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Down For You

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Chapter 27

Drake's POV

I walked out the bathroom after doing my daily routine fully clothed. I ran up the stair from my room/basement. The sweet aroma of my mother’s famous pancakes filled my nose, causing me to float all the way to the kitchen. I kissed her cheek. "Good Morning Mom, No work today?" I asked because it was a Tuesday and she normally had work all week.
"Morning Aubrey," She said in a sweet voice. "Yes I do but I am starting late today."
"Oh Cool!" I sat and ate my breakfast, grateful that my mother made it.
Once I had finished licking my plate clean, I kissed my mother on the cheek, saying my goodbyes and left my house.
Before going to school I bought a bouquet of pink and white roses for Nicki, she said she wanted to feel special well that is what I am going to do. Make her feel like number one. I mean I do love her, a lot. I just need to show her more often. I think Nicki is kinda mad at me because of this so I need to act fast if I wanna keep her as my girlfriend.
After picking up the flowers from the florist I headed to school. I got to home room just on time. When I got there I saw Zephaniah talking to Nicki, she was very interested in what he had to say. The bell rang and he left to go to his home room.

Hey babe what was that about? - Drake

I decide to text her because I don't sit near her.

What are you talking about?-Nicki

Zephaniah, why was he talking to you?-Drake

Really Drake, you're going to start this jealous shit again? - Nicki

I don't understand, all I did was ask a question. Why is she trippin? I didn't text her back because I rather talk to her face to face. The bell rang for first period which Nicki and I have to together. I caught up with her and put my arm around her shoulders, pulling her close so I could kiss her forehead. "What up Ma?"
"Nothing..." She said coldly.
"Hey what's wrong?" I asked really concerned, I hope nothing is wrong, I could tell there was something heavy on her mind.
"Nothing." She said, agitated. I stopped her in the middle of the hallway, and pulled her aside.
"Talk to me..." she sighed,
"Drake I am not in the mood." She started to walk away.
"Yeah but you was in the mood to be all lovey dovey with Zephaniah." I said that without thinking and soon after regretted it.
Nicki walk back to me. "Drake imma slap the shit out of you, keep talking smack." She was pissed off "Do you not trust me?"
So much for making today perfect, that pretty much went out the window! "Yes, I do"
"Then babe, you have nothing to worry about." She kissed me and grabbed my hand and led me to class. Something about the way she said that, made me feel like something was wrong, I just brushed it off for now. She walked in to the music room while I ran back forgetting me plan, I had to do this...

Ms Palmer was late so that meant I could work some Drizzy Charm. I walked over to Nicki and interrupted her conversation with Cassie. "A single red rose for my Endless Love" She giggled like a 5year old and blushed. She took the rose from me and took a whiff of it.
"Aww Drizzy... How cute! Thank you Boo!" She kissed my lips.

"That was sweet." I said referring to the kiss.
"Mmm Yes it was" I pulled her closer as she giggled.

"Give Daddy Some Sugar!" I said in my Mr. T voice, she chuckled.
"Hahaha Stop!" I crashed my lips in to hers. We were in the moment, but were interrupted by a cough. We pulled away to see Ms. Palmer.
"I thought I told y'all to keep you're tongues in your own mouth for the sake of my life" She smirked.
"Thank God Ms. Palmer I was just about to throw up."
"Keri didn't I tell you to stop being Salty?" Keri smacked her lips together. "Now because I am cool and I am a big fan of young love imma let this side. Next time y'all may get detention. Go and sit down." Nicki and I sat in our normal seats.
"I love you Ms. P," Nicki said.
"Everyone loves me... Now Class..." (I will spare y'all the details, all the class did was compose song and write about how they did it.)


Nicki POV

I walked into lunch laughing at Amber's ratchet ass. I couldn't get over the fact that Zephaniah asked me to the dance... Like WTF? He knows I am Drake's girlfriend. I like him, he's sweet but today I had to put him in his place. Lord knows I couldn't tell Drake because I know he would lose it. Today has been interesting, Drake gave me two roses so far, but I am still mad that he ain't asked me to the dance yet and someone else has. If he doesn't ask me by the end the day, I might have to go with Zeph.

