Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Talent Show

I wake up at 2am and i didn't go back to sleep at all because I knew yall wanted me to post but I wanted to be SUPER NICE and post two chapters today because I love you all so much!!! Drakes Birthday Next!!!!! Shit is going down, BASEMENT *Nicki's voice*

Chapter 21

Oh My!!!! Talent is tonight!!! Okay let's recap over the week I have just encountered. My parents come back on Wednesday, which was awesome because I missed them so much (Oh and my mother forgot about the hickey. Hahaha!). Jelani left on Monday but he is coming back with Trina to watch me rap for the first time on stage. So I am pretty excited. As for Drake and I, well since our little disagreement, there has been a little tension between us. I think he was trippin, just because I tell my family little white lies, and doesn’t mean I am going to lie to him. Ugh! He needs to get over it.

The talent show is just hours and all the performers decided to get dinner together. There were 10 of us all together, but 7performance: Drake (Lust for Life), Cameron (Roll Up), Shad&Omarion (Let Me Hold You), Shontelle (Impossible) and a group called Pretty Ricky (Grind on Me) and me (Your love). Shontelle and I were the only girls, I like her she reminds me on Rihanna because they're both for Barbados.

"Who's performing first?" I asked.
"Me!" Shontelle respond as everyone else watched the Japanese man, throw his knifes in the air. We all clapped ones he finished doing he tricks.
"Omg I watched you in rehearses you made me cry that song was Epic!" Shontelle blushed.
"Thanks I wrote it myself. Have you ever had one of those relationships where, everything is good and you don't expect this one person in your life to let you down? They do something to you that you thought was impossible."
"Gworl, I swear it is one of the best songs I have ever heard."
"Thanks I can't wait to hear your song tonight! I heard through the grape vine, you are dope."
"Now who told you this?"
"Your boyfriend?" She looked left to right without moving her head. "You don't know you boyfriends Nickname? Well I guess no one calls him that anymore."
"I like that name, Drizzy" I sipped my lemonade. "Ooo Shontelle....." I said her name in my baby voice.
"Can I give you a Nicname?"
"Okay... Mmmm I'm going to call you Fruit Tella, I like it has a special ring to it!" I said taking another sip.

The day turned to night. The Talent show starts at 8 and finishes at 10. It was 6 and it was getting dark, but not too dark that street light had to come on. We. They all decided to stay a little longer at the restaurant because the karaoke opened at 5:40. If you heard some of these people, hahaha there was this one lady that reminded me on Ms Swan. Lmfaooo!

"Omarion and Nic go up there!! Show em how it's done." Shad exclaimed.
"Come on Mari... I mean Omarington!" I grabbed his hand and pulled him on stage.

The Asian man selected the song. I could stop laughing, when I heard what song it was.

I turned around, so I wasn't facing the crowd and I moved my hips to the beat, while Omarington sang the intro.

Ah Push It
Ah Push It

Then I turned around to find the rest of the group recording the whole thing. But I didn't care! We sang together while doing the bump.

Ooo baby baby
Baby baby
Ooooh baby baby
Baby baby

Get up on this!!

Omarion : Salt and Pepa's here, and we're in effect
Want you to push it, babe
Coolin' by day then at night working up a sweat
C'mon girls, let's go show the guys that we know
How to become number one in a hot party show
I snapped my fingers and laugh my ass off while he was singing.

Now push it

Omarion is crazy. He is dancing like Salt n Pepa did in the video. I cannot.

Nicki: Yo, yo, yo, yo, baby-pop
I pointed at an Old Asian guys. Then I walked off the stage.
Yeah, you come here, gimme a kiss
I pointed at my cheek,
Better make it fast or else I'm gonna get pissed
Then I moved quickly before actually did. I walk back on stage, laughing while I sang the rest of my bit.
Can't you hear the music's pumpin' hard like I wish you would?
Now push it.

We couldn't take it any more so we just, tried to do stuns for the music video. You know! I went through Omarion legs. He did some dancing, which was amazing by the way. Hahaha too funny. When we finished EVERYBODY! In the restaurant stood up and clapped for us. I burst out laughing and took a bow.

"You guys have made it to our hall of fame." the Asian Man said. I was dead, no sign of life. Oh wow! He took our picture then printed it and framed it then put it on the wall in the hall next to random people.

Omarington and I got back to the group. "Guy we need to go now!" I said looking at the time.
"Yeah Nicki is right we should go now. We all have a lot to do in a little amount of time." Shad said. With that said we all paid for our food and left a tip.

"Yo I don't want to see any video up on the Internet." Omarion was dead serious. To be honest I didn't really care too much. I had so much fun!
We only took 3 cars to the restaurant since it was only 10minutes away from school. Pretty Ricky in one car, Shad&Omarion&Shontelle&Cam in other car and Drake and I in my car.

The car was so silent. Major Awkwardness! I figured if I just tell him want he wants to hear, (even though I think he is just Trippin) I hate not having a proper conversation with him. I took a deep breath.
"Uh huh" I stopped the car at a red light.
"Look at me" I don't say anything until he looked in to my eyes. "I promise you I will never lie to ever! Okay I just lie to my family sometimes to get out of sticky situations. I hate it when we don't talk." I drove on as the traffic lights flashed a green in my eye.
"I hate it too, I missed you. I feel like it's been 2years. I miss you lips. "Your soft skin." I frowned my brows.
"Boy shut up!"
Once we got to school. Everything was set up the dancers, the actors, and the stage. The room looked amazing. I hope tonight goes well.

