Friday, 17 June 2011

I Can Be More Part2

Safaree POV

I just dropped Kyra and Deja off at their houses. I am just driving home now. I just never seem to be able to get Nicki off my mind. But she just see me as a friend. I just wish I could show her that I will treat her right. I was there when we where 10, Derek Blanch broke her heart she cried on MY shoulder. I was there when everyone called her fake and no girls liked her. I just want to be so much more, so much more than Nicki's best friend.

I tired my hardest to get over her, thats why I stopped talking to her, after her and Trey broke up, I ever dated someone else, but no one could live up to Nicki, she is just too beautiful on the inside and outside no other girl in the world has anything on her.

I swear Nicki is my everything, and more. It just hurts a lot that she can't see what's right in front of her and just love me more than a brother, the way I love her more

Than a sister. I can officially say I am IN LOVE with Onika Maraj, I don't know what to do anymore, I am just sick and tired of being in love. I'm jealous of every boy that ever hugged her, because for a few second they were holding my entire world.

Today is the happiest I have been in a long time, finally after 3 years of like her and 2 years of being in love with Nic, I finally kissed her, my true love. I ever told her a very small part of my love for her.

I pull up to my house and saw my dads car wasn't there just me and Trey. Great!! I just know one thing Nicki start off with all those niggas that did her dirty, but with me is were her story ends. I am puzzled because I thinks she has a boyfriend, I am talking about the guy that was a the Restaurant with her, I hope not because I don't want to start no trouble.

I walk through the front door, as I would normal do, I went straight to the living room because, I cant be asked to go up all those steps and walk to my room. But then I meet Trey in there, so you know I gots to go to the game room. But then this fool was following me.

"Safaree," trey called I ignored

"Safaree Man!" he shouted

"What!"oh no he is going try and talk to me.

"Listen can't we just be the way we used to be, I still don't know why you hate" I gave trey a dead glare

Then he walked away! I followed him to the living. I think its about time I told him my issues with him because he is acting like he doesn't4 know.

"your following me because...." see I was going to talk to him like a man but since he is being rude Imma talk to him like he is a piece of shit.

"Yo who do you think your talking to?"

" Just giving you a taste of your own medicine"

"Well, maybe I wouldn't have to act like that if you didn't do what you did"

"That's just it I don't know what I did"

"Do play stupid right now" I was starting to get pissed the fuck off.

"Can you just, tell me why you hate me"

At this point I was sitting down on the leather chair near the window and trey was sitting on leather sofa, right across me.

It time to stop holding a grudge and Trey "Ok do you remember the fall dance, that we both was grounded, so we couldn't go" He nodded and listen intently "And you was teasing me about Nicki, then I told you I had feelings for her." I was look at my SB watch I got for my birthday it was 4:15 "Then two day later I see y'all sucking on each other face and hugging." I rolled my eyes at him.

"Seriously man that why you hate me, firstly we was kinda together before you told me. I tried to break off whatever fling we had, but she is very demanding. That why when you told me, I changed the subject instantly. Your my brother I would never want to hurt you like that.

I know when Trey is lying, but in this very moment I can tell Trey was being sincere. I have to forgive and forget.

"I understand" I said

"So we cool, can you forget this and go back to being brothers." I got up and so did he, we then shared a manly hug.

"love you man" I said

"Love you too bro" trey said back

I coughed, because we was acting like girls. Then Trey realise why I was coughing, and he coughed too. We dapped, then we jumped and banged our chest together.

"Yo where did My dad go?"

"He went to go pick my mum from the airport, Safaree i am going to Drakes house, because he wants me to sing on this new song he is working on. "

"Okay see later" I went to my room as Trey walked out the door. I tried so hard to get Nicki off my mind, all I could do was sleep.

S/O to my besties @TejuCornish_x and @RJPatrickDGthey Birthdays this week!!!! Love you guyz S/O to Team Minaj USA and TMUK love y'all S/O @NickisCareBear love her 


  1. glad they made up <3 -------- Safaree needs a "guapa" girlfriend :)asap lol.

  2. This ~> "I am jealous of every boy that ever hugged her because for a second, they were holding my entire world..." Is LIIIFE!!! That is like the deepest, most thotful thing ever 2 say!!

    Awww!! They made up! :D

    So lemme get this strate, Drake is Cassie's brother
    & Trey Songz is Safaree's... Cool, talented households, lol

    Love this!! *continues 2 read* :)

  3. Cassie and drake are friends!!!!

  4. Ooooohhhhhh...... Ok, I get it, lol

  5. LMASSOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! SOO i just realized trey is Trey, Trey.. as in trey songz! lol i'm a late reader, but oh wellllllllll !!