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All Your Love

Chapter 28

After l left Amber's house I decide to go to Safaree's for the first time since I found out he lived "Ayo SB what the fucks good"
"Nothing much. I missed you dude"
"Same here" I hugged him and walked in the house. Without ever take more than 5 steps in to Safaree house I was tackled to the floor by two 14 year old girls. "Oh My... Kyra!! Déjà!!! I miss you babies!"
"We missed you!!" They said as Safaree just laughed at us. The girls got up first then they helped me up. I kissed their little foreheads and hugged them tightly.
"How is school?"
"Great! We are straight A students."
"You are" I raised my eye brow.
"Yup!" Kyra said showing Nicki Déjà and her report card.
"OMG I am proud of you two."
"Ok you little migdets, congrats to you but Nicki and I need to talk!" Safaree interrupted our conversation. I glared at him. "What!?"
"Safaree, we are going to celebrate they success now come on girls get ready we are going shopping!" The girls squealed and run up stairs.

I took my car with déjà and Safaree took his with Kyra. Once we got to the mall the girls came with me to their favourite stores and i bought them a whole outfit from head to toe, accessories included. I wish I had little sisters, it was so much fun, shopping. Déjà dresses like a mini me and Kyra dresses like a little rock star, with her leather jackets. Too cute. The smiles on their little faces were priceless. When Safaree came back, from wherever it was he went, we went to the food court. The girls sat at table when we could see them.
"So SB..." I began. "I hear you are in love."
"Yes! Nicki don't tease" He said.
"What who said I was going to tease. I'm just happy you find someone you truly love." I said sipping my milkshake
"Yeah man, me too."
"Safaree just don't hurt her, she is really fragile."
"I don't plan on doing that. I love her."
"Aww... That's so cu..." my phone buzzed.

Morning beautiful, I miss you like crazy. ~ Drake

I cheesed my phone as I texted him back.

Aw babe I'm coming over tonight and I miss you too even tho I saw you yesterday :P ~Nicki

Ever sec w/o you feels like a life time. Oh ok I'll pick you up then. ~Drake

You Corny AF! Lol Ok oh and ILY papi ~Nicki

Love you more ~Drake

"Nicki you're cheesing, blushing and giggling at your phone." Safaree chuckled at me, grabbing my attention.
"Shut up!" I playfully pushed him.
"Okay I will stop. So what are you doing for you birthday?"
"Going to Miami with just a group of people, are you gonna come right?"
"Of course!"
"Good because you know can't do anything without my real Nigga. My real Coon!"
"BC for fucking life!" I dapped him. Safaree loves to gas me up. "You know what we need to shut the fucking city down."
"Go all out!"
"Fuck yeah! Bring out all the whips! All the ice! And shut the motherfuckin city down" I was crying!!
"What? Safaree you're a freakin lunatic." I was laughing so hard. "Anyway, let go I'm wanna take a nap before Drake picks me up." We collected ourselves together and walk out the mall.
Safaree carried my things to my car while the girls hugged and kissed me. "Bye dolls, I will see y'all late okay?"
"Okay! Bye Nic!" They got into Safaree's car.
"Thanks Faree!" I said as he put my things in the trunk of my car.
"No problem!" I hugged him.
"See you soon okay... I will call you later"
"Okay...” With that he walked back to his car. I jumped in my range and drove off.

