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Okay so a lot of you guy keep commenting about Dricki sex. * Lil Wayne's cough* LISTEN DRICKI WILL NOT I REPEAT NOT BE HAVING SEX ANYTIME SOON OK? MIS HIJOS.... Oh and S/O to @lilmomominaj 
Chapter 24

It was Sunday afternoon and Nicki had just come back home from church. It was a great service but all Nicki could think about was Drake. She was lying in her bed, thinking about everything, Drake was the main person on her mind, she didn't know how she was finna get through the day tomorrow because they share the same group of friends, most of their classes were together too. How she was going to survive without break down she didn't know. The best thing to do is avoid him as much as possible! Her thoughts were interrupted but Natasha Bedingfield- Single; she quickly answered her phone without checking who was calling. She seems to do this a lot. "Hello?"
"Hey Onika its Aiden” Nicki stood up and started walking around her room slowly.
"Oh Hey Aiden, how are you?"
"I'm good my lady and how are you on this fine afternoon?" He said in a British accent
"I am pretty well thanks for asking!" Nicki said in her own accent. He laughed,
"That was good! Do you do drama in college?" Nicki eyes grew wide.
"What?" she giggled. "How old do you think I am?"
"Close my birthday is in two month, I'm 17"
"Oh you look and act older."
"I do?"
"Wait, how old are you?"
"19, my birthday was last month."
"Oh cool, we are only a year apart. But yeah to answer your question, I do take drama in High school."
"Ah what school do you go?"
"Lakeside High"
"Lies I went there."
"Shut up! I just Transferred here in September."
"Oh that why I didn't see you."
"Yep, I moved from NY."
"Oh really I have always wanted to go to New York,"
"Oh it's amazing there." Aiden and Nicki talked for 3 whole hours, until Aiden's battery died. Nicki found out his is into Theatre acting and writes plays, she nicknamed him Romeo because his favourite play is Romeo and Juliet. He is the corniest dude ever but VERY cocky. He is lazy, but money motived.

With Drake...

"Baby you have to eat! I am going upstairs I will be down in an hour to check on you, Aubrey this is not the end of the world."
"No Ma it’s the end of my world." Sandi hated seeing Drake like this but she had already spoken to Carol via phone and they agreed to let them work it out.
"But Aubrey did you kiss another girl?" Drake looked up from his pillow with bloodshot eyes.
"What?" Drake was so confused, how his mother knew about the kiss with Jaz, as she was not at the party.
"You heard me boy"
"Mom how did you kno...."
"Carol told me yesterday why Nicki was upset, it took 3hours to get her out house so I could come over."
"Huh? Nicki saw that?" Sandi made herself comfortable on the edge of his bed.
"Apparently you kissed a girl, right in front of her so she dumped you. Quite frankly I am disappointed in you! I raised you better than that. Cheating is no..."
"Ma it didn't even happen like that. Jaz came back and I don't know the kiss happened so fast. I know I should have stopped it but I didn't."
Drake begun to drown in his misery.

"Well baby, you gotta talk to Nicki" His mother had no more words of advice, well at least, not on his relationship. She did tell him to eat something.

The Next Day! At School

School is a place of learning and not a place for drama! But it happened here anyways. As Nicki come through the entrance of LSH, people stopped everything they were doing to gossip and spread rumours.
"I heard he has been cheating on her for months"
"At the party She kissed someone so drake did it to get even"
"He dumped her, he didn't cheat" this was just some of the thousands of comments flying through the air. Killing Nicki's atmosphere, no oxygen to breathe! So she held her breath and didn't say a word until she reached her locker. Nicki was wearing gold pumps, a pattern playsuit and hundreds of brown and gold bangles. She had packed on the concealer, no matter how much she acted as if nothing fazed her but this did! She was up crying all night she fell asleep for an hour. Nicki put all her books for today in her locker. Once she was done she searched in her bag, just in case any papers fell out. Nicki had come across the pink promise ring. The bell had from classes to start. Nicki went to English. Instead of walking straight across the class room to her seat, as it was in the front row, she went rolled the back, to Drake seat putting the ring down on his desk. She gulped and said "This means nothing anymore" Drake opened his mouth to speak, but soon as he saw the ring on his table, he simple picked it up and watched Nicki, he didn't listen to the whole English lesson, he just stared. Nicki could feel him staring at her. She turned around stared back at him. Her eyes were full of hurt.
His Eyes were full of sorrow. Nicki stared at him until her eyes started to water, which took less than 30 seconds.

Once the bell had gonna, Nicki gathered all her stuff and headed for the door before Drake did. Nicki was power walking to the crowd, Nicki was half way down the hall when Drake pulled her arm into the girls toilets and locked the door!

"Get Off Of Me" Nicki yanked her arm from his grip. Drake just stared at her, he did know where or how to start. "Yes, why did you pull me in here?" Silence again. "Okay... Well I'm going to leave." Drake quickly blocked the door.

"You're not leaving until we sort this out." Drake said sternly

"Sort what out?"

"Nicki cut the bullshit!" Nicki looked at him up and down then she cut her eyes at him and looked past him.

"Aubrey we have sorted THIS out"

"Noo YOU sorted THIS out, I just want to talk to you."

