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Official Girl

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Y'all Know the song Cassie & Lil Wayne.

Chapter 26

Cassie POV

Tuesday afternoon and the whole of lakeside high was in the auditorium for a whole school assembly. "I know some of you were wondering when we are gonna have a dance. Well, due to the concerts and talent show, homecoming was cancelled. But the basketball team are going for their 10th win against the Raven-Borne High school. So the day after that we will have a Winter Wonderland dance." Amber said as she stood behind the podium. The principle had stood her that she cannot be screaming like she did in the last speech. "There will be a King and Queen so get voting! That will be all." Amber made a face at the principle. Everyone was talking they were all super excited about the dance.

Next Day at Lunch...

"Ayo Cassie, you want go to the Dance with me?" Tyrone asked as I walked in to cafeteria,
"Umm no thanks" I said walking over to my friend, leaving him dumbfound.

"Cassie where you been?" Nicki asked me as she feed Drake a grape.
"I had to stay behind, my science teacher wanted to talk to me about my project."
"Well Gworl, I wanna know what happened over there with my Nigga Ty?" Amber asked as Wiz buried his head in her neck.
"Oh nothing he just asked me to The Dance and I said no..."
"Woah Cassie that the fifth Nigga you have turned down... What you want a white boy? No offence Boo." Nicki said to Drake.
"None taken."
"But Safaree might no..."
"Hold up!" Amber Said "Drake, Cameron, can you go get Nicki and I something from the vending machine."
Nicki and Amber sat right next to me; Amber on my left, Nicki on my right. "Cassie I know you ain't thinking about Safaree," Amber exclaimed.
"Cassie, you and Safaree ain't even together." Nicki Stated. "I mean I know I put y'all together but his dumbass ain't committing to shit."
"Yeah girl, we only telling you this because we love you and you’re a down ass chick and any dude will be lucky to have you." Amber said, I hear what they are saying but I still wanna be with Safaree.

"I love you guys’ soo much." I hugged them. "But I wanna be with Safaree."
"Honey, I know you like him but its 3months and you’re not even his official girl." Amber said in her Philly accent. I just shrugged I guess they are right... Like why am I wasting my time.

Later on That Day...

