Monday, 26 November 2012

Letcha Go

Author's Notes: Sorry guys I should have posted this last night but I fell asleep... :P For the next chapter I forgot to write a very VERY important scene so I will have to post it later on this week... Maybe tomorrow...

Chapter 35

Drakes POV

I knocked on HER door, I hope she is ready for me. "I see you got my text." She said with lust in her eyes.

"Yeah, what am I doing here?"

"I want you… I need you… I gotta have you... I love you" she said in a sexy tone whilst she revealing a black bra and thong which was under her red silk robe.

"I love you... too" My words slurred but once I said that our lip crashed together and we walked in her room. She unbuttoned my shirt and my pants pulling them down with my boxers. She got on her knees and sucked on my dick, until I came in her mouth, but she just swallowed that shit. I picked her and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I carried her to the bed and slide down her thong. Then I licked her out. She moaned several times I could tell she liked it. She started to jerk away and I pulled her back. But something was not right. Then I came to my senses and stopped before things got out of hand.

"Look, I'm drunk, I don't know what I am saying or doing Jaz, you know I have a girlfriend what are you thinking?"I slurred my words.

"What am I thinking? I am thinking I still love you techinquely we never broke up so I am still your girlfriend." She said putting her thong back on.

"You fucking moved away! We are over"

"But you love me you, just said you did." She cried.

I took a deep breath. "I love you and always will but this can never work you have to go back to London soon... Plus I love you but I am IN love with Nicki, like I really love Nicki. I know we didn't end, but I have a new beginning, can't you just be happy for me." Jasmine wrapped herself up in her robe that was once on the floor. She sat next to me at the end of the bed.

"I am happy for you but where does that leave me" I looked at her and she was about to cry but was trying so hard not to. I know her too well.

"I don't know but I do know that you have you whole life ahead of you, your just 17, and you’re beautiful, and I know any guy would be lucky to have you as they're girlfriend." A tear fell from her eyes. I love Jasmine so much but not as much as I love Nicki. I mean Jaz was my first love. But I know she gets it now, I knew she understood where we lie.

"Thank you Aubrey, I love you,"

I wiped her tear off her cheek and hugged her "I love you too" I wore my clothes.

"Nicki is a lucky girl!" she smiled

"I am a lucky guy" That just fucked up his relationship. I jumped in the air and stood up as straight as I could; giving the fact that I was drunk, it wasn't very straight.

"Bye Aubrey"

"Bye Jasmine, remember to call me before you leave to go back to the UK." I walked over to her tripping over air.

"Are you okay?" I kissed her cheek and left. I wasn't in the right mind to answer the question. All I heard was her chuckle before she closed her hotel door. I have to tell Nicki because our relationship is about trust and I'm not letting what happened last time happen again. I have to tell her. I looked at my phone 4:05. I will tell her in the morning. She is probably knocked out.


Drake went to his room. He couldn't see in his room because Cameron and Amber were in there. Safaree had Cassie in his room so Drake just passed out on the sofa. Little did he know that Nicki was wide awake waiting for him, and she wasn't alone...

Nicki was all dress up in sexy lingerie, pink cosset and a pretty little thong, a White silk robe and white pumps. She sat in the living room area of the suite. Amber and Cassie were nowhere to be seen. Nicki was waiting for what seen like forever for Drake. She impatiently looked at her phone. It was 4:20am There was a knocked at Nicki hotel room. She went to go open it, she was so excited to see her baby plus she was excited to give him her everything. That excitement soon turned in anger, when Tremaine Neverson was at her door.

"The Fuck you want Trey" Nicki started to wrap herself up in her robe, frustration hit her like lightening.

"You" He stepped a little closer to her.

"Well you can't have me, now if you will excuse me I have something to do" she tried to close the door but he pushed it back towards her.

"Don't you miss what we had?"

"Well I do miss your kiss, your touch, the way you lick your lips" He licked his lips and leaned front. Nicki pushed him. Onika may have been under the alcohol influence but she wasn't stupid. "But I want more Trey, I want someone who doesn't cheat on me, who loves me and that person is NOT YOU!"