"Well I don't give a fuck about what you wanna say. Because you didn't give a fuck about me, when you was kissing Jaz or when you took her home with you. Then you come to my house at 3am, kissing me and shit... Fuck outta here with that shit"

"What the fuck are you talking about? I didn't take Jaz home with me."

"That's not what she said"

"Fuck what she said..." Drake was annoyed because Jasmine had lied and Nicki was being sturbborn. "Listen Nic," She wasn't looking at him. "I am sorry..."

"Ugh! That is last thing I wanna hear, ‘I'm Sorry’ Guess what Nigga sorry doesn't cut it!" Nicki shouted. "I just wanna know why? Why did you hurt me like that? Drake I opened my heart, I told you things I had never told anyone else, I let you love me and I loved you. Then you abuse that love, by cheating on me with her. I bet you never loved me, I bet you have been seeing her behind my back. I bet y'all never even broke up so that means you were cheating on her with me. Ugh Aubrey you really make me feel sick. I can't stand you." Nicki was in tears.

"But Nicki I love you and you love me baby, that's what matters.…" Drake tried to wipe Nicki tears but she slapped his hand away.

"How can I love someone I don't even know?" Drake was really hurt he couldn't believe what Nicki was saying. "I don't know anything about you, I don't even know about you father... I didn't know about Jaz either, I mean told you about Trey. You have never mentioned Jaz's name, Maybe Jaz ain't the only girl you’re messing around with... Aubrey is there other girls?" Nicki got in his face.

Onika shut up!" Drake said calmly.

"And if I don't what are you going to do! You can't tell me anything I don't want to do because you che....!" Drake cut her.

"Shut the Fuck Up!!" he yelled in her face which caused her to get a little scared and started tearing up again. "I wasn't all up in your face when Safaree kissed you."

"What? That's was different… we just started dating then..." Nicki was crying at this point.

"Yeah but I trusted you why can't you trust me?"


"Because what? Our relationship should be based on trust." Drake's voice became less scary and more welcoming. "I trust you enough to know that you won’t let a situation like that happen again. So why can't you trust me."

"You lost all me trust when you kissed her."

"Nicki!" Drake step forward and held her waist.

"Don't!" She moved his hand off her waist. Drake needed a different approach because Nicki had put up a brick wall and Drake was determined to knock it down. He put his fingers on her lips.

"Nicki just hush for a minute and hear me out." he lifted her up and sat her on the sink surface area. "Nicki I miss you a hella lot! I mean we have only been together for two months and I feel like we have spent a lifetime together. In the last two days I felt like there was no point of my existence without you. You're the one person that I look forward to seeing every day. My love for you is beyond love. It's something more." Nicki cried joyful tears she knew he meant every word. He looked into her eyes. "Nicki, I Never Ever Kissed Jaz, she kissed me." Nicki stop smiling and scrunched up her face.

"But you were holding her waist."

"Because I had just put her down, Nic I was in shock because she was supposed to be in London. I guess that’s why I didn't pull away from the kiss. I was in shock. Nicki, you gotta understand that Jasmine was my first love and when I saw her I was so happy I forgot about everything else. Lola was my first time but that was because I was pressured in to it, I wasn't ready."

"Wait? What you forgot about everything else? So you forgot about me, your girlfriend? Wow okay." Nicki tried to get down but drake was between her legs. "Let me down now. Drake for real I'm not playing." He didn't move, "Let me leave!"

"I will never let you leave."

"You just told me, you forgot I existed. Do you even love me?"

"of course I do!"

"Do you still love her?" Drake didn't answer, he trying to find the right words to use. "Wow... Thank you for help me realise you’re a douche!" Nicki pushed him as hard she could and jumped off the where she was sitting. "I don't speak to me ever again." Nicki tried to open the door but Drake locked it. She started to get frustrated and started to pull on the handle and kick the door. Drake held both her wrist.

"Nicki love her... But I am IN love with you" Drake lifted her up by her waist until they were nose to nose. He put her back on the sink surface area. Drake moved a little be closer and let his fingers dance on her thighs. She really missed his touch and being in his presence. His slowly kissed her neck. She moaned softly. "I promise I will never ever hurt you again." Drake whispered into her neck as Nicki tilted her head to the side giving him full access to her neck. Nicki could feel warm tears on her shoulder.

"Drake?" he lifted his head up to face her.

"Nicki please forgive me I love you." Nicki closed her eyes and press her lips together, trying to hold in her cry. She reopened her eyes and a soft whimper escapes her mouth. Her tears streamed down her face as she ran her fingers through her hair. She didn't know what to do. Forgive and Forget or Forgive and Forget Him!

"Drake I love you but..." Drake kissed her hoping she was not going to say what he thought she was going to say. He hoped this one kiss would change her mind. Nicki wanted to finish what she was saying but whenever Drake kisses her she forget all the bad thing all the good things and just focuses on right now. She pushed him a little and wiped her tears. "Someone I love told me to believe none of what I hear and half of what I see... Aubrey I think I will give us another go. I love you"

"I love you" Drake kissed her passionately; she wrapped her legs and arms, deepening the kiss.
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