Thursday, 8 September 2011

If It's Lovin

Chapter 19

This Chapter is so shit is bores me just thinking about it, like its so boring! But Guyz don't worry just 4 more chapters until Drake Beach Birthday Bash!! 

Okay can someone tell me why I woke up with a headache, wearing a big shirt that ain't even mine and no sign of Riri? Did I even take her home? Okay so I think the shirt is Drake's.

I walked down stairs to see a thong on the floor, it ain't mine I don't wear dark coloured underwear. I ain't even gonna touch that. I walked in to the living room to see empty alcohol bottles and Rihanna pass out on the floor holding one of the bottles in her hand, cradling it like a baby. Woah! I had to laugh, this girl is too much! 

I left the living room to see what else these people have done to my house. Everywhere seem to be in check I just found a matching bra to the thong make to the pool. It's Cassie because Riri wasn’t wearing this kind of bra. Cassie wore a strapless dress so it makes sense for her to wear a strapless bra. Wait!!! Safaree got it in last night!!! They better not be in my house. I went to the living room again to look out the window to see if they cars were there, Safaree's car was go Cassie's was still there. I am guessing she went home with him. Imma make Riri pick up the underwear, that girl is a freak she likes stuff like that. 

You know I don't even care. You know I am a good friend right? But I had to talk a picture of Riri. Muahahahahaha I told her ass I would get her back. After I took the pic, I woke her up and told her to take a shower because we are supposed to be at the beach at 12 and its 10:45.

We got ready for the beach, I must say myself we looked sexy. Riri came out the bathroom. 
"You okay Hun?" 

"No I have a headache, but you look good Nic!"

"You look Sexy!" 

"I wish I could be someone else so I can see how Fine we look."

I laughed, "Riri you crazy"

"What? I'd date us"

"I'd marry us"

"Yo that how you know we cute!"Just as Riri said that Jelani calling my name from downstairs. Oh shit the thong is at the bottom of the stairs.

"Jelani I said I am coming Gooosh!" We walked downstairs. "Nigga be yelling the fucking house down" I muttered under my breath. 

"What did you say?" He asked. 


"What up homie" Rihanna greeted Jelani with a dap, the girl thinks she's a boy. I rolled my eyes. He hugged her. 

"Where's Trina?" 

"The fuck is a Trina?" Riri asked me, this girl is so dumb. I laughed and rolled my eyes at her. 

"She's Lani's girlfriend"

"Word?" I giggled. 

"NICKI!" Jelani said in a loud tone but not shouting, it made me jump and Riri did to. We were standing on third step for the bottom and he was at the bottom of the stair case. 

"What?" I whined, I knew exactly what was going to come. 

"Who thongs are those? Are you having sex? Do you need me to stay in this house until mom and pops get home?" The Hell???"What?? Noo!! Those ain't mine! Nooo I am not having sex! And hell no I don't want you here!!! I don't wanna hear you and Trina getting it on, I need my beauty sleep." he chuckled, why is he laughing I am dead serious. -.-

"Then whom do they belong to?"

"Rihanna!" I simple stated. 

"Me?" I nudged her; she almost fell off the stairs. "Me!" she cheesed him. 

"You? Now why would you take off you underwear? wait a minute why would I even ask that it's YOU!" I giggled 

"What's that supposed to mean?"Rihanna put her hands on her hips. 

"Come on Ri we all know you are a freak and Nicki is crazy that why y'all friend." I stopped laughing and mimicked Riri. 

"Excuse me who you calling crazy?" 

"I'm gonna go now have fun?" He slipped out the door. 

"Oh hell no!! This Nigga just called me crazy." I said as that front door shut as Riri was laughing, "I don't know why you laughing you a freak." 

Rihanna's face turned up side down. "Then I'd be that." she said picking up the thongs. I gave her a stank face and rolled my eyes. 
After about 20minutes of getting our stuff together for the beach we headed out the door. I wanted Drake to pick us up, but he had to drop bubbie off at the "gym" I think he said, I don't know something like that. 

At the beach. 

"Hey y'all are we late?" I asked, I probably was late. Ha oh well I am here now. 

"Yes you are!" Cassie snapped at me as I sat down on the sand.

"Someone is a little snappy snappy today" I side eyed her, 

"I'm sorry girl I am just tired and I have a headache," I nodded, when two little girls caught my eye.

"OMG DEJAAAAAA!!! KYRAAAAAAA!!" I ran up to them and hugged them. "How are you girlies I have missed you." 

"Mmhmmmm, you was supposed to call us, but guess what still no call." Deja said with a lot of attitude. 

"Little Missy, have you ever heard of school, that shit kept me so busy." Kyra giggled. "My sweetie pie Kyra, how are you?" 

"I'm good."

"Did Safaree bring y'all" 

"Yep my mommy forced him to," Deja informed me as we walked back to where everyone else was. "Yo SB, give me $10"

"What's the magic word." He said with his arms around Cassie. 

