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What makes you Beautiful?

Okay so I just want to dedicate this chapter to a girl, @LeshaTM. This girl made my whole entire week. She knows what she said and I thank her for the kind word.

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Chapter 29

Monday to Friday had been so stressful for Nicki giving the fact that her parents had to attend several different meetings. Nicki being the oldest in the house, she had to babysit all week, which meant hardly seeing Drake except from during school hours. But now is Saturday and they haven't had a date in awhile. Nicki manage to squeeze the date in the agreement with her parents. So Nicki got 10dollars an hour and a date with Drake no time limit. So by Saturday little Miss Maraj had 250dollars to her name. Nicki had asked Cassie and Amber to come over to help her pick out an outfit. It's funny how Drake still makes her as nervous as she was on their first date, so nervous that she can't pick out an outfit to go bowling in.

It was 3pm when Em and Cass came knocking at Nicki's front door, within seconds of the knock Nicki answered the door and greeted he besties with a pet name and hug.

"Hey Sugar plum." Nicki said hugging Amber.

"Hey Cotton Candy!" Amber greeted her.

"Hi Honey bun!" Nicki greeted Cassie the same way.

"Hello My Pink Marshmallow" Cassie tapped Nicki's nose. The three girls giggled before walking in to the big home. They skipped merrily to the kitchen to say hi to Mrs Maraj, before racing up the steps to Nicki's fantasy room.

Sluggishly flopping themselves down on Nicki's bed before starting they conversation.

"So you excited for tonight right?" Cassie asked

"Yup!" Nicki said like a happy bird.

"Good. So the dance is like this Saturday... Then winter holiday!!" Amber exclaimed.

"Yay! We still need to go shopping for that!"

"I know… I'm free on Tuesday?" Amber questioned herself.

"Yes Tuesday I'm free too" Cassie said

"Me too!"

"Perfect! Tuesday it is!" Amber said.

"Oh what's the theme again??" Nicki asked

"Winter Wonderland." Cassie informed her, because she is on the dance comity so she knows these things.

"So like, pale colours right?"

"Yep!" Cassie answered cheerfully as Nicki's phone buzzed.

I can't wait to see you tonight.-Drake

Nicki just cheesed at her phone before she replied.

Well your definitely gonna like what you see. :-) xo ~Nicki

I always like what I see :D ~Drake

Nicki was so in to her conversation she forgot about her surroundings and the people around her.

"Ahem!" Amber 'coughed' which grabbed Nicki's attention causing her to look up at the two hype friends.

"What?" Nicki had a slight smirk across her blushing face.

"Uhhh... Umm" Amber quickly twitched her eyes from Nicki to her phone.

"Amber you’re so dumb" Nicki giggled. Nicki put her phone on the chest of draws where her Pink Retro Stereo. She then switched it on. As she was looking for a good station to listen to Amber and Cassie were planning Next Saturday (The Dance).

"So… I think ooooooooooon Saturday Morning we should go to breakfast. Then get our nails done then hair."

"Yeah, I think I wanna try something different, y'know with my hair." Cassie said her thoughts out loud.

"What are you thinking Cass?" Amber asked.

"I want to dye it blond... Or shave the side."

"Oh Word?"Nicki said turning around after finding a station which blasted out, Whitney Houston, Dance with Somebody.


"I think you should do both. Experiment!"

"Okay I see how it goes."

"Well I need to re-dye my hair and trim my spit end" she informed them.

"Okay, then we go back to Nicki's house to get ready and the boys will pick us up. We gotta take a lot of picture, it Nicki first dance in LSH so it a must. Plus no-one is single." the girls nodded at her last statement.

Suddenly TLC, Creep came on the stereo. Something came over the girls causing them to squeal, jump off the bed and perform the dance moves from the video as if it was rehearsed.