I feel like he doesn't even care. I got a bowl of hot wings and sat with the group. I finished eat and starting to make a beat on the table with me finger nails. "Where's Drake?" I asked, no one answered me; Cassie just pointed in the direction the door. I turned around; Drake was holding a teddy bear and pink roses. The whole cafeteria was silent, all eyes was on him. My face lit up! Hahaha this in soo corny!
"Onika Maraj," he began, my eyes widened at the sound on my government name being used in front of everyone! He is so cute though. "Would you please go to the Dance with me?" Girls aw'd and some of them rolled they eyes and went about their business.
"Yes She will" Cassie answered for me. I laughed at her silliness.
"Um… I said make me feel special not go corny on my ass" His smile dropped... "Baby I kid I kid! Of course I will." Everyone who was watching stand up and clapped as Drake hugged me. Lola and her crew came with their stank asses.

"Omg this school is so dramatic." Keri said loudly causing everyone to stop and look at them.
"Well obviously you're in the wrong school F.Y.I, LSH is a performing arts school, and Drama is always going down here, good or bad." I said with attitude.
She looked at me up and down. The fuck I look like... Bitch I will cut you. "Why is your face screwed up like you having Hot Flashes" Everyone laughed at her, Drake pulled me to the table.
"I was finna slap a bitch!" I mumbled.
"I know that's why I pulled you away. You ain't getting suspended for beating the shit out of her, you ain't missing that dance."
"Yes Boss!" I said saluting him as he chuckled at me and half hugged me and pulled me closer.
"Ha Cute!" he commented.
"I know!" I bat my eyelashes at him. He kissed my forehead.
"I love you" Drake whispered in my ear. With his arm still around me I intertwine my fingers with his and kissed him short and sweetly.
"I love you"
"Aww this is a picture perfect moment."Cassie cooed. I laughed and hide my face in his neck as she took the picture.
"You're so silly, Cassie"
"No I am not Nicki, I am adorable" I giggled.
"What are you made of?" I asked shaking my head.
"Sugar, Spice and everything Nice"
"In what world?"
"The one with rainbows and unicorns!" The whole table laughed at are conversation.
"Yo sleep over at mine this Friday" Amber told, not so much asked us.
"Hell Yeah!" Cassie and I said together.
"We're in!" the boys said.
"Uh no! But you can come over for a couple hours." Amber told them.
Shad and Omarington got up from the table and started jumping up and down like girls. "Yay we finally got invited to a sleep over!" I was dead. These Dibsticks!
"Uh… Not if you do that" Amber warned.
Omarion and Shad quickly sat down.
"Umm Amber..." Cassie sang.
"Whaaaaaaat" Em sang back.
"Can I invite Safaree?" I turn my head so fast.
"What? I thought we told you to leave him alone, since he keeps leading you on..." I yelled.
"What the Heck!! Nic Don't Yell at Me…" Cassie raised her voice at me for the first time since we have been friends.
"What do you mean? You even said the other day that he is a jerk!!! Safaree is messing with your head and you’re too weak to see that!" Cassie furrowed her brows at me. "I'm just trying to be a friend." Cassie's face was red. I rambled on and no one stopped me.
"You Know What? I'm done!" Cassie ran out the Cafeteria, I think she was crying.
"Holy Shit! Why do I always do that...?” I asked myself.
"Come on Nic you know she is mad sensitive." Shad said to me.
"I know"
"Let me go check on her." Amber got up from the red plastic lunch bench.
"No! This is my mess... I will clean it up." I stood up and looked at my phone to see the time. We had 10minutes left of lunch. I walked down the hall until I saw the girls’ bathroom. I walked in and heard sobbing, I walked in a little bit more to see what stall she was in. "Cassie, let me in please." I knocked on the stall door. "Please I'm sorry."
"No I am good on this side." Cassie voice cracked slightly.
I pouted at the sound of her voice. "Well I am really sorry."I said melancholy.
"No you're not."
"Cassie would I say it if I didn't mean it." There was silence I didn't speak neither did she. :( Once the bell rang I could instantly hear the chaos outside. "Cassie I will see you class and I am so sorry."
Next was Spanish and that's one of the class that Amber, Cassie and I shared.