I woke up around 4ish and I instantly had the urge to call Aiden. Like I had to do it right there and then. I pick up my phone and called Aiden, after two rings he picked.
"Hello?"He sounded sleepy.
"Um... Aiden?"
"Yeah! Who's this...? Oh Nicki?" he must have looked at his phone. "What do you want?" he said with attitude.
"I know what I did was wrong in a sense but you calling me immature is bull because you wouldn't her fucked with me if you really thought that."
"Did you call me to say this shit?"
"Yes! It just like hit me... The only reason you spent so much time with me is because you wanted to fuck me."
“You call up my phone and tell me shit like this"
"I actually call you to apologise for my behaviour and for leading you on. But I just realised why would an old guy be interested in me?" I paused. He didn't say a word. "Exactly, you never liked me and soon as I told you I don't have a man you thought 'even better no string attached'. And to think I cried over you! What a waste of tears! I will never call you and you never call me." I hung up then I dropped my phone in my bag and headed down stairs because Drake told me before I took a nap that he would pick me up at 4:15.
"Hey babe!" I shouted from my front door.
"Hey love," I kissed him then got in his car.
"So my mother is missing you like crazy because she couldn't really speak to you at thanksgiving the other day."
"Really?" I said then I tuned him out. I don't know why I didn’t think of that before. I mean why would a 19year old boy talk to a 17year old. I mean... Ugh! I'm frustrated. He knew what he was doing that night. Poor Drake knows nothing.
"Wow who put laxatives in your coffee this morning?"
"Sorry, I just have a lot on my mind."
"I can tell, you didn't even hear you phone ring."
"Oh..." It rang again. I took it out from my bag and look at the caller ID it was Aiden. I ignore it.
"Aiden?" Drake said before pulling over. "Ain’t that the guy you were on top of?"
"Drake don't start!"
"Nah, you actually didn't tell me what happened that night"
I don't think I could tell him. I'm too scared, so I pick up the annoying buzzing sound.
"Hello?" Drake chuckled and just glared at me. A glare I didn't want to see.
"For your information I really did like you, I thought you were cute."
"What and you don't no more?"
"Well you have a boyfriend now and I don't want to disrespect him."
"Are you fucking serious!" Drake said aloud.
"Aiden can I call you back." I didn't wait for a reply I just hung up.
"Like Fuck Nicki!!! I can't believe you!"
"This whole week you have been acting shady. Today I finally ask you what happened that night and you acting dumb."
I squirted at him, "Did you just call me dumb?"
"No I said you acting dumb."
"You really wanna know what happened?" He nodded. "Okay Aiden kissed me." Drake sat back in his seat and stared at the houses in front of us. "Say something"
"When Safaree kissed you I was so understanding. I trusted you. I told you to let it be the first and the last time." He said calmly but I could hear the anger in his voice.
"Let me explain... Please." I was about to cry.
"Nicki, you are very attractive! You need to know a lot of boys are going to hit on you. But you can't be whoring yourself to other guys. Thats probably why Trey had to find someone better. Only God knows because when I'm not with you, you act like you don't have a man."
Drake drove slowly next to me as I power walk. Wearing my black and grey Jordans, army shorts and a white and black long sleeve tee. "Yo Nicki get back in the car." He said apologetically but we all know I'm stubborn.
"No, I'm sorry but I don't want to be an even bigger whore that I am now!" I walked a little faster.
"Come on Nicki you know I didn't mean that."
"Oh, but you did because you said it and if you said it you think and if you think it you feel it and I don't like that." I felt like pulling my hair out, I would have is it wasn't in a neat ponytail. "You know what's so bad about this whole situation?" I stopped walking so I could look at him. "You didn't even let me explain." I leaned on my left foot then folded my arms.
Drake got out his car. "Fine Explain." I wiped my face with the back of my hand.
"Ok so I was helping him rehearse his play because he is a drama major and he was supposed to kiss me. But when he did I had to push him off me because he didn't keep his hands to himself. I got this hickey because I was on the phone to you and I tried to move. But failed. That was it. I didn't come on to him. He just got carried away and if anything I try to stop it. I didn't charm him in to my whorish ways." I rolled my eyes and continued walking. He grabbed hold of my arm and turned me around. I slapped his face. "Don't you ever bring my ex into our relationship, this relationship consist of two people not three. Never ever disrespect me or my name again." I continued walking. I was so mad, I didn't even realise what I just did. My head was spinning; I could feel a headache forming so I stopped walking.
"Nicki are you okay?" I didn't care much for his concern. I just ignored him and tried to escape his grasp on my arm. "Nicki I'm sorry. Please just stop." I was in tears, angry and sad but through all that, all I could think about it how much the man in front of me means to me. Even when we are at our worst I still love him. So very much. "I'm sorry okay." He hugged me. "I didn't mean anything that I said. You're my world and I don't want to destroy you with my abusive words so I'm going to work on that." He kissed my forehead, as I cried silently into his grey sweater. He walked me back to his car.

We arrived at his home, and he took me to his room and held me. I didn't speak the whole journey there, I just cried. I was still a little hurt by his words. He carried me onto his bed and cuddled me in silence. "Please stop crying." I looked at him. I looked at his perfectly pink lips, his beautiful face structure and his luscious hazel eyes, that were to die for.
"I'm going to work on being in a relationship. Drake…" I climbed on top on him. He laid flat on his back while I laid flat on him; I put my hands flat under my chin and looked into his eyes. "I have never been in a 'proper' relationship and I guess I don't know how to act. So imma work on it. That said I want to start by wearing my ring again if you still have it."
"Yes of course you can have it back." I smiled briefly.
"Drake I love you" I kissed his soft lips. "You're my everything" I kissed him again. "I'm sorry for being bipolar this past week; I just had too much to think about."
"I understand... I don't think I could ever stop loving you." he kissed me. "You're the aglet to my laces" I chuckled. "Okay you’re the ketchup to my fries." I tilted my head to the side.
"What? Baby No! Please Stop!" I was laughing hysterically.
"Ahhhh..." He flipped us over. "That’s the smile I love to see." He squeezed my butt causing me to erupt in to laughter.
"You're so silly."
"Yep I know." We just laid there; I stroked Drake cute curls as there was pure silence, it was like was communicating telepathically. It was nice. Until I felt his stick.
"Really Drizzy?" I giggled.
"What? Little Drizzy has needs."
"I would have fulfilled those needs if you momma wasn't upstairs but..." I trailed off.
"What!!!" Drake sat up, "Are you serious?" I nodded. "You're ready?" I nodded "Okay Okay I could lock the door and I will try and keep you quiet." I wanted to laugh so hard.
"Drake I was joking... Are you that thirsty?"
"You so WRONG for that!" Aw he is mad. Oop! "Yes I haven't had sex in like a year! Do mess with these things." I rolled my eyes playfully.
"Drake, I want my first time to be special. Not just a quick thing. I want you to take your time."
"You wanna do it will me?"
"Hell yeah! I know you will definitely be my first."
"Good because I can't imagine myself with anyone else."
"Me neither." I smiled at him and he smile back.

"Drake, Nicki dinner is ready." Ms Sandy yelled for the top of the stairs.


So There we have is no more secrets, no more drama just a happy couple. All they had to do was smoke! The End....

All your Love by K'La!!!! s/o to @Chevy_URDancer for the song choice it describes this chapter perfectly...

I joke! I joke! I kid! I kid!! Just 10more chapters and 2interludes before they do it! LooL
I see I have over 55 followers so... Imma need 15comments before I post. Or we just gonna have to smoke... Ya dig?

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