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I'll Be Loving You Long Time

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Chapter 20

Drake and Nicki got back to her house after getting clothes from his house. Nicki was pretty tired, that’s what this weather does to her, and it was only 8pm at the time. She went straight to her bathroom to take a shower and get in to bed. She hated this weather, it always changes her mood.

"Babe, come take a shower with me," She said from the top of the stairs.

"Umm I don't know." True is, he wanted to go but he knew nothing major was going to happen, and he wasn't sure if he could control himself.

"Well then, I guess I will shower by my self." Nicki said in a sad tone. So she did what she said and took a shower alone, she hoped Drake would join her but he didn't. Nicki stepped out the steamy shower, and wrapped herself up in a White towel. She took off her shower cap and let her long wavy hair flow down. She brushed her teeth. She opened the bathroom door, and saw Drake laying down in the middle of her bed, look up at the ceiling. Nicki glared at him, and then shut the door with the back of her foot. She walked over to the white chest of draws that was next to the standing Pink mirror. She took out panties from the top draw, and huge white top with a panda on it from the third draw down. After harshly slamming the draws shut and putting on her clothing, she walked over to her bed.

"Can you move I wanna sleep?" She was in some sort of mood and Drake didn't like it.
"What's wrong with you?"

"Nothing. Move." She tried to shover him off, but her pushing him is like a baby pushing an elephant, he didn't budge. Nicki got frustrated, she stomped her feet, folded her arms and pouted her lip, then sat on the edge of her bed.

"Nic why are you in sour mood?" She ignore his question, not because she wanted to but because so didn't know the answer herself. She turned head around because she could feel his eyes feasting on her back, he was staring at her, which really freaked her out.

"Why are you staring at me?" She questioned,

"I am seducing you with my eye." Nicki raised her brow, and then she turned her whole body around, so that now she was sitting Indian style on her bed but still at the edge. "Is it working?" Nicki cracked the fuck up, Drake kept wiggling his brush eyebrow and he had a sexy smirk on his face.

"No" She said laughing. "You gotta use a different approach" She said seductively. Drake got on his knee, and crawled over to Nicki side of the bed, causing her to giggle. Once his he reached her, he picked her up and gently laid her down in the middle of the bed. Nicki's giggles turned in to laughter, when Drake started singing.

"Sex in the Lounge, Girl I'm gone take you down, They gonna hear you screaming girl, they gone hear the sound of Sex in the lounge." At that point he was on top of her, they lip were a few centimetres away.

"Boy would you just shut up and kiss me." Drake did as he was told and kissed her softly. He positioned himself over her legs and started bringing his hands down her body. His tongue wrestled with hers as she brought her hands behind his neck. Drake grabbed a hold of her top, his cold hands touching her tummy almost feeling like electricity. She gasped, loving the feeling. Drake pulled away and brought his mouth close to her ear, and whispered "I got something that'll get you out of that bad mood you're in"

Nicki looked at him, cocking her head to the side. "Oh really? And what would that be?"

He smiled, devilishly and proceeded in his plan. His kisses travelled down her face, to her neck giving her butterflies. He sucked on her neck a little but moved on down to not leave a mark. As much as he wanted to, he knew Nicki would kill him. Drake's lips wandered over to her exposed collarbone and nibbled on it. He pulled back for a bit, reluctantly, to discard of her top.

Her torso was exposed in all its glory, she had no bra on and Drake took his opportunity.

He launched himself and attacked her breast. He let his tongue roam over her smooth, soft skin. She arched her back at the feeling she was loving. "Mmm babe...” She caressed the back of his head softly. Eyes closed, taking in the moment.

Drake sucked on her breast for a bit then moved down the middle of her tummy. Leaving sporadic kisses on her stomach. He was inching closer and closer to her shorts.

Drake leaned up and hooked his fingers under the waistband of the shorts. Right before he began pulling them down, her hand covered his.

"You don’t have to Drake"

"Let me have some fun girl" He smiled at her and she lay back down. Waiting.

He pulled her shorts off and the thin, lacy pair of panties followed soon after. He was anxious, like a kid waiting to devour his favourite dessert. His mouth got closer and closer and she took a deep breath... His tongue hit her womanhood so good. He licked up her lips like she was a sweet, delicious ice cream cone. He pulled back and inserted a finger in her. She groaned loudly, not caring about her volume cus she knew no one could hear her. She thrusted her hips against his motion, damping his finger in all her wetness.

"You enjoying it baby?" He looked up at her.

"Yes!!" She said out of breath, biting her lip.

"You want more?"

"Mhmm" she moaned.

He inserted another finger into her making Nicki cry out in pleasure. Drake brought his thumb circling her throbbing clit. Drake then hovered her, giving her a sloppy wet kiss. He pulled his fingers out and attacked her womanhood with his mouth. Cause more and more screams to come from her. "Ahmmmm"

He licked her and licked her more. She was so wet he was trying to lick her clean. His tongue snaked in her opening forcefully. In and out. He teased her. While his head was buried in her his hands travelled up her body, softly playing with her tummy.