"Hey did you find her?" Amber asked me as I sat in my normal seat, I nodded. "What did she say?”
"Nothing Much, she just hates Me."
"You did call her weak, Nicki you know she hates when people mistake her kindness for weakness." I didn't even realise what I said, I was just speaking without thinking. I slapped my forehead.
"Oh My..." I pouted and put my head on the table in front of me.

"Good Afternoon class I am you Spanish sub, Ms Martinez, Mr Lopez is sick so I well be you teacher."

"Sorry I am late..." As my head was still on the table I didn't see Cassie walk in but I heard her.
She walked over to me; I lifted my head as she sat in her normal seat. Her hair was in a ponytail and her whole face just looked like she was crying.
After Ms Martinez said the register, "Your teacher left you some work and if you need help just asks me. Oh and as you can tell by my accent I speak Spanish and I feel you will learn more if I spoke in my language so this is the last time I will be speaking English."
I filled out my workbook with ease, but it just felt weird, no one is talking to me... :(
Amber past me a note. "Gworl this is the quietest I have been since Never!!" I was cracking up.
"Em, really?" I raised my brow. "Okay so Friday?" I asked. It felt like the most extraterrestrial thing not talking to Cassie.
"Yep!" I turned around to face Cassie.
"Cassie I am sorry for all those things I said. I didn't mean any of it."
She glared up at me. "I thought you said you say everything you mean."
"Come on Cass, how many times do I need to say sorry?"
"Nicki you said I was weak... I'm just trying to Change the way people view me."
"Well you're being really mean and if changing people's views about you is gonna make you act like this… Then..." I shook my head before I said anything I was going to regret. "Look I just don't want to see you hurt because you’re my friend and I love you." Why am I soo moody today, first Drake now Cassie... I need to be better tomorrow because I am in the shittiest mood and it isn't cool. Cassie face softened up... "You’re forgiven. It's hard being mean." I shook my head and giggled. We just talked about Friday the whole lesson but every time Ms Martinez looked up we would speak in Spanish.


"Okay babe I will see you later." I leaned back on the trunk of my car as we our lips locked. "I love you boo" I breathe as I pulled away. I hopped in my range rover drove to Amber house.

"So what we gonna eat?" I asked because I was curious since Em's parents are out of town, her two younger brothers are her grandparent’s house and her brother TJ are at his friend's house. I know Em cannot cook to save her life.

"Why you always hungry?" she questioned me.

"I am not when you’re cooking..." I replied with a smirk.

"You wrong for that." I giggled

"I love you girl but you can't cook!" I exclaimed as I hugged her waist from the side. She glared coldly at me, before answering my first question.
"Take out... Chinese or Pizza?"

I ran upstairs to Cassie, while Em ordered the food. She was reading a magazine with Van Diesel on the front. "Ooo Girl he is fine, I swear the God if I wasn't with Drizzy, Van and I would be one!" I exclaimed as I jumped on Em's bed next to her.
"Gwooooorl please... This is my bew bew..." I rolled my eyes.
"Gworl, sit ya ass Zooown!" She laughed at me.
"So Nic, what's up with you?" she said putting the magazine down and focusing all her attention towards me.

"Why you ask?" I was avoiding the question.

"Because girl, everyone can see for the past week that you have something heavy on your mind."

"Ummm…" I started to get a little nervous and play with fingers.
"Nicki tell me" she said angelically.

