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Talk About Our Love

Hi my Lovely's... You miss me? I know you did. Sorry i should have posted yesterday but I… um fell asleep. Oh I will never leave like that again because I forgot what my whole story was about and y'all can problem tell when you read this chapter. I am sorry for leaving. Y'all know this song right? Brandy and Kanye West.
Chapter 25

I feel so awesome, it's be a month since Drake and I have gotten back together. I swear we are so much stronger than 2month ago. "Hey Babe" He came behind me as I put my gym bag in my car. I turned around and pecked he soft pink lips.
"I was just thinking about you." I said shutting the back door.
"Aww you're too cute. I am mad I have practice and you have to babysit." I pouted. "I wanna take you out." I smirked.
"Where do you wanna take me?"
"Disneyland" I giggled.
"Well I done think they will be opened around this time of the year." I chuckled as he held my hips.
"Well I wanna take you out somewhere."
"Well Anywhere with you will be perfect." Yes corny I know. He pulled himself closer to me until our lips where centimetres apart.
"I love you" he kissed me soo sweetly, yet I still saw stars.
"I love you Drizzy" I giggled then kissed him. "I gotta go now, but I will see you at thanksgiving tomorrow right?"
"Umm yeah!" he said helping me in the car.
"Ok cool see you tomorrow hun have fun at practice."
"Will do, Take Care"
See what I mean. We are two young people in love.

I had to go pick up my liddo lambchop from preschool. "Hey lambchop how was school?" I asked him as I picked him up and placed him on my hip.

"It was cool. I played all day... Then I ... Umm then we haded lunch and then we wented out outside." I just nodded my head trying not to laugh. I mean he is only 5, he put 'ed' at the end of words that don't need it and his high pitched voice always cracks me up!
"Oh really... I can tell you had fun..."
"Bye Chloe!" Caiah cut me off, I looked at the person he was waving at. It was a little black girl walking with her mother.
"Bye Caiah" I was like Aww My liddo lambchop found a little ladybug. I strapped him down in his car seat.
"Caiah what do you wanna eat for dinner?"
"okay bubba"
"Where's mommy?"
"She went out with daddy, they're on a date."
"I wanna go on a date"
"You can in 10years..." I said watching the road.

Once we got home, I let Caiah watch TV after he counted from 1-100 and said the alphabet and did a page in his math book. Afterwards we eat and he got ready for bed at 7. "Good night bubba" I kissed him on the forehead. I closed the door ever so slightly. I fell back on my bed, exhausted. I was just about to call Drake when my phone rang, it was Aiden.
"Hello Romeo!"
"hello my Juliet!"
"I have missed you,"
"I have missed you more. Listen I wanna come over, is that cool?"
"Sure! It's just me and Caiah in the house."
"Aw Little Man"
"He is asleep."
"Hahaha imma wake him up. I miss that guy and he's hour long stories that make no sense to me at all."
"That’s because you don't know what he is saying,"
"I guess, hey stay on the phone with me until I get to your place."

Okay, in the last month Drake and I have gotten closer, but Safaree and I have drifted apart so Aiden and I, I don't know what we are. I mean we act like are together but we are not. We don't kiss or anything like that. It's just I can be on the phone with him for hours. But Drake is exactly the same, with drake we don't have to talk and still have a great conversation. I guess Aiden and I are just really good friends. Oh and he doesn't know I am back together with Drake.

"I'm here open the door" I raced down the stairs and opened the door.
"Oh my Gosh Romeo!!"
"Hey baby girl!" I swung my arms around his neck and he hugged me tight swinging me around in the foyer of my house.
"I missed you... Two weeks is a long time."
"I know I was super busy with rehearsals." I grabbed his hand and took him to my room as he continued. "Hey ain’t your parents gonna say something about you taking me to your room?"
"They're on their monthly date; every month my dad takes my mother out. If it’s a good date they don't come back until 1am. Carrying on... You was talking about rehearsal"
"Oh… last week my partner went on holiday and I have being trying to find a partner to rehearse with until she comes back."
"And why didn't you ask me?"
"I don't know...”
"I don't know...” I mimicked him in my manly voice. "Give me that." I snatched the script from his hand.
"Start at scene 3" I nodded.

Nicki: No no no, just don't touch me. [He held my hips]
Aiden: Lesley please, you know I will always love you.
Nicki: Then why are you leaving. [Tears up &turns around]
Aiden: I need to go to war.
Nicki: What about me, what I need, what I want.
Aiden: I have time to give you what you want. [Kisses her]
This wasn't a stage kiss. This was more, Aiden move his hands down my frame. Then he tried to shoving his tongue down my throat. I pushed him gently then he grabbed my hips, pulling me closer. I pushed him a little harder. "Stop Aiden" he leaned in again and kissed me. I pushed him even harder causing him to fall on my bed.
"Aiden what the heck?"
"Onika, sorry I got carried away."
"Yeah... Well maybe this was a bad idea me, you know, me helping you." There was an awkward silence.
"Oh guess what!" Aiden exclaimed.
"NYU accepted me they said I could transfer next September."
"Omg!!! Yay!! I am so happy for you!" I hugged him. "You deserve it dude" He kissed my cheek.
"If it wasn't for you I would have never applied." I smiled not knowing what to say. He just stared in to my eyes. I looked away, breaking the connection.
"Um… you wanna watch TV?"
"Sure...” this is the most awkward night I have ever had with Aiden. Usually everything happens naturally but today I am forcing everything.
I sat in between his legs, he sat behind me on my bed and watched Bambi until my phone rang.