Safaree asked me to come over. I have no clue why he said he has to talk me. The thing is, I need to speak to him too. What Amber, Nicki and I talked about at lunch was still fresh on my mind. Maybe I do need to move on. I knocked on his front door. He answered the door straight away. "Hahaha was you waiting by the door." I asked.
"Something like that... Come in" I walked in the house and he escorted me to his room. I sat on the edge of his bed, while he closed the door. I took off my leather jacket because it was hot. He sat next to me and started kissing on my neck. Oh My... I love his lips on my skin, I thought as he was slowly making me melt inside. I was not here for that.
"Safaree Stop..." I moaned. It wasn't supposed to come out like that. "Stop!" I was wondering why he wasn't stopping, so I started to shout. "Stop Safaree!!" he continued to kiss on my neck as he got on top of me. My hands were above my head, I was helpless. "Stop Safaree!!" He saw my face and stopped.
"Oh you weren’t playing?" he said climbing off of me. I collected myself.
"I THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO TALK! I AM NOT HERE FOR YOUR DUMB ASS BOOTY CALLS!" He was shocked that I was yelling at him, I have never shouted at him before. "You know what? I don’t need this! I have had it up to here! We're not ever together! I have A LOT of guys chasing after me." I ranted on.
"So stop running!" I squirted my eyes at him. "Let 'em have you"
"You Know What?? You're an Asshole. I can't believe I was with you for 3month and I not even your girlfriend." I had tears running down my face, he stayed silent. "Thanks for wasting my time. Goodbye Safaree." I said as I picked up my jacket from his bed. I left his room and I left his house. I couldn't believe him, he just sat there. I thought he cared about me, obviously I was wrong. I wiped my tears away only to have fresh ones fall down my face. Thank God no one was home I could deal with another asking what's wrong. I just grabbed a box of tissues and call Amber and Nicki. "Hello?"
"Hey Girl, are you crying?" Nicki said with her mouth full.
"Cassie do you need us to come over?" Amber asked
"No I am good, just wanted to tell y'all that I spoke to Faree, let's just he is a jerk."
"Aw My poor Cassie, I am so sorry." Nicki cooed.
"It's alright. I will call y'all later I think my mother lost her key again." I said referring to the banging on my front door.
"Okay Bye" they said in unison, and then I hung up and raced down the spiral stair case. I just opened the door.
"Momma you need to…" I stopped once I saw it wasn't my mother at the door. I closed the door back in his face but he put his hand on the door and pushed it back enough for him to slip in.
I lifted my hair up with my hand then dropped it out of frustration. "SAFAREE I SAID GOODBYE!" I yelled in his face. He grabbed my waist and pulled me close to him. "Safaree get off me!" I said in a hush tone. He kissed me, so passionately. I kissed him back, I couldn't help it, his lips were just everything. He lifted me up and took me to my room while our tongues wrestled. We sat on my bed. His hand was on my thigh and mine was on his knee. I pulled back from the kiss. "Safaree, we can't do this."
"Do what?"
"Us...” I stated, "Faree I wanna be your girlfriend. I have been patient but now I am tired. You can't just come here, kiss me and expect everything to go back to the way it was. I am going back to being your booty call. Safaree I really like you and it hurts that you don't wanna be with me." I looked away from him so that he won't see me cry.
"Cassie..." He said "Cassie look at me." I turned to face him. He took my hands in his then spoke. "Cassie I called you over to tell you that I love you." My heart stopped. "I love you, I love everything about you, your hair, your eyes, the way you always apply your fruity lip gloss, the way you giggle right before I put it down, the way you laugh at my stupidity. I love you!" I was speechless. I have never had another guy say he loves me before, I don't know what to say. "It's just a shame it took me this long to figure it out. Ever since we met, I knew there was something about you. Even when I was feeling someone else, my mind didn't put you to ease. I am just not good with the mushy lovey dovey shit but for you I'll try." I was smiling hard until the last bit.
"Wait you was feeling someone else? While we was dating?"
"Yep but it was just a crush, I love you."
"Aw Faree." I climbed on his lap straddling him. I kissed his full lips as I reached for the hem of his shirt. I lifted it over his head pushing him down on to my bed. I kissed his lips as I felt him go hard. I took off my crop top and jeans while he took off his jeans. I laid down on my bed. He slowly took off my panties with this mouth. His fingers danced on my fold before they went in. My juice rushed out as his fingers went in and out. He pulled out, I was already panting. He pushed his love inside me. He leaned over my body. I was breathing heavily in his ear as he went slowly in and out of me. He hit my spot. I moaned. He hit it over and over. I was no longer moaning but I was screaming. He put my legs on his shoulders, letting me feel the whole thing inside me. I softly whispered his name in his ear. I moaned almost as if I was about to tear. He pulled out and licked me clean. Then his love pushed back into me. I was dripping all over it. "Who pussy is this?" he groaned.
"Yours baby!" I moaned he turned me over and entered me, and then tugged on my hair, while he pulled it he kissed my neck from the back. He let go of my hair so I grabbed my pillow and put it in my mouth as he went worked. He took the pillow from me; I lost my breath as he rubbed my breast sliding it in from the back. Safaree started to go faster. I was dripping everywhere. I moaned loudly, my leg started to shake as if I was going to drop. I put my leg up and he licked me again letting me know that it was his.

Safaree laid on his back. I sat down rid his dick slowly. We have never done it slow before I guess that’s a way he is showing love to me. He held my hips, directing it. I was grinding on him. He made me pick up the speed. I was hearing our skin slap. He picked me up with him still inside me and flipped us over. He stoked in me before my eyes rolled back, I screamed loud cause the orgasm was driving me insane. I reached my climax. He pulled out still hard. I rubbed it until a little cum came out. I licked it then rode him again. "Oh Faree" I moaned.
"Cassie" he groaned
"Yeeeeeeeesssss" I hissed "Safaree!!"
"Say I'm your girl"
"I'm your girl!" I pounded down on him. I screamed as I reached my second climax and he grunted as he came in me.
I fell on top of him. "I love You Cassie." he kissed my forehead as I dozed off. When I woke up he was gone, but he left a note.