She just laid there enjoying every single part of this moment, she had to admit. Drake's head game was killer. She couldn't take it, her moans got more and more frequent. She caressed her breast softly then grabbed a hold of Drake's hand. Leading them upwards. He took the cue and played with her full breasts.

Nicki bucked her hips and arched her back; she could feel her climax approaching. She was very close. "Drake...I'm...almost there...”

He kept on devouring her, taking no mercy, pulling her legs back so he had a tight grip on her. Her body shook, and her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she came moaning his name.

"Ohhhh my......"

Drake licked her clean and pulled back, admiring his work. He wiped his mouth and smiled.

"You happy now?"

Nicki caught her breath and opened her eyes, her hand to her pounding heart. "Oh yeah..." She nodded.

Drake laughed and picked up her shirt and shorts that were strewn on the floor an, then he threw it at her. "Get dressed so we can get to sleep." He patted his stomach. "I’m all full now"
She laughed and put her clothes on, as he laid back in the bed. Nicki pulled down her shirt and shook her head. "Oh no...We’re not done here yet."
Drake looked at her confuse but got the hint when she began crawling over to him. She kissed his lips then slowly travelled lower down his body. She unbuckled his belt quickly and unzipped his pants.


"Shhh" She silenced him. "Let me do my job."

Drake pulled himself up a little so Nicki could pull off him pants completely. She then went back up to rid him of his shirt. Admiring his 6 pack. She brought her hand over them and kissed them swiftly. Her lips her getting lower and lower, almost reaching his boxers when she heard a noise downstairs followed by a voice.

"Aye Nicki!!"

She stopped dead in her tracks and her eyes bulged out of her head.

"Oh crap!" 

The person called again, "Aye Nic where you at?" Nicki just looked at Drake, for that 2second she was in a trance. But she quickly snapped out of it.

"Drake, Baby that's my brother. I hate to do this but Get your clothes," Drake without saying a word, he hurried up and squished all he clothes together, rushing into Nicki's walk in closest, she followed him quickly, picking up any clothes that escaped his grasp. Once he got to back of the closest, Nicki handle him he's clothes, then kissed his lips softly. "I am sorry I will try and get rid of him okay." Nicki said in a hush tone before closing the heavy White, double doors. As soon as she closed them, Jelani was knocking at her door. Nicki jumped in her bed, she figured she had to think fast, so she had to use her acting skills. She had to pretend to be asleep.

Jelani knocked one more time before walking in. He saw his sister peacefully 'sleeping' He smiled to himself and was about to walk out, that was before he was a spotted at the corner of Nicki's bed, size 12 White air forces. They were definitely not Nicki's. He started walking around the room. Nicki could hear his big feet hit the carpet in her room. She knew he had seen something, so to prevent him from finding Drake she had to ‘wake up.’

She yawned rather loudly, which was very much intended. "Jelani?" He looked at her. "What are you doing?" She asked him as he looked behind the curtain. He ignored her question. So she asked another, "What are you looking for?"

"The Boy you're about to have sex with!"

"What? What boy? I wasn't about to have sex! I was sleeping."

"Nicki cut the shit," Jelani lifted up the Air Forces and waved them in Nicki face.

"Uhhhhh......" Nicki was speechless. What could she say? Nothing. She just smacked her lips together. She tried so hard to think of a good lie, because she knew if Jelani found drake all hell will break loose. Not only would Jelani fuck up Drake for trying to sleep with his baby sister, Nicki would be grounded, For LIFE!

"So there is a boy here! Where is he hiding?" He was shouting Nicki hated being shouted at, her eyes started to water. "Where is he? Under the bed? In the bathroom? Nooo he is in the closet!"

"Jelani there is No ONE in there!" Nicki leaped from her bed on to Jelani's back, and then she covered his eyes so he would not be seeing. Jelani was shouting and bumping in to everything in Nicki's room. She was yelling back. 

Meanwhile Trina was downstairs in the living room watching Vampire Diaries; it was dark and raining, outside. The lights were not on either. So when she heard the big BANG!! On the ceiling above her, jumped. "WHAT THE FUCK?" Trina ran upstairs to find Nicki on Jelani's back. And Nicki text books on the floor. She pulled her off. "What the fuck is going on here?"

"Onika has a boy in this house!" Jelani yelled.

"Baby indoor voice please" Nicki crossed her arms and glared at Jelani and flared her nose up.

"Why are you guys here anyways?" Nicki asked with a lot of attitude.

"Because your brother said you hate to be alone when it's raining. But if we had known you had company we wouldn't have come." Trina gave Nicki the same amount of attitude.

"Yes! Now I am going to fuck up this Nigga." Jelani walked over to the closet opened the double, once he spotted Drake in just his Grey and blue boxers, Lani went crazy. "TRINA GET MY BAT!" Nicki ran inside the closest with Trina not too far behind.