"Um, okay well you know Aiden, the guy I met at juicy couture..." She nodded. "Well h-he kissed me like the other day."
"What?!" Amber bust through the door.
"Please don't make me repeat it..." I said looking down.
"But Drake..." I cut Cassie off.
"He doesn't know. That’s why I have been acting weird lately. I put myself in this situation" I confessed, "I didn't tell Aiden that I got back with Drake, I led him on and now he hates me. Drake is gonna hate me." I flopped forwards on to Em pillow.
"Well Gworl I suggest you talk to the both of them."
"I will, tomorrow."
"Well Okaaaaay."
"So let's watch the notebook" I suggested
"Oh Hell No! I heard that movie is sad as fuck!" Em exclaimed.
"Yeah I ain’t in the mood for crying... Let's watch Breakfast at Tiffany's" Cassie said holding the DVD in her hand.
"Yes... Audrey is the best actress ever" Em said taking the DVD from Cassie. Once we reached the bottom step the doorbell rang. "That would be our food"
"Ahhhh good what did you order?" Cassie asked.
"Chinese" Em replied. Cassie and I made our way to the Home theatre room. Once Em returned with our food then we popped the DVD in. It was silent as we watched the movie. Amber was intrigued by the movie; the only movement she made was her chopstick picking up her noodles. Cassie was mouthing every word Audrey said as was I.

Once the Chinese food was gone and the movie was finished, Amber called the boys over. The door bell rang within 10minutes. Amber opened the door, "Hey Guys" she let them in to the theatre room where we was chillin'. Drake came in through the door and walk to the front row, which is where I was seated and he sat on me.
"Hi babe." he greeted me.
"Lmaoo get off me you big douche" I said between laughs.
"Not until you kiss me"
"No babe your ass is heavy"
"You know you love this ass"
"Hahaha oh, I do! Now get off me."
"Kiss me first!"
"Fine." I gave him what he wanted. Then he got off me. "You're so dumb." I giggled.
"I love you though." I rolled my eyes playfully and turned my head.
"Hey guys!" I greeted Wiz, Omari and Shad.

We decide to "watch" bring it on, because Safaree wasn't here yet. Drake is so weird, I swear whenever we watch a movie he is forever staring at me.
"Babe?" I said still watching the movie.
"Yes..." he answered
"Quit staring"
"I can't you're too beautiful" I blushed then rolled my eyes.
"Boy stop"
"Not my fault you look so damn sexy." I side eyed him, his voice was so deep and sexy. “I could just bite that ass”
"Hahaha you stupid"
"Real talk though Nic, like how hell did I get to call such a beautiful, talented and smart girl, my girlfriend." I looked at him and saw his all so serious face. I just looked down and blushed. "Nic I really do love you, more that you will ever know." I looked up at him. He licked his perfectly created lips and cupped my left cheek with his right hand bringing me closer. Our lips touched lightly for a second, before I spoke "I love you too" he kiss me lips like his life depended on it. I pulled away and got up from my seat and sat on him. He cradled me like a baby, as I smuggled in to his chest. I forgot everyone else was there that is how Drake makes me feel when I'm in his presence, like we are the only two people in the world.
Once SB got here everyone went their separate way in the house. Cassie and Safaree stay in the theatre room. Amber and Wiz were talking on the patio. Shad and Omarion "were making the food" meaning raiding Amber's fridge. Drake and I were in the living room. Amber put on the home stereo; Where you at By Joe as blasting through the house.
"Drake why are you so good to me?" I asked as I played with his fingers.
"Why are you too good for me?" He questioned I just stared at him. Oh he is gonna hate me after I tell him.
"Drake I have to tell you something" I looked in to his eyes. Then Summer time by Vybz Kartel started to play and all the couples came to the living room and started dancing. I rolled my eyes when Drake asked me to dance. He pulled me up anyway and made me dance. Then Mavado I'm so special played and I lost it, I was singing along and whining my hips. Drake was behind me kissing on my neck as we rocked to No Game by Serani. He whispered the lyrics in my ear. "Gyal ya my one and only." He wrapped his arms around my torso until Wine Pon Di Egde started playing; he moved his hands to my hips and guided my hips to the movement of his. I forgot all about the conversation I was about to have with him.

We danced for about an hour before the boys went home. It was 10pm and we were in our PJs eating ice cream.

“We like our ice cream how we like our man” Cassie and her theories, I just laughed “No don’t laugh, listen Amber have fudge brownie ice cream which means she likes black boys who are sensitive and soft on the inside but hard on the outside. I have chocolate ice cream so I just like black boys nothing more, nothing less. And Nicki you have butter pecan ice cream so you like fair skinned guys and nuts” We laughed because it was true.

