Sunday, 25 November 2012


Lola’s POV
Nicki and her friends need to be a little more careful, shouting out information like that in a restaurant. I have a plan to finally get my man back. I laughed evilly to myself as I finished my lunch with my cousins.
“Yes, girl we gotta show up and shut that party down.”
“Nah, Keri, Lesson one don’t ever do your own dirty work. I got a better idea. I need you to get in to contact with Jaz again word on the street is she is back LA.” Keri interrupted me.
“Wait this bitch still thinks Drake wants her.”
“Mmmhmm” I nodded as well like Keri could see me through the phone.
“Oh Lordt...” Keri chuckled disgustingly, ugh once I get Drake back I'm ditching people like her.
“Anyway, just tell Jaz about his whereabouts this weekend. Hopefully her psychotic mind works from there.”
“Alright, imma do it now!”
“Okay bye” I hung up I was getting tired of Keri’s annoying voice. I walked in to my den and decide to play pool with my little brother, Jordan. Half way through the game I got a text from Keri and smiled.

>> Operation get Drake is a-go

Trey’s POV

“Hi mom, what's up?” I walked in to the kitchen, exhausted from the basketball game I play every day we my friend from school. I sat on the breakfast table stool.
“Nothing baby, how was your day?” she asked as she stirred the pasta sauce.
“Same old stuff, just another day. Where is everyone?”
“Well Safaree is packing for tomorrow and his father is on his way home.”
“Packing? Where’s he going?”
“To Miami, for Nicki’s birthday.”
“Oh... I'm gonna go get ready for dinner.” I kissed my mother’s forehead and went upstairs to shower.
Everything I do, say and think is somehow links back to Nicki. I need her back. At least I will try one more time to try and get her back but if it doesn’t work, then I guess it’s time to move on. I mean she has to take me back; I'm going all the way yo Miami for her. To prove my love. Fuck it she is worth it! 


  1. Lola keri Trey and Jaz are some thirsty ass bitches. Like hop off Nicki and Drakes tip! Tis awl

  2. Those bitches need they ass whooped! Trey need to sit his ass down somewhere.