"Jelani would you calm down, Drake was just about to take a shower, that why he is half dressed he asked me for a towel and that when you came in." While Jelani was looking for drake, Nicki came up with this lie. "I was scared to be at home by myself that why I asked Drake to come over." Jelani was quiet. 'Hopefully Lani is Buying what I am Selling...’ Nicki thought.

"But you could have called us!" Trina said as Drake put on his shirt.

"I didn't want to because; you two would have to stay over and…." Nicki drifted off because Trina started to nodded she knew what Nicki was about to say.

"Well we are going to stay over anyway, so we can keep an eye on you two." Jelani said. Nicki huffed.

"Why don't you trust me?"

"Because I know how teenage boys are."

"Well Drake's not like those other teenage boys, that's why I love him. He is different, he would never force me into something don't wanna do." Nicki Shouted to get her point across.

"All teenage boys want one thing! Sex!"

"No disrespect, Jelani but I will never ever force Nicki to be something she isn't, I have to much respect for her as a person, not just as my girlfriend. As for me having sex, with her I will have it when SHE is ready, whether if that's a week from now, a year, 5years. I don't care as long as WE are together. I love her."

Trina couldn't help herself; she had to say ‘Awwwwww’ lol. Nicki just blushed and locked eyes with him. They were having another conversation with they eyes. 

"Jelani let's just leave them, Nicki is a sensible girl, she can handle herself, plus she has Drake's strong arms to protect her."

Nicki laughed "Trina quit perving on my boyfriend"

"Hahaha Never!" Jelani glared at Trina. "Baby you know I only have eyes for you."

Nicki coughed "Lies" Trina glared at Nicki. “Wow okay I am gonna go give Drake a towel this room is full of glares. It's kinda of downing vibes." Drake followed her out the closet.

*Next Day*

The next morning, Nicki wake up at 5am. She was in Drake strong arms; she had never felt so cosy in her life. She just want to stay like this all day, Nicki would have, if it wasn't for the fact that Ms Palmer, will be announcing who will be closing the Talent Show today.

Last Night Trina finally persuaded Lani to leave Nicki and Drake. So she was pretty happy. Nicki left Drake to sleep for a little while. She took a shower and got dressed for school. It was 7am and school starts at 8:15, Nicki decided to wake drake up by, climbing on top of him and kissing his soft lip. Drake kissed her back, lightly squeezing her butt.

"Mmmmm" Nicki moaned pulling back.

"I can't wait until we get are own place, I get to wake up to you every morning." Nicki giggled.

"White boy go get ready for the day!"

"I can't, you are on top of me"

"So?" He sat up and stared in to Nicki almond shaped brown eyes. He kissed again and sucked on her bottom lip. She held the side of his face with one hand. This time Drake pulled back. Nicki pouted.

"Nic, I need to go get ready." He stood up with her legs around his waist and her arm around his neck. "Nicki"

"Fine I will let you get ready." She rolled her eyes playfully. He chuckled and grab he underwear and headed straight to the bathroom. "Breakfast will be ready in a few, so hurry up."

*In Ms Palmers Class*

Nicki and Drake sat next to each other, Keri decide to sit on the other side of Drake, but no one paid any attention to her.

"Thank God Lani ain't going tell my mother. I would be dead." Nicki said smiling.

"I know right! I thought Jelani was going to kill me. But seriously Nicki you need to stop lying."

"I only lie when necessary,"

"So what does that mean? When you do something, you gonna lie to me?" Drake asked, turning this whole conversation into something else.

"I didn't say that." She rolled her eyes.

"Yeah whatever." They didn't talk after that. Nicki talked to Cassie and Drake spoke to Keri. Until Ms Palmer came through the door.

"Sorry Guys I am late but I had to go through a few things with the Principle for the show. Okay I am going to get straight to the point. The couples I chosen, I had to fight for. I was told by the principle the one of the students have not been here that long and will not be able to represent the school properly. But I had to disagree. This couple had the most chemistry. When they sang they song, they meant. They meant every word and I felt that. So the couple I have chosen is...." She paused, everyone listened intently. "Drake and Nicki, you will be closing the show." Everyone cheered for them expect Keri.

"No Ms. Palmer they are both already in the talent show." 

"Keri don't be salty!" Ms. Palmer said. Nicki giggled.

"What is your problem?" Nicki asked

"You!" Keri spat back


"Yeah you, you was here for about a month, and you already have boyfriend and your in the talent show. Some of us have waited 4years to be in that show. You just waltz in like you own school."

"Honey you don't know me, you do know what I have been through in my life. Maybe if you wasn't so bitter, good thing will happen to you." Nicki snapped back the only thing in between these two girl was Drake, we all know they would have ripped each others hair out by now.

"Okay Girls that enough. Keri don't be a Hater! Ugh!!!" Nicki tittered, she love Ms. Palmer because she basically a teenager but she looks older.

The bell rang for lunch. "Everyone is welcome to come to the talent show. Show some support to your classmates. Hope you all can make it on Friday!!!" Ms Palmer informed class as they left.


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