“No I like cocky dudes”

“Hahaha see I was right!”
" Anyway Cassie you never did tell us why you're still with Safaree." Amber said dipping her spoon in her ice cream.
"Oh I am his girlfriend now" She said nonchalantly as I choke on my butter pecan ice cream.
"What?" I manage to say still coughing.
"Uh nah! Girl imma need you to remind that shit like what the fuck" Amber shouted.
"Explain!" I said
"Okay okay chill… what had happen was..." I rolled my eyes.
"Bitch can you speed up to the story"
"Okay Well that day y'all told me SB was wasting my time; he called me to go to his house. Then he started kissing on me and shit I was like fuck off of me, I started yelling at him tell him how other guys want me to be their girl and some other shit that I don't remember. He was like go then."
"That's fuck up 3 months of your life wasted with this nigga" I was mad he said that.
"I know, but let me finish. So I left his house and went home crying, oh you know how i thought my mother forgot her key, it was Safaree knocking on my front door then he barged in. I screamed at him tell him to leave but he kissed me and lifted me up instead. He told me that he loved me!"
"What?? Safaree Llyod Samuels told a girl that he loved her?" I was in shock because I have known Safaree all my life and he has never ever EVER given a girl his hat... But he did that for Cassie on the first date. Safaree NEVER EVER said I love you to another girl beside me; I was his best friend and his mother. "Girl all I am going to say is you are one special girl."
"I know and it doesn't stop there we had sex," Amber gave her a look. "Don't worry my momma made me get an implant. Girls that was the Best Sex I Ever Had! I swear he worked a little harder to please me."
"Ewww!! Cassie that is my brother!! Spare me the details!" I was about to throw up.
"Sorry… always when I woke he was gone but he left a note."
"Ooo girl what did it say?"
"I can't remember, something about how he loves me and I should call him I think... But I called him and he said he was taking me out. I got ready and he made me put on a blind fold, long story short he asked me to be his girl. I said yes and he told me I need to be more iced up and got me a bracelet."
"Awwwww..." Amber and I said.
"That’s cute is he coming to the dance?"
"Hell Yeah... I am not walking in there alone." She said scraping the bottom of her tube of ice cream.
"Speaking of the dance we need to go shopping and Cassie and I need to get our hair done."
"So do I" Amber said matter of factly.
"Oop!" Cassie laughed
"Cassie shut up!" I hit her with a pillow and she flew off the bed. So I laughed
"Ow!!! Nicki!" She got up and hit me with a different pillow.
"PILLOW FIGHT!!!!" Em Yelled!!!

20 minutes later and two broken pillow we were exhausted. Cassie's head on my ankles, my head was on Em's ankles and her head on Cassie ankles. Feathers all over Amber's bed but we was too tired to care.
"Love you guys. I am so glad you two are my friends. Like when I need you, y'all are always there. Yall ain't never been gypsy or did me dirt. I just want yall to know that I love you so much, sisters for life." I randomly out busted with that but I feel it needed to be said.
"Girl We love you too."
"Yeah, for years it was just Cassie, Jaz and I but when she left everyone one went their separate ways, like Jaz was the glue that brought us together. Cassie was always with Drake and I was always in a meeting. That happened because before you came Jaz told me some messed up shit that made me hate Cass, when I found out it wasn't true, Cassie and I ended up being cool again and you just made us have a stronger bond than before. I know you would never do us dirt like her. I love you for that." Em was in tears so was Cassie. Shit they made me cry. I sat up and hugged them.
"Shit boi, we must have some fucked up hormones" I laughed.
"Hahaha lol Yeah hahaha I can see us pregnant, Amber will be the annoying bitch all lazy and shit. I will be the emotional wreck and you will be the hungry monster eating all the time"
"I do that now though LooL!" We laughed our butts off until we passed out.

Ms Martinez

Ms Palmer

 This song has nothing to do with the chapter it was just on repeat while I was writing! I love this song... *sings* I wanna be your chick


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