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Lost without you

Chapter 33

The teens hit Miami, wearing a little next to nothing because of the heat. Trina and Jelani decided to split the girls from the boys for the whole trip. Cameron, Drake and Safaree shared a hotel room. Shad and Omarion shared one suite. And all 3girls shared a suite. Whilst Trina and Jelani shared a one bedroom suite.

Trina had decided to take Amber, Cassie and Nicki to get their hair done for the party that night.

"So Trina, you most really love my brother to put up with his ugly ass." Nicki said starting a new topic, whilst under the hair dryer.

"I do, I can't sleep without him there. Like he keeps me sane. He completes my heart. Without him I am nothing." Trina was sat opposite Nicki with rollers in her hair.

"Really?" Nicki questioned her heart.

"Yes!" Trina said almost immediately. "I love him"

"Aww" Cassie cooed.

"That so cute. That how I feel about Drake, “Nicki paused and thought about the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.”So if he was to purpose right now what would you say?"

"Yes, for sure. Like we've spoke about marriage. But he didn't seem into the idea of it. But I don’t care I just wanna be with him. With or without a ring."

"Aww" Both Nicki and Cassie cooed.

"So Nika how's you and white boy?"

"More perfect than you could ever imagine."

Trina knew Nicki would never tell her a lie and just by the look on Nicki's face as she answered, Trina knew Nicki was in the same predicament as her. LOVE.

Amber came back from Cold Stone with ice cream for the girls. She had already finished her hair; all she needed was a light trim. The girls thanked Amber and continued the conversation their men.

Meanwhile the boys were working up a sweat at the hotel gym. “So Drake you must really like my sister, huh?" Jelani asked as the boy have a 5minutes water break.

As if Drake wasn't sweating, just being at the gym but Jelani scared the shit out of him. "No, I love her," Drake answered with a great deal of confidence.

Jelani raised his brow as he wiped beads of sweat off his face with a towel. "What you know about love, boy"

"I know when it comes to your sister I will do anything and everything for her. She is my other half, it like she is a piece of me."

"You had sex with her?" Jelani asked in a yelling type of whisper.

"What, no!" Drake said in defence while Shad and Omarion laughed. Jelani looked hard in to Drake eyes trying to see if he was lying. When he looked hard enough, he sat back.

"You better not be lying." Jelani got up from the floor.

"I'm not,"

"Okay, don't be so uptight I like you, you’re a good boyfriend, plus Nika talks about you all day."

Drake smiled, "She does?" Jelani shrugged

"Yeah," He laughed followed by a threat. "You ever break her heart I will break you face. You got that."

"I won't ever..."

Jelani interrupted him. "Good" This was the last word said before the boys went back to their workout.


"Hello Mom,"

"Hello Lani, why are you whispering?"

"Just in case Trina get back and hears me."

"Oh okay, Lani what's wrong baby?" Being his mother she could always tell when something was wrong.

"Mom what if the ring doesn't fit. Or worst she hates the ring." Jelani had never been so nervous in his life. Mama Carol just chuckled historically on the other line. "Yo, ma this ain't funny."

"I'm sorry baby, but do you hear yourself?" Carol Island accent was so hard to understand through her laughing.

"Mom, stop I'm serious!" Jelani said with frustration.

"Okay Okay." Carol composed herself and cleared her throat. "Baby, she loves you she doesn't care much for the ring she just what's to be your wife. You need to remember that."

Jelani took a deep breath. "You're right ma."

"I'm always right but listen I need to call you Father and Onika, I only have 45minutes left before my phone session is up."

"Okay" he whispered.

"Tell me how it goes tomorrow?"

"I will. Love you, bye" Jelani hung up and turned around when he heard Trina.

"Who the fuck do you love? Why the fuck you whispering? Huh Lani?" Trina said as she shut the door of the suite.

"Listen, I want to sleep before tonight." He stated, avoiding her questions and walking towards the bedroom.