"Nicki I am so sorry."

"Ugh! Trey I don't wanna hear that shit, you’re not sorry, and I bet you don't even love me"

Trey got on his knees and hugged waist “Nicki I did love you, I do love you"

"Trey no you didn't and you don’t" she rolled her eyes and tried to push him off her waist.

"Nicki I wouldn’t have taken a plane here if I didn't love you, I know you love me too, we were together for year, love doesn't just die like that. Just Dump Drake"

Nicki pulled away as far as she could and slapped Trey soo hard that everyone on her hotel floor could feel it. How dare he tell her what to do, after the shit he did. "Don't you ever tell me shit like that! I Love him, you are half of the man he is. HE would NEVER cheat on me. When you were in my life, you should've treated me right." She shouted in his face, still in the door way of her hotel suite. "Nigga up out my fucking room" She struggled to get out of his tight grip; but when she did, she slammed the door in he is face.

'The fuck!' is all Nicki thought as she heard Trey banging on her door. Nicki went to sleep with a big headache and it will get worst because of the alcohol. Just her night. Trey had to spoil her birthday party weekend! Plus Drake was nowhere to be seen.



Drake POV

It was 3 pm, I had something important to tell Nicki but I can't remember it at all. I have the worst headache in the world at that moment. Where the hell was my phone. Ugh!! I searched the whole suite for the phone, but his headache interfered, so I gave up.

After having a shower and getting dressed I took aspirin to help with the headache, I waited for the aspirin to numb the pain then went to Nicki's suite. She opened the door, "Hi baby, what happened to you last night? I told you to come over." She pouted, I pecked her lips.

"I know but after I left the club..." I thought hard. "Everything else is a blur"

"Ok well I see you got to your hotel room okay" She said noticing my fresh new clothes. She grabbed my hand and lead me in the suite. I closed the door behind me.

"What did you need me for anyway?" I asked.

"Nothing" She was looking up but she was avoiding eye contact with me.

"Nicki, what was it?" I laughed, she looked so innocent. She stepped front until our noses were touching, which was possible because of her pink platform pumps.

"I wanted... Umm you know... Umm I wanted to finally." She bit her lip, then spoke. "Do it" She confessed

"Do what?" I chuckled, still confused.

"Have sex, you idiot" She walked into the living room area of the suite. I swear I almost died, my girlfriend is ready to have sex with me, I love Nicki so much. I wish she was my first but I know she will be the only other girl I will have sex with from this day onwards. She just looked frustrated, I knew I had to make it up to her.

"Nicki, sorry I'm wasn't there, last night. But I promise to make it up to you today." She stared at me blankly. So I whisked, bridal style, her off the sofa, causing her to giggle, preciously. I took her to her bed room as she kissed my lips with her arms around my neck.


  1. Im mad pissed at drake like wtaf! Ugh that just pissed me off like your gurl was ready to give you her all but nah yo ass was giving your EX i repeat EX fucking head kmft FOH!! Why do both of them have clingy ass ex's smh i know jazmine's ass is gonna leave in peace but i know damn well this aint the last we've seen of trey. Am i wrong for feeling that drake should tell nic so they can break up or have a fight *covers eyes & goes to hide in a cave* idk i just want there to be some drama. But pn the real drake does need to fucking remember & tell nic or ill cut off his dick!

    So happy you're posting again ^.^

  2. Whoa der drizzy fucking up again but he was drunk so u can't be made @ him but wait damn nic was too oh shit it's about to go down well drake just need to tell nic what happen and she needs to tell him what happen I just hope it don't turn out like the last time

  3. Drakee....Just What Were you thinking? You got your Beautiful girlfriend Waitimg for you... And instead you chosee your ex? And Nicki Just got done telling trey. How good of a man you Were? *Sighss* now i feel sooo bad for Nic. He Better Tell her. If he can even remember. Ugh.. And now shes gonna give him her virginty.. Hopefully He tells her before. Cause thad just ne fucked up of him.

    This Post Got Me all emotional. Got me tearing up in class. Lovedd the post thoo ghurly ^____^

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