"Give me the 10 dollars Now!" 

"That not the magic word."

"Give me the 10dollars now or I will tell Uncle Chris what you did last night." Safaree quickly took out his wallet, and handed it to her. 

"You so evil." He said as she snatched it from his hand. 

"That's funny because everyone thinks I'm an angel." 

"Well that's because everyone else have no sense of DIRECTION." She squirted at him and sucked her teeth. At this point Cassie, Riri and I were laughing so hard. 

"Safaree can I have money please." Kyra said in her angelic voice. 

"Of course you can, this is why you are my favourite cousin. You have MANNERS" He handed the note to the 14year old. 

Once they ran away, I laid my head down on Drake's lap. "Hey Babe," He bent his head to kiss me, as I left my head to do the same to him. 

"Drake why was I wearing your shirt this morning?"

Because you stripped in front of me, down to just you’re nothing. Then you asked me to take off my shirt, so you could wear it." I giggled. 

"You know you’re not getting it back right?

"I didn't that my girlfriend, is a thief." 

"I am not I just, like it, and it smells like you, which I love." he chuckled. 

"Yeah you can keep it, it will remind you of yesterday, last night"

"Hey, speaking of last night Cassie, you left you underwear and your car at my house." She blushed. 

"Oh my bad"

Amber and Cameron weren't even speaking, they was just chewing on each others faces. Riri, Omarington and Shad, was talking way and look like she was having fun. Today was great but I am a little sad though because my best is leaving today, but I am saving my tears for later. 

"Safaree we are hungry." Kyra whined. 

"Girls, Amber made sandwiches" we hand them the chicken salad sandwich. 

They took a bite then, instantly spat it out. "Ewwwwwwwwww this is nasty." I bit my bottom lip to stop me from laughing. I sat up and looked at Em, she pouted. 

"Nicki I told you ass I can't cook, Gworl I burn water, what made you think I can make a sandwich?" I had to laugh. 

"Girls we are going to eat in an hour. Okay?" 

Today was so relaxing, no drama, just me and my boyfriend and my friend, chilling soaking up the sun. Just then I realised that I have one of the busiest weeks of my life this week the talent show is on Friday. Was I ready? The talent show is important to some because the winner gets a scholarship to the college of they choice. But for me the talent show is a chance to show off my talent to the school, to get respect, I have to earn it. Prove to people I can do it. 

But yeah sorry about that guy Esther just love to ramble on about the most shit that is not relevant to the scene!! 

The beach was fun Omarington and Shad, threw Riri in to the water. Brunch was fun and after she said her goodbyes we took a group photo you together. But when we left I had to do Riri's hair before she goes home. I also took Cassie to my house to get her car but she end up raiding my fridge, then she left. -_-
The time has come for Riri to the airport. Drake was taking us there. I was already upset. But I didn't wanna cry. Once Drake was outside, he pushed down on the horn, and Riri and I walked out the house, Drake took her suit case and put it in the back of the car. Then he kissed my cheek and hugged Riri. The drive was quiet, I was quiet. Rihanna and Drake had a little small talk, and exchanged laughs. I was in a deep thought I didn't even know that Drake had already arrived at the airport. 

"Nic come on." Rihanna opened my door. 
As she checked in, it was becoming more cereal, my best friend it going back home, I could feel my warm tear hit my cheeks, Drake must have see my tear because he hugged me and kissed my forehead. He wiped my tears, I smiled a little. The time had come for Rihanna to leave us and get on the plane. 
“Nicki please stop crying, I see you soon, we will talk on the phone, I PROMISE.” Rihanna was crying her eyes out, I bet no one understood what she said, but I did.
“I’m going to miss you” I held her hand and I sounded like I was talking gibberish.
“I’m going to miss you too” she cried but I didn’t understand what she said.
“What??” she repeated herself again, “What??” I asked again, she stopped crying and calmed down, then repeated herself again. “Oh I love you girl,”
“I Love you too” There was an announcement saying the plane was boarding now, she hugged Drake then she hugged me “Bye Nic, Bye Drake”
“Bye Ri tell everyone I said thanks and say hi to your family” 

Once we got back to the car, I had calmed down thanks to Drake, he was making my laugh and he is literally just the best person in my life right now, he makes me so happy. I love him. When we was in the car I realise I am going to be home alone and it's raining. 

"Drake, it's raining," I whined.

"Thanks for stating the obvious," I rolled my eyes playfully. 

"Do you think you can stay the night at my house please?" I jumped because there was thunder. "Oh shit" 

"Nicki it's just thunder, and sure I will stay over, I just need to go home and get some stuff.

"Yay trust me this night is going to be fun" I said seductively biting my lip, then I nibbled on his earlobe and kissed his neck as he drove to his house. 

*Evil laugh* TBC


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