Monday, 31 December 2012

So sick (of love songs)

S/o to barb_the BAD for writing last chapters sex scene. enjoy!!!

Chapter 37

It was 6:15am, Nicki hadn't slept all night. Her pillow was soaked with her tears. She sat up in Amber's bed and looked at her surroundings. Amber and Cassie were at the bottom of the bed. True friends; they stayed up all night petting their distraught friend. When she got to the hotel room the night before, she shut the door and slid down it to the floor. She put her hand eyes and cried aloud. Amber was the first to notice Nicki and soon after called Cassie to help get Nicki off the floor. Once they did, they took her to the sofa and got her a box tissue. Then Nicki explained to her friend why she was crying while she cried. Cassie cried with her and Amber was ready to cut someone. The two girls just did not know why someone that Nicki loved so much could hurt her so bad. All ended up in Amber’s bed. Nicki said she couldn't sleep in her room and Cassie felt left out so they all slept in one bed. Nicki cried silent tears in to her pillow while the girls slept. She laid back down on the bed and looked at the time, she decided to get ready ever though she didn't want to. The pain between her like hurt like a cunt. She decided to soak herself in the bath tub. Nicki closed her eyes for a second only to reopen them and find her body in a pool of blood. She almost screamed, but she didn't. Nicki cried at the bloody reminder that she lost her innocence the night before. She got in the shower and got ready. Once she was done, she woke Cassie and Amber and bought he luggage to the suites door.
Cassie came out the shower in Nicki's ensuite room. She noticed Nicki staring out of space at the wall across the room. Then her tears started to fall and Cassie did her friendly duty and hugged her pink marshmallow.
"Nicki it will be okay." Cassie cooed. Nicki just continued to stare at the wall in silence with tears running down her cheeks. Her body was sore from the sex and from the way she tried to scrub his scent off her. She tried and tried but he was still on her. "Nicki it will be okay." Cassie repeated.

Everyone was waiting for the girls at the airport. Drake had found an earlier flight. "Where are they?" Jelani groaned impatiently. As he said that the girls made it to the airport. "Finally" he sighed as the girls approached the group. Jay noticed Nicki couldn't walk properly. "Hahaha you look like death." He commented on his baby sister's appearance. Nicki honestly didn’t give two flying fucks about what Jelani had said.

"Nicki are you okay?" Trina asked. Nicki nodded but tears fell out so she lowered her head.

"Come on you guys we got half an hour to get checked in and board our plane." Jelani let everyone walk in front of him and Nicki. "Onika?" He said in a low tone. She didn't answer nor look up. "Onika." No response again. "Nika, wanna tell me something" she just sniffed.

"No" she managed to say.

"Onika you had sex didn't you." He raised his voice at her. She didn't answer him. "Didn't you" He shouted and people started to stare.

"Jay, drop it." She started to walk off but the pain between her legs held her back.

"Onika don't walk away from me" he yelled

"Jay shh please." Nicki put her finger on his lips. Jelani looked at his troubled sister.

"Nika did he force you?" He lowered his voice as they walked behind the group.

"What? No" She shook her head.

"What's wrong? Where is he and why have you been crying?"

She bit her lip. "Um, he has been cheating on me."

Jelani was dumbfounded, he was confused. "The same Drake that loved you more than life? The type of love you only see in his eyes?"

"I guess he just played us all." She sniffed once again as she checked in.

"When I see him, I'm gonna kill him. I promise you that!"

"Jelani promise me you won't do anything. Please I love him please don't hurt him."

"So it's okay for him to hurt my baby sister but I can't hurt him? Whatever man." Jelani walked on to the plane.

"Jay just drop it please." She followed behind him. They took they seats on the plane. She sat next to Cassie and just slept on the plane.


Nicki woke up in her room at 8:16pm; she took a shower then put some pyjamas on. She made her way to the living room and greeted her dad.

"Hi princess, how you feeling?" Mr Maraj asked.

"Umm a bit better actually."

"Your brother already said you didn't sleep much last night." The mention of 'last night' made Nicki a little dizzy.

"Um yeah, sorry Dad I think I need to lie down for a bit."

"Okay princess, but don't forget this Friday we are off to Trinidad to see your Grandmother and Christmas"

"Yes dad." She kissed his cheek and went back to her room.

Nicki cried so much, it was bound to make her sick. Her mother came back from bible study to find Onika was still in her room. She could her Nika crying from the bottom of the stairs. Robert was passed out on the couch. Carol asked Caiah to wake his father up while she checked on Nicki.

