Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Because I Love You

Today is the Last Day of my holiday... And I just want to say thank you all for reading this Story...
As I am writing this now, I cry. 1.Because I Love You 2. I am a very emotional person and 3. because two reasons seem Lame. I just want to show my love to my dearest readers, that always COMMENT!

I just wanna thank @TeamMinaj_PYB aka Kyra! This girl is everything! the first barb i talk to properly. She is my sister 4 Life and i can't wait to meet her! Plus she was the first person that commented on my Dricki Story! Love you pretty young barb

@TMAngel_ aka Alexy! This Girl is Amazing! she ALWAYS leaves a long ass comment. I mean she never misses a post! She means the world to me. I Love you! muaaaaah

Thank you to Toni aka @Barb_TheBAD OKAY where do I start with this girl.... *sigh*She is one of my most valuable readers like i care about what yall think about the chapters but I Love to read Toni's comments the most and it hurts that she don't comment No Mo'. Toni is Like the big sister i always wanted and i can't wait to meet her this Summer! I Love you times a billion.

Now Maria aka @TeamMinajPeru aka My Latina.... Okay when she comments i Know the chapter most have been great! She is one of the Smartest writers I know and want thank her for inspiring me to write... (I have never told her that she inspires me before but she does) Te amo Maria

The dirty mind child aka Sury aka @SuryIsTheName Chocolate chip is my favour *Nicki's voice* Ok she don't comment on Blogger but she does on twitter and she always tell me how amazing the chapter is... No Matter how corrupted her brain is... I Love every bit of her! in a not so dirty way >.<

My girl Ketch who is soo Fetch! AKA @UnitedMinajdom! My No.1 Pest!!! When i don't post she is the one to thank for telling me to post okay So I think we should all just give her around of applause for being a PEST!! but I Love you for just being a cool chick.

Of Course i see all of you.... @TrebbleBarbie @ItsMarthaBitch @Illtakeuhigh @AquariusMinaj @TeamMinajLexi @Minaj_Believer @StillIRiseTM @NickisCareBear @lilmomominaj @itsme_notyou

Shawtayye, Minaj_Zolanski, OnikaGraham,  "$ymcmblover$", StrictlyDricki, Unknown, Stay Young, Roman Slays, IfuckinLoveNickiM, Teamminajbarbz, Jazmin, Jessica, NickiMMemphis, NicoleSoPink and Anyone else i missed... (i would have named you all but i Live in the UK its almost 1am and i am tired)

All the people who comment as Anonymous I Love and  want to Thank You All.

Can yall believe I wrote this in the toilet?? Lmao

Mesha said if you mad you didn't get a S/O... Comment Bitch!

Because I have soo much love for all of you... I am giving you a sneak peak of the end of this Story...(I was going to give you they first sex scene but I forgot I didn't write it yet. I may give it to you before i post Chp27 Oh and there is only 11 chapters and 2 interludes until they do it :D)


  1. Lmfaooo!! The toilet?! #DEAD Wow E.B. I feel loved!!! :D I love you so much & I thank you for shouting me out! I can't wait see you either!!!! I'm sorry, I know I haven't commented in ages, but as soon as I catch up on your fic, I will definitely comment. Dex (@TMAngel_) & I will be like thee looongest commenters tho. Thas a challenge Dexteria >:p Um... hey to the girls with the shout outs, I see some familiar naaames! ^_^ Sup Temp, Ray (you right, she gotta dirty mind, lmfao), Cleo! Love you all!! Dricki fuh life!! ♥ *exits with cartwheels*

  2. *sings Celine Dion: Because You Loved Me.* lol hey! That's what it reminded me of. Awwww Star *hugs you,* I understand how you feel. Awww my baby! lol I LOVE YOU!
    Stop. You're about to make me cry :'( That is so sweet! lol Of course <3 Supporting y'all is what I'll continue to do. I love my sisters. CTFU Mesha always gotta be -_- ugh! Always her. I can't stand her! LOL ELEVEN CHAPTERS AND TWO INTERLUDES :O! Aw! ESTHER! OHMYGOSH! I can't believe you just said that you wrote that on the toilet :S my my my! Lord help me.... and you too! LOL Toni.. my Toni is a MESS! loooool. CTFU Well thanks my Love! I can't wait till you post the next chapter :D. I'm on it like...nevermind :). I love you, mwuah! Ditto :P.

  3. aaaaaaaaawwww Esther poo love u 2 even if u didnt shout me out LOOOOOL but on the toilet yo REALLY LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  4. holy smokkkes!! ok ok ok im ready for what else u have in stored!! :) thx for the update tho wuv it

  5. SO r they going to break up??? OMG like im on the edge of my seat LITERALY

  6. plzzzz update me!!! @TeamDricki4Ever