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Another Planet

This song is irrelevant to the chapter. Btw this is not the best chapter in the world...

Chapter 30

"Where the hell is Em?" Nicki asked Cassie as they sat in her white range rover, waiting for amber for what seem like 5hours. Cassie shrugged her shoulders. Minutes later amber walked over to the jeep, rocking her bug eye sunglasses in the cold weather of LA.
"Sorry girls." she apologised, she sat in the front seat and put her seat belt on.
"Man I'm hungry" Nicki said at random as she drove out of the school parking lot.
"What? We just had lunch. Gotdamn Nicki you eat like a monster truck." Cassie exclaimed laughing half way through.
"Leave me," Nicki pouted as she pulled up in Mc Donald drive thru.
After Nicki got her meal, she made her way to the mall with her girls. "So girls we are looking for cute dresses, no matter the colour." Amber informed them on their mission as the linked arms, walking into the mall.
Nicki never did like to shop. She preferred online shopping. But this was the only time she was free this week. They went in to a few stores and found nothing. Nicki was becoming restless but didn't want to tell the girls because they seem to be into it. Her feet started to hurt after the sixth store, so she sat near the changing rooms waiting for amber and Cassie to come out in the dresses they had chosen.

Drizzy I'm tired. Rescue me? ~Nicki

From what? ~drake

Shopping! My feet hurt like a cunt!!~Nicki

Lmaoo I will come over to yours, after I finish in the studio. You found a dress yet, beautiful?~Drake

Nope :/ ~Nicki

Well babe, why don't you wear one of the dresses in your house that you haven't worn yet.~Drake

I was thinking that ~Nicki

It's gotta be sexy though ~Drake

Babe don't I always look sexy for you?~Nicki

Yes your just pure sexiness. ~Drake

Nicki bit her bottom lip.

Only when you’re around. ~Nicki

How about you show me how sexy you are tonight. ~Drake

Nicki rolled her eyes. "Thirsty motherfu..."
"NICKI!!" Cassie yelled.
"What ugh!" Nicki said with frustration, then shocked after she saw the beautiful dress on Cassie. "WOAH!" Nicki exclaimed a little too loud. "You look banging!"
"You think?"
"Nah Gworl, I know! This is the dress. Wait, spin for me." Cassie spun around like a ballerina (which she was). "I love it."
"Same! Do you think Faree will like it?"
"Most definitely"
"Okay, I found a dress, where's Amber?" Nicki shrugged.
Nicki resumed to bbm'ing Drake.

Drake I'm not having sex with you in my parents’ home. ~Nicki

It was worth a try. ~Drake

Smfh~ Nicki

"Ayo Nicki," she looked up from her phone, now bringing all her attention to Cassie. "Amber is crying." Nicki immediately ran into the fitting room while Cassie changed. Nicki heard sobbing as she approached Amber's door.
"Em are you okay???" She whimpered. Nicki crouched down on the floor next to her distraught friend, who was wearing a dress the wont zip up. "What's wrong baby?"
"I'm fat!"
"What?? You’re the fittest human being I know."
"But these stupid dresses won't fit. They are supposed to be my size."
"Em, you need to realise that you mother gave you the whole package. Boobs and a big ass. Don't cry over this." Nicki wiped her friends’ tears. "These dresses are wack anyways." Amber giggle. "Oh Em..."
"Trust me your NOT fat!" Amber smiled sheepishly. "Come on," Nicki let out her hand to help her up. Amber accepted. "Let’s get out of here." Nicki suggested and Em nodded.

After another hour of shopping, the girls found what they wanted. Nicki dropped them home and made her way home, pleased with the shoe and matching clutch she bought for the dance. She was even more excited to see Drake that night.

"Hey Mother!!!" she called as she opened the door. "Dad." she stated not really greeting him as she walked past the living room to go to the kitchen. "Need help?" Her mother shook her head.
"Onika." Oh no this is serious she wants to talk, Nicki thought.
"Sit down please." Oop! Nicki sat on the breakfast table stool. Her mother sat next her. "Onika, you need to stop being disrespectful towards your father."
"Mommy I'm trying to forgive him, a little every day. I'm trying."
"Baby, I know it's hard. But forgive him now before it's too late. Stop this off and on relationship with him. He is your father."
"I know but I need time, what he did was unforgivable, but I'm doing the impossible and I'm doing it. I'm forgiving him. Slowly." Nicki had a feeling that her father was listening. This made her want to stop talking. Luckily Nicki was saved by the door bell. "I'll get it!" Nicki said skipping merrily to the door. She opened the door, and then wrapped her arms and legs around Drake, kissing him. He pulled back from the sweet kiss. "Hey babe" Drake greeted Nicki once she jumped down.
"Hey," She took his hand in hers and led him to the living room.
"Ah Drake." Mr Maraj exclaimed. "What happened to your team the other day?" he asked referring to Sunday night’s basketball game with the Lakers and The Bulls.
Drake waved him off, "Nice to see you too Mr Maraj." Causing Mr Maraj to smirk and dap Drake. Nicki just giggled.
Then she led him to the kitchen. "Hey Mama M,"
"Hey Baby Boy, how are you??"
"I'm good, you look extremely beautiful today."
"Hahaha thank you boy."
"Okay mommy, Aubrey and I well be outside watching Caiah." Ms Carol nodded as Drake opened the patio door for his girlfriend.
Drake hands were wrapped securely around Nicki's waist as they lay down in the large hammock watching Caiah run around like a lunatic.
"So you good ma?" Drake asked when he noticed Nicki was doing her thinking face.
"Yeah I'm just thinking about what my mother said."
"Oh, what did she say?"
"That I need to stop being so cold hearted towards my father." Drake listened. "I mean I do love him. But all those years of pain and hurt..." Nicki trailed off. Drake just nodded to assure her that he was listening. "Drake I just don't know if I can do it. I'm trying so hard to forgive."
"Nicki think of it this way, in order to be forgiven, you have to forgive." Nicki stared in to his hazel eyes for a few seconds.
"Kids dinner is ready." Mama M called from the glass door. Drake got up and carried Caiah inside, leaving Nicki in her thoughts.