"No Jelani, who is she?" Trina shouted. He stopped dead in his track.

"Why you acting like a crazy bitch?"

"Oh, I'm a crazy bitch now Lani?"

"No, I said your acting like one."

"Oh so you can answer questions, can you answer my first two now?" She rolled her eyes.

"I was talking to my mom."

"Hmm let me see your phone."

"You know what? Here," He threw his phone to her and she caught it. "I'm going to bed" he walked into the bedroom.

Trina sighed; she didn't need to check his phone because she always knew when he was lying. Three years with the same person is no joke you find out a lot. She was just confused on why they were so distant. After 5minutes of pouting on the sofa, she went in to the room and left his phone on the dresser. He was lying on his side of the bed. Trina kissed his neck and hugged him.



"I'm sorry." She pecked his lips. "I love you."

"I love you too." Jelani said with his eyes closed. "I don't blame you; I know I've been quite distant for weeks." Trina sighed; he passionately kissed her the cuddled together until they were knocked out.

Amber, Cassie and Nicki were in Amber and Cassie's room talking about the party that night. Nicki was so excited about that night, she wouldn't stop talking. It was 3:12pm when they heard a sound coming from the living room area of their suite.
Cassie gasped, "What was that?" Nicki and Cassie ran to Amber.

"It was probably the wind" Amber said, confidently.

"That wasn't the wind" Nicki hid behind Cassie.

"Oh my gosh, stop you guys. You know what I'll look." As Amber got up from the bed, the door swung up. Amber jumped and ran behind Nicki.

"The wind huh?" Nicki mocked Amber smirking, but she frightened for her life.

Seconds later, the boys ran in the room and grabbed their very mad girlfriend.

"Aubrey, put me down." She never used his first name in front of people, he knew she was mad, but he just laughed and carried her over his shoulders.

"Cameron, that wasn't funny" Amber slapped his chest, Cameron held the same spot she slapped, it stung.

"Ow, girl your hand is too sharp." He said with one hand on her waist.

Cassie on the other hand wanted to laugh but kept a straight face. "You mad at me too?"


"Haha, good" He kissed the side of her temple.

"When we look back on this y'all are gonna laugh." Cassie said to the girls.

"No we're not!" Nicki and Amber said simultaneously.

"Well we don't give a fuck" Safaree said with the most ignorance ever. Nicki squinted at him, whilst Amber glared. "We did this for a reason. Boys do what you came to do." Drake ran out the room with Nicki still on his shoulder.

"Amber, come on" Cameron pulled her hand towards the door.

"No." She was not the slightest bit happy with his little stunt. Cameron laughed and lifted he hand as a way of surrendering. He grabbed her waist pulling her close to him and kissed her with lustful passion and love. Once he pulled away he told her to follow him.

Amber blushed and giggled. "Okay Cammy."

Cassie and Safaree made their way to wherever Faree was taking her too. Each of the boys had something planned for their girlfriends; they all agreed to meet at the hotel restaurant at 5:30pm.

Cassie and Safaree

They walked hand in hand on the pavement. The two wore matching white Jordan's, matching khaki three quarter lengths, a white tee and matching Aviators.

"Y'all ain't shit for that stunt." Cassie laughed so hard.

"It was funny though."

"Not at the time, it wasn't." Safaree walked Cassie in Michael Kors. "Faree you want something in here?" She walked over to the purses in the store while Safaree made his way over to the Jewellery counter.

"Not sure yet, I might do."

"Hello sir, how may I help you?" The female behind the jewellery counter asked.

"Yeah, can I see those two" Safaree pointed to the 24 carat gold matching him and her watches. The lady helped him put it on.

"These are rare watches Michael Kors only made 3 sets."

"Really?" Safaree said examining the watch. The lady nodded. "This watch is mad icey, yo!"

The lady giggled. "I'm sure your girlfriend will love it."

"Me too." He turned around and called for Cassie to come over to him.