So I creep.
The twenty third of loneliness
and we don't talk, like we used to do.
Now this is pretty strange,
But I'm not buggin' 'cause I still feel the same.
I keep giving loving till the day he pushes me away.
Never go astray.


If he knew the things I did, he couldn't handle me.
And I choose to keep him protected, oh.
So I creep, yeah, just creepin' on,
but I'll know. 'cept nobody is supposed to know.
So I creep, yeah, 'cause he doesn't know what I do,
and no attention goes to show oh.


So I creep, yeah, just creepin' on,
but I'll know. 'cept nobody is supposed to know.
So I creep, yeah, 'cause he doesn't know what I do,
and no attention goes to show.


So I creep, yeah, just creepin' on,
But I'll know. 'cept nobody is supposed to know.
So I creep, yeah, 'cause he doesn't know what I do,
and no attention goes to show.

The song finished and they all fell back on to the bed. "Y'all are crazy" Cassie commented.

"So Guys what to wear?"


Nicki gave Cassie a blank stare. "For my date, which is in 4hours?"

"Oh yeah," Cassie slapped her head.

"Well go take a shower, while Amber and I brain storm." Nicki stare at the both of them.

"Y'all better now use my shit!" They giggled mischievously as Nicki grabbed her towel and walked in to the bathroom still with her eyes watching them.

45minutes later Nicki came out of her on suite bathroom, to find her room the exact way she left it, with Amber and Cassie still laying on her bed.

"No there is no such thing Cassie." Amber debated.

"No but it would be fun."

"I agree but it not even real."

"But what if…"

"Haha what are y'all talking about?" Nicki cut off Cassie. They both sat up. Nicki had the white towel around her hip and a black bra on.

"Woah look at those Watermelons!!!" Cassie said squeezing Nicki right boob. Nicki side eyed Cassie

"They not that big..."

"They so perky!! Can I play with them??" Cassie asked.

"Anytime baby!" Nicki laughed.

"That's it I'm bisexual!" Amber announced

"Haha! Ugh y'all are so extra!"

"Cassie we gotta raped her!!" Nicki laughed.

"Oh My God... Can you guys stop?" Nicki was laughing so hard she started crying.

"Amber, she thinks we playing!" Cassie and Amber tackled Nicki to the floor. The sat on her and started dry humping her.

"OMGeee Guys get off me!"

"Not until we get the goodies." Nicki was laughing so hard.

"Guy... Guys... I'm gonna… I'm gonna…" Nicki laughed hysterical between each word.

"Cum?" Amber questioned, Cassie and Nicki stopped and looked at her. Then blast out laughing.

"No... Hahaha pee!" Cassie and Amber jumped off her so she could go.

Nicki walked out the bathroom once again. "Ugh you gave me a carpet burn."

"Sorry Barbie."

"It's okay... That was fun though."

"Okay let's get you ready for Aubz, with your jugs we already know he a luck dude."

"Oh hush Cassie." Cassie giggled. They all walked in to Nicki's Mariah Carey inspired wardrobe.

"I'm thinking something causal..."

"Well obviously Cassie, I'm going bowling."

"Ok that black leather jacket you wore for Amber's birthday and these." Cassie held up grey ankle boots.

"Okay... I will try it on...” Nicki said doubtfully.

"Girls are you staying for dinner???" Mama Maraj called from downstairs.

"Umm we will be downstairs, Nic" Amber told her.

Nicki nodded as they left her room.

Nicki tried on the whole outfit, surprisingly like what she saw in the mirror. Once she had appealed light make up to her face and flat ironed her fringe, Nicki made her way in to the dining room.

Amber, Cassie, Caiah and Nicki's parents were sat at the dinner table.

Nicki gasped holding her chest. "I've been replaced!!" She said dramatically. Everyone just looked at her. "By my two best friends??? My parents... My own brother replaced me for two? How could you?" Nicki then put the back of her hand on her fore head. "I'm ashamed!" Everyone smiled and dropped their knives and forks to applaud her on the very believable performance.

