!" I drank my lemonade. "I gotta talk to Nicki about it"

"Oh Cool!"

When we was done recording my new song 'Successful', Trey went home. I was kinda scared to call, Nic because i said the three words to soon. So I went on twitter because I didn't feel like helping my Mother in the kitchen. So yeah I sat down with my Grandma who was eating the chocolate that I gave her (BTW don't tell my mother she will freak) and my laptop, I went straight to Nicki timeline, and 2 of her tweets caught my eye. 'What did he say.. O_O what do I say back'and the other one was 'Should I call him'

Okay Readers i will not be writing anymore until i finish my exam soo basically Next Chapter will be up on the 8th July *hides in a boxes and ship myself to North Pole* :P S/O to @TeamMinajIrmo 


  1. I love this story when is the next chapter coming

  2. HOLY FUCKING SHIT!! WhatTheFuck?!!!!! I 4got 4 a split second that Nick dated Trey, thas y she responded like that when Drake told her he wuz there!!! OMG!!! Nd Trey heard him say he loved her!!! Nd he asked if he knew her!!! OMG!!! (Btw Im writing these comments as i read :) Shits gettin good!!)

    Damn... Y Drake say that so soon??? I woulda reacted jus like Nick.. As a matter of fact... I did react like her once, lmao!!

    I'm glad there wuzn't any awkwardness between Drake Nd Trey after he told'm that use 2 b his girl

    Ima go Nw, I keep leavin these LONG ass comments!! Lmao!! *reads nex chap*

  3. Awuhh Drake Said Ilove you first !!!!!!!,<3
    Lol, Nicki is in so much shock !