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Gotta Go My Own Way

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Chapter 40

It's was prom night, Amber and Cassie have been begging Nicki to come with them since she came back from Trinidad. But with no avail, Cassie and Amber went with their dates. Once Nicki got back from Trinidad her mother catered to her every need. Nicki found it so hard to move after she had the abortion. Two weeks after the abortion and she still felt ill. That's one of the reasons why Nicki didn't go to prom, plus she couldn't see Drake just yet.

Drake on the other hand wanted to see Nicki since she got back from Trinidad. He wanted to beg for her forgiveness. It was killing him, being so distant from the love of his life. He just needed her. Just like she needed him at that moment.

Nicki would cry in her room none stop you would think she was a teething baby. Nicki was so mad at herself; as soon as she had the abortion she regretted it. When she first saw the ultrasound of the baby she saw it was a boy. The nurse said he was health but Nicki didn't want to hear that. She just wanted it gone. No one except her mother and Anna know what she had done. That's the way she wants it. Her father is completely clueless about the incident. He questioned it but was shut out by his daughter and wife. However Nicki didn't want to feel this way. The whole point of this decision was to be able to move on. Move on pass the hurt and the shame and focus on happiness. That evening Nicki looked to the higher power and called upon his mercy and grace, to protect her from her enemies and for her for the sins. Also she prayed for the gift of forgiveness.

The special prom night Nicki felt whole again. She wrote done a couple words in her notepad and pack it neatly in a box. There was three days till graduation and seven days till she leaves Cali.

Graduation came and left Drake still hadn't spoken to Nicki. It was now moving day and Nicki was already in tears having to leave her 5years old brother and parents, unlike Cassie, Nicki made it very clear that she is not coming back. Although her parents will check in to see hair every holiday they get. Nicki flight was at 4:45pm, 3hours before her flight she said her goodbyes.

"Munchkin, I love you. I will see you at thanksgiving. Okay?"

"But Nicki, that's forever away." Micaiah said.

A tear fell from her eyes. "Well I'm sure before summer is over mommy will let you come see me."

Caiah wiped the tear away and looked at his mother. Carol nodding to the suggestion. "Don't cry Nika, mommy said yes she will take me."

Nicki smiled. "Cooooooooool" she giggled and tickled the 6year old before leaving a pink stain on his cheek. "I love you" She hugged him tightly.

"Love you too"

Nicki got off her knees then looked at the father. She busted in to tears. "Hey Hey hey, look at me." Robert said in his thick accent. He held his daughter pretty face and she looking into to his eyes "I am so proud of you, I am honoured to be your father." She kissed his cheek and hugged him tight.

"I love you daddy."

"I love you. Look at my princess... Off to college..." Robert could hold his tears in anymore. Robert let go of his princess and still saw the little Onika telling her father not let go as her taught her to ride a bike. Like he did back then, he let her go and let her growth into a beautiful woman.

"Oh dad," Nicki wiped the old man’s face. "I love you."

Nicki just walked over to her guardian angel, the love of her life, her everything. "You got your tickets and passport?" Nicki nodded. "Your car is already on its way there." Nicki nodded. "Look at my baby, all grown up. No more pink streaks," She played with Nicki hair. "No more contacts. Just my naturally beautiful baby. And she's all grown up and I can't do this." Carol threw her hands up surrendering.

"Aww Mommy," Nicki hugged her mother. "You'll be fine without me; I'll be fine on my own. I do have wonderful parents that raised me right. So you have nothing to worry about."

"Onika always remember where you came from and know where you are going." Nicki nodded and kissed her mother on the cheek.

"I love you guys." Nicki saw the time and knew it was time to leave. "I will see you guys before summer is over, right?" Carol nodded and kissed her daughter tell her to be safe. Robert and Caiah did the same.

She got in the taxi waving goodbye to her family and she let a few tears escape her eyes. She waved until she couldn't see them anymore.

Drake knew today was the day. He has been trying to contact her but Nicki changed her number and no one would give him her new one. Drake even went to her house a couple times that week but she wasn't home or she was too sick to see anyone. Nicki was not avoiding him, it was all truthful excuses. Drake just picked the wrong days to see her. He went to her house and knocked on the door. Mama Maraj answered the door. Drake could tell she was sad, it was evident from the tear stains.
"Hello, Ms Carol is everything okay??"
"Yes dear, come in." Carol stepped aside to let him in.
"Where's Onika?" He asked, nervously rubbing the back of his neck. Carol didn't answer him, she just handed him a small box; which had his chequered shirt from time Riri came and everyone got drunk and the earrings her got her on their first date.

"She's gone to the airport. Aubrey I advice that you go there now and get her back. I know she still loves you. Without a doubt you still love her, so go!" Drake smiled and hugged her before running to his car and throwing the box in the back.