Nicki just smirked and put all her weight on her right leg.

"No but seriously where is my plate?"

"In the kitchen, but it's just dessert because I figured that you're gonna eat on you date."

"Oh okay... Thanks"

8pm.... The Date

"I told you I would beat your ass."Nicki chuckled.

"You may be the king but watch the queen conquer." Nicki picked up the bowling ball, kissed it for good luck then bowled it. Nicki did her happy dance when she got the final spike to win the game. Drake was so shocked that she won by one point.

"I let you win."

"Sore loser."


"Come on you super loser." Nicki dragged him to the arcade. They played car games and took photos in the photo booth. The whole time Nicki was acting like a little kid. Drake found it cute, he has never seen this side of her before and he loved it. If it was possible to say; he loved her even more than he did the day before.

"Drake do you know how to play?"She asked referring to the pool table.

"Yes, do you?"

"No, but I have always want to know. Can you teach me?"

"Sure." Nicki grabbed one of the long sticks. "Okay, the aim is to hit all the balls in number order in to the hole." Nicki listened to him intently, nodding occasionally.

"Show me how to hit a ball." he nodded.

Drake walked behind her as she held the stick correctly. Drake leaned forwards over Nicki guiding the stick to the right ball in to the hole.

"Wooo we did it!" Nicki jumped excitedly. Drake just smiled admiring his beautiful girlfriend.



"Okay let's get outta here." Drake took her soft like butter hands and lead her out the Arcade.

They walked out the not so quiet streets of LA, hand in hand. Drake wanted to tell her so many things. He stole a couple of glances at her before speaking. "You look amazing tonight."

"You look handsome too."

"Thanks, I swear you're officially my number one favourite person in the world." She blushed before looking into his eyes. They stopped walking and just stood in front of a vintage store. "Baby, you light up my world like nobody else. I love you and I trust you. You're my everything." He lightly pressed his lips on her cheek.

"Hey, what's brought all of this out?" Nicki asked curiously.

"My father came back today." Nicki looked at him, not knowing if it was a good or bad think. "He didn't stay long neither." They continued to walk to the poetry café.

"What did he want?" Nicki didn’t know anything about Drake's father.

"He wanted me to come and live with him this summer."

"Is that not a good thing??"

"I guess. But he didn't even stick around long enough for me to reply. When I was younger I hardly ever saw him. My parents go a divorce when I was 5. So everything was hard. He moved to the states so I never saw him as much as I would have liked. Then we moved here when I was 13 to be closer to him. But…" Drake trailed off.

"Do you think he is trying to make up for lost time?"

"Maybe but in my eyes it's too late."

"Nothing is too late. Drake let him be there for you now because you're gonna regret it."

"I hear you." Nicki looked at him.

"Listen you have to forgive and forget. That's what I'm trying to do."

"I know." he said as he opened poetry café. Before they took they seat, Drake quickly but sweetly planted a kiss on Nicki's lips.

"What was that for?" She blushed.

"Do I need a reason to kiss my girl??" Nicki just smirk and side eyed him as she sat down in her seat that was nicely pushed out by Drake.

Nicki and Drake order a plate of food and a beverage. Once they had consumed everything on their plates, the first poet was called to the stage. She was a fair skinned black women with dread wrapped in a bun. She took her position on stage, grabbing hold of the mic.

"Hello everyone I'm Joyce, my poem is called A Breathtaking Fantasy."

My dearest, here I am planning

a trip down the lane to the sea,

in August as the sun is shining

and you're there to comfort me.

A breathtaking fantasy.

Over the fields we will ramble

picking fruit from God's bramble

soft fruit for jelly & blackberry pie,

oh happy day ~ sing I, sing I,

as my eyes point up to the sky.

We should be well-nourished

with His gift of the purest,

edible berries, and vitamin "C"

giving us strength and vitality,

ever to be in love you see.