The day of the dance...

Nicki woke up at 7am, today was the day. Homecoming. (Or is it prom??I'm not American I don't know these things). As soon as she done her daily routine in the bathroom she made her way to her Car to meet Cassie and Amber at the hair salon. She is not on to trust anyone with her which is why she has never been to a hairdresser out of New York, but Cassie and Em said they have be going to this hair salon since they were 13. So Nicki is trusting her friends advice.
Nicki may wake up early, but she is always late. She arrived at the salon to find Cassie sitting with foil in her hair and Amber (Who was in the seat next to her) with bleaching cream in hers.
"Hey darlings" Nicki kissed Amber's cheek.
"Hi babe" Amber greeted her.
"Hi Cass" Nicki did the same to Cassie's cheek.
"Hey Barbie."
"Oh I got you a frapp." She said happily handed them their frappachino's
"Cassie you owe me 30dollars." Nicki raised her eye brows.
"Okay." Cassie dug in her bag for her purse.
"Wait what..."
"We bet on why you was late, Cassie said because you was working on a fierce outfit to wear but I said it’s because you stopped for food." Nicki frowned.
"Gworl you bedda turn that frown upside down." A voice from the back of the salon said. "Hello and welcome to Hair by Terrence! I'm Terrence you must be Nicki." Nicki shook Terrence's hand.
"Hi" Nicki smiled. Nicki liked him already. He held her hand and led her to the chair next to Cassie. He played with her hair. Running his hands thoroughly through her hair.
"Fabulous Darling Fabulous" he was referring to her hair. Nicki giggled. "Relax" Nicki sighed. "Okay let me tell you what I'm thinking. I think we should re-dye the streaks. Cut these split ends and stream your hair... Layers?? What do you think?"
"Yes I like that! I love you already but, T"
"No Layers!"
"Okay darling. Ronnie!! Lisa! Where is my help?" The two girls, one fair skinned the other olive skinned and both in matching uniform. "Lisa, wash Cassie's hair and put the blonde chestnut dye in. Ron wash Amber's hair and put the platinum blonde dye. They both need the hair treatment afterwards." The ladies nodded. Once Nicki's friends left, Terrence got started.
I can't wait to see your beautiful face, your sexy body and you gorgeous smile that brightens my day. Love you ~Drake

Love you too ~Nicki

"Boyfriend?" T asked.
"Yes." Nicki said.
"Ooo how'd y'all meet?" Nicki told her story.

Nicki looked at herself in her full length mirror she smoothed her dress with her hands. "Nicki you look beautiful" Her father said as he looked thought the door.
Nicki turned to him, he saw the same little girl that loved to play dress up. "Thank you daddy."
"You all look beautiful."
"Thank you" Amber and Cassie exclaimed.
"Girls Nicki's Mother wants to start taking the pictures."

The girls took a group picture and individual ones. Then the boys arrived and they took couple pictures then a group one. Of course Omari and Shad showed up, without dates.
"We gonna find dates there..." Omari said
"Do you know how stupid you sound?" Cassie asked everyone laughed.

"Nicki one more picture and you can go." Nicki scuffed. She grabbed Drakes hand. "No, with your Father."
Robert hugged his daughter and whispered in her ear "You will always be my baby girl."
She looked up at him, smiled and kissed his cheek as the camera flashed.
"Aww" The girls cooed.
"Y'all ready??" Drake asked
"Okay lets go beautiful." He grabbed her and lead her to his car. "You look beautiful."
"You don’t look too bad yourself."
"Thanks love" He peck her lips before opening her door.


"Boy, that was amazing! Cassie you did well with the decorations."

"Thank you"
Nicki walked in to the bathroom. 15minutes later she was out of the bathroom in her pj's. "Drake is a dream; I mean he is everything to me." Nicki cheesed at the thought of his charming smile.
"I could tell you were in heaven at the dance. The both of you just danced all night." Cassie said making her way to the bathroom.
"And when you guys won Homecoming King and Queen. That was Beautiful." Amber said while Nicki smiled even harder.
"He makes me feel whole, like there is no one else out there for me but him." she flopped back on her bed next to Amber. “Em, I know I'm young but I know he is the one for me. I love him."
"Do you love him enough to give him the cookie?"
"Yes" Nicki shyly said.
"Aww, do you think you’re ready?"
"Yes but I'm scared, what if I'm not good. I don't even know what to do." She said nervously. Amber chuckled. "Em it's not funny." She hit Amber with her pillow. "What if I hurt him accidentally"
"Nicki if you love him, everything should happen naturally. Okay girl, don't stress about it." Nicki sighed.
"Okay, thank you boo." She hugged her. "Amber does, does it hurt?"
"Huh? Oh do you mean your first time?" Nicki nodded, "Yes it hurts, but only for a little while then you start to enjoy it." Nicki licked her lips and exhaled restlessly.
"Cassie, hurry up! Imma about to start the movie."
"Okay Okay... I'm out" She said as she jumped on the bed.

Sweet Dreams my Queen~ Drake

They watched Maid in Manhattan until they passed out.

Nicki's dress

Amber's Outfit

Cassie's New Look

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