"Hey Nicki"
"Oh hey drake, what's up?" Aiden started kissed and sucked on my neck like a hungry vampire. I don't know why he is doing this while I'm on the phone. I pulled away in the opposite direction. "Aw that nice" I didn't hear a word Drake was saying.
"Well that's me." I fake giggled.
"Onika you're so sexy" Aiden said into my neck. He lifted me up, turning me around and placing me on his already huge erected member and squeezed my butt.
"Oh My God, Aiden get off of me." I was mad he said that while I was on the phone.
"You're the one on top of me." he said smirking.
"Hello? Nicki is there a boy in your room?" I could tell by Drake's tone he was angry. "And what the fuck you doing on top of him?"
"Drake it's not a big deal, I ain't fuckin' no one so it's cool"
"Fuck you mean?"
"Why you stressing?"
"Are you serious? Nicki if that was me with a girl in my room you would drive down here and beat the shit out of us."
"So you just assume we was doing something."
"No not really, "
"How do you know he ain't my cousin?"
"Because he said you're sexy! You know what I am tired of talking to you. “
"Okay good, I am tired of you." he hung up on me, that's when I realise Aiden was looking up at me, confused and I was still on him. His dick was so close to my woohoo, I just stared at him not knowing what to do. He tapped my butt to get up so I did.
"Onika is there something you’re not telling me?" I turned away, "Onika!"
"I know you heard me!" he yelled
"Listen my baby brother is asleep so I advise you to not yell at me." He sat up and waited. "I have a boyfriend; I got back together with my ex."
"Why didn't you tell me?" I shrugged. "You know I like you. I make it very clear. I am not here for your high school drama. I fucked with you because I thought you were mature. But that’s the last thing you are." Aiden grabbed his jacket and left my room. I followed him; I did want to lose a friend over this. I called his phone ten thousand times he just ignored it. I screwed up. I looked in the mirror and saw an unfamiliar liquid substance that's fell from my eyes. I wiped my tears, the tears I haven't seen in a month. I hurt one of my best friends.


I don't know if today should be happy or sad day for me. I mean Aiden hates me. Drake probably won’t come over because of last night. If Drake is mad at me, why should I be happy...? No today I am going to be sad.

"Onika!" my mother yelled from down stairs. "You said you will help me today."
"I am coming I am just getting ready for the day." I went to the kitchen 10minutes later. "Happy thanksgiving mommy" I kissed her cheek.
"Happy thanksgiving baby, ok today we are making a lot of food, I want you to make mac'n'cheese and potato salad for the homeless shelter."
I nodded and ran upstairs and got my iPod docks and iPod. I played all my old tunes. My mother and I danced around the kitchen to I'm coming out by Diana Ross. It was 1pm and I had finished the potato salad, and half through making the mac n cheese when Jelani and Trina came in. Trina hugged us and so did Jelani.
"Why so glum, chum?" Trina asked me. I shook my head.
"No reason"
"Mmmhmm" Trina said taking off her coat and started washing the dishes.

Once I was finished I put on my coat and flats and put the food in my car. "Mommy, I'm going to go now"
"Ok thank you baby."
"I will go with you!" Trina shouted as she grabbed her coat. We were in the car for about 20minutes before she spoke. "Are you gonna tell be why your face look like this." She mimicked my facial expression.
"This is how I drive." I said, "I'm trying to concentrate."
"Don't lie to me, there is something heavy on your mind what is it?" I sighed.
"Really Nicki..." I look ahead, we were about five minutes away from the shelter but, there was a lot of traffic, so I guess I might as well spill the beans.
"Okay. When Drake and I broke up..."Trina cut me off
"Wait! You and Drake broke up when?"
"A month ago..."
"Because he never broke up with his ex, when she moved to London, but she thought they was still together."
"I know! Anywho back to the story. I meet this guy called Aiden, I always knew he had a thing for me" Trina gave me an ‘Oh Please’ look. "No I mean what is a College Freshman doing talking to a high school senior. So yeah, Drake and I got back together but I didn't tell Aiden. So last night he came over to the house. We hugged, we talked, we acted, we kissed, and he called me sexy while I was on the phone to Drake. Drake and I got into an argument and so did Aiden and I. Leaving them both hating me. That is why my face looks like this" I pointed to my face with my index finger.
"Aww High school Drama is worst than College Drama."
"You say it like you have never had High school Drama before." Trina looked down so I gasped.
"Listen, in high school I was a nerd, that took horrible photos, no one liked me, which means no dates, no drama."
"So wait, Lani is your first serious relationship?"
"No he is my third."
"Trina were the first two needs to?"
"What this ain’t about me it's about you." She said avoiding the question. "Do you want some advice?" I nodded. "I say to sex you sex up Drake"
"Uh ... Trina I am a virgin."
"Ooop! Okay then just apologize to Drake."
"That’s what I was going to do!"
"So fuck you need my advice for?" I laughed.
"What should I do with Aiden?" I asked.
"Knowing you, you probably called him about a billion times after he left so wait a week to call him back. Let him cool down."
"It's weird how you know me so well."
"I see right through you." I laughed.

