Thursday, 10 May 2012


Chapter 31

"Feel the energy... Breathe in that peaceful vibe." The retreat instructor instructed. It was exactly a week after the dance and Nicki, Trina, Her mother and Ms Sandi had gone out .lt a spiritually retort for the weekend. No boy, No phones, No Distraction! Perfect. There were only ladies and all had worn white clothing. Sandi had scheduled them for yoga, Swedish wraps, mud baths, and the temple of healing and the dip of life. The yoga class was coming to an end after 2hours, Nicki was tired but she still had the dip of life to do before she could return back to her tent. "Move slowly in to your first position, exhale... Inhale... Exhale... Inhale. Close your eyes, back to your happy place... meditation." Nicki furrowed her eyebrows. "Softly hum while you find your happy place" the whole room erupted in a soft hum. Nicki opened one eye to see Trina; who was next to her smirking, then holding her mouth with both hands trying to hide the fact that she was about to explode in to laughter. The instructor hit the big chimes. "Our yoga session is over, please feel free to return to your tent and get ready for the next event or activity on your schedule." Trina finally composed herself and exited the area. The resort was a 4hour car journey to the middle of nowhere a remote place. The grass was greener and the sky was clearer. The retort was amongst wildly beautiful nature and a radiant waterfall that was only a 5minute walk from the ocean. All in all the retort was beyond peaceful, just what Nicki needed before she started her SAT's, which wasn't for another 4months. Nicki was always studying. Stress free weekend us what she needed. She didn't even mind that she had to sleep in a tent, but worry about being in a place with no phone or wi fi, she hated it. Usually her and Drake would be texting or on the phone. But no phones! No communication with her boo.

The sun set was in the perfect position for the "Dip of Life". As they walked to the next activity, Nicki wondered what Drake was doing on a Friday night.

"Go Go Go Go!!!" The Men of the house; Drake, Robert and Jelani coached their favourite team New York Giants, through the TV. When they got the winning touchdown, it was like the 4th of July in the house. Caiah was jumping on the sofa; the men were running around the house, Mr Maraj was not in the mood for cooking. Drake and Caiah being the youngest in the house decided to watch cartoons, while Robert did some paper work before Jelani came back from the Trini restaurant.
"Yeah little man,"
"What are your intentions with my sister???""
"What??" He said shifting nervously, puzzled at the question. He raised his eyebrow at the 5year old.
"I dunno man" Drake wiggled he eyebrow at Caiah, "I sawed it on TV, the younger brother integrated his sister’s boyfriend."
"You mean interrogated?"
"Yeah that took," Drake chuckled,
"Um little man you just gonna put me on the stop." Drake laughed while Caiah kept his first stiff and straight face. "Okaaaay," Drake said awkwardly. "Well, I love your sister so very much, I will marry her. So you could say my intentions are good."
"Okay good, if there are any problems... I will personally break your kneecaps" Caiah giggled then focused on the TV. Drake looked around to see if anyone heard Caiah, but no one did.


"Trina you about to get us kicked out..." Nicki laughed, drying her hair with her towel. "The instructor said shout out something you want to be, I said understanding. You said Woohoo." Trina and Nicki were crying of laughter. The dip of life constant of one person jumping off a cliff in to the ocean whilst saying a fear or something they would like to be more of. Trina completely disrespected the activity; she just came to have fun, which is what is gonna get them kicked out...

Sunday Afternoon...

"Thank you Sandy, I completely see what you mean, my spirit is lifted. I feel closer with my inner soul." Ms Carol said as they drove back home. "That soul cleansing activity was my favourite activity, it was the most effective."
"I agree," Ms Sandy said.
Trina and Nicki just sat in the back, giggling at the previous activities. They laughed until sleep took over.

Monday after school!

Trina and Nicki were discussing birthday plans for their joint party. They decided that because Nicki still has school up until December 14th, Trina would go to Miami the week before with Jelani to make sure everything is sorted. The party won't be until the 16th. Her friends and Drake will travel with her the night before the party.
Trina was soo excited, not just for the party but for Nicki to see Miami. Once Trina and Nicki had presented the idea to Nicki's parents and they approved of the ideas. Trina and Nicki went in to detail about their party.

Nicki woke up on Friday December 8th, ready to be 18. She had been awake for 2hour talking to her Grandmother and cousin in Trinidad, they had wished her a happy birthday and they prayed for her too. When she finally got up she did her daily routine, she pick out and outfit. Although it was winter, the weather in LA was still summer dress appropriate. She wore a summer dress that stopped just above the knee and a denim jacket and black ankle boots. Once she, reached the kitchen everyone (her family, drake, Cassie and Amber) sang Happy Birthday to her. She open presents and ate breakfast.
For Nicki school was ever more draining for Nicki, she only had a week left of school. Lately Drake has been picking her up in the mornings.
Drake was wanted to surprise Nicki with something because he knew this week would be boring. She was gonna be super busy as the party was on Saturday.

As soon as the bell rang for lunch Drake grabbed the tired Barbie's hand and ran through the halls before it got too crowded.
"Oh My Gee, Drizzy slow down. I'm too tired to run. It's just lunch." Nicki said sheepishly.
"Fine." Drake crouched down motioning her to jump on his back. She did so.

Amber and Cassie walked out the classroom only to see Nicki on drakes back. "There they go." Cassie said as Amber smiled. As her two bestie, Drake Asked them to help on the weekend Nicki went to the retreat. It was her birthday and he knew only her besties would know exactly what she likes.

Nicki saw that drake had past the cafeteria, "Where are you going? I’m hungry, you baboon!"
"Just trust me." Drake said as he approached a door that said in block letter, «NO ENTRY». Drake gentle put Nicki down. "Do you trust me?" he asked already knowing the answer. She nodded. He opened the door and held her hand leading her up the stairs. Until they reached the top.
As soon as Nicki walked through the door she was amazed. They were on the roof of the school. It was wonderfully decorated, as if angels up above came down and decorated it themselves. Pink and white rose petal scattered the concrete ground as if to be laid out one by one, all leading to the middle of the roof. Where there was a table for two and a big pizza box in the middle of the table.
"Drake" Nicki sighed. He put his finger on her lips.
"Eat first, talk later." he smiled.
"You're so stupid" She rolled her eyes.
"But you love me" She smirked.
"Drake this is amazing, how you thought o..."he cut her off.
"Nicki, you still don't know?" He grabbed her hand, leading to the table. "When it comes to you, I don't think... I just do." He pulled out her chair. "I do everything out of love, you're the one for Me." he sat across from her. "I know for a fact that I will marry you. I will make you my wife. Happy Birthday Onika." Nicki tears began to surface. Drake leaned over the table and kissed her sweetly. He sat back down.
"I love you Drizzy" She wiped one tears drop that fell.
"I love you too and happy birthday." he pulled out a tiny box, handling it to her. She opened it; it was a necklace with a pendant that was in the shape of a scroll.
The engraving said: “I’m there to rescue you, take you up, hold you down, to love you. I want to share forever with you,
Love Drizzy

"Aww babe," she took it out the box. "Do I have to put it on myself?"
"No I can help you" he stood and did so, then kissed her neck and lips before returning to his seat.
"Babe, thank you," She smiled as drake opened the pizza box. "Ooo I want those" she said referring to the meat feast pizza.
"Okay Fattie slow down." Nicki simply blinked at him as he laughed.



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