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Back and Forth

Author's Notes: This chapter and the next two chapter I wrote around the same time as the 15th chapter... sooo um I forgot the point of telling you that.. anywho enjoy
Chapter 34

After the three couples ate at their hotel’s restaurant, they retired back to their suite to get a head start on some sleep. They all made sure they set their alarms for 8:15pm so they could start getting ready.

Nicki and Trina birthday had already started, the teen made their way to the club at 9:45pm. Trina hired a photographer to take picture for the whole night. The teens posed for the camera once they arrived.

30minutes later, the party started for the teens, Nicki was grinding on Drake after getting a couple of drinks. Trina and Jelani weren't there yet. The DJ was playing Love In This Club, Amber and Cameron were all booed up in the VIP area she was straddling him, and they were passionately kissing. Cassie and SB were on the dance floor together, Cassie had her arms around Safaree's neck. His hands were on her petit figure. They were the only couple not drinking. Shad and Omarion actually found a couple of attractive girls that found them attractive too. Surprisingly. Rihanna had just arrived to the club and decided to go to the DJ's booth to make an announcement. The DJ cut the music and received a moan from the crowd.
"Sorry everyone, but it’s my Best Friends birthday party," The crowd screamed once they notice it was the young 18 year old singer.


"Happy Birthday crazy! Come up here" Nicki smiled so hard and let go of Drake's hand to go to Rihanna. Rihanna hugged Nicki and gave her, her present. Everyone cheered and then DJ took the mic.

"This one is for you Nicki," Nicki went to go find Drake as the DJ played Bed by J holiday.

The night went on, Trina and Jelani finally made it out of their hotel room. Then the party really got started, the drinking (Yes they were under age), the dancing, the cutting of the birthday cakes, the speeches. Nicki was so happy she had the best future sister in law in the world. Trina planned this whole party by herself! Nicki just thought that was amazing. She really did appreciate everything Trina has done for her.

Jelani walked up to the DJ's booth and grabbed the mic.
"Can I have everybody’s attention please," He started and the music stopped and everyone stood still. “I just want to say a few words" Nicki looked at Trina and she looked confused which wasn't the first time. "Happy Birthday to My pink loving Sister, Nicki"

Nicki Shouted "Pink, all day every day HOES!!!” pulling hair her out to the side, showing off her pink streaks.

Everyone laughed! “and Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Girlfriend, Trina I love you!" She mouthed the words back. “I love you so much you are my world, my everything, I can't think of a better person to spend the rest my life with, will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?"

Trina was in pure and utter shock. Usually she suspects things like this, to be honest Jelani wasn't good at hiding thing from her but to her surprise he did it. She figured that’s why he has been so distant. Then Jelani walked up to her with a shoulder set diamond engagement ring. Trina just blasted out with a yes. The crowd cheered and Nicki ran and hugged them both as Trina put her ring on. Nicki was even more excited, than the couple.

While Nicki was with her brother, Drakes pants were vibrating, he got a text from Jasmine.

>>Can we talk? I am in room 206 at the River Park hotel.

That was the same hotel they all were staying. For some bizarre reason drake was contemplating on whether he should go or not, only because last time he spoke to her, he was quite harsh. He looked up from his phone and quickly put on a smile before putting his phone away as Nicki coming his way. She handed him a cocktail drink called Bahama Mama . Then they sat down with Safaree, Cassie, Amber and Cameron in the VIP area. Drake pulled Nicki on to his lap and sucked on her neck. He whispered in her ear 'I love you'. Nicki stood up and straddled Drake and put her forehead against his and she put her arms around his neck.

"I love you too" then she kissed him so passionately, he sucked on her bottom lip and slip his tongue in her mouth. It was like they were the only two people in the room. Drake manhood was up in the air. Nicki pulled away and smiled lustfully.

Nicki POV

It was like 3am. Cassie and Safaree left together, they are really in to each other and I am happy for them, they're perfect for each other. As for Em and Cam they left at 2ish, we all know what they are going to do. Trina and my brother, well they left at 2 too. So it's just Drake and I left in the VIP area. I looked over the balcony and saw Omari and Shad trying to spit game and acting a damn fool, I laughed and shook my head. I was surprised the girls were into them. Riri left because in the morning she had a meeting in the morning.

As y'all already know Drake was the first guy that I said 'I love you' to. I just wanna shout it to the heavens. I think I maybe a bit tipsy but hey who cares, I am getting some tonight. I'm so ready to give Drake my all. He already has the title of my first love and now he is going to have the title of my first everything, except kiss.

I searched for my phone in my clutch and texted him 'Meet me in room 205 at the River Park Hotel love you babe' I giggled at my text, obviously he already knew where I'm staying. Ah man, I'm so tipsy... I shook my head and left the club to get ready for my boo.

Drakes POV

I looked down from the balcony, of the VIP area and saw Nicki leaving, WTF?? My pants started to vibrate again. Nicki texted me. I wonder want she wants. Imagine if she is ready? I hope she is because I am in the mood. I really think I am tipsy; I must be because I can't even control myself. Jaz said that she needed to talk to me, hold up, how the fuck did she know I was here? What do I do go to Nicki's room or Jaz's room?


Trina and Nicki


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  1. Her Parrtyy.. Amazzingg! And Trina finally got engaged too! ^____^ Ohh Gossh Dramaa's comiin. And Drake really shudnt have to think about which room he shld go to.. ^___^ his Girlfriend vs. His Ex? Im thinkin Girlfrienndd.