"Oh Nika," Carol just hugged her darling daughter.

"Mom," She sobbed loudly. "He hurt me so bad, he really did, mom"

"Oh Nika," Carol cried with her daughter.

"Mom, I gave him everything I had". Everything!" She sobbed. Nicki was hysterical crying. "Mom my heart hurts, it really does."

"I know Nika, I know." Nicki cried on her mother's chest as Carol rocked her gently to sleep.

Thursday Night

Every night Nicki would cry herself to sleep. It was the only way she could sleep these days. Nicki was completely excited to see her grandmother and cousins this Christmas. That was the best gift her parents could ever give her. However she was still sad. She couldn't shake these feelings she had towards Drake. The love she had for him is something she just couldn't control. It just hurt to love him. She cried into her pillow. Praying for the day when she will forget him.
Just as she finally was going to drifted off to sleep. She received a text from Drake.

<< Please stop crying you’re too pretty for that.
<<I'm sorry, I really am. I love you

She cried herself to sleep once again. Just seen those words made her knees weak and her heart melt


Nicki took in the sweet air of Trinidad. She loved Trinidad, every time she comes back to Trinidad; it's the most peaceful feeling on earth. When her family made it back to her grandma's house, Nicki felt the tears escape her eyes as her favourite cousins called her name.
"Onika?" They yelled in their Trini accents.

"Cheyenne? Anna? Dianne?" Nicki cried. "I missed you guys" The four girls hugged. Nicki admired how beautiful her older cousins were.

"Onika we missed you" Anna said wiping her tears.

"Seeing you guys once a year is not enough. I miss you so much." Once a year the whole of Nicki's family will go to her grandmother’s house for Christmas. You dare not miss this holiday at her Grandma's house because you will be scolded for it. Nicki sat in the living room greeting the rest of her cousins. "Where's grandma?"

"In her room, she is getting better slowly but at least she is getting better." Cheyenne informed her cousin.

"Okay, I'm gonna go talk to grandma for a bit."

"Okay Onika, all the girls are going to the mall when you come back." Her mother said, Nicki nodded and went to her grandmother's room. She knocked on the door.

"Come in." Her grandma had the thickest accent in the house. Nicki walked in to see, her grandma. She was beautiful old women with the longest her. When Nicki was younger she used to brush her grandmothers hair as they talked. "Onika, da is you?" she smiled beautifully.

"Grandma," Nicki smiled, letting one tear fall. She hugged her and they both took in each others scents. "I missed you so much." A few seconds passed before Nicki let go. She grabbed a brush off her grandmother's dresser and sat on her bed. Her grandma laid right on her grandbaby's thighs. Nicki started brushing her hair.

"Onika, you lookin thicker than ever." Her grandmother chuckled.

Nicki furrowed her brows at her grandma. "Grandma, that's not funny."

"Nika, mi know you growin into a woman, now. Mi also know you bein doin the nasty. Mi see it in mi dream."

Nicki grasped as brush her hair. "Grandma!"

"Mi nah lie." Nicki stopped and looked at her. "Gyal, mi know the truth." Nicki smirked and looked away. "Yes you look away." Nicki chuckled lightly, how awkward was that moment? "You and Anna."


"You nah hear word?" Her grandma playfully rolled her eyes. "Both of you gotta bun in the over."

"WHAT??" Nicki stopped brushing her Grandma's hair.

"You hear mi,"

"No, grandma where did you hear that??"

"Did mi say mi hear it? Mi say me dreamt it." Nicki was quiet, this truly scared he because whenever her grandma dreamt something small factions of it would be true. "Wah happen Hoss?"

"Um…" Nicki took a deep breath. "We broke up."


"He's been cheating on me." Nicki's stomach turned as she said that.

"Oh Nika,"

"It's fine." Nicki didn't even notice her tears falling.

"Onika, don't cry over boy dem." Nicki bit the inside of her cheek. "Your family love you Nika. Cherish these moments because next time you see me, mi could be in a box, Life is way too short."

"Grandma don't say that. Please..." Nicki sat the brush down and hugged her grandmother tightly. "I love you okay? Don't talk like that!"

"I love you too baby," Nicki wish she could stay with her forever. "Onika I want to sleep now."

"Okay Grandma." Nicki put the brush back on the dress. She wiped her tears and fluffed he grandma’s pillows. "Sweet dreams." She kissed her crazy grandmothers forehead and closed the door quietly behind her.


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