"Yes, babe?"

"You like it?" He asked showing her the watch.

"Faree, I love it's real simple to your normal stuff."

"I know." He thought for a second. "I'll take them"

"Them?" Cassie was confused, but Safaree ignored her and paid for the watches.

The women asked if they were going to wear it now and Safaree said yes. Cassie on the other hand was confused. "Babe you know I love you,"

"Yes Safaree I know," She said proudly.

He smiled, "Close your eyes." She gave him a ‘what are you up to look’ then complied. He gently moved his hand down her right arm, till he reached her hand then he intertwine they fingers. He lifted her hand and put the watch on her. She quickly opened her eyes once she felt something cold on her wrist.

"Oh my gosh Safaree." She looked at him in disbelief. She sighed. That wasn't the response Safaree was looking for.

"What's wrong?" His smile turned upside down. "You don't like it?"

"No no no, I love it. But Faree, I don't love you because of the things you buy me. I'm in love with you because everything you do, you include me. That's love." Cassie was so overwhelmed.

"You love me?"

"Of course, I love you. I've just been scared to say it out loud."

"Well what can I say?" He paused. "I'm lost without you. I love you."

"I love you more."

"Not possible."

"Shuddup and a kiss me." Safaree kissed Cassie as she commanded and made their way out the store.

Nicki and Drake

Drake carried Nicki into the elevator and set her down once the downs closed. Nicki had the cutest pout on her face, which caused one dimple to show. Drake looked at her like she was the newest toy in the toy store. He was fascinated by her beauty. Then he decided to be weird and stick his index finger in her dimple.

"What the hell are you doing?" He ignored her and kept his finger there until the hit the lobby. Then he grabbed and hand ran through the lobby to the park across the road. "Drake can you slow down." She exclaimed. He didn't listen to her at all. Once he got to the green area of the park. He fell on the grass causing her to fall on top of him. She laughed and rested her head on his chest.

"You still mad at me?"

"Yes!" He felt her smile as she answered.

"Well, I guess I have to make it up to you then."

"I guess you do."

"I know exactly how to make it up to you."

"Oh???" He flipped them over; so he was on top and she was on the bottom. He wiggled his bushy brows.

"I'm." He kissed he forehead. "So" He pecked her lips softly. "Sorry." He kissed he chest where her heart is. Nicki giggled.

"You're forgiven." She lifted her head up and kissed him, passionately. Drake pulled away and stood up. Nicki sat up, wondering what he was about to do.

Drake bowed before her and asked, "Can I have this dance?" Nicki was confused but she still played along.

"You may." She took his have and he helped her up. She put her hand on his shoulder and the other in his hand. He put one of his hands on her waist. Then they danced merely around that's area; dancing to the noise of the children playing in the far corner of the park. They danced until the both fell back on to the grass. Nicki chuckled. "You're so random something." She panted slowly.

"I do what I do cause I love you."

"What??" She chuckled. There was a good 5minutes of comfortable silence.

Drake scooted closer to Nicki and held her tightly, protectively and safely in her arms. He kissed her neck and took in her scent. "How does it feel? To know that I love you baby"

Nicki looked at him. "Cocky much?" He chuckled. "Seriously, Aubrey, you are the greatest blessing in my life. I'm so happy you love me. So it means the world to me." A smile beamed across Drake's face. "What about you?" Drake sat up with Nicki. "How does it feel? To know that I love you baby?"

"More than words can describe. The fact that you even gave me the chance to be your boyfriend is just, beyond me. I love you. I promise to never hurt you."

Amber and Cameron

They decide to get matching tattoos.
Amber always tells him whenever Cam confesses his love for her. ‘Tat my name on you so I know it's real.’ But it was just a joke because every time she said that she will soon after confess her love for him and he'd mock her and say the same thing. So they're actually showing each other that it’s real.

Amber got 'I love you Cam' on her heart whilst Cameron got 'I love you Amber'


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