*Talent show*

I am scared as fuck... it seems like the whole school and families are here. Holy Crap what have I gotten myself into. Shontelle, Drake, Shad &Omarion have already gone, it’s my turn now. Peeping through the curtain as my principle introduce me, I saw both my parents, Safaree, Amber, Déjà, Kyra, Lani, Caiah and Trina. All these people were her to support me, I felt the love. Seeing Keri’s stank face in the first row, gave me the motivation to showcase my talent, but I ain’t gonna front this is quiet scary. What if they don’t like me? What if I freeze? What if.... I jumped because I felt someone’s arm around my torso and they chin rested on my left shoulder. “You will be fine babe, I just know you will.” I smiled, drake is so sweet, the way he just knew I was nervous and made me feel at ease. This is why I love him. He kissed my cheek and tried to work away, but I grabbed his arm and pulled him in to a deep kiss.

“I love you.” I breathed

“I love you too, good luck, Break a leg.”

“Thanks” This is My Moment. My time to shine. To get the respect I deserve. To stop people from looking sideways and start l looking my way,

The beat dropped, as the red curtain went up. I got in to my position.

I was wearing a wig for the second time in my life; I wore one in my drama class at La Guardia.

As Zephaniah acted his part out, teaching us karate, I started the song.

Shawty Imma only tell you this once, you the illest (dat for dat dat dude)
And for your lovin' Imma Die Hard like Bruce Willis
(bah ba dah dah oh)
You got spark, you, you got spunk
You, you got something all the girls want
You're like a candy store
And I'm a toddler.
You got me wantin' more and ma ma more of

Your love, your love (yeah)

I rapped the first verse looking at the crowd. My father was recording my performance. Everyone was bopping the heads or swaying from side to side. While I was rapping the first verse, Vanessa and Amerie the two girls at further away from the crowd (at the back of each line) went to go and get the props. They then place the bricks on the front of the two lines. Renee my “Enemy” karate cropped one brick, while I cropped two bricks.

When I broke the bricks everyone gasped. The story line was that I really impress “my teacher” and he is starting to like me because I am advance in the class, or whatever. Renee envied the fact that he like me.

After I did the second verse the curtain had to come down so we could set up the fight scene. I turn off my ear microphone and got dressed with Renee, while everyone else set up. I was scared for this part not because I was going to die, but because I was supposed to sing while fighting. So I came to decision will not be singing. I will just let the tape do that.

My favourite seen was the fight we fought for about 20 seconds until; Renee “sliced” my side. This was Epic, the audition gasped again as I fell to the ground. Renee walked off stage I was smiling underneath my mask. As the song was ending, Zephaniah come out on stage, got on his knees and acted as if I was dead. When he realized I was he put his arms up in the air and yelled “NOO!!!” Once I felt the rose petals on my eyes as that was the only skin showing, I knew we were done.

I didn’t stand up until the curtain all the way down, neither did Zephaniah. I took off my mask, and let my natural her flow down; I combed out my bangs with my fingers. Amerie, Jabari, Cassie, Renee, me, Zephaniah, Vanessa, and Lucas all went on stage in front of the curtain and took a bow as the audients clapped. I came in front with Renee and Zephaniah and we took a bow the audients cheered and clapped. Renee and Zephaniah stepped back. Everyone stood up out of their seats, clapped and cheered for me. I loved this feeling. Now I know what I want to be, and nothing or no one is going to stop me.

*The End of the Show*

The person who won the talent show was Shontelle, I am happy she won because that song was everything. Drake and I sand Endless Love beautifully; we even made people leave with tears in their eyes. Once I changed in my casual clothing, about 5 talent scouts and 3 agents gave me their numbers. I felt so overwhelmed with happiness. Like people actually liked me. I was spazing out on the inside. That Night was AMAZING!!! Ms. Sandi and mama would stop talking so I just said bye to everyone. I also thanked Ms. Palmer for giving me the opportunity, to sing and for believing in my talents. After that I headed home and ready for bed. Drake texted me, as I was drifting off to sleep.
You was amazing tonight, and you looked mad sexy.
Aww thanks babe. J I love your song Lust for Life that was dope.
;-) Well you know how I do! Hahaha
Woah! Step ya Cockiness Down. Babe I am super tired. I want to cuddle with you.
I want you, but I will leave you to sleep. Love you Nic <3
Love you too xoxo


  1. Aww...nick and drake. Too sweet , keri better stoo with that slick talk . Because she doesn't want it with nick lol!!! Brw..drake is too sweet glad nick did good the usual :)

  2. Awwwwww!!!!! How sweet?! XD And im glad Nic got the applause she deserved! This wuz dope E.B. And I loves them singim Push It!!! I wuz too threw!! I rapped it too, lol.

    Post soon :)

  3. Awwwwwwwwwww & great job nic I knew u could do it! ...nic and drake so cute together ;)