Drake was racing to the airport like a mad man. He ran a couple red lights and he didn't care, it didn't matter. All that mattered was Nicki. He was ten minutes away from the airport and there was traffic. With frustration he beeped his horn continuously. Shortly after, he decided to park his car and run. He swerved his car to the same spot he gave Nicki oral sex, he got out locked the car and sprinted, faster than a sprinter.

Once he got there, Nicki was just getting out the taxi. Drake walked a comfortable distance before her whilst he tried to regulate his breathing.

Nicki pushed her luggage towards Cassie once she spotted her. "Hey Cas, where's Safaree?"

"He went to the restroom." She smiled. "You ready for 3years of Cassie World?" Nicki giggled.

"Yes, girl we are going to have so much fun. Amber said she will come see us before her semester starts." Cassie eyes widened when she saw Drake standing behind Nicki. "Cas, what's wrong? I said Amber's coming, what's the problem?" Nicki was confused.

"I'm going to go find Faree." Cassie excused herself to give them privatise. Nicki should her head, confused. She felt weird, like someone was staring at her. Nicki turned around and saw Drake.

She closed her eyes, and then re opened them. "How did you know I was here?" She asked.

"Your mother told me," He said.

She nodded. "Did you get the box?"

"Yes," There was an awkward silence before Drake spoke again. "Why didn't you tell me you were leaving?"

"I wanted to but I was so…"


"Yeah." There was silence again, Nicki looked at her feet while stepped a little closer to her. He lifted her head and then aimed to kiss her lips but got her cheek. He smirked then stepped back. Nicki put her had on her chest then back down by her side. "Drake,"

"It's okay." He attempted to walk away but Nicki called him back.

"Drake come here, please." He turned back to her and held both her hands.

"Listen to me, I love you and will always love you. You will always have a piece of me. But this. Us. We will never work. We want different things. We are not on the same page and if we ever were on the same page, life always got in the way. Honestly, I just need time to figure out who I am. And you need to figure out what you want. I have to leave this all behind, and focus on my future." Nicki started to choke up, she could feel her tears surfacing. "I'm leaving; I have to do what's best for me. You'll be okay."

"What about us, what about everything we've been through." Drake was fighting, this war.

Nicki tears fell; she had to do this for herself. "What about trust, Aubrey?"

"I never meant to hurt you; I never meant to make you cry." He looked into her brown almond shaped eyes. He was about to let his tears fall.

"What about me, Aubrey want I want?"

"What I'm I supposed to do?" He could stop fighting for someone who didn't want to be fought for. But he had to. He had to let her leave. Let her go. The person he was so sure her was going to marry. He had to. For her.

"I don't know." Cassie came back with Safaree, "I gotta leave. But…"

"I'll miss you." Drake and Nicki both said. She let go of both his hands, leaving something in his right hand. She turned away, wiping her tears and then pushing her luggage to the check-in desk with Cassie and Safaree beside her. Drake watched her walk away until she was swallowed up by the crowd of people. He wiped his tears, and then looked at the thing Nicki left in this hand. He lifted it up to his face. Then searched for Nicki with his eye. When he couldn't find her, he just turned around and walked out the airport. When he reached his car, dumped the necklace, he gave Nicki in the box.

Nicki POV

I'm waiting for my plane to take off. I refuse to start my new life crying. Safaree and Cassie were trying to watch a movie together whilst I had Que sera sera on repeat

I read somewhere, that love is forever, eternal. If you truly love someone, the feeling never go away, they are just hidden buried so deep in your soul that you last them.

Or maybe, this book was wrong. Maybe this is the end of my love song. Maybe it's the wrong love song. Perhaps, forever is a Long Time.

Sneak Peek of Love Song: Eternal Love "Light! Camera! Action! Here we go."

Bright lights with everyone watching. Time for the beautiful show to start. Something this couple has been waiting months for. "You doing great baby." A smile crept on her face as she panted heavily.

"Alright, Onika I need you to push." She grabbed the hand of her husband. The beaded sweat rounded down her flawless face as she clutched onto her husband’s free hand.

After the first push she relaxed and her beautiful husband, Drake handed the camcorder over to Mama Carol. To take over the filming.

Drake got a cloth and wiped the glistening sweat off his wife forehead then kissed her. "You are looking sexy. You’re doing great baby." Onika smiled sweetly, she was too exhausted to speak.

"I need one big push." The doctor instructed. Onika did as she was told, tightening her grip on Drake's hand. "Well done Onika." She tried to regain her breath whilst Drake complimented her.

Drake went to see, the baby was crowning. He could see the beautiful golden brown lock. Drake started to get excited.

"Onika I need a huge push from you, on the count of three." She nodded and braced herself. "1, 2, 3" she pushed as hard as she could. Then fell back exhaustedly. "Onika, look." Nicki sat up a saw her beautiful baby still half in her.

Too tired to speak Nicki pulled out her baby and cradled her happily. The nurse got a blanket to cover the new born....

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