My dearest, here I am planning

a breathtaking trip to the sea,

down lover's lane so beguiling,

berries will grow wild and free.

A breathtaking fantasy.

The couple listen to 5more poets before leaving the cafe. "I can't go anywhere with you, without you staring at me. You're actual a big freak."

"Is it my fault your beyond beautiful." Nicki just rolled her eyes playfully.

"I want ice cream!!!" Nicki jumped up in the air when she saw the Joe's Ice Cream pallor still open.

They walked across the street. Once inside the parlour they took a seat on the leather stalls and order.

"Toffee nut ice cream sundae please."

"Vanilla 3scoops in a cup please" Drake said.

"Boring." Nicki teased.

"Whatever!" he chuckled. He stared at her while she waited patiently.

"Oh My... Drake stop." she said without looking at him.

"Would you rather me stare at your ass?"

"But your making me feel so self-conscious"

"You shouldn't your beautiful." She turned her head to look at him. Drake looked into her eyes and was in an immediate trance, like she hypnotise him. Her eyes tell a beautiful story that Drake was dying to read. The waiter interrupted they moment. Drake could see Nicki was longing for a passionate kiss, as they have not share one since Friday. As Nicki picked up her spoon, he whispered, "Wait" she turned to him with a pout. He leaned and kissed her soft pink lips. Releasing for air, Drake had Nicki's pink Mac lipgloss on his lips. With those lips he said "I love you"

She repeated him, with passion in her voice.

It was 2am when they left. Drake and Nicki were half way across town, so Nicki suggested that they go back to his house because it won't be a good look her coming in at 3am.

It was 3:01am when they got to Drake's house. They crept down stairs because they didn't want to wake up the dog and his mother and grandmother.

"Ayo Drizzy you a t-shirt I can sleep in??"

"Umm yeah!" Drake moved swiftly to his chest of draws handing Nicki his favourite tee and knee high sock.

"Thanks." She said before walking into the bathroom. 20minutes later, Nicki long wavy hair was now in a messy bun at the centre of her head. Breathtaking. Beautiful. Flawless. Just some of the words Drake use to describe her.

She got into his bed with her phone texting her mother tell her that she was safe. "Draaaaaaake"


"Come here I want to sleep." She said to her boyfriend who was in the bathroom brushing his teeth.

"No I'm sleeping on the couch."

"What?? Nooooo" She whined, as she got on her knee. "Sleep with me."

"Gladly" Nicki gasped and throw a pillow at him as he came out the bathroom.

Drake chuckled "That's not what I meant."

"I know, but it was worth a shot." Nicki glared at him.

"Hahahaha yeah it was." Nicki said as she motioned Drake to come closer with her index finger. Once he lips was just inches away for hers, she grabbed his tee, smirked and then pulled him into a kiss. They both fell back on to the bed still with their lips locked. Drake lifted the t-shirt Nicki was wear and grabbed her behind pushing her close to him. When air was become a necessity for them they released each other. Nicki hugged Drake's waist, resting her head on his chest and he kissed her forehead.

"Is this how you normally go to bed?"

"What do you mean?"

"Do you always wear a thong?"

"Nope. I usually go commando!" Nicki said nonchalantly. Drake smiled so hard.

"My kind of women" Nicki rolled her eyes even though he couldn't see.

"Drake what do you love about me?" Nicki said with curiosity in her voice.

"I love everything about you, from your head to your toes. I love your kind and caring heart. You textbook influenced brain. Your energy saved legs, I love carrying you so I don't mind that your laziness. I love the way you light up a room. I love it when you smile at the ground when I tell you're beautiful. I can't find one fault in you. You're Beautiful inside and out." Nicki looked at him, in his hazel eyes.

"This is it. I know you are my Prince. My heart has found it owner."

"I love you"

"I love you more." She quickly kissed his soft lips before laying her head down and drifting off in to a deep sleep. And of course Drake watched her.


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