Dinner Time...

"Okay everyone hold hands." Mama Carol said "Onika start..."

"I am thankful to be in a room with people I love, care about and would do anything for." Nicki held the hands of her mother and father but was looking at Drake. She just stared at him until it was his turn to speak.
"I am thankful that both of our families are together on this day and I am thankful to be alive" Nicki smiled at him but the gesture was not returned.
"Okay everyone let's eat" Mr Maraj said in his thick accent.

Everyone walked into the dining room completely amazed by the effort Mama Carol had put in to the dinner. "Wow it feels like Christmas" Ms. Sandi commented. "This is beautiful Carol."

"Haha thanks, Okay everyone has a seat."
Nicki groaned "Mom is this Necessary?"
"Yes! Now come on. Drake and Nicki sit here." They took their seats. "Sandi and Drake's grandmother sit here; Trina and Jelani sit opposite Drake and Nicki." As Jelani sat down he used his middle finger and index finger pointed at his eyes then Drake and Nicki. Nicki rolled her eyes.
Drake did speak to Nicki once. Once everyone was finished Mama Carol asked Nicki to get the dessert.
"Drake can you help me?" He looked around the table.
"Sure" He stood up and followed closely behind her.

Drake looked at her. "Have fun last night" Nicki side eyed him as she cut the chocolate cake.
"Drake I was just with a friend, I don't see the problem is."
"Oh really, that hickey on your neck isn't the problem at all." Nicki pouted and ran her hand over her neck.
"Drake... I"
"No I really don't wanna talk to you. Let's just go."
"So you're mad!"
"Yes I am Mad!" He yelled then he composed himself. "Nicki lets go."
"You know what, Fine!"
Drake carried the tray of the sliced cake back in to the room. Everybody looked at them. "Um is everything okay?" Ms. Sandi asked.
"Yes Mom," Drake answered.
"Umm Nicki you want take Drake upstairs so y'all can talk?"

"Umm okay."

Nicki POV

"Can I tell you what happened?"
"Spare me the details" I pouted, tearing up.
"Drake can you not be so mean, I didn't do anything last night, I stopped everything he started."
"What do you me to say?"
"You know what I don't like this jerk attitude you have. So I'm gonna go." I stood up from my beanbag chair.
"No Nicki wait." he grabbed my hand.
"What?" I just stared at him. "Look, I'm sorry and I don't know what else to say." I pouted and he kissed me.

"You're too cute"
"I've been told." I giggled as he hugged me, "Drake you know I would never cheat on you, right?"
"Of course... I know you love me too much." He pecked my lips.
"Yes I do, I love my baby!"
"Hahaha I love my chick." We hugged it out and got a little lip action then we headed downstairs before Caiah finish all the cake.


"Hey Em"
"What up Barbie!"
"Nothing, How was your thanksgiving"
"Great but girl I need a fucking gym!"
"Who you telling!" I said as we walked the halls.
"Omg Nicki you look soo Beautiful today." Two freshmen said to me. I have gone up on the high school radar ever since the talent show; everyone wants to be my friend including Keri's fake ass but
"Thanks ladybugs."

I walked on to my next class, guess who is in it... Yep that whore Keri. She just lucky I have that class with my boo.
"I will see you at lunch Amber."
"Okay cool" I walked in to the music room and sat in my normal seat, reading To Kill A Mockingbird for English class.
"Hey Babe" I looked up to see Drake standing in front of me.
"Hey Drizzy"
"I love when you call me that. Whatchu doing?" I rolled me eyes.
"I was reading but your here now so I can put this down." I put my book back in my bag.
"No read..."
"There's no point class starts in one minutes." I smiled showing my dimples.
"I wove your widdo nose" Drake said in her baby voice, I giggled
"I wove your widdo nose" he chuckled
"I kiss your widdo nose" he kissed my nose as I giggled.
"I kiss your widdo nose" I kissed his nose.

"Ugh y'all make me sick" Keri commented.
"Well you face makes me sick but you don't see me blabbing that out because it's rude." I rolled my eyes.
"Hater" she went to the back of the room, which is where her ass belongs, a place where no one can see her.

"Hey Class sorry I'm late. I just need to talk to the principle about the Christmas Homecoming Dance."

"Huh what's that?" Chris asked.
"Well, we haven't had a dance, due to the talent show and the other events going on in the school. So the teachers and I have to have a winter wonderland Dance. There will be an assembly about it tomorrow." Everyone was super excited but not as excited as me. My first dance with drake... This should be fun!

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