Cass, sorry I left but I didn't want your parents to see me. I had fun with you. I love you… call me when you wake up.
I took a shower and called him, "Hey baby" He answered.
"Hi Faree"
"Whatcha doing?"
"Creaming my body." I said nonchantlently.
"Good because I know your fine ass better get for tonight." I looked at the time it was 9pm.
"What's tonight."
"Just get ready and wear flip flop, the coon will be there in 30"
I giggled "Okay bye love"
"Bye Cass Love you"

9:30 on the dot, Safaree knock on my front door. "Mom I will be back in an hour" I said shut door. "Hey." He kisses and pulled him to the car, I was excited and I didn't know why. He just chuckled at my goofiness and hopped in the car. We drove for 5minutes, throughout the whole journey I was trying to guess where we were going. "I give up you just gonna say no to everything I say, no matter if it right or not."
"Exactly" I frowned at him. Then we pulled up at the Beach.
"The Beach?"
"Yep! Put on this" He handed me a blind fold.
"This better not be something dirty." I said playfully
"Girl would you just put the blind fold." I did what he told me to do. He help me out his car, we walked slowly because I was sore. "Watch your step." I stopped walking.
"Safaree don't make me slap the shit outta you. Nigga can I see? You watch my fucking step."
"Feisty... Grr" I tried not to laugh but I did. He directed me to the place he wanted me to be then let go of my hand.

"Safaree... Don't leave me!" I said
"Nah your good! Take off you blind fold." so I did. All I saw was the sand and sea, we were on the beach, it was the place we walked off to when we first meet. I looked around for Safaree. "Cassie!" he called my name.
"Where are you?" I asked.
"Look up NOW!" I did, there was fireworks above my head. I looked up amazed. The Last on spelled out CASSIE. Then I felt Safaree's warm strong arm around me. "Faree what is this."
"Just a way of me asking you if you wanna be my Girl." he whispered in my ear as he nibbled on it.
"Of course I wanna be yours." I turned around and kissed his lip, swinging my arms around his neck, deepening the kiss. He pulled away and pecked my lips.
"Okay before we go." I groaned because it was cold. "One thing! Because I am No.1 coon, you my lady now, you got to be iced up too. So I went out today and got you something." he handed me a navy blue box with a white ribbon around it tied in to a big bow. "Safaree you didn't have to."
"I know... But I wanted to. I love you." I smiled and opened the box to see a white gold bracelet with diamonds in every other loop.

"Oh My Gee Safaree!!" I hugged him "Thank you Faree. I love it, put it on me." I held out my wrist so he could put it on me. It was so heavy; once he had hooked it he kissed the back of my hand. "Let's get out of here" I said. We walk back to the car walk with his arm around me. He drove me home, I love being with him. "Thanks Safaree." I kissed his lips lightly.

"Don't thank me, you’re my girl now" I cheesed. "I will see you later."
"Okay call me" I said slamming the door.
Oh my God!!? I'm his girl? Hahaha I'm his girl! You know I had to call Amber and Nicki.

In The Morning...

Nicki POV

We had a double period of English, so my teacher let us talk for the last 10minutes, since we had been doing hardcore work for an hour and a half.
"So the Dance is gonna be dope! I can't wait." I said to Shad, Omarington, Drake, Cassie, Em and Wiz.
"I know, it's our first dance together. I can't wait to go with you." Drake said.
"Hold up… who said I was going witchu?" I said as Omarion Oo'ed. "Omarington shut up! Drake you didn't ask me."
"I thought that was your invitation." He said looking down.
"Oh Nigga… you better try again." I folded my arms. Everyone looked from Drake and me.
He coughed. "Oh sorry, Nicki do you wanna go to dance with me?"
I gave him a death glare. "Really that is your invitation?" I rolled my eyes. "Ugh..." I just turned around and faced the front.
"I don't understand" Drake said under his breath.
"She wants you to make her feel special, like she is the only girl in the world. Come on Drake." I heard Cassie say.
"Okay I got this" I rolled my eyes. He came and sat on my desk. "Hey Lil l
bit, How about you and me go to the dance together, I wanna see your pretty self in a tight dress." I squirted at him as I heard the group laughing behind me.
"You Could Do Better..." I responded. The bell rang for the next class I pick up my book and walk out the class room.

Will Drake do better? You will find out once I get 10 comments... Happy Holidays Everybody